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Double Assassin – Liu Weiting, Wang Xingwei

Double Assassin is a historical wuxia drama, directed by Li Junwu and Zhang Linhan, starring Liu Weiting, Wang Xingwei, Ou Jingxiao, Yan Lei, and Zhou Weiwei.


Double Assassin

English Title: Double Assassin
Chinese Title: 双身刺客
Genre: Historical, Wuxia, Action, Fantasy
Tag: Body Swap, Martial Arts Master
Episodes: 18
Duration: 11 min.
Director: Li Junwu, Zhang Linhan
Writer: Zhang Linhan
Released Date: 2023-06-16
Broadcast Website: MGTV, MangoTV Short Play



A young lady in the capital, Lan Xiaoyu is forced by her father to go on various blind dates, but she has a crush on the most handsome man in the capital, Crown Prince Wei Qing.

An accident has caused her to swap souls with Chi Jingyu, a top assassin of the Qing Luan Society. Lan Xiaoyu becomes a superb martial artist and sneaks into the Society in place of Chi Jingyu to investigate an assassination case...


The Qingluan Society has the Qing Ling Ling, once issued, it can take a person's life within twelve hours. In the Qingluan Society, there are four top experts: Wu Di, Xuan Niao, Ye Cha, and Huan Ying. Among the four, Huan Ying is the strongest, not only appearing and disappearing without a trace but also possessing highly advanced martial arts skills. Lan Xiaoyu is a beautiful and enthusiastic girl who enjoys chatting with street vendors every day. When she knows they are in trouble, she always lends a helping hand. However, her father, Lan Yongfu, is the bully of this street, specifically in charge of these vendors.

One day, after Lan Xiaoyu finished chatting with her vendor friends, she heard someone shout that the bully had arrived. Quickly, everyone scattered to escape. One vendor was running slowly and was caught red-handed by Lan Yongfu. Just as Lan Yongfu was about to fine the vendor, Lan Xiaoyu appeared and spoke on the vendor's behalf. With Lan Xiaoyu being his beloved daughter, Lan Yongfu immediately softened and let the vendor go without a fine. Lan Yongfu was eager to see Lan Xiaoyu get married, so he arranged a blind date for her today. Unexpectedly, she ran into Crown Prince Wei Qing on the way, causing Lan Xiaoyu to stare in amazement.

Wang Agou was a steward working in the Prime Minister's residence. He not only had a good income but also coveted Lan Xiaoyu's beauty, planning to marry her as a concubine without putting her name on the household registry. Naturally, Lan Xiaoyu looked down on Wang Agou. After getting him drunk, she stripped off his clothes and tied him up in a pavilion.

When Lan Xiaoyu was about to leave, she encountered an assassin. The assassin had offended someone else and was surrounded by attackers but still managed to save Lan Xiaoyu. At that moment, a thunderstorm struck, and both Lan Xiaoyu and the assassin were struck by lightning.

After Lan Xiaoyu regained consciousness from being struck by lightning, she saw a woman who looked very much like herself. As soon as she realized that she had turned into a man, she couldn't help but scream in shock. At that moment, Chi Jingyu also woke up and found that their bodies had switched. He drew his sword and questioned Lan Xiaoyu if she used some demonic technique to cause this. Lan Xiaoyu felt wronged and quickly explained the situation. Currently, the Prime Minister's residence is investigating the assassin's incident, and Lan Xiaoyu, in Chi Jingyu's body, is in danger. She suggested that Chi Jingyu and herself temporarily stay at Lan's house to avoid being searched.

At Lan's house, Lan Yongfu was worried about Lan Xiaoyu's disappearance. When he saw her return safely, he wanted to rush over and hug her. However, Chi Jingyu was now in Lan Xiaoyu's body and couldn't accept the embrace, so he kicked Lan Yongfu away. Lan Xiaoyu quickly tried to explain, but her words were not well-received and it angered Lan Yongfu. Chi Jingyu directly grabbed Lan Xiaoyu, claiming that they should live together, nearly scaring Lan Yongfu into fainting.

The next day, Lan Xiaoyu's maidservant entered the room and indeed found the male version of Lan Xiaoyu sleeping on the bed. On the other side, Chi Jingyu calmly stated that they had already privately agreed to be engaged yesterday, leaving the maidservant wide-eyed in astonishment. Lan Yongfu wanted Lan Xiaoyu to participate in a selection event and had bribed the officials to ensure her success. However, Lan Xiaoyu claimed that she already had someone in her heart, which greatly offended the authorities. Chi Jingyu added fuel to the fire, urging Lan Xiaoyu to think about what they did together last night and take responsibility.

