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Exploration Method of Love – Song Yanfei, Gao Hanyu

Exploration Method of Love is an urban romantic drama directed by Qiu Yu and starring Gao Hanyu, Song Yanfei, Cheng Lei, Lin Zilu, Zang Yiren, and Shi Jieru.


Exploration Method of Love

English Title: Exploration Method of Love
Chinese Title: 爱的勘探法
Other Titles: 白莲花不好当
Genre: Urban, Romance, Drama
Tag: Identical Twin Female Lead, Famous Female Lead, Entertainment Industry, Investigation, Fake Identity, Secret
Episodes: 22
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Qiu Yu
Writer: Tu Yuejue Xie Yier, Li Li, Qu Hange, Huang Jia, Zhang Ye, Dong Liya
Producer: Tang Fan, Jiang Yi, Dai Ling, Luo Xiaoli, Ren Tinglu, Zhang Mingzuo, Li Sili, Zheng Hanyang
Released Date: 2023-06-21
Broadcast Website: MGTV, MGTV Drama Channel



Dr. Su Jishi, a female geology Ph.D. student, highly values the bond of family due to the absence of parental affection during her childhood.

As an adult, she chose to study geology, and in order to protect her loved ones' dreams, she began exploring different disciplines and experiencing different lives.

In the process, Su Jishi serendipitously met Mu Xiulun, a young entrepreneur who shares her passion for geology. Although Mu Xiulun is an orphan, his adoptive parents treat him as their own.

However, the company managed by Mu Xiulun adheres to traditional thinking, and his innovative ideas are consistently opposed by the senior management, led by his uncle. Progress in the research of new minerals also faces numerous challenges.

Yet, Su Jishi always manages to assist Mu Xiulun with her expertise in mineral studies. As they spend time together, Su Jishi and Mu Xiulun gradually enter each other's hearts.

They lean on each other, help one another, and heal their souls while advancing the research on new minerals. Together, they embark on a new journey in life.


Su Jishi and Mu Xiulun walked down the red carpet in front of the eager crowd. Everyone thought they had finally achieved a successful relationship, but to their surprise, Su Jishi announced their breakup, leaving everyone shocked. Let's go back in time to one year ago at the S Geopark. Su Jishi, a geology Ph.D., preferred a life of camping and exploring the truth of the universe rather than being an ordinary female doctorate. She led a team to explore the sand and stones in the mountains. One student requested to take a group photo as it was their last trip together. Su Jishi agreed and took off her glasses. The student noticed that she resembled the popular actress Su Jin. Su Jishi thought he was just flattering her.

They reached the mountaintop together. When a student was about to fall off a rockslide, Su Jishi quickly grabbed and saved him. Mu Xiulun returned from abroad and immediately set strict demands for the employees in the company. The assistant brought him coffee, thinking that Dr. Su was a man, which angered Mu Xiulun. However, Mu Xiulun explained that he was upset because he had waited for two hours without anyone showing up. The assistant was about to say something but silenced when Mu Xiulun threatened to withhold his bonus.

The scene shifts to an unknown place in S. Su Jishi's sister, Su Jinqing's agent, found Su Jishi and told her that her sister was missing. They came to find her. Su Jishi asked them what happened, and they informed her that both Su Jinqing and their mother had disappeared, but they were currently safe. Su Jishi recalled receiving a strange email from her sister and now seemed to have found the reason.

Su Jishi told them that she hadn't seen her sister in a long time and felt frustrated that they hadn't held them accountable for losing her. Now, they were targeting her. She opened the car door to get out but was pulled back by the agent, who informed her that if she didn't help, Su Jinqing would owe over ten million in breach of contract fines. Faced with money, Su Jishi had no choice but to compromise.

Mu Xiulun found a fake girlfriend to deceive his mother. When his mother found out, she pretended to cry, and Mu Xiulun and his sister hurriedly consoled her. Su Jishi accompanied the agent to the place where her sister used to work. The agent informed her that she would be Su Jin for the next three months and provided Su Jishi with Su Jin's information to familiarize herself with.

After some grooming, Su Jishi stunned even the agent. She looked exactly like Su Jin, a perfect imitation. Fang Jie, the agent, urged her to hurry to the event. Su Jishi arrived at the venue and realized she had been deceived when she saw so many people. Assistant Xiao Xia mistook her for Su Jin and happily embraced her. On her way back from the bathroom, Su Jishi overheard Mu Xiulun discussing geological exploration on the phone. She thought it was interesting to hear people talking about geological exploration in this kind of place. Mu Xiulun faced the completely different Su Jin and wondered if she had taken the wrong medication.

Su Jin's agent told Su Jishi that the next step was for Mu Xiulun to propose. Faced with his proposal, Su Jishi thought about her sister, whose work was controlled by someone who didn't respect female doctors. She picked up the microphone and rejected Mu Xiulun's proposal. The news shocked everyone at the event, as it was explosive news. Mu Xiulun couldn't understand why Su Jin had refused him, not knowing that the person rejecting him wasn't the real Su Jin. Back at Su Jin's home, looking at the achievements her sister had obtained, Su Jishi resolved not to let her sister's efforts go in vain.

