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Four Ladies – Pan Zhilin, Xu Zhengxi

Four Ladies is a period romantic drama directed by Qiao Liang, starring Pan Zhilin, Xu Zhengxi, Li Xian, Zhu Zixiao, Yang Qing, and Zhao Siyuan.

Based on Jane Austen's novel "Pride and Prejudice", the drama is set in the Republica of China era Shanghai and tells a love story that takes place in Shanghai and its suburban towns.


Four Ladies

English Title: Four Ladies
Chinese Title: 翩翩冷少俏佳人
Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 30
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Qiao Liang
Writer: Yu Meng, Chen Shuo
Producer: Bian Xiaojun, Wu Linli
Released Date: 2016-05-22
Broadcast Website: iQIYI



The Jian family is a declining wealthy family in the Republic of China, with four daughters, each with a different personality.

Mrs. Jane's greatest wish is to marry off her daughters and live a happy life.

The arrival of Ding Zihui and Song Wenxi, who come from wealthy families, caused a son-in-law battle to break out in the town. The eldest daughter won the heart of Ding Zihui, and although their relationship experienced twists and turns due to the gap between their families, they were eventually approved by Zihui's family.

Song Wenxi found himself unconsciously falling in love with the second daughter, Rutian despite the fact that he fought against her several times.

Cheng Biyao, who saved Wenxi's life back then, loved Wenxi and allied with Wenxi's enemy Liu Tianyu to prevent him from getting together with Rutian.

Tianyu went for Rutian with tricks. At the critical moment when Tianyu was proposing marriage, Wenxi appeared and revealed that Tianyu had cheated Wenxuan to make her pregnant, and Rutian suddenly awoke.

When Tianyu set up Wenxi his career was ruined and he was imprisoned, Rutian used her intelligence to find evidence to prove that Wenxi was an innocent victim.

The lovers were finally married.


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