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Jade’s Fateful Love – Hani Kyzy, Yan Xujia

Jade's Fateful Love is a historical fantasy romance drama directed by Guo Hao and Wu Hongyu, starring Hani Kyzy and Yan Xujia, with Zhang Jiayuan, Huang Qiao, Ma Sihan, Lin Junyi, Yu Ziyang, Wang Yitian in supporting roles,.

The series tells the story of Princess Yue Ling from Dongyu, who is originally sent as a "substitute bride" to Beishuo, but unexpectedly ends up marrying the welcoming envoy, Prince Zhou Shiyu. Their journey is fraught with peril, and a mystical jade pendant that can open a time tunnel allows Yue Ling and Zhou Shiyu to embark on a series of extraordinary adventures through time. As they repeatedly travel back to the past, battling and leveling up together, they support each other, grow closer, and fall in love. Together, they face challenges, grow, and share a sweet yet fantastical romance.


Jade's Fateful Love

English Title: Jade's Fateful Love
Chinese Title: 晓朝夕
Genre: Historical, Romance, Fantasy
Episodes: 24
Duration: 39 min.
Director: Guo Hao, Wu Hongyu
Released Date: 2024-06-15
Broadcast Website: WeTV



Princess Yue Ling of Dongyu, in order to protect her sister's happiness, "marries in her place" to Beishuo. By a twist of fate, she ends up marrying the envoy, Prince Zhou Shiyu. Unexpectedly, their journey is fraught with danger.

A jade pendant accidentally opens a portal through time, and Yue Ling and Zhou Shiyu find themselves in a game where the experience resets each time it ends. Together, they battle and grow stronger, supporting each other through numerous challenges. As they strive to change their destinies, they also come to shoulder the weight of their nation's fate, falling in love with each other along the way.


The Kingdom of Dongyu is about to celebrate a great event: Princess A Shi Na Zhu will marry into the Northern Shuozhou to establish a friendly alliance between the two countries. Little Princess A Shi Na Yue Ling is very happy and has prepared her older sister's favorite pastries for the farewell. Unlike her dignified and quiet sister, Yue Ling, also a princess, prefers practicing martial arts and cooking, which often gets her scolded by the King of Dongyu.

Her maid, Qian Qian, reminds Yue Ling not to miss the farewell banquet in the evening. As Yue Ling is about to return to the mansion to prepare, her younger brother, Xing Yi, runs over in a panic. Seeing that he doesn't seem to be in trouble, Yue Ling takes out some silver pieces she always carries with her and gives them to Xing Yi. The two have a tacit understanding.

In the evening, as songs resound outside the yurt, Yue Ling walks into the room and finds her older sister looking distressed. Without needing to ask, she can guess the reason: her sister and Du Er have been childhood sweethearts, and for the sake of the nation's interests, she agreed to the marriage alliance, but she has nowhere to vent her grievances.

Yue Ling can't stand seeing her sister unhappy, so she proposes to marry into the Northern Shuozhou in her place. Naturally, A Shi Na Zhu disagrees. Unable to reach a consensus, Yue Ling accompanies her sister in drinking away their sorrows. The next morning, Yue Ling wakes up groggily to find her sister missing. She asks Xing Yi and learns that the Northern Shuozhou wedding party has already taken her sister away.

Without thinking much, Yue Ling drags Xing Yi along and sets off, planning to intercept her sister. Along the way, they encounter Du Er, who was seeing A Shi Na Zhu off, and they come up with a new plan after some discussion. In the evening, Yue Ling disguises herself as a maid.

Seizing the opportunity to bring food to her sister, she knocks her out, and Xing Yi is responsible for getting her out of the camp, with Qian Qian and Du Er providing support. After the plan is successfully executed, Yue Ling sneaks into the Northern Shuozhou King Zhou Shiyu's room, intending to steal the marriage alliance document and put the blame on Northern Shuozhou.

However, King Zhou Shiyu, who was in charge of the wedding, secretly stands behind Yue Ling without her noticing. Just as they confront each other, an assassination organization, Roufengmen, storms the camp, killing indiscriminately. Poisoned arrows fly into Zhou Shiyu's room, and both Yue Ling and Zhou Shiyu are hit and die. Moments later, they miraculously recover as if they were never injured, and they both have memories of what just happened.