Xiao Xia told Su Jishi that the popular fried chicken restaurant had sent her an invitation, hoping that she and Mu Xiulun could participate in their livestream. Fang Jie felt that they were using Su Jinqing and didn't want Su Jishi to go. However, Su Jishi not only wanted to go but also wanted to renegotiate the contract. Gao Ling reported the schedule to Mu Xiulun, and when he heard about the fried chicken restaurant, Mu Xiulun didn't realize when he had invested in that company. Mu Xiulun asked Gao Ling to cancel the event because he never ate sweet fried chicken.

Su Jishi looked at herself in the mirror and realized the difficulties her sister, Su Jinqing, had faced. She decided to help her sister earn enough breach of contract fines and told the makeup artist that she wanted a different look that day.

When Mu Xiulun heard Gao Ling mention that Su Jinqing was also in the fried chicken livestream room, he claimed he wasn't interested. However, his hand automatically opened the livestream room. When he heard Su Jishi saying in the livestream room that he had no boyfriend material, he brought fried chicken and entered the livestream room to prove that he had boyfriend material. His sister saw her brother in the livestream room and screamed in surprise, quickly calling Gao Ling to come and see. The two of them were in the livestream room, and the audience was paying attention to their every move. The staff wrote down "intimate behavior" on a sign for Su Jishi and Mu Xiulun to see. After seeing it, Mu Xiulun instinctively put his arm around Su Jishi, and the barrage of comments from the audience exploded.

To end the livestream earlier, Mu Xiulun messaged Gao Ling to buy all the fried chicken. Although Su Jishi was grateful to the person who bought all the chicken, she still told the audience to consume sensibly. Xiao Xia informed Fang Jie that Su Jishi was missing. Fang Jie believed she had taken the chicken and hid somewhere to eat. He asked Xiao Xia to quickly find her, jokingly saying she would gain weight from all the chicken. When Mu Xiulun was about to leave, he saw Su Jishi sitting alone on the stairs happily eating fried chicken. He couldn't help but feel a slight upturn at the corner of his mouth. Hearing Fang Jie calling for Su Jishi, he was afraid of being discovered and quickly hid.

Mu Xiulun looked at Su Jishi's recent changes and couldn't figure it out. When he saw his sister return, he called her over. His sister thought she was going to be scolded for her dating situation, but Mu Xiulun asked her about Su Jishi instead.

Both of them thought that Su Jinqing had suddenly changed so much because she was not simple and had a lot of tricks up her sleeve, probably trying to attract Mu Xiulun's attention. Mu Xiulun thought he would investigate to find out if she was trying to get his attention. Mu Xiulun's sister found her brother acting strangely today, so she quickly opened the livestream to see what had happened to make him behave that way.

Fang Jie watched the replay of the livestream and told Su Jishi how to face the audience from the right angle. But Su Jishi's mind was not focused on that. She only paid attention to the barrage of comments from the audience. Fang Jie got annoyed by her and told her that although the livestream was doing well, there would definitely be similar events in the future, so she should be prepared. Su Jishi told him that she was ready to do something important, which was to win over Mu Xiulun and continue working with him. Fang Jie was happy to hear that and immediately sent a WeChat message to Mu Xiulun to arrange a meeting. Su Jishi snatched the phone from him and said she hoped he would respond quickly.

Su Jishi straightforwardly told Mu Xiulun that she wanted to continue working with him. Mu Xiulun asked her why she thought he would agree to her request. Su Jishi told him that it would be beneficial for both of them. Mu Xiulun also thought about his mother urging him to get married and eventually agreed to her request. Looking at the extraordinary Su Jishi, Mu Xiulun felt that even though they had known each other for three years, he had truly understood her only in the past few days. After dinner, the two of them went to the mountain, and Su Jishi saw a shooting star. She told Mu Xiulun many stories about shooting stars, and Mu Xiulun thought she had studied geology to get his attention.

Su Jishi explained to Fang Jie about the future development trends. She believed that because of Su Jinqing, they could better penetrate the youth market. After hearing this, Fang Jie told Su Jishi that only if her sister, Su Jinqing, developed well, it would bring more benefits to Mu Xiulun. Xiao Xia ran over and showed Su Jishi the photos taken by paparazzi yesterday. After seeing them, Su Jishi said the photos made her look fat. Xiao Xia told her that the focus was not that, but rather that internet users were discussing her weight gain. Su Jishi didn't think it was a bad thing. She thought that they could use this incident to increase her popularity, and Mu Xiulun might agree to continue working with them.

Su Jishi swung on a yoga ball and asked Xiao Xia to take photos of her. She then adjusted the photos with filters and asked Xiao Xia to post them on social media. Fang Jie told internet users that Miss Su had recently fallen in love with outdoor activities, and she had gotten a bit tanned. Since the photos were posted, many people called to cooperate with her for sports brands. Xiao Xia told Su Jishi that some people online agreed with her, but some said she had deliberately posed and dressed to make herself look fat. Su Jishi snatched the phone and edited a long paragraph to tell the internet users her true thoughts. Xiao Xia and Fang Jie quickly took the phone back from her, thinking that if they posted that paragraph, their potential cooperation would fall apart.