Chi Jingyu knew that Lan Xiaoyu wanted to participate in the selection event and directly demanded that she take responsibility for what they did last night. Lan Xiaoyu tried to excuse herself, but Chi Jingyu didn't give her a chance and infuriated Lord Zhou. Chi Jingyu mocked Lan Xiaoyu, ridiculing her for trying to secretly seduce other men and laughed at her delusion of becoming the Crown Prince's consort.

The Qingluan Society had been established for many years and had never failed. This time, the most powerful member, Huan Ying, made the Prime Minister flee into a military camp with over four thousand soldiers stationed, which greatly angered the leader of the Qingluan Society. They sent a messenger pigeon to contact Chi Jingyu. When Lan Xiaoyu saw the messenger pigeon, she couldn't resist her craving and roasted the bird. This made Chi Jingyu a bit angry, but luckily, Lan Xiaoyu quickly realized her mistake and handed over the taken letter to Chi Jingyu.

Tonight, there was supposed to be thunder on the mountain, and Lan Xiaoyu wanted to switch their bodies back. So she invited Chi Jingyu to go up the mountain with her. The last time they switched bodies, they were kissing, so Lan Xiaoyu felt it was necessary to do the same this time. However, despite kissing for a long time, there was no thunder. Lan Xiaoyu got angry and cursed the heavens, but unexpectedly, the thunder struck right at that moment, leaving them both disheveled. Lan Xiaoyu led Chi Jingyu to see a doctor.

The doctor found their pulses in a strange state and explained it with metaphysics. They needed to be the "scapegoat" for a thousand spells cast simultaneously using five hundred taels each to switch their bodies back. Lan Xiaoyu guessed that the Qingluan Society was infuriated and probably coming to hunt down Chi Jingyu, and indeed, a group of black-clad men attacked them.

Chi Jingyu and Lan Xiaoyu both thought that the black-clad men were after them, so they competed to deal with them. This made the black-clad men feel disregarded, and they charged forward with their swords. While Chi Jingyu and Lan Xiaoyu were fighting, they also played finger-guessing games. Together, they quickly subdued most of the black-clad men, but Lan Xiaoyu was bumped in the chest by someone.

She felt embarrassed and furious, thinking that someone took advantage of her. However, her body was perfectly occupied by Chi Jingyu, and now he was using Chi Jingyu's body, so there was no question of someone taking advantage.

Chi Jingyu and Lan Xiaoyu finished off the last black-clad man together, but suddenly, Chi Jingyu felt a sharp pain in his stomach and held it uncomfortably. Lan Xiaoyu immediately realized it was his relative's visit and, while answering Chi Jingyu's question about whether continuous bleeding would be fatal, she supported him back to the Lan residence.

Lan Yongfu, worried that Lan Xiaoyu would be taken away, sent three thousand taels to Lord Zhou through Princess Xiu Yu to secure her a chance to retake the examination. In order to make Chi Jingyu take the exam, Lan Xiaoyu even threatened to turn herself in to the Prime Minister. Reluctantly, Chi Jingyu had to go but didn't dress properly and casually entered the examination hall.

Li Xiaoxiao had just shown remarkable talent, so when everyone saw Lan Xiaoyu, they thought she was just trying to participate. However, Lord Zhou still asked Lan Xiaoyu to introduce her talent. Lan Xiaoyu claimed to specialize in predicting people's cause of death and accurately predicted that Li Xiaoxiao would cough up blood, shocking everyone.

Chi Jingyu intentionally acted rudely as Lan Xiaoyu, hoping to be eliminated quickly. However, Crown Prince Wei Qing was different from ordinary people and found Chi Jingyu's words quite reasonable. He asked if Chi Jingyu had any talents. To scare the Crown Prince away, Chi Jingyu had someone bring a large stone, intending to break it with his bare hands. Unfortunately, he had lost his inner strength, and after trying for a while, he failed, becoming a laughingstock for the people in the hall.

Crown Prince Wei Qing found Chi Jingyu very interesting and thought that the Prince's residence would be much more entertaining with him around. He asked Chi Jingyu what he would like to do the most if he became the Crown Prince's consort. Chi Jingyu answered, "Eat." In the Crown Prince's understanding, this response meant connecting with the Dao of gluttony, so he ranked Chi Jingyu first.

Li Xiaoxiao was very dissatisfied but knew not to act recklessly in the grand hall, so she reluctantly accepted the second place. After passing the retake exam, Chi Jingyu needed to stay in the Crown Prince's residence for ten days. Worried about being trapped, he didn't expect Lan Xiaoyu to find a way to infiltrate as well. They made a deal: Chi Jingyu would help Lan Xiaoyu become the Crown Prince's consort, and in return, she would help him uncover the truth.

