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Desire Catcher – Zheng Yecheng, Xin Yunlai

Desire Catcher is a crime web drama directed by Wang Taotao, starring Zheng Yecheng, Xin Yunlai, Wang Jiayu, Yang Lin, He Yuhe, Xiao En, Hu Wenzhe, Zhang Fan, An Zijian, and Li Haoxiu.

The drama is based on the popular novel "邪恶的催眠师” by Zhou Haohui,  tells the story of Lu Fengping, a genius hypnotist, and Luo Fei, a criminal police officer, who go from not knowing each other to working together to solve a series of hypnotic murder cases.


Desire Catcher

English Title: Desire Catcher
Chinese Title: 无眠之境
Genre: Urban, Crime, Suspense, Thriller
Tag: Investigation, Detective Male Lead, Psychological Manipulation, Rape, Sexual Assault, Attempted Rape
Episodes: 24
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Wang Taotao
Writer: Zhang Xiaohe, Qiao Yifeng, Guo Zhengjie, Li Lei, Cheng Yu
Producer: Tang Fan, Yang Yijing, Dai Ling, Chen Xixiao, Liu Qian
Product Company: MGTV
Released Date: 2023-04-23
Broadcast Website: MGTV, MangoTV Monsoon, Viki



The talented hypnotist Lu Fengping and the detective Luo Fei, who is deeply trapped in his own demons, join forces to uncover the truth behind a decade-old case that they were both involved in.

Together, they solve a series of murder cases involving hypnosis and ultimately expose the mysterious organization behind it all. Throughout the process, the two go from being suspicious and opposing each other to becoming brothers, and they grow up together.


In Thailand's Chinatown, pedestrians were walking around in confusion when a man suddenly began attacking people and cars around him, seemingly out of control. He even bit some of the people around him, as if he had lost his mind. The police could not control him, and eventually, they were forced to shoot him, and he fell to the ground.

Lu Fengping was watching a video on his phone about Thailand's Chinatown when the man fell to the ground. He asked the driver how much further they had to go to their destination, and upon seeing that they had three kilometers to go, he got out of the car and headed towards the scene, despite the driver's protests.

Meanwhile, at a hypnosis seminar in Longzhou City, Professor Ling Mingding, an authority in the hypnosis industry, was watching the same video. He explained that the incident happened last month and that the perpetrator had exhibited no signs of abnormal behavior the day before the attack. According to local customs, some suspected that he had been cursed, but some psychological experts believed that he might have been hypnotized. Suddenly, Lu Fengping interrupted the professor's speech and began discussing the incident with him, drawing praise from the professor.

At the scene of another incident, Luo Fei arrived to find a Golden Retriever that had fallen from a building. He scolded Liang Yin for not following orders but then learned from her that the victim was Zhao Lili, a 21-year-old model who was found dead in her bathtub. While dispatching an officer to gather more information, Luo Fei went to the victim's side.

Luo Fei was the first to notice the smell of sulfur dioxide emanating from the scene. He conducted a thorough investigation of the scene, and Liu Dongping also reported the entire process of the discoverer finding the victim. Based on the situation at the scene, Liu Dongping suspected that the case was similar to the method used by a previous boyfriend to put his girlfriend into a coma using ether. After summarizing all the information, Luo Fei instantly came to the conclusion that this was a locked room and there was no killer!

After coming out, Luo Fei found Zhang Yu. Zhang Yu took out the ingredients of the hallucinogen found in the perpetrator of the zombie case released by the Thai police, and stated that after comparing it with the hallucinogen left at the scene of the 2008 Yang County murder case, it was not the same type. After listening, Luo Fei asked if he was sure, and Zhang Yu said that he had checked it for ten years and there could be no mistake, and reassured Luo Fei that they would find the culprit!

Meanwhile, the seminar had also ended, and Professor Ling introduced Lu Fengping to the chief of the Longzhou Public Security Bureau, Director Lu. After returning home, Lu Fengping looked at Luo Fei's photo in the news and recalled a week ago when a stranger had asked to meet him and told him that someone had information about the 2008 murder case. Lu Fengping was lost in thought.

Luo Fei and his team worked overnight to investigate information related to the Zhao Lili case, ultimately locking in her ex-boyfriend Yao Shuhan, who had sent her a package that day, and Xiao Xifeng, who had entered Zhao Lili's living room! The next day, Luo Fei planned to visit Xiao Xifeng's house with Liu Dongping, but Liang Yin was very eager to go, so she and Liu Dongping teamed up and managed to get the opportunity to visit with Team Leader Luo.

The two of them went to Xiao Xifeng's house, and asked as usual about their relationship and the location of their daily psychological therapy. Xiao Xifeng calmly answered, even providing an alibi for the time of the crime, perfectly answering Liang Yin's questions. After returning, Luo Fei reported the situation to Lu Bureau, stating that Xiao Xifeng's answer was too calm and even gave a feeling of being prepared in advance, which was very suspicious. Lu Bureau said he had contacted Professor Ling, but he was a bit busy and would introduce someone else to help solve the case.

Luo Fei met with Zhang Yu for a meal, and while they were eating, they received a notification from Lu Bureau that Lu Fengping had been introduced as a consultant. Lu Fengping then added Luo Fei on WeChat and invited him to dinner. After a brief chat, Luo Fei bluntly proposed to work as a consultant to help solve the case, but asked Lu Fengping to tell him the clue found in the broken factory in Yang County in 2008!

It turned out that the person who had clues mentioned in the unknown phone call was Luo Fei. The speech at the seminar and the opportunity to become a consultant were all ways for Lu Fengping to get closer to Luo Fei. On this night, Luo Fei received a call from Zhang Yu, saying that the hallucinogen found at the scene of Zhao Lili's case matched the hallucinogen found at the scene of the Yang County case in 2008 with a high degree of 99%! Both of them had a hard time falling asleep that night.