Su Jishi told them that only these genuine thoughts could win the favor of internet users. She told Fang Jie that she had already posted it. Fang Jie told her that those influential figures in public opinion were probably waiting for her to slip up. However, Su Jishi didn't think it mattered. She believed that all living things on Earth relied on the sun for survival, and the sun didn't exist because of them. Xiao Xia thought her Su Jie had become handsome recently. Gao Ling brought his phone to Mu Xiulun and showed him that Su Jinqing was trending again. After Mu Xiulun finished reading, he angrily prepared to throw the phone into the water. Gao Ling quickly stopped him because it was his phone. In order to make Mu Xiulun feel better, he threw one of Mu Xiulun's watches into the water. Mu Xiulun was speechless about his behavior and asked Gao Ling to retrieve it. Gao Ling requested a vacation as a condition, and they made a bet. Mu Xiulun immediately jumped into the water and retrieved the watch.

When Mu Xiulun came out of the swimming pool, he happened to see Su Jishi approaching him. He thought he had made it clear enough, but she had chased after him. Su Jishi told Mu Xiulun that her Weibo post had gained some new followers for his company, and she could help maintain this situation. Mu Xiulun thought the risk of working with her was too high. He was not daring enough for this high-risk, high-reward behavior. He told Su Jishi that if she jumped into the swimming pool, he would agree to work with her. Su Jishi immediately went over to prepare to jump, but Mu Xiulun quickly grabbed her.

Su Jishi came to the company to find Mu Xiulun, attracting the attention of the employees. She told Mu Xiulun that she could help him with the nickel project he was working on. Su Jishi took Mu Xiulun to the library to look for information. Mu Xiulun thought she was up to something again. Just as she was about to take a book from the top shelf, the book almost fell, but Mu Xiulun quickly caught it. Su Jishi assured him that she could take care of herself. Suddenly, there was a power outage in the library, and it became pitch black. Although Su Jishi was afraid of the dark, she pretended not to be scared.

Mu Xiulun thought Su Jishi was already strong enough. Why did she insist on working with him? Su Jishi told him it was because she wanted to become stronger to protect someone's dream. In order to continue working with Mu Xiulun, Su Jishi kept bothering him all the time. Fang Jie got her a role in a TV drama, but Su Jishi had no idea how to act. Fang Jie told her some acting techniques, and Xiao Xia noticed something unusual. Fang Jie was afraid of being exposed, so he quickly said it was because she wasn't feeling well. Su Jishi was completely clueless about acting, and Fang Jie had no choice but to think of finding a partner to practice with them. They planned to ask Mu Xiulun to join them.

Su Jishi has already acted 117 times, but the director is still not satisfied. After calling for a halt, he scolded Su Jishi. The other people on the set also complained about Su Jishi's frequent mistakes. Mu Xiulun saw this and fell into deep thought. Back in the RV, Su Jishi was feeling very down. Xiao Xia brought her a lot of food, but she wasn't interested. She didn't even care about her favorite fried chicken. She told Xiao Xia that she wanted to be alone for a while. Fang Jie suggested that Xiao Xia go eat, and he would accompany Su Jishi for a while. Su Jishi felt like a failure, as she felt that she had ruined Su Jinqing's career. Fang Jie asked her to talk about the scene where Su Jinqing was slapped during a photoshoot, as she didn't need a stand-in and took the slaps herself.

After listening to Fang Jie, she became even more determined to protect Su Jinqing's current position. She immediately gained confidence and started studying the script for the next scene. Mu Xiulun asked her to find him, but Fang Jie said it would be embarrassing if she went. However, they said that if Su Jishi went to see him, he would agree to renew their contract. Mu Xiulun saw Su Jishi running towards him happily and thought she was so enthusiastic that he should cooperate with her. But to his surprise, Su Jishi wasn't there for him but for Director Zhang, who was standing behind him. Su Jishi was a loyal fan of Director Zhang.

Director Zhang came because his daughter loved Su Jishi's character, Ba La Xiao Xian Nu. Su Jishi was excited and wanted to take a photo with Director Zhang. After Director Zhang left, Mu Xiulun told her that because of her good performance that day, he forgave her previous reckless behavior and agreed to her request.

Mu Xiulun was curious why Su Jishi, a solo star, knew so much about geology. He thought she must have studied it because of him, but Su Jishi told him not to be so narcissistic and that she studied it purely out of interest. Su Jishi arrived on set and started acting. Ms. Xu, a teacher on set, didn't like Su Jishi and intentionally made things difficult for her during their scenes together. Mu Xiulun couldn't stand it anymore and defended Su Jishi against Ms. Xu.

Su Jishi received praise from the director for her acting this time. Fang Jie and Xiao Xia came to congratulate her on her success, and they were all happy. Su Jishi kept looking around, and Xiao Xia told her that Mu Xiulun had already left due to something urgent. Su Jishi pretended she wasn't looking for him, and after some teasing from Xiao Xia and Fang Jie, she told them she didn't want to owe him any favors. Mu Xiulun was worried about his collaboration with Director Zhang and knew that he was preoccupied with his granddaughter's situation.

Mu Xiulun called Fang Jie to inform him that he agreed to let Gao Ling pretend to be Su Jishi's boyfriend. Fang Jie was thrilled to hear that and told Mu Xiulun that Su Jishi didn't want to owe him any favors. Mu Xiulun assured him that he wouldn't let her help him for nothing and that he also had something for Su Jishi to do. Fang Jie became wary and asked if it was something strange, but Mu Xiulun told him to forget it if he wasn't willing. Fang Jie immediately agreed. The next day, Mu Xiulun, Gao Ling, and Su Jishi met at the agreed location to prepare for their simulated rehearsal. Gao Ling told her to do things that couples would normally do.