Lan Xiaoyu participated in a martial arts competition. The man before her showed no sportsmanship, which displeased several girls who were secretly peeping behind a screen. Now, with Chi Jingyu's appearance and formidable martial arts, Lan Xiaoyu attracted the admiration of these girls. In a dangerous situation, Lan Xiaoyu saved a girl, winning her heart in secret.

Lan Xiaoyu became the first-place winner, which naturally made Li Xiaoxiao dissatisfied. She colluded with all the servants in the Crown Prince's residence and, along with two other selected girls, bullied Lan Xiaoyu. They not only intentionally made Lan Xiaoyu look ugly with makeup but also repeatedly pushed her head into a basin, washing off her makeup. Lan Xiaoyu didn't want to pay attention to them, but Su Xiaoxiao became increasingly outrageous. She not only took Lan Xiaoyu's bed to sleep on but also deliberately wetted her bedding. This pushed Chi Jingyu's patience to its limit, and he harshly taught a lesson to one of them. This made Su Xiaoxiao somewhat wary, but she became even more determined to get rid of Chi Jingyu.

As Chi Jingyu, Lan Xiaoyu passed the selection and became Wei Qing's guard. Wei Qing directly ordered Lan Xiaoyu to stay by his side and even be responsible for his changing of clothes. Lan Xiaoyu didn't expect to receive such special treatment and felt her heart pounding with excitement. After finally calming down, she helped Wei Qing change his clothes.

Seeing Lan Xiaoyu always being close to his alter ego, Chi Jingyu worried that she might forget about his identity. However, Lan Xiaoyu had already found out the origin of the flying dart incident. This made Chi Jingyu suspect collusion between the Prime Minister's residence and the Qingluan Society, so he asked Lan Xiaoyu to find a certain person on his behalf.

Xuan Niao and Chi Jingyu had a good relationship, and when he came to see Chi Jingyu, he noticed that Chi Jingyu's martial arts were still formidable. Xuan Niao knew what Chi Jingyu was investigating and advised him not to continue digging further.

Today's competition is about calligraphy and painting skills. Li Xiaoxiao and others all have brushes and quickly start painting. Their artworks are quite good, earning praise from Huang Mamu. Huang Mamu, who had already been bribed by Li Xiaoxiao, disliked Lan Xiaoyu's behavior, so she deliberately arranged a brush without bristles for Lan Xiaoyu, hoping to see her make a fool of herself.

However, Lan Xiaoyu used her hand as a brush and created a masterpiece that amazed everyone, depicting a magnificent landscape. Crown Prince Wei Qing praised Lan Xiaoyu as an extraordinary woman and invited her to the study tonight. This made Li Xiaoxiao angry and jealous, so she went to her father, Lord Li, to complain. Lord Li confidently believed that the competition on the surface was just a facade, and there might be more complicated tactics behind the scenes.

Lan Yongfu was determined to have Lan Xiaoyu marry into a wealthy and noble family. A master advised him to excel in packaging and find the right position, so even an ordinary person could successfully rise in status. Lan Yongfu was successfully persuaded and spent a lot of money for Lan Xiaoyu's bright future.

As Chi Jingyu, Lan Xiaoyu received a gold coin from Xuan Niao, which seemed to be related to the Qingluan Society. Chi Jingyu suspected that Xuan Niao might be a traitor, but Lan Xiaoyu disagreed. He believed that Xuan Niao might have something important to hide from Chi Jingyu, which was why he warned him not to investigate further to avoid danger.

Lan Xiaoyu taught Chi Jingyu three tricks and asked him to go to tea with the Crown Prince as himself in the evening, hoping that Chi Jingyu could get closer to the Crown Prince.

Chi Jingyu had tea with the Crown Prince and kept in mind Lan Xiaoyu's three flirting tricks. He stared at the Crown Prince intently, which made the Crown Prince mistakenly think there was something on his face. Chi Jingyu stood up and approached to take a closer look, only to find that the Crown Prince had applied powder on his face, which surprised him.

The Crown Prince thought it was trendy for men to wear makeup, but Chi Jingyu bluntly criticized him for lacking masculinity and killing the conversation. Lan Xiaoyu, who was eavesdropping outside, was almost frustrated by this.