In the evening, Luo Fei went to Zhao Lili's house to review the case. He even lay in the bathtub to imagine his state of mind at that time, and was so immersed in it that he suddenly woke up when he recalled the scene of his conversation with Lu Fengping.

Lu Fengping's days were very comfortable. He chatted with Zhou Yi, the fruit seller at the intersection, and used hypnotic techniques to help her improve her sales performance. He then exchanged the fruits given by Zhou Yi for lollipops with the supermarket uncle, and promised to help the uncle matchmake with Zhou Yi. However, Luo Fei's days were not so good. He and Liang Yin investigated Yao Shuhan together. Yao Shuhan seemed to know their intentions and spoke ill of Zhao Lili, showing little sympathy for her in his words. When Liang Yin asked him about the parcel that Zhao Lili received from him an hour before her death, she handed him the express delivery slip, but Yao Shuhan denied sending it and accepted Liang Yin's request to verify the handwriting. Afterwards, the two of them left. On their way back, Luo Fei instructed Liang Yin that the suspicion of Yao Shuhan had not been cleared and asked Liu Dongping to monitor Yao Shuhan's house and record the people who entered and exited.

Yao Shuhan got off the car in a drunken state, and someone seemed to shout "Yao Shuhan". After returning home, Yao Shuhan received a call from a friend asking if he had arrived home safely, but he didn't answer. He looked at the woman sitting on the bed and didn't have time to care about the concern on the other end of the phone. After a while, Yao Shuhan realized that the woman was actually Fang Lei! Yao Shuhan attacked the woman like crazy and the two of them fought. After a long time, Yao Shuhan was exhausted and his phone fell to the ground.

Luo Fei and Liang Yin were still working overtime. Luo Fei was eating instant noodles and looking at the photos of the people entering and leaving Yao Shuhan's home that Xiaoliu had sent. The photos were not very clear, but Luo Fei still noticed a delivery man carrying a large package appearing in several photos. With his sharp instincts, Luo Fei instantly sensed that something was off and immediately called Xiaoliu to find out the time when the delivery man entered and left, and asked Xiaoliu to go in and investigate the situation right away!

The next morning, Luo Fei and his team arrived at Yao Shuhan's home, only to find that he had already passed away. There was also a dummy that had been beaten on the scene. Luo Fei looked through Yao Shuhan's chat records and found that the last call was from someone named Huang Mao. Based on Zhang Yu's simple judgment of Yao Shuhan's condition, it was highly likely that he had died from cyanide poisoning, and there were also wounds on his joints, indicating that there may have been a fight with the dummy, which had many poisonous thorns on it. Yao Shuhan was likely to have been fatally poisoned by the thorns after fighting with the dummy, but further analysis was needed to come to a more conclusive conclusion.

Lu Fengping received another phone call from an unknown person who still didn't reveal any information about their identity, which puzzled him. After leaving Yao Shuhan's house, Luo Fei arranged for Xiao Liu to investigate Huang Mao and instructed Zhang Yu to perform a special test to see if Yao Shuhan had taken any hallucinogens. There was a strong possibility that Yao Shuhan and Zhao Lili had been in a romantic relationship. Later, Liang Yin called and reported that she had been to the courier company and found out that the information on the delivery order was fake, and all the delivery personnel had alibis. It was likely that the perpetrator had fabricated the information, but Luo Fei was reluctant to let Liang Yin take too many field assignments for fear of danger. However, Liang Yin did not listen to him and actively participated in the investigation.

Xiao Liu has found Huang Mao and after some questioning, he found out that Huang Mao drank with Yao Shuhan that night and called him to ask if he had arrived home. Huang Mao also mentioned hearing Yao Shuhan calling out Fang Lei's name and some fighting sounds, but he didn't hear Fang Lei's voice. In the end, Luo Fei concluded that Huang Mao had no suspicion of murder and let him go. He then sent Liang Yin to investigate Fang Lei and postponed the meeting until later.

Xiao Liu also presented the information that Luo Fei previously requested to investigate about Lu Fengping. The most striking thing is that Lu Fengping's father, Lu Hai, had been imprisoned for domestic violence due to alcoholism, and later divorced Lu Fengping's mother, Deng Yan, who was actually the victim of the 2008 Yangxian murder case! Liang Yin also investigated and found out that Fang Lei was the woman whom Yao Shuhan had previously drugged. After Fang Lei reported him to the police, Yao Shuhan was sent to prison. Fang Lei later suffered from depression and committed suicide. Moreover, the black high heels and red dress she wore matched the disguise of the fake corpse at the crime scene!

Lu Bureau held a meeting and stated that the cases of Zhao Lili and Yao Shuhan have had a serious impact on the city. The Public Security Bureau has decided to establish a 615 task force, with Lu as the leader and Luo Fei as the deputy leader. The task force will also include computer expert Xue Bing, Wang Jing who has many years of field experience, as well as Xiao Qiao and Xiao Sun as members. An office has also been assigned to the task force, although it is a bit old and the team had to spend a long time cleaning it up.

Lu Fengping was not idle either. He tried to sneak into the Public Security Bureau but was stopped by the security guards. Fortunately, Luo Fei appeared in time and took him into the bureau. Lu Fengping brought up the same condition again, asking if the consultant could be consulted to find out why the two deceased were hypnotized. Luo Fei did not deny it and even took him to the office of the task force. In the evening, Zhang Yu invited everyone to dinner, but Luo Fei and Liang Yin left early. Lu Fengping shamelessly followed them and went with them to see Liang Yin home. After that, Luo Fei left Lu Fengping and just asked him how long it would take to find out why the two were hypnotized. Lu Fengping smiled faintly and went back to start the investigation. Meanwhile, Luo Fei was also busy investigating the case-related clues.