Mu Xiulun saw Su Jishi practicing those couple activities with Gao Ling and couldn't bear it anymore. He finally stepped in and practiced with Su Jishi himself. Mu Xiaoman was preparing to go on a date with her boyfriend, and Gao Ling wanted to accompany her. However, Mu Xiaoman refused. Gao Ling overheard their phone conversation and secretly followed them to the meeting place. He discovered that the guy was trying to deceive Mu Xiaoman, so he confronted him in a small alley and beat him up. Su Jishi, feeling upset because she didn't perform well in the scene and was criticized by the director, was hiding in the tent. Mu Xiulun came, opened the tent, comforted her, and asked her to help Director Zhang's granddaughter.

Mu Xiulun recalled the lines that Su Jishi had said on set and couldn't help but feel his heart racing. Mu Xiulun didn't know what was happening to him, but whenever he thought of Su Jishi, his heart would race. He speculated that he had developed feelings for Su Jishi, but he didn't want to admit it to himself. He opened his computer and searched for a horror movie to test his heart rate, but it was only seventy beats per minute. So he used the method of counting mines to hypnotize himself to sleep.

Su Jishi was still passionately rehearsing her lines, and Fang Jie and Xiao Xia were already exhausted. Su Jishi asked Xiao Xia how she did in her performance, and Xiao Xia smoothly replied that she looked good with a fangirl filter on. Fang Jie earnestly told Su Jishi that if her performance wasn't good enough, she could seek guidance from a teacher and shouldn't be so stuck on the lines. It was already 5 o'clock. Su Jishi also knew that everyone was tired, so she let them go back to rest. Upon hearing this, the three of them hurriedly escaped.

Mu Xiulun had been counting mines all along, but he was still alert. So he called Gao Ling and asked him to send tomorrow's meeting materials. Gao Ling felt that Mu Xiulun was acting strange and thought that he had been affected by Su Jishi. Mu Xiulun retorted, saying that no one could affect him and thought that what Gao Ling said was nonsense. He couldn't possibly be affected, so he continued to lie in bed and count.

The next day, during the meeting, Mu Xiulun couldn't control his thoughts about Su Jishi and was absent-minded. Su Jishi sent him the lines she had read, and Gao Ling noticed that Mu Xiulun's face was flushed, and his heart rate was fast. Mu Xiulun firmly denied that he was affected by Su Jishi and, just after saying that, he received a voice message from Su Jishi asking for his feedback. Even though his heart was racing, Mu Xiulun insisted that he didn't feel anything. Su Jishi wasn't discouraged and decided to practice until Mu Xiulun felt something. She continued to send voice messages with lines to Mu Xiulun, and his mind was in chaos all day. Whenever he saw Su Jishi, he wanted to hide.

Mu Xiulun was surprised to see Su Jishi in front of his house and felt a little startled. After calming himself down, he went inside with Su Jishi and realized that it was all a setup by his mother. When Su Jishi saw the rose petals on the bed, she understood what Mu Xiulun's mother meant. Just as she was about to leave, Mu Xiulun asked Su Jishi to help him deal with his mother this time, promising to give her a 20% reward. Su Jishi agreed. Mu Xiulun's mother was very excited and took photos of her son and Su Jishi together. As soon as they finished, Mu Xiulun kept wiping his sweat, and Su Jishi felt that Mu Xiulun seemed a bit disgusted with her. Su Jishi kept digging pits in front of Mu Xiulun's mother, and Mu Xiulun had no choice but to cooperate.

Mu Xiulun's mother felt that her son and Su Jishi were already close to being in a relationship and showed a photo of Mu Xiulun to Su Jishi. Su Jishi had already seen Mu Xiulun's information in advance and accurately described the details of the events in the photos, successfully deceiving her. Mu Xiulun was also surprised, and his mother was overjoyed. Mu Xiulun's mother brought out some geological pictures and asked Su Jishi about them. Su Jishi easily answered, so to prevent his mother from asking more tricky questions, Mu Xiulun quickly said that Su Jishi was good at cooking, while Su Jishi said she was just helping and that Mu Xiulun was the main chef. Su Jishi went through hardships to make a plate of shredded potatoes but forgot to add salt. Mu Xiulun couldn't stand it and took the initiative to cook. Mu's mother was very happy. Mu Xiaoman returned home in a bad mood and locked herself in her room.

Mu Xiulun felt that love would be futile without results and thought it would be better not to pursue it. However, Su Jishi believed that enjoying the process of being in a relationship was the most important. Mu Xiaoman mistakenly thought that her brother had forced her boyfriend to break up with her, and the siblings had a falling out. Just as Mu Xiulun was about to go upstairs, he saw Su Jishi taking Mu Xiaoman out. Mu Xiaoman saw her boyfriend cheating and teamed up with Su Jishi to confront him. Mu Xiulun and Gao Ling arrived to clean up the mess. Mu Xiulun and Su Jishi confronted each other, with Su Jishi believing that Mu Xiaoman should walk her own path. However, Mu Xiulun felt that as her brother, he had an obligation to help his sister overcome obstacles. Gao Ling saw Mu Xiaoman heartbroken and couldn't help but comfort her.