The Crown Prince was thirsty and wanted to drink tea, but Chi Jingyu had already noticed that the tea was poisoned, so he couldn't let the Crown Prince drink it. He couldn't openly stop him, so he suddenly pushed the table, causing the tea in the Crown Prince's hand to spill. The Crown Prince almost fell, but Chi Jingyu quickly caught him, and an ambiguous atmosphere immediately filled the air. However, Chi Jingyu not only didn't seize the opportunity but also patted the Crown Prince's face, claiming that there were mosquitoes, which infuriated Lan Xiaoyu outside.

Lan Xiaoyu hurriedly brought wine and reminded Chi Jingyu to pour wine for the Crown Prince. Chi Jingyu did so, but he drank ten pots without getting drunk, while the Crown Prince got drunk after just one pot. Chi Jingyu was quite helpless, so he sat there all night, guarding the Crown Prince.

The next day, Lan Xiaoyu learned that nothing happened between the two last night and couldn't help but hate Chi Jingyu for being a big fool, missing such a great opportunity to have a relationship with the Crown Prince. Princess Xiu Yu approached Lan Xiaoyu and asked him to accompany her to buy things.

Lan Xiaoyu saw through the shop's deception and even defeated the thugs, making Princess Xiu Yu like him even more.

Lan Xiaoyu, in Chi Jingyu's body, had a meal with Princess Xiu Yu. Princess Xiu Yu was worried that if she took one more bite, she would become the subject of ridicule. Lan Xiaoyu understood her feelings and had a pleasant conversation with her. They enjoyed each other's company and unconsciously drank too much. Princess Xiu Yu developed feelings for Chi Jingyu and hoped to marry him. Their interactions were noticed by members of the Qingluan Society, who decided not to take action against Chi Jingyu for the time being and wanted to see if there were other forces involved.

In the embroidery competition, Chi Jingyu, as Lan Xiaoyu, was no match for other talented young ladies from prestigious families. So, he came up with a plan to sabotage other contestants' work using the needles and thread in his hands. This way, even if his embroidery looked like a chicken, he could still come out on top. Su Xiaoxiao was very dissatisfied, but Mr. Wang announced Lan Xiaoyu as the first-place winner.

However, someone accused Lan Xiaoyu of poisoning the Crown Prince and had her thrown into the dungeon. Su Xiaoxiao taunted Lan Xiaoyu in the cell, calling her a chicken that could never become a phoenix. Furious, Lan Xiaoyu slapped Su Xiaoxiao, making her back off immediately. Chi Jingyu presented evidence proving that Su Xiaoxiao was the one who poisoned the Crown Prince. Su Xiaoxiao was taken away, but someone manipulated the situation, and the blame for the poisoning fell on someone else, leading to Su Xiaoxiao being released without charges and continuing to compete for the position of the Crown Prince's consort.

Lan Yongfu violated the rules to create momentum for Lan Xiaoyu, which resulted in him being reported. Lan Xiaoyu almost lost the opportunity to become the Crown Prince's consort because of this incident.

Today, Crown Prince Wei Qing invited Lan Xiaoyu, and Princess Xiu Yu invited Chi Jingyu to go out together. The four of them played Cuju in a lane and had a great time. Princess Xiu Yu expressed her love for Chi Jingyu, and he was quite helpless. He wanted to explain that he didn't have any improper intentions, but Princess Xiu Yu didn't give him a chance to speak. She expressed her willingness to elope with Chi Jingyu and took the initiative to kiss him. Before Chi Jingyu could refuse, the princess forcefully kissed him, and this scene was seen by the Crown Prince, leaving him feeling even more dejected.

The Crown Prince and Lan Xiaoyu were together and talked about the mysterious and elusive chivalrous heroes. They were surprised to find that they both enjoyed reading the same novels. Lan Xiaoyu taught the Crown Prince the Seven Wounds Fist, but the Crown Prince held her hand tightly and tried to kiss her. However, Chi Jingyu, who was residing in Lan Xiaoyu's body, couldn't accept the Crown Prince's advances and suddenly punched him, forcing the Crown Prince to abandon his thoughts.

The Crown Prince sensed the close relationship between Lan Xiaoyu and Chi Jingyu and specifically asked Chi Jingyu to help him change clothes and bathe at night. Chi Jingyu, who had Lan Xiaoyu's consciousness, was excited to hear this. However, the Crown Prince warned him not to have any illusions about Lan Xiaoyu. The Crown Prince was not someone who would easily let go, and Princess Xiu Yu was a member of the royal family, not someone Chi Jingyu could pursue. The Crown Prince asked him to protect the princess properly and not blur the line between master and servant.

Lan Xiaoyu and Chi Jingyu were both overwhelmed by the actions of the princess and the crown prince and couldn't help but wonder if they had made a mistake. However, for the sake of their lives, they had no choice but to continue despite their uneasy feelings.


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