The members of the special task force in the office gathered to sort out the ideas of the two cases. Zhang Yu said that after a detailed inspection, Yao Shuhan's cause of death was consistent with the speculation made by Zhang Yu and Luo Fei at the scene. Moreover, according to Luo Fei's hint, hallucinogens were indeed found in Yao Shuhan's nasal cavity, which was consistent with what was found in Zhao Lili's body!

After reviewing the case, everyone had a good understanding of it. At this time, Liang Yin raised a question: why did Yao Shuhan mistake the mannequin for Fang Lei? Everyone thought that hallucinogens alone could not achieve this effect. Luo Fei said that they needed to go to Yao Shuhan's home again! Then, Luo Fei and Liu Dongping went to Yao Shuhan's home together. They found a courier note at the door. Luo Fei looked at the sender on the courier note - Li Xiaogang - and immediately realized that the killer's next target was Li Xiaogang. This was because Zhao Lili had also received a courier package from Li Xiaogang one hour before her death. He immediately alerted everyone to take action!

Immediately, they started investigating Li Xiaogang. Unexpectedly, Li Xiaogang had gone out to deliver dog food. They saw Li Xiaogang walking towards the old city on the surveillance video. They also found a suspicious courier in the surveillance video. While driving to find Li Xiaogang, Luo Fei saw a person dressed similarly to the courier in the surveillance video. He immediately chased after the person, who also ran away. This aroused Luo Fei's suspicion even more. Finally, Luo Fei captured the person, who confessed that he had stolen a car. Luo Fei realized that he had caught the wrong person! Based on the judgment of whether there were traces on the road and the direction of the pet dog on the road, Luo Fei quickly locked onto the direction of Li Xiaogang, who was pulling a dog food cart.

On the other side, Li Xiaogang arrived at his destination. When he went in to unload the dog food, he found that the door he had just opened had been closed! Turning around, someone was calling his name. He seemed to see a figure, and then he was attracted to a device with many hundred-yuan bills floating inside. Li Xiaogang was overjoyed and even climbed up the device to get more money!

Finally, Luo Fei arrived. Seeing a little dog wandering around the door, Luo Fei was sure that he had found the place. Luo Fei opened the door and saw Li Xiaogang lying in the device. After judging that Li Xiaogang had multiple scratches but was still alive, Liu Dongping immediately called for an ambulance.

Everyone conducted a series of inspections at the scene, and Liang Yin said that they did not find the delivery order at the scene. Luo Fei looked at the underworld money inside the device and fell into contemplation, seeming to see Li Xiaogang inside the device. After investigation, it was found that Li Xiaogang had been under great financial pressure recently, but everyone believed that he would not mistake the underworld money. Luo Fei thought that Li Xiaogang did not know that it was underworld money and believed it was a hypnotic murder case!

Meanwhile, Lu Fengping was still in a dream, recalling the time when he was bullied by his classmates when he was a child. His mother comforted him and told him he could eat lollipops when he was sad. The scene was very warm, but he woke up only after the uncle at the door of the supermarket kept shouting. Lu Fengping went to the uncle's supermarket to have breakfast. The uncle asked about Lu Fengping's recent state, and Lu Fengping jokingly talked about the relationship between the uncle and Zhou Yi. They bantered with each other.

Luo Fei and Xiao Liu went to the hospital. According to the doctor's diagnosis, Li Xiaogang had become a vegetative person and could not provide more clues to the case. Luo Fei and Xiao Liu had to return to the team. That night, they worked overtime with Liang Yin to analyze the three cases, hoping to find a common point among them. After thinking for a long time, they came up with one point: "Initiative." All three of them were proactive! At this time, Liang Yin's stomach grumbled, and Zhang Yu happened to bring food and check reports. It turned out that Li Xiaogang also had a hallucinogenic drug in his body, and the ingredient was consistent with the first two cases! This was the second common point! Luo Fei thought about it and got up to leave.

Luo Fei came to Lu Fengping's home, asking about his progress and bringing clues about the hallucinogenic drug found in the three people's bodies. They reasoned together. The logical diagram on the blackboard was erased and redrawn many times until they finally made progress. All three people had their own desires. Based on this, Lu Fengping continued to deduce: Zhao Lili brought a whitening device to the beauty salon on the day of the incident, but the device had already been replaced. Under the influence of hallucinogens and hypnosis, she did not feel any pain. Yao Shuhan and Li Xiaogang were also victims under the influence of hallucinogens and hypnosis, unconscious and unaware of the pain!

The two of them arrived at the office, and Lu Fengping shared his findings. Based on this, everyone made further inferences, and the case became clearer and clearer. Lu Fengping once again asked Luo Fei for clues about the 2008 Yang County murder case. Luo Fei told him that the case was related to the current three cases and hoped that Lu Fengping would continue to help solve the case.

Lu Fengping finally agreed and signed the contract! But Luo Fei asked why Lu Fengping knew there was a clue here, and Lu Fengping couldn't give an answer. On the other hand, Luo Fei received a phone call saying that another delivery order had appeared!

After receiving a call from Xiao Liu, Luo Fei quickly rushed to the hospital. Xiao Liu explained that the package was discovered by a nurse, addressed to Li Xiaogang and sent by Lin Ruilin, with the delivery address being the Jinxiu restaurant. The package contained funeral money! Luo Fei exclaimed, "The challenge has already arrived," and immediately took Xiao Liu to the Jinxiu restaurant.

