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Hua Jian Jiu Ren Jian Yue – Jiang Yiyi, Ao Ziyi

Hua Jian Jiu Ren Jian Yue is a historical romantic drama directed by Tao Sheng, led by Jiang Yiyi and Ao Ziyi, co-starring Ci Sha, Zhang Muxi, Yang Boxiao, and Lang Feng, with a special appearance by Zhang Ningjiang.

This drama tells the story of Mo Yueying and Hua Wuyou, who bond over wine and gain love and friendship as they experience and grow up.


Hua Jian Jiu Ren Jian Yue

English Title: Hua Jian Jiu Ren Jian Yue
Chinese Title: 花间酒人间月
Genre: Historical, Romance
Episodes: 24
Duration: -
Director: Tao Sheng
Writer: Li Jiaxuan
Producer: Zhou Ruini, Liu Yuxing
Released Date: -
Boradcast Website: -



Mo Yueying is a straightforward girl with a particular fondness for good wine.

Hua Wuyou is a talented winemaker.

When they meet, they have a series of hilarious stories over wine.

In the course of their time together, they gradually open their hearts and accept each other, gaining a beautiful love.


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