Yue Ling immediately accuses Northern Shuozhou of not properly protecting the alliance princess. Zhou Shiyu finds it suspicious, as if it was premeditated. Guard Lin Mu receives a secret message confirming it was Roufengmen's doing. Zhou Shiyu instructs Lin Mu not to reveal his identity, to test the two who attempted to steal the marriage document. The next day, Yue Ling, with the injured Xing Yi, tries to escape but is stopped by Zhou Shiyu.

Zhou Shiyu suggests that Yue Ling pretend to be the alliance princess while he finds the antidote to save Xing Yi. Yue Ling thinks they can sneak away once they get the antidote, so she agrees. Yue Ling doesn't dare reveal her true identity, only claiming to be a maid of the alliance princess, with Xing Yi as a guard. When asked about his name, Zhou Shiyu falsely claims to be called Yuwen and joins the wedding procession.

Roufengmen remains relentless, setting traps along the way. As the wedding party travels through the forest, they are suddenly surrounded and the entire party is killed by Roufengmen, but moments later, Yue Ling and Zhou Shiyu come back to life. This cycle happens three times. Although their lives are spared, constantly dealing with Roufengmen wastes time. Zhou Shiyu devises a diversion and takes Yue Ling along another path, still pursued by Roufengmen.

With no way out, Zhou Shiyu pulls Yue Ling off a cliff. After swimming to shore, Zhou Shiyu catches some small fish from a nearby shallow beach, cooks them, and they eat to satisfy their hunger. Yue Ling cautiously asks for permission before eating the delicious grilled fish.

While eating grilled fish, Zhou Shiyu noticed that Yue Ling was wearing a similar jade pendant. They asked each other about the origins of their pendants. Yue Ling's pendant was a gift from her mother, while Zhou Shiyu's was given to him by a wandering monk who told him the pendant would bring great adventures. When the two pendants were combined, they would ensure peace between the two countries.

Having failed their mission, the leader of Roufengmen ordered the soldiers to find the missing alliance princess, even if it meant bringing back her corpse. Zhou Shiyu and Yue Ling rested by a lakeside. Yue Ling used a lotus leaf to scoop some lake water to quench Zhou Shiyu's thirst. Just as he took a sip, he saw Yue Ling soaking her feet in the lake, making him angrily throw away the lotus leaf.

The next day, as they continued their journey, Yue Ling struggled to keep up with Zhou Shiyu's pace. Worried they might miss the deadline to reach Shangjing, Zhou Shiyu decided to carry Yue Ling on his back.

Nan Xun, failing to find the alliance princess, reported to the leader just as they captured the escaping Xing Yi. When asked about the whereabouts of the Dongyu princess, Xing Yi proposed a deal: he would lead them to the princess if they first gave him the antidote for his poisoning.

The leader, eager for results, agreed. After taking the antidote, Xing Yi started leading Roufengmen, but his freshly healed body couldn't keep up with the horses. The leader then hoisted Xing Yi onto the horse. Xing Yi's directions were erratic, raising suspicions of deceit. Realizing he was being tricked, the leader threw Xing Yi off the horse and sought another solution.

When Zhou Shiyu reunited with his soldiers, Yue Ling couldn't see Xing Yi. Zhou Shiyu lied, saying Xing Yi had followed another group, assuring her that as long as the deception was maintained, Xing Yi would be safe. They soon reached Shangjing, and Yue Ling was immediately captivated by the bustling streets.

Su Nian, who led the failed mission, faced a whipping as punishment according to Roufengmen's rules, carried out by Nan Xun.

Yue Ling was placed in a courtyard. Since the wedding hadn't been held yet, the Emperor couldn't appear, so Eunuch Li Gonggong brought many supplies on the Emperor's behalf. Yue Ling gratefully accepted them. Subsequently, various factions in Northern Shuozhou sent precious dishes to celebrate the safe arrival of the Dongyu princess.

Zhou Shiyu immediately reported the marriage substitution to Emperor Zhou Chenyu, who didn't pursue the matter further. As long as it brought Dongyu's influence to help him rid himself of his uncle's control, his goal was achieved. The Emperor planned to announce the conferment of consort status before his uncle returned, temporarily placing the alliance princess under the protection of the Northern King.