On the way, Xiao Liu couldn't reach Lin Ruilin and wondered why he would use a delivery slip to declare war. Was it for revenge? Xiao Liu even mentioned the case of a serial killer abroad who left clues on mirrors or voluntarily sent them to the police station. Luo Fei explained that those were random crimes, but what they encountered was a specific crime. The delivery slip connected several victims, with each victim sending it to the next victim. The delivery slip was like a death notice! If they couldn't stop it in time, the killer would stop after achieving their goal, making it more difficult to solve the case.

Luo Fei and Xiao Liu arrived at the Jinxiu restaurant, where Lin Ruilin seemed to be acting normally, chatting with guests. After Luo Fei explained the situation, Lin Ruilin arranged for a private room and a table of food. Luo Fei carefully observed Lin Ruilin's every move as he ate and drank. Luo Fei showed him pictures of three victims and asked if he knew them, all while observing his reactions. When shown Li Xiaogang's picture, Lin Ruilin's condition worsened, sweating profusely, and eventually collapsing on the table.

Everyone had to send him to the hospital. Xiao Liu was surprised by how much Lin Ruilin ate, even suspecting that he had bulimia! The nurse explained that Lin Ruilin had only suffered from a stomach bleed and alcohol poisoning, with no danger to his life. He just needed to watch his diet and would recover quickly. This nurse had previously encountered a patient dispute, and Luo Fei had helped her. After explaining Lin Ruilin's condition, the nurse specially thanked Luo Fei for his help last time.

Later on, Luo Fei, Xiao Liu, and Wang Jing entered the hospital room where Lin Ruilin was constantly clamoring for food. Lin Ruilin became a bit calmer when he saw someone enter. Luo Fei asked Lin Ruilin how he knew Li Xiaogang. Lin Ruilin recalled that he had a batch of dogs to sell and Li Xiaogang's men intercepted his truck on the way, suspecting that there were dogs in his vehicle. It was only through the coordination of traffic police that the situation was resolved. Lin Ruilin also said that he did not know Zhao Lili and Yao Shuhan.

Back at the office, they discovered that the Golden Retriever downstairs from Zhao Lili's apartment was given by Yao Shuhan. Zhao Lili had also previously owned a dog that had passed away. They suspected that the connection between the victims might be related to the dog interception incident. They traced the traffic police from back then and the whereabouts of the dogs. The team split up to investigate the leads.

Lu Fengping came to the office again and showed off his credentials to the security guard. When he entered the office, it was empty. He was about to go into Luo Fei's office when Luo Fei suddenly appeared behind him and took him to meet Professor Ling. They also met Lu Fengping's senior brother, Xiao Xifeng, and Xia Mengyao, the nurse whom Luo Fei had met at the hospital before. Xia Mengyao was Professor Ling's new apprentice, and with his help, Luo Fei obtained a list of potential candidates who could perform such a complex hypnosis formula.

Liang Yin arrived at the rescue station and met with participants from the incident years ago. She learned that Zhao Lili and Yao Shuhan had also come to the scene to look for their own dogs, and that Li Xiaogang took advantage of the situation to raise the price of dog food. In the hospital, a nurse brought food to Lin Ruilin, but he refused to eat it and demanded pork knuckle. He even knocked over the food!

After analyzing clues from multiple sources and working overtime, the group arranged to meet with Zhu Sijun, a police officer who participated in the entire dog-catching incident. The next day, Luo Fei and Lu Fengping went to Zhu Sijun's house. According to his recollection, Li Xiaogang wanted to buy Lin Ruilin's dog, but Lin initially refused. Eventually, he gave in under pressure, and Zhu Sijun said that the matter was resolved through negotiation. Luo Fei also showed Zhu Sijun a photo of Zhao Lili and Yao Shuhan and asked if he recognized them. Zhu immediately remembered that they had also come to the scene to look for their dog and left soon after. After they left, Lu Fengping suspected that Zhu Sijun was hiding something and found him suspicious, but Luo Fei ignored his doubts and thought about something else. Under Lu Fengping's questioning, Luo Fei finally realized that they had overlooked a person named Tu Liansheng. They then arranged for Xiao Liu to investigate Tu Liansheng, and the investigation by Xiao Xifeng did not stop.

The two then went to the hospital to find Lin Ruilin. This time, they discovered a clue about Tu Liansheng. Lin Ruilin also mentioned that he did not pay Tu Liansheng for his services at the time. Suddenly, Xiao Liu burst in with news that Tu Liansheng had recently committed suicide, and that Xiao Xifeng was the inheritor of Tu's estate!

Xiao Xifeng picked up the delivery box on the ground and took out the items inside one by one: an unknown liquid, a mask, and a white coat. He then sat down at the table, recorded the information of the first three cases in his notebook, and wrote down Lin Ruilin's name at the end. Immediately afterwards, he tore up what he had just written, took out a photo, and reminisced about the good times he had with Tu Liansheng a long time ago. He had given Tu Liansheng a new hat and the two had taken this photo together. Xiao Xifeng then burned the photo and the torn paper and threw them both in the trash can.

Luo Fei recalled the recent clues and linked them to the name Tu Liansheng, whom he had seen during his visit to Xiao Xifeng. Luo Fei couldn't figure out why the two had a connection, and what their relationship was. Meanwhile, Lu Fengping was not idle either. He called Professor Ling to inquire about Xiao Xifeng's recent situation and learned that Xiao had been depressed for a while because a close friend had passed away. That friend was Tu Liansheng. To commemorate him, Xiao Xifeng had even published a novel online! Lu Fengping immediately passed on the news to Luo Fei, and everything suddenly made sense.