Su Jishi thought of Mu Xiulun's mother's reaction and quickly pretended to be drunk and unwilling to go back. Mu Xiulun quickly tricked his sister into going to a hotel to sleep. Under his mother's pressure, Mu Xiulun was about to reveal the truth, but Su Jishi quickly lied to his mother that they had gone to a hotel, successfully avoiding a disaster. Mu Xiaoman really liked Su Jishi and wanted her to become her sister-in-law. Mu Xiaoman arranged for Mu Xiulun to meet with Gao Ling for a competition.

Mu Xiulun thought that Su Jishi wanted to make peace with him and generously forgave her for inciting Mu Xiaoman. However, it was awkward because Su Jishi only wanted to borrow a bow. During Mu Xiulun's match with Gao Ling, he was influenced by Su Jishi and lost. Gao Ling and the others were thrilled and jumped in joy. Mu Xiulun had no choice but to fulfill his promise and give Gao Ling a week off.

Gao Ling was extremely pleased. He had thought he would never defeat Mu Xiulun in his lifetime, but winning felt so satisfying. Mu Xiulun thought Gao Ling was crazy and decided to have a rematch. He teamed up with Su Jishi, who didn't know how to play tennis. Mu Xiulun decided to teach Su Jishi on the spot.

Su Jishi, being a top student, quickly grasped the techniques. During their third match, a child ran onto the court, and Su Jishi almost fell while trying to protect the child. Mu Xiulun quickly rushed to protect Su Jishi. The child's parents were furious and refused to let the matter go. The child spoke the truth but was scolded by his father. Seeing this scene, Mu Xiulun was reminded of his past mistakes and felt a bit down. Su Jishi came to comfort him and gently applied medicine to his wounds. Su Jishi learned from Mu Xiaoman that Mu Xiulun may have been injured in his childhood, and she was curious about it.

Mu Xiaoman confessed to Su Jishi that she orchestrated her brother's romantic relationship with her. Su Jishi believed she had no feelings for Mu Xiulun and wouldn't develop as Mu Xiaoman had imagined. When Mu Xiulun's mother saw Su Jishi's injured hand, she quickly asked Mu Xiulun to take care of Su Jishi. Su Jishi took advantage of the situation and bossed Mu Xiulun around. Under Mu Mother's supervision, Mu Xiulun had no choice but to obediently follow along. Fang Jie was afraid that Su Jishi would gain weight without his supervision.

Su Jishi pouted her lips, asking Mu Xiulun to wipe them. At first, Mu Xiulun was stunned, thinking she wanted him to kiss her. Su Jishi listened to Mu Xiulun singing and couldn't help but feel a little moved. However, she maintained a tough exterior and said Mu Xiulun's singing was nothing special. While everyone was having fun, Mu Zhengmin came to find Mu Xiulun. As his uncle, he believed that Mu Xiulun lacked the courage to achieve great things. Su Jishi overheard their conversation and deliberately spilled coffee on Mu Zhengmin when he came out. She also made sarcastic remarks about Mu Zhengmin in front of Mu Mother. Mu Zhengmin intentionally mentioned that Su Jishi didn't want children, and Su Jishi retorted by insinuating that Mu Zhengmin had a disease and couldn't have children. Mu Mother intervened and prevented a big conflict.

Su Jishi and Mu Xiulun returned to the room and found the bed arranged by Mu Mother. They quickly fled and played in the backyard. Mu Xiulun mentioned that he had never played on a slide since he was adopted by the Mu family and wanted to repay his adoptive parents' kindness by constantly learning. Su Jishi brought some bugs and put them in Mu Zhengmin's room with Mu Xiulun. They continued to count the stars in the yard. While counting, Su Jishi fell asleep in Mu Xiulun's arms. Mu Xiulun carried Su Jishi back to the room and, as he looked at her, unexpectedly, Su Jishi kissed him when he least expected it, causing his heart to race. Mu Mother was outside listening and became anxious.

Su Jishi was furious to find herself and Mu Xiulun sleeping on the same bed. While she was arguing with Mu Xiulun, Mu Mother happened to come to check on them. The two had to act affectionate and loving until Mu Mother left, and then they resumed their confrontational attitude. Su Jishi felt relieved that nothing had happened between her and Mu Xiulun and, while sitting at the dining table, suddenly recalled the image of Mu Xiulun kissing her yesterday, causing her to shiver. Mu Xiulun, holding a photo, stubbornly claimed that he had no feelings for Su Jishi, but while lying in bed, he couldn't help but think of her and even fantasized about ambiguous scenes with her.

Mu Xiulun was dreaming about being intimate with Su Jishi when suddenly he was awakened by the sound of the doorbell. He immediately snapped out of it and felt like he was going crazy. How could he have such thoughts about this woman? Mu Xiulun opened the door with Gao Ling, and before Gao Ling could speak, Mu Xiulun informed him that there would be no bonuses for this month, next month, and the month after. Gao Ling tried to slip away but was stopped by Mu Xiulun. Gao Ling had found the small and medium-sized companies for mergers and acquisitions that Mu Xiulun had asked him to find last month. Watching Mu Xiulun enter the house, Gao Ling felt that the boss had a terrible temper in the morning.

