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Shang Sicheng Dramas, Movies and TV Shows

Shang Sicheng
Shang Sicheng dramas, movies, and TV shows list contains the best TV series, films of Shang Sicheng and the ongoing and upcoming shows. The list will be updated continuously, bookmark this list to get the latest tv shows of Shang Sicheng.

Shang Sicheng Dramas List

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  • A Forbidden Marriage


    Historical, Romance, Fantasy
    Zhou Jieqiong, Mao Zijun
    Yang Wangyue, who comes from the demon sect, has escaped death and become a declasse orphan girl. She is determined to realize her wish that she has never been able to fulfill: to get married to Yang Qing, the leader of the famous righteous sect. With such a wish, the reborn Wangyue coincidentally met Yang Qing, and eventually, they worked together to kill the real devil, achieving...
  • The Queen of Attack Season 2


    Historical, Romance, Fantasy
    Wang Luqing, Cheng Lei
    Liang Weiwei became the Emperor, reigning over a harem of three thousand beauties. However, when she re-entered the drama, she discovered that she had become the despised villainous tyrant, and Jing Qing, whom she had always yearned for, was now plotting to overthrow her and take her life. Liang Weiwei tried every means to help Jing Qing regain his memory, but to her surprise, Jing...
  • The Queen of Attack


    Historical, Romance, Comedy
    Wang Luqing, Cheng Lei, Shang Sicheng
    Liang Weiwei, a girl from the sports department, accidentally entered a hit idol drama starring Jing Qing and became the queen. But she found that she’s actually not the main character in the drama at all, she was set to die in three episodes. In order to get rid of the “setting” and stop the cycle of death, Liang Weiwei decided to reverse her fate and become the main female character,...

Shang Sicheng Movies List

Lastest | Popular | Role
  • The Queen of Attack: True and False Queen


    Historical, Fantasy, Romance
    Wang Luqing, Cheng Lei
    In order to earn a writing fee, author Xiaowei forcefully continues writing the novel "The Queen of Attack" and adds a fake queen who looks exactly like the protagonist, Liang Weiwei. The power struggle between the real and fake queens plunges Liang Weiwei into a melodramatic fate where she cannot recognize her lover, the emperor. However, in a midnight dream, Xiaowei dreams that Liang...
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