Lu Fengping found Luo Fei and believed that Tu Liansheng's death was related to the incident where he stopped a car to save a dog, and that Xiao Xifeng's motive for murder was to avenge Tu Liansheng. After speaking, Lu Fengping asked Luo Fei for the clues of the case from back then. However, Luo Fei said that it was just speculation and the case was still unsolved. Luo Fei also questioned how Lu Fengping knew he had the clues, but Lu Fengping did not give a straightforward answer. The two argued endlessly, and all of this was overheard by Liang Yin passing by downstairs. Suddenly, Luo Fei received a call from Xiao Qiao, saying that Xiao Xifeng had left the house. Luo Fei instructed Xiao Qiao to keep an eye on him and then left himself, leaving Lu Fengping alone on the spot.

As soon as Xiao Xifeng stepped out, he saw a group of children fighting, which reminded him of the scene where he stood up for Tu Liansheng when he was bullied as a child. He turned and noticed Xiao Qiao, who was tailing him, and approached her with a smile. Luo Fei and his group finally arrived, but by the time they got there, Xiao Qiao had already fainted. After making arrangements for her, they entered Xiao Xifeng's house to look for clues. Luo Fei noticed the burnt pieces of paper in the trash can and immediately realized something. They searched through Xiao Xifeng's notebook and found the torn one. Using a flashlight, they examined the imprint and learned that Xiao Xifeng's target was Lin Ruilin!

Xiao Liu immediately went to the hospital and called Wang Jing, who was on duty there. Unfortunately, Wang Jing's phone ran out of battery and the message couldn't be delivered. At this time, Xiao Xifeng had already disguised himself as a doctor and entered Lin Ruilin's ward. Finally, Wang Jing answered the phone and rushed to the ward, stopping Xiao Xifeng. Xiao Xifeng immediately ran outside and ran into Xiao Liu, who had just arrived at the hospital, at the elevator. Finally, Xiao Xifeng was arrested.

Luo Fei interrogated Xiao Xifeng and applied for permission for Lu Fengping to participate in the interrogation. Xiao Xifeng admitted directly that he was going to kill Lin Ruilin. Then Luo Fei asked where Xiao Xifeng was on the afternoon of Zhao Lili's death. Xiao Xifeng said he did buy a boat ticket, but he didn't board the boat. Instead, he went to Zhao Lili's house and then took a car to Lingbei before taking a boat back. He only dressed up as a courier to avoid surveillance and claimed that he found the hallucinogen by chance. When asked about Yao Shuhan and Li Xiaogang, Xiao Xifeng admitted that he had spent several months investigating them. Both victims heard Xiao Xifeng's voice, so it was easy to catch their desire. Perhaps he used such a complex method to demonstrate his professional abilities.

Then Luo Fei asked about his relationship with Tu Liansheng. Xiao Xifeng said that few people were willing to listen to Tu Liansheng's story, and he fell into reminiscence. During their high school years, Tu Liansheng was bullied by classmates because of the scars on his face. Xiao Xifeng saw the injustice and helped Tu Liansheng. Tu Liansheng remembered this and voluntarily brought meals to Xiao Xifeng. They became good friends and helped each other. However, after the incident of blocking the car to save the dog, Tu Liansheng was completely ruined. According to Xiao Xifeng's recollection, when the traffic police left, Lin Ruilin also left. Not only did he not pay Tu Liansheng's fare, but he also left Tu Liansheng alone and asked Tu Liansheng to apologize by kneeling down to appease his girlfriend, Zhao Lili. Tu Liansheng explained that he was just a driver, but he was not understood. In the end, Tu Liansheng knelt down and apologized, which caused him great shame. This incident completely shattered Tu Liansheng's self-esteem and destroyed his values. Xiao Xifeng tried to help Tu Liansheng, but it was not very effective. Tu Liansheng later asked for compensation from Lin Ruilin and Li Xiaogang, but he received more humiliation instead. Finally, Tu Liansheng couldn't bear the pressure and chose to commit suicide. Xiao Xifeng said that his first thought was to avenge Tu Liansheng and expressed regret that Lin Ruilin did not die.

After reviewing Xiao Xifeng's case, everyone gathered to discuss. When asked why he chose such a complicated method of murder, Xiao Xifeng's response was not straightforward. His answers about the hallucinogen were also unclear. During questioning about his accomplices, Liu Fengping noticed a hint of confusion in Xiao Xifeng's response. In addition, much of the information did not match up. The methods of murder written in Xiao Xifeng's notebook did not match those he actually used. Once again, the group was stuck, unable to find the problem. Seeing the reminder on his phone about Aunt Deng's anniversary of passing, Luo Fei's mood became even heavier.

The next morning, as in previous years, Luo Fei went to the flower shop early to buy flowers. Later, Liu Fengping also went to the same flower shop to buy flowers. They arrived at the cemetery one after the other. From a distance, Liu Fengping watched as Luo Fei swept his mother's grave and seemed to understand something. In the hospital, an aunt was shouting that she was going to die. Xia Nurse went to find the doctor and met Xiao Liu, who came to visit Lin Ruilin. Xia Nurse was asked about Lin Ruilin's condition, but they did not notice that Lin Ruilin inside the hospital room was looking out the window, lost in thought.

Through in-depth investigation, it was discovered that Xiao Xifeng had bought a boat ticket and boarded the ship that day, providing an alibi. Luo Fei calmly analyzed that Xiao Xifeng intentionally made everyone think he was the killer by revealing the fake murder plan in his notebook. This was an irrational action because it was a last-minute fake plan he had come up with. Xiao Xifeng recalled a stranger who had called him and sent him some photos. The group concluded that Xiao Xifeng must have had an accomplice, and his goal was to divert attention and buy time. Luo Fei immediately had Liang Yin call Xiao Liu, who thought that Lin Ruilin had been in the hospital room the whole time, but they did not realize that Lin Ruilin had already escaped through the window!