Su Jishi looked at the script and hummed a song while Fang Jie wore a worried expression. Su Jishi said she would rather participate in more variety shows than cooperate with Mu Xiulun. Fang Jie said he felt sorry for Xiaoxia, who was still trapped in the candy-like romance between Mu Xiulun and Su Jishi. Fang Jie mentioned that the endorsement fee for the Tianqian Automobile advertisement, which Xiaojin endorsed, was relatively high, and it was a well-established brand that had maintained its reputation over the years with almost no problems. Su Jishi hesitated, but Fang Jie explained that they could promote the brand and enhance Su Jishi's commercial value. He asked why they shouldn't take advantage of such a good opportunity. Su Jishi felt that she was just temporarily replacing her sister and would leave after it was over, so this cooperation would be a breach of contract. However, Fang Jie secretly wanted Su Jishi to stay. Su Jishi believed that something fake could never become real.

While working, Mu Xiulun kept looking at his phone, hoping that Su Jishi would message him, while Su Jishi was busy shooting an advertisement. Mu Xiulun muttered to himself, saying that Su Jishi disappeared for a week after kissing him and gritted his teeth, saying it was good. Mu Xiulun really wanted to ask Su Jishi out, and Gao Ling reminded him that he had arranged for them to have a date once a month. Gao Ling suggested that Mu Xiulun could borrow and return things to increase their chances of meeting.

After finishing work, Su Jishi heard from Fang Jie that Mu Xiulun wanted to invite her out. Without hesitation, Su Jishi directly refused. Mu Xiulun sent a picture of a small hammer and, without another word, Su Jishi agreed to the date and even suggested having breakfast together. Mu Xiulun felt a bit self-centered, thinking that Su Jishi really wanted to see him. He quickly got up, changed into nice clothes, and went to meet Su Jishi. When Mu Xiulun arrived at the breakfast restaurant, he thought he had come to the wrong place. He saw Su Jishi wearing a face mask and mocked her for not paying attention to the image of a female celebrity. Mu Xiulun sat down elegantly to eat, feeling that the current Su Jishi was more real than before. Su Jishi thought Mu Xiulun was saying that she looked real wearing pajamas and a face mask while eating and sarcastically commented on his shallowness.

Mu Xiulun continued by saying that Su Jishi was quite comical. While having breakfast, a girl sitting nearby wanted to add Mu Xiulun on WeChat, and Mu Xiulun told her that Su Jishi was his girlfriend. Su Jishi accidentally spilled soy milk on Mu Xiulun when she pushed him away. Mu Xiulun went to Su Jishi's room and accidentally picked up her underwear, which Su Jishi teased him about. Mu Xiaoman was having a conversation with someone from the company, and Gao Ling, feeling jealous, drove the person away. Mu Xiulun overheard Su Jishi saying that he was her partner when she talked in her sleep, and he angrily walked away.

When Su Jishi went for contract renewal, she ran into Mu Xiulun, who pretended to be aloof and ignored her. Su Jishi couldn't stand the attitude of the advertiser and splashed wine on Huang Zong. Mu Xiulun rushed to save Su Jishi and carried her away. Su Jishi noticed that Mu Xiulun cared about her, but he stubbornly denied it, believing that Su Jishi was more stubborn than anyone else.

Fang Jie thought that Mu Xiulun was genuinely nervous about Su Jishi today, but Su Jishi didn't think so. Someone in the planning meeting mentioned that they had sent the wrong clothes, which angered Su Jishi, and she left directly. Su Jishi believed that she shouldn't change herself because of others' opinions. Mu Xiulun saw explicit photos of Su Jishi and saw comments online calling her his wife, which made Mu Xiulun feel a bit uncomfortable. Mu Mother thought her son had a fight with Su Jishi, so Mu Xiulun decided to live together with Su Jishi. When Su Jishi woke up and saw that Mu Xiulun wanted to live with her, she felt that Mu Xiulun was going too far in taking advantage of her.

Su Jishi felt that Mu Xiulun was going too far and decided to live with him for five days during the final negotiation. She called Fang Jie and said she wanted to kick Mu Xiulun out of the project. Fang Jie begged her to spare him, or else it would be reported in tomorrow's news, and their entire team would suffer. He advised Su Jishi to endure it for a few days and then part ways amicably. Su Jishi thought it was their own private matter and feared that if Mu Xiulun found out, they would end up in court.

Mu Xiulun saw many geological books in Su Jishi's room and arrogantly believed that Su Jishi liked him. Su Jishi took the books away, and Mu Xiulun was curious about her interest in geology. Su Jishi said everyone has their own hobbies that don't need explaining. She also asked if Mu Xiulun had a stereotypical impression, thinking that female artists like herself should only be interested in shopping and not have any intellectual pursuits. Mu Xiulun looked at Su Jishi and said that the old Su Jishi never dared to look him in the eyes. Su Jishi approached Mu Xiulun and said that he used to be afraid to look at her as well, blushing now. Just as they were arguing, Mu's mother arrived and said she would accompany the young couple for a week.

Mu Xiaoman avoided Gao Ling when she saw him. Gao Ling tried to find a topic and forced Mu Xiaoman to work with him. He also invited her to an amusement park. Mu Xiaoman and Gao Ling rode a roller coaster, and she screamed in fear. Mu Xiaoman was angry that everyone treated her like a child and didn't need others to pamper her or interfere in her relationships. Mu Xiaoman and Gao Ling had a great time at the amusement park.