Seeing the food, Yue Ling eagerly began eating. Zhou Shiyu visited the mansion and found Yue Ling feasting, who generously invited him to join. After eating a piece of pastry, they both suddenly died from poisoning. A maid, Ah Tao, hiding in the courtyard, eagerly checked on them. Satisfied with their condition, she was shocked when Zhou Shiyu and Yue Ling miraculously stood up unscathed, leaving her at a loss for what to do.

In the complex political landscape of Northern Shuozhou, Yue Ling frightened the maid by threatening to disfigure her to reveal the mastermind. The maid admitted she was acting under the Northern King's orders. Zhou Shiyu immediately understood who the real culprit was. Using such a crude method of poisoning the alliance princess's food could only be the idea of the Southern King, Zhou Zhixuan.

Upon further deception, the maid confessed her identity. Maid Taozi was sent back to the Southern King's residence. Steward Yang Xu scolded Taozi for her incomplete work, and the Southern King, Zhou Zhixuan, also criticized her for the poisoning.

Yang Xu and several maids quietly reminded that poisoning the alliance princess was indeed Zhou Zhixuan's idea. However, Zhou Zhixuan, being simple-minded, couldn't remember his own words, let alone think strategically. Ironically, Zhou Shiyu directly sent a letter advising Zhou Zhixuan to behave himself.

After being poisoned once, Yue Ling became aware of the dangers in the Northern Shuozhou court. She wanted Zhou Shiyu to stay by her side for protection. Showering him with praises, she finally made her request. She believed the assailant might strike again that night and asked Zhou Shiyu to sleep in her room on the floor. After mumbling a few words, she fell into a deep sleep. Zhou Shiyu, reflecting on their past encounters, felt a twinge of guilt, realizing Yue Ling shouldn't have been dragged into this conflict.

After several days of travel, Xing Yi finally found the alliance princess’s residence in Shangjing. His body, just recovered, was now haggard and looked like a beggar after the arduous journey. Lin Mu hurriedly made various explanations upon seeing him. Yue Ling, seeing her brother safe, didn’t pursue the matter further. After a hearty meal, Xing Yi asked Yue Ling about her plans. Yue Ling explained that due to Northern Shuozhou's numerous rules, the emperor might not summon her soon. Therefore, she couldn’t return to her country, as it would incite war and ruin everything.

Chancellor Zhou Jingyuan, hearing about the court’s events, rushed back to Shangjing overnight. He attended court armed, and his confidants requested the emperor to allow the chancellor to attend court with a sword henceforth. The emperor reluctantly agreed. When discussing the alliance marriage, Zhou Jingyuan argued that Dongyu was a barbarian nation unworthy of such an alliance. He suggested marrying the princess to Zhou Shiyu instead. Zhou Zhixuan wanted to compete for the marriage, but the emperor could only comply with Zhou Jingyuan’s suggestion.

Lin Mu was amazed at how quickly the alliance princess's intended marriage partner changed. Zhou Shiyu knew that the chancellor seemed to favor him but had his own calculations. He suspected it wouldn't be long before Zhou Jingyuan acted. Zhou Jingyuan met with his advisor Lin Su and several confidants. He mentioned that if the alliance princess died at the Northern King's residence, Zhou Shiyu would be blamed, removing an obstacle.

Zhou Shiyu ordered Lin Mu to decorate the princess’s residence according to Dongyu customs. Yue Ling received the imperial decree, realizing she was now betrothed to the Northern King. Xing Yi felt deeply humiliated, knowing that a royal consort and a king’s consort were on different levels. Yue Ling considered escaping, but without news of A Shi Na Zhu, starting a war between the two countries would be even worse.

A few days later, Qian Qian found her way to Shangjing and informed Yue Ling that A Shi Na Zhu was safe. Yue Ling finally decided to execute her escape plan. Lin Mu brought snacks to Xing Yi and found him packing his clothes. When asked why, Xing Yi claimed he liked to be tidy. Yue Ling entered the room shortly after, and Lin Mu left, eavesdropping on their escape plan from outside.

Zhou Zhixuan was eager to marry the alliance princess. Yang Xu suggested he get close to the princess, hoping she might propose to marry the Southern King herself, which could change the emperor’s mind. Xing Yi, wanting Yue Ling to take him to Fengyue Pavilion, played into Zhou Zhixuan’s plan. Zhou Zhixuan arranged for some thugs to harass them on the way, planning to play the hero. Everything went as planned until Zhou Zhixuan, after dealing with the thugs, was challenged by Yue Ling to a sparring match. She ended up giving him two black eyes, leaving him in a sorry state.