Lin Ruilin hurriedly walked and suddenly someone stopped him. That person was also dressed as a courier. It's unclear what happened, but Lin Ruilin dropped his phone on the ground. When Luo Fei and his men found Lin Ruilin, he was sitting comfortably in the Jinxiu restaurant. Luo Fei immediately ordered someone to check the surveillance footage. Liu Dongping was curious about what was wrong. Luo Fei said that it only takes 20 minutes to get from the hospital to here, but Lin Ruilin took an hour! What happened in between? The man's figure appeared on the surveillance footage, and Luo Fei asked Lin Ruilin who the man was, but Lin Ruilin didn't know.

Back at the station, Luo Fei scolded Xiao Liu, who was guarding Lin Ruilin's ward, terrifying the newly arrived Wang Jing. Liang Yin quickly messaged Zhang Yu to come and help. Zhang Yu arrived in time to help Xiao Liu out and comfort him. He also brought fruit to share with everyone. Several people watched the surveillance footage, and Liang Yin took Lin Ruilin for a check-up. The surveillance footage didn't show the man's face clearly, and there wasn't much footage to go on. Lin Ruilin was fine physically, but when asked about the memory of that incident, he couldn't remember anything. It had just happened, and it was clear on the surveillance footage, but Lin Ruilin couldn't recall it. This puzzled everyone, and Luo Fei suggested bringing in Lu Fengping.

After Lu Fengping was brought in and analyzed the situation briefly, he looked at Lin Ruilin's appearance on the surveillance footage and concluded that Lin Ruilin had been hypnotized. They needed to find a hypnotist who could remove the hypnotic barrier, and Lu Fengping was the best candidate. Lu Fengping and Luo Fei looked at each other. Later that evening, Luo Fei and Zhang Yu were practicing boxing when Lu Fengping arrived. Zhang Yu criticized Luo Fei for scolding Xiao Liu too harshly, and at that moment, Lu Fengping arrived. The two of them trained for a while and then collapsed from exhaustion. Luo Fei brought up the matter of Lin Ruilin, saying that he couldn't leave the police station but would provide a comfortable environment for him to be hypnotized. Lu Fengping agreed and expressed his gratitude to Luo Fei for visiting his mother every year.

Before the hypnosis, Luo Fei interrogated Xiao Xifeng again but gained nothing. The hypnosis room was ready, and Lu Fengping started to hypnotize Lin Ruilin. Luo Fei didn't want to leave and stood by to observe. Lu Fengping hypnotized Lin Ruilin and told him that no matter what happened, as long as he counted to three, the hypnosis would end. Lin Ruilin fell into a hypnotic state, and Lu Fengping tried to bring him back to the scene of that afternoon, hoping to discover something. He found out that Lin Ruilin had indeed been hypnotized and a hypnotic barrier had been set up. Lu Fengping guided Lin Ruilin through language and hoped that he could speak out what he saw. Lin Ruilin smoothly described what he saw, the easiest and yet the most difficult thing to eat in the world, repeatedly uttering the phrase. Luo Fei realized that it was the tongue! Just then, Lin Ruilin began to bite his tongue, and Lu Fengping timely counted to three and ended the hypnosis.

Lin Ruilin was sent to the hospital, and his bitten tongue was timely sutured, but the healing would affect his language function. Lu Fengping was blaming himself when suddenly someone came to take him away, saying it was the intention of the Lu Bureau. Luo Fei did not stop them.

The incident where Lin Ruilin showed suicidal behavior during the hypnosis session has caused extremely negative public opinion. The city bureau had been trying to suppress the serial case before this, but this incident had too much impact. Lin Ruilin's family demanded a compensation of 200,000 yuan and the capture of the culprit. Lu Bureau specially asked Luo Fei whether it was done by Lu Fengping, but Luo Fei said there was no evidence. Lu Bureau gave Luo Fei 24 hours to find the truth. If they couldn't, both of them would have to be transferred from the 615 task force.

Luo Fei worked overtime to organize his thoughts, and Liang Yin brought him a supper. She also asked Luo Fei if he believed in Lu Fengping and expressed her belief that it was not done by Lu Fengping. Liang Yin knew that Lu Fengping was Aunt Deng's son and hoped that he would not keep things from her in the future. After saying that, she left. Luo Fei listened and remembered that from childhood to adulthood, he felt that his sister had really grown up since Liang Yin joined the team.

The next day, the task force worked together to find clues. Lin Ruilin's food and drink had no problems, so where did the problem arise? Suddenly, Liu Dongping remembered that Lin Ruilin had recently started taking a new medication to lower his blood lipids. He suspected that the medication might be the problem, and now the medication was being tested. Luo Fei and Liu Dongping rushed to the laboratory and waited for a long time before the results came out. It turned out that Lin Ruilin's medication had been tampered with, and the drugs in the bottle were hallucinogens with the same ingredients as those in the previous cases!

Luo Fei contacted Professor Ling, and he inferred that the culprit had forcibly hypnotized the victim before the crime. After Professor Ling's explanation, the forced hypnosis was established. When Lin Ruilin appeared in a trance-like state again, the culprit disguised himself as a courier and forcibly hypnotized Lin Ruilin. Lu Fengping's hypnosis on Lin Ruilin later was the trigger that led to Lin Ruilin's suicidal behavior. The conclusion was established, and Lu Fengping's grievances were cleared. Lu Bureau would handle the media's inquiries, and the task force could finally continue their investigation.