Su Jishi didn't want Mu's mother to stay, but Mu Xiulun kept supporting his mother, insisting she should stay. Soon, Mu Xiulun felt like he had shot himself in the foot. Gao Ling promised Mu Xiaoman that he would let go when she grew up. Mu Xiulun refused to sleep on the floor and moved to the bed, thinking the teddy bear in the middle was a bit annoying. In the morning, Su Jishi touched Mu Xiulun affectionately, making him happy. Mu Xiaoman brought breakfast to Gao Ling in the morning and refused her colleagues' invitations.

Mu Xiulun was stepped on by his uncle and wanted to change the company's CEO. Mu Xiaoman called Su Jishi and informed her that Mu Xiulun interrupted the cooperation with Tianqian Group. Su Jishi comforted Mu Xiulun, and he opened up to her, finally kissing her.

While sleeping, Mu Xiulun remembered unfinished work and reached for his phone. Su Jishi thought he was up to something and screamed. Mu Xiulun's uncle intervened and tried to choose another CEO for the board of directors. Mu Xiulun arrived at the scene and told everyone about the scandal in Tianqian Group. They all agreed to invalidate the election, and Mu Xiulun's uncle got angry and vented his anger on those around him but couldn't change the situation.

Mu Xiulun wanted to invite Su Jishi to dinner, but Fang Jie told him that Su Jishi didn't have time. Gao Ling hinted that he knew Su Jishi's schedule for the week and there was no time. Gao Ling advised Mu Xiulun not to push too hard when pursuing someone. Su Jishi didn't want to have dinner with Mu Xiulun and used Fang Jie as an excuse to reject him.

Mu Xiulun saw Su Jishi return home and directly asked if she had been avoiding him lately. Su Jishi pretended not to care and asked him to leave her house. Mu Xiulun decided to leave in the morning but heard Su Jishi say that a kiss meant nothing to her. He felt uneasy. Su Jishi woke up in the morning and found the living room empty. Mu's mother had prepared breakfast for her and left a note reminding her to take care of her health and have a balanced diet. Su Jishi felt a bit disappointed seeing that Mu Xiulun wasn't there on the sofa but consoled herself, thinking that she would be free after they left.

Mu Xiaoman came to work in the morning and brought breakfast for Gao Ling. At lunchtime, she even prepared chicken legs for him. Gao Ling found Mu Xiaoman a bit strange. When she offered him snacks again, he directly told her not to buy things that they couldn't finish, as it would be wasteful to buy something and then throw it away. Mu Xiaoman felt infuriated by Gao Ling's words and angrily asked if he wanted their love to end.

Mu Xiaoman imagined scenes of her and Gao Ling playing together at an amusement park. Gao Ling noticed her daydreaming and was surprised to find out that she was imagining them kissing.

Following Gao Ling, Mu Xiaoman discovered him being intimate with someone else, leading to a big misunderstanding.

Mu Xiulun was troubled by his relationship with Su Jishi and sought Gao Ling's advice. He didn't want to be straightforward about it as it might affect his demeanor, so he used an example of a friend who wanted to take his mine. Gao Ling thought the person was engaging in illegal activities and wanted to report them. Mu Xiulun hurriedly clarified that it was a voluntary situation, and Gao Ling understood what he meant, agreeing to help him handle the matter.

Gao Ling arranged a beautiful female translator for Mu Xiulun to make Su Jishi jealous. When Su Jishi heard that there was a banquet nearby, possibly with Mu Xiulun present, and someone was secretly taking pictures of Mu, she felt uneasy and decided to change into a formal dress and go there.

Inside, Mu Xiulun was leisurely drinking with business tycoons when he saw Su Jishi arrive. As she called him over, he was about to go, but Gao Ling held him back, saying that if he wants to catch fish, he must learn to wait.

Fang Jie saw that Mu Xiulun didn't follow Su Jishi, and now she was angry and wanted to send Mu Xiulun a lawyer's letter. Mu Xiulun felt that things were getting out of hand, and even his mother scolded him over the phone. Gao Ling also felt it was getting out of control.

Mu Xiaoman advised her brother to apologize to Su Jishi quickly. Xiao Xia was afraid that Su Jishi would see online pictures of Mu Xiulun with other women, but Su Jishi didn't care.

While filming, Xu Yadan accidentally pushed Su Jishi, and Mu Xiulun caught her during the crisis. Xu Yadan thought Mu Xiulun had found a new love interest and didn't want Su Jishi anymore. When Mu Xiulun applied medicine to Su Jishi, she felt a bit embarrassed. Upon hearing Su Jishi complain about having a new love interest, Mu Xiulun felt that Su Jishi still had feelings for him.

Mu Xiaoman saw Gao Ling shielding her from the rain and was deeply moved. She openly told Gao Ling that she seemed to have fallen for him, but Gao Ling didn't dare to admit his feelings.

Fang Jie warned Su Jishi to be careful with Xu Yadan and said he would go see her tomorrow. However, Su Jishi hung up the call. Later, while drunk, Su Jishi accidentally revealed her name as "Su Jishi," and Mu Xiulun thought she was just speaking nonsense due to intoxication. In the bathroom, Su Jishi confessed that she seemed to have feelings for Mu Xiulun.

Mu Xiulun noticed something strange about Su Jishi and asked Gao Ling to investigate Su Jishi's family background in detail. Su Jishi went to the horse stable to choose a horse and ended up picking an entire stable. When she finally found one that suited her, she was told that the horse belonged to someone else and had a difficult temperament.