Zhou Zhixuan invited Zhou Shiyu to Fengyue Pavilion to enjoy the dance of the courtesan Su Nian. Although Zhou Shiyu wasn’t interested in arguing with Zhou Zhixuan, Lin Mu mentioned Yue Ling might try to escape and would visit Fengyue Pavilion beforehand, so Zhou Shiyu agreed to go.

Fengyue Pavilion was bustling. Su Nian took the stage, and Xing Yi recognized her as the assassin who had given him the antidote and humiliated him during the journey. He told those around him, but Yue Ling didn’t believe him and asked him to stop speaking nonsense. Zhou Shiyu couldn’t help but mock Zhou Zhixuan upon seeing his bruises.

While walking around, Yue Ling overheard two officials whispering about the Northern King's residence accounts, piquing her interest.

Yue Ling disguised herself as a courtesan and danced clumsily among the two whispering officials. She pretended to accidentally fall beside one of them and, while being helped up, stealthily took the account book from his sleeve. She then apologized and left. Just then, a madam arrived at Fengyue Pavilion, mistakenly believing Yue Ling was seducing her husband. She grabbed Yue Ling and demanded an apology.

Worried about exposing her theft, Yue Ling tried to shake off the madam, but the woman refused to let go, causing a commotion. Just as the madam was about to push Yue Ling to the ground, Zhou Shiyu appeared and helped Yue Ling up. Yue Ling, seeing Zhou Shiyu coming to her aid, quickly lied that he was her husband and that she would never seduce another man. Zhou Shiyu played along, claiming he and his wife were deeply in love. Realizing her mistake, the madam left angrily.

Back in the main hall, Yue Ling noticed Xing Yi staring blankly at Su Nian. She advised him to be mindful of his expression, but Xing Yi loudly insisted that Su Nian was the assassin from the journey. The madam of the brothel quickly added that Su Nian had always lived at Fengyue Pavilion and had no time to go out. Su Nian also stated that she was a courtesan who never left the pavilion, and she didn't understand Xing Yi's accusation. Yue Ling had to once again urge Xing Yi to stop making such claims.

Su Nian then toasted the Southern and Northern Kings. Zhou Zhixuan, mesmerized by her beauty, accidentally dropped his wine cup. Originally, he had planned to use the dropped cup as a signal for the assassins to attack Zhou Shiyu, but the cup slipped too early, and the assassins began their action prematurely. One of the assassins, not very sharp-witted, circled Zhou Zhixuan instead. Just as the assassin was about to strike, Zhou Shiyu stepped in and took the arrow meant for Zhou Zhixuan.

The Fengyue Pavilion was thrown into chaos. To prove she wasn’t an assassin, Su Nian coyly asked Xing Yi for help. Yue Ling arranged for Xing Yi to protect Su Nian, but Xing Yi thought Su Nian was acting. He placed his hand in front of Su Nian’s face, covering half of it, further confirming his suspicions. Yue Ling, preparing to sacrifice herself to use the jade pendant to resurrect Zhou Shiyu, was pulled away by Xing Yi, who had no idea what she intended, hastily leaving the pavilion.

Zhou Zhixuan was furious. His plan to injure Zhou Shiyu had backfired, giving Zhou Shiyu an opportunity to display his valor, leaving Zhou Zhixuan indebted and more resentful. However, the chancellor was pleased, as the discord between the Southern and Northern Kings was a perfect tool to control the emperor.

Yue Ling, regretting that she couldn’t save Zhou Shiyu, sought an opportunity to visit the Northern King’s residence. As it was improper for her to meet the Northern King before marriage, she and Xing Yi decided to write a letter to the Northern King. Zhou Shiyu, upon receiving the letter, knew that if he didn’t allow Yue Ling to visit, she would find another way. He agreed to meet her.

Yue Ling entered the Northern King’s residence and spoke with Zhou Shiyu through a screen. When she inquired about the safety of the young officer Wen Yu, Zhou Shiyu informed her that he had died. Yue Ling felt deep remorse, believing that if she had died with Wen Yu, she could have saved him. Realizing that the dead could not be brought back, she asked Qian Qian to prepare a fire basin to burn offerings for Wen Yu, hoping to ease his passing. She burned paper money, images of beauties, and even jade pendant patterns, praying for his peace.