Two days later, Lu Fengping was released and returned to the task force as a consultant. He entered the room and greeted everyone as if nothing had happened. With Liang Yin's explanation, Lu Fengping learned that it was Luo Fei who had brought Professor Ling to help rescue him. Later, Luo Fei and Lu Fengping went out to eat together.

Luo Fei had already obtained approval in advance, and after a few drinks, Lu Fengping thanked Luo Fei for trusting him. Luo Fei mentioned that he had investigated Lu Fengping and had attended the seminar to get closer to him. Luo Fei even guessed that Lu Fengping had actively sought the opportunity to become a consultant. Luo Fei also said that he had put in a lot of effort to obtain the clues. This was the first time the two of them had opened up to each other, and Luo Fei accepted Lu Fengping. He even added Lu Fengping to the task force work group. The two of them smiled at each other and drank until closing time. Luo Fei was already drunk and passed out on the table. Lu Fengping tried to wake him up for a long time, but to no avail. He had to pay the bill and carry Luo Fei on his back to a taxi, preparing to take him home.

When they arrived at the residential area, Lu Fengping carried Luo Fei on his back towards his house, with Luo Fei pointing in the direction in a dazed state. Finally, they entered Luo Fei's house and Lu Fengping placed him on the bed. As Lu Fengping was about to leave, Luo Fei gave him a clue about the 2008 Yang County murder case: "hallucinogens". Lu Fengping was startled upon hearing this, then left. After Lu Fengping had gone out, Luo Fei suddenly woke up, revealing that he had been pretending to sleep and had purposely given Lu Fengping the clue.

The next morning, Luo Fei, still half-asleep, overheard a conversation between Lu Fengping and his mother. When he left his room, he saw Lu Fengping who had come to bring him breakfast. Luo Fei's parents thought that Lu Fengping was Luo Fei's best friend. Lu Fengping brought up the issue of hallucinogens that Luo Fei had mentioned the previous night. Luo Fei did not deny it and directly said that he had found hallucinogens at the scene of the 615 case. He had investigated it for a long time but had not found any other clues. The hallucinogen found in the 615 case had the same composition as the one found years ago. This was one of the reasons why Luo Fei agreed to let Lu Fengping join the task force. Lu Fengping also mentioned his own situation with his mother. They had been dependent on each other for many years, and when he earned money in college, he bought his mother a silk scarf, hoping for a better future. However, his mother went to Yang County the next day and never returned.

There was a new lead from Liu's side. They went to the bureau together to check it out. Xue Bing had found the email that Xiao Xifeng had deleted. Someone on the internet had seen the novel that Xiao Xifeng had written for Tu Liansheng and was deeply moved. They offered to help seek revenge and provided a series of people related to the incident. The names of Zhao Lili, Yao Shuhan, Zhu Sijun, and Lin Ruilin were all on the list, but they had not yet found the person who punctured the tire. The people on the list had all been punished, except for Zhu Sijun.

The two of them immediately went to Zhu Sijun's home, hoping to get his cooperation. At first, Zhu Sijun wanted to focus on his work and couldn't cooperate. However, after learning that he had lost his job, he voluntarily offered to cooperate and suggested payment as an incentive because he was in desperate need of money. Lu Fengping and Luo Fei had a good understanding and relationship, much better than before.

At Luo Fei's request, Zhu Sijun stayed at home and Luo Fei arranged for people to guard his house, ready to deal with any emergencies. Suddenly, Zhu Sijun received a phone call saying that a delivery had arrived, but Zhu Sijun did not leave the house. Luo Fei and Xiao Liu rushed to the post office first, but after asking around, they found out that there was no delivery for Zhu Sijun. They immediately realized what had happened and rushed to Zhu Sijun's house, with Lu Fengping following closely behind and panting from exhaustion.

When they arrived at Zhu Sijun's house, they found that Zhu Sijun had actually left. After asking his father, they found out that Zhu Sijun had captured a deliveryman and was now taking him to the city bureau. Luo Fei and the others immediately drove back to the bureau, and on the way, they were able to get through to Zhu Sijun's phone and confirmed that the deliveryman had gone to Zhu Sijun's house and was now on his way to the city bureau. The news of Zhu Sijun capturing the culprit spread like wildfire on the internet, with people praising him and criticizing the investigation team. The head of the bureau was furious, as they had been investigating for so long, and the culprit had been caught single-handedly by Zhu Sijun. The others were trained not to speak up, and Xiao Liu bore the pressure to report the information about the person Zhu Sijun had caught, Li Lingfeng, who they concluded was the culprit. The head of the bureau ordered an immediate interrogation and said that if they couldn't catch him, the investigation team needn't exist anymore.

Luo Fei interrogated Li Lingfeng, who was not at all afraid and calmly said that it was just a death sentence. He then asked Luo Fei what time it was and after getting the answer of 8:30, Li Lingfeng reminded Luo Fei to check the Longzhou hotspot. The news at the forefront was a video that Li Lingfeng had recorded in advance, in which he described Tu Liansheng's tragic experience and his own punishment of the four people, and also mentioned that he had kidnapped Zhang Huaiyao, who had previously punctured Tu Liansheng's tires. He made a demand that if the police wanted to save him, they should arrange a car for him and Zhu Sijun separately, and included a video of Zhang Huaiyao being kidnapped! The video caused a sensation online and was a blatant challenge to the police, with a very negative impact.