Gao Ling refused on behalf of Mu Xiulun to borrow someone else's horse. Su Jishi found the voice on the other end of the phone familiar and sent a picture to Mu Xiulun, suspecting it was Gao Ling.

While making a call, Gao Ling saw Mu Xiaoman in the elevator and quickly hid. Mu Xiulun arrived at the horse stable after learning that Su Jishi had borrowed a horse. He showed up riding a horse impressively, leaving Su Jishi stunned. She almost slipped and revealed that she knew how to ride a horse. Mu Xiulun patiently taught Su Jishi how to ride and even gave her an apple afterward, which she mistakenly thought was for her and not the horse, leading to a humorous mention of "Doctor Su."

Su Jishi was startled when Mu Xiulun called her "Dr. Su" but remained calm on the surface. It turned out that horses were as difficult to handle as she was. Mu Xiulun, seeing that he couldn't find the answer he wanted, continued by saying that he remembered Su Jishi used to be frightened while filming, but now she seemed unafraid of horses and even felt she could ride them. Su Jishi fabricated a story, claiming that she later learned how to deal with horses, so she wasn't afraid of riding anymore. She also boasted about her talents, saying she had an extraordinary feeling and was gifted in this aspect.

Trying to apologize, Mu Xiulun suggested to Su Jishi that honesty is the best policy, whether dealing with family or friends, deception doesn't solve anything. Su Jishi awkwardly laughed it off, claiming she had long forgotten about it.

Gao Ling discovered Su Jishi's background and found out that Su Jinqing and Su Jishi were twin sisters who were separated and raised by different parents. The sister's name was Su Jishi, and Mu Xiulun's earliest admiration was for a female geologist named Su Jishi. At first, Gao Ling thought it was highly improbable, but after an extensive internet search, he found a student of geology named Jishi Su, leading him to deduce that she was the one Mu Xiulun admired.

Su Jishi thought of what Mu Xiulun said and wanted to tell him her true identity. Fang Jie opposed this, but Su Jishi decided to give up the idea. She took many pictures, but her gentle side couldn't be captured. When Mu Xiulun arrived at the film set and praised her beauty, the photographer captured the moment. Mu Xiulun attempted to test Su Jishi, and she unconsciously responded, realizing she slipped up and pretended not to know.

Feeling deceived by Su Jishi's reluctance to confess her identity, Mu Xiulun became angry and wanted to leave. However, he then mentioned an upcoming geology forum and invited Su Jishi, who didn't notice she had fallen into his trap, still thinking that Mu Xiulun was acting strangely today.

Mu Xiulun told Su Jishi that he had always played a certain role, and she confessed she only acted in films out of necessity. Su Jishi thought of Su Jinqing and didn't want her sister to lose her job, so she abandoned the idea of confessing. When she heard her teacher might come to the scene, she asked Fang Jie to come and help her escape.

Su Jishi felt she couldn't confess to Mu Xiulun herself but also couldn't keep deceiving him, so she decided to let Fang Jie be the "villain." Gao Ling, curious about Mu Xiulun's unusual behavior, saw him getting drunk at a bar.

Gao Ling found Mu Xiaoman lying in bed sick and took the responsibility of taking care of her. He read her stories until she fell asleep but woke up when she was about to kiss him. Su Jishi's mood was a bit low, but upon hearing information related to Mu Xiulun, she regained her spirits.

Mu Minguang mocked Mu Xiulun for not being able to control Su Jishi, which might affect the company's image. Su Jishi confidently faced interviews with reporters. Mu Xiulun believed that Su Jishi had her reasons for not wanting to talk, and he was determined to protect her.

Su Jishi made plans to meet with Fang Jie and decided to confess her identity to Mu Xiulun. Mu Xiulun was also excited and bought a bouquet of flowers, arriving early at the scene. Su Jishi noticed that Su Jinqing liked Mu Xiulun and decided to break their appointment for her sister's sake.

Mu Xiulun asked Gao Ling what to do if he was stood up by someone. When he heard about Su Jishi's movie event, he felt happy inside but acted nonchalant on the outside, telling Gao Ling he would consider it. However, on the day of the event, he arrived at Su Jishi's company early, wanting to personally accompany her to the movie event.


  • 2023-07-26 14:00:16

    Gao Hanyu is very handsome and Song Yanfei is very pretty

    I think "Exploration Method of Love" is outstanding. The male lead is not a typical domineering CEO stereotype; he's not greasy, but rather charming and endearing. His character is well-portrayed, often making people burst into laughter.

    Moreover, so far, there haven't been any of the usual clichéd romantic scenes, and this unique setup has attracted me. I have never seen such a plot before. The storyline is fast-paced, without any dragging or filler scenes.

    In addition, the portrayal of the characters in the drama is also impressive. Their expressions feel natural and don't break the immersion.

    "Exploration Method of Love" conveys a positive and healthy view of love like a textbook, and it has received high praise from netizens. The character Mu Xiulun shows respect towards women, knows when to apologize, and is also powerful enough to protect his partner.

    On the other hand, Su Jishi represents an independent and autonomous woman. Her witty and wise remarks, along with her strong values and views on love, have become the core reasons for the drama's popularity. It has also sparked resonance and contemplation among the audience regarding high-quality relationship patterns.

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