While she was mumbling her prayers, she suddenly heard Wen Yu’s voice behind her. She thought his spirit was restless and turned around to see his face, which scared her so much that she kept retreating.

Zhou Shiyu stepped closer, and Yue Ling suddenly noticed his shadow on the ground, indicating he was not a spirit. She boldly grabbed Wen Yu's fingers, discovering they were warm, and listened to his heartbeat by pressing her ear to his chest, confirming that Wen Yu was alive and only trying to scare her. Zhou Shiyu had yet to reveal his identity and explained that the Northern King had spent a fortune to save him with a renowned physician.

Yue Ling had a poor impression of the Northern King, especially after discovering a courtyard full of beauties at the Northern King's residence, leading her to conclude he was a lecher. Zhou Shiyu explained that many things were just appearances, but Yue Ling remained unconvinced, adding that the Northern King also harbored treasonous intentions.

Zhou Shiyu followed Yue Ling back to the princess's residence and discovered that someone had intentionally leaked the account book, which falsely implicated him in treason, to Yue Ling. He concluded that the princess's residence was no longer safe and advised Yue Ling to move into the Northern King's residence with Xing Yi for their safety. Knowing Yue Ling and Xing Yi's true identities, Zhou Shiyu was even more concerned for their well-being.

Back at the residence, Lin Mu advised Zhou Shiyu to rest and recover, but Zhou Shiyu insisted he could only be at ease once Yue Ling and her brother were safe. Yue Ling hesitated for a long time before deciding to move into the Northern King's residence. With the account book in her possession, she guessed the Northern King wouldn't dare harm her. With no way to escape, she had to move in and look for another opportunity later.

Zhou Shiyu stayed in the southern courtyard and allocated the entire northern courtyard to Yue Ling, decorating it in the style of Dong Yu, which made Yue Ling feel homesick. That evening, Zhou Shiyu remembered Yue Ling's request to see Wen Yu and how she had mentioned a maid named A Yue, who had been cared for by Wen Yu on the journey, leading her to have feelings for him.

Upon seeing that Wen Yu was alive, she had embraced him in relief, her emotions evident. Zhou Shiyu realized he too had feelings for Princess Yue Ling but couldn't reveal his identity yet. He arranged for Wen Yu to act as Yue Ling's steward, along with two maids and a chef, making her stay at the Northern King's residence more comfortable. Yue Ling suggested celebrating their move.

That night, Zhou Shiyu found many people in the northern courtyard, where Yue Ling, drunk, was fraternizing with everyone, turning the place into a mess. Zhou Shiyu carried the intoxicated Yue Ling back to her room. Yue Ling, staring at Zhou Shiyu’s face, repeatedly called out for Wen Yu, her heart fluttering with the effects of alcohol, dreaming that she and Wen Yu were married and intimately entwined.

Meanwhile, Gao Luoyi, the princess of Beishuo, was preparing to move back into the Northern King's residence. Zhou Shiyu was admiring a dance in the Beauty Pavilion when Gao Luoyi dispersed the dancers, expressing her desire to meet her future sister-in-law. Xing Yi went to Fengyue Pavilion to force Su Nian to reveal her true identity, but Su Nian’s delicate dancing made her seem nothing like the fierce assassin Xing Yi suspected. He began to doubt his judgment.

The Dowager Consort sent Mama Dong to teach Yue Ling Beishuo's etiquette. Used to the free-spirited ways of Dong Yu, Yue Ling found the restrictions unbearable. Gao Luoyi mocked Yue Ling for her lack of manners, but Yue Ling retorted sharply, leaving Gao Luoyi embarrassed. Zhou Shiyu quickly disbanded the Beauty Pavilion, which Zhou Jingyuan had set up to monitor him. Zhou Jingyuan then sought other ways to intensify his surveillance of Zhou Shiyu.

Assassin Ling Xi from Roufeng Sect informed Su Nian that Princess Yue Ling had stolen an important account book from their leader. The two needed to work together to retrieve it from Yue Ling. Yue Ling disliked the strict rules, so Zhou Shiyu requested the Dowager Consort to stop Mama Dong from teaching her any more etiquette.


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