The police have found Zhang Huaiyao and learned about his involvement in the incident where he stopped a car to save a dog and then slashed the tires of the car. They also found surveillance footage of Zhang Huaiyao's last appearance at Longzhou Park, which showed that it was Li Lingfeng who contacted him and drugged him. The video of Zhang Huaiyao slashing the tires was also discovered. The investigation team searched multiple locations but could not find where Zhang Huaiyao was being held. Based on the time when Li Lingfeng filmed the video, Zhang Huaiyao had already been detained for about forty-four hours and the situation was critical. They needed to find him quickly, but a carpet-style search was not feasible and hypnotizing Li Lingfeng was not practical. Everyone was in trouble until Luo Fei, who had been silent, carefully watched the video that Li Lingfeng recorded and noticed the sound of flowing water, karaoke, and decoration. He narrowed down the scope and identified the Huayue Hotel. Wang Jing was sent to investigate the situation immediately. Meanwhile, Luo Fei, at Lu Fengping's suggestion, went to Li Lingfeng's house with Xia Mengyao and found a note in his closet that explained the modus operandi for several cases, including a device prepared for Zhang Huaiyao. After receiving a call from Wang Jing, Luo Fei arrived at the police station and interrogated Li Lingfeng again.

Li Lingfeng did not deny it and calmly explained his device. The device contained poisonous gas, and if the lock was not opened or the two-hour countdown ended, or if the door was forced open, the gas would be released. The device was also connected to the hotel's ventilation system, which meant that if the gas was released, Zhang Huaiyao and everyone in the hotel would be affected. The police had only one option left: they brought in Zhu Sijun, and in exchange for his cooperation, they agreed to his demand for a commendation. The police arranged a meticulous plan, assigned Zhu Sijun and Li Lingfeng to a car, and deployed all other units, ready to take action!

Everything was going smoothly, and the vehicles were driving according to the original plan. Suddenly, Li Lingfeng and Zhu Sijun's car changed its trajectory. Luo Fei drove to chase after them. Li Lingfeng and Zhu Sijun got into a dispute, and Li Lingfeng squeezed Zhu Sijun out of the car and drove alone ahead. The time left on Zhang Huaiyao's side was getting shorter and shorter. Luo Fei finally caught up and blocked Li Lingfeng's car, but Li Lingfeng still crashed into it. Suddenly, a car rushed out at the intersection and collided with Li Lingfeng's car!

Luo Fei and Lu Fengping finally caught up with Li Lingfeng's car, but at this point, Li Lingfeng was trapped under the car and suffered serious injuries. However, Zhang Huaiyao on the other side had little time left. Lu Fengping signaled for Luo Fei to go over first, because if something unexpected happened over there, it wouldn't just be Zhang Huaiyao who would be hurt. Lu Fengping had injured his foot when he saved Luo Fei just now, so he stayed in place to wait for the ambulance with Li Lingfeng.

Luo Fei finally arrived, but time was running out. There were over 100 possibilities for the six-digit password, but there were only two chances left. Li Lingfeng was still unconscious and couldn't provide any information. Luo Fei called Lu Fengping and the two of them quickly racked their brains, carefully recalling the details they had found when investigating Li Lingfeng's home, and guessed the password he might have set. They finally had a clue. Based on the number Li Lingfeng gave to Zhang Huaiyao in his wardrobe and the date Zhang Huaiyao was kidnapped, Lu Fengping deduced a password. Luo Fei immediately entered it, but failed! There was only one chance left. Lu Fengping quickly remembered one of Li Lingfeng's habits and realized that he had switched the number and date positions to get a password. This time, they succeeded! The door opened successfully and the police rushed in, rescuing the barely conscious Zhang Huaiyao. Lu Fengping and Luo Fei finally breathed a sigh of relief. They had both succeeded this time.

Lu Fengping, along with Zhang Huaiyao and Li Lingfeng, stayed in the hospital due to a foot injury. After Liang Yin found out that Lu Fengping was Deng Yi's son, her attitude towards him changed. She stayed by Lu Fengping's bedside, actively concerned about his injuries, and even cut an apple for him. Lu Fengping was surprised by her sudden kindness, as they had been enemies since middle school and always fought whenever they met. The police technical team discovered that Zhu Sijun had a jamming device in his car, which was why the police suddenly lost sight of the footage in Li Lingfeng's car during the pursuit. Additionally, Li Lingfeng's handcuffs were unlocked. Although there was a jamming device, the camera still captured the footage. Liu Dongping was sent to investigate, and then Luo Fei came to see Lu Fengping. Lu Fengping mentioned the jamming device, but Luo Fei did not answer and just gave him a bowl of rice. Later, Liu Dongping called and said that the camera was damaged, and Xue Bing was repairing it. Also, Zhu Sijun had woken up and was currently being interviewed by reporters. After hanging up the phone, Luo Fei went to see Zhu Sijun, and Lu Fengping followed despite his injured foot.

The two arrived at the door of Zhu Sijun's hospital room and saw many reporters interviewing him inside. Zhu Sijun looked proud and enjoyed the attention, expressing his willingness to cooperate with the police, without mentioning his previous demand for a commendation from the police. Luo Fei and Lu Fengping watched the scene outside the door for a while and were impressed by Zhu Sijun's acting skills. After the reporters left, they entered the room, and Luo Fei deliberately mentioned the jamming device. Zhu Sijun claimed that he didn't know what it was and pushed the responsibility for unlocking Li Lingfeng's handcuffs onto the police. In the face of their questions, Zhu Sijun claimed that Li Lingfeng had hypnotized him and then pushed him off the car. He then asked his girlfriend, who he was about to get engaged to, to escort them out. The two agreed that Zhu Sijun was wasting his talent if he wasn't an actor.

The next morning, as Lu Fengping woke up, Luo Fei helped him to wash up. Suddenly, Xia Mengyao burst in and said that Zhang Huaiyao was going to commit suicide. They rushed to the rooftop where they found Zhang Huaiyao standing there, wanting to jump down and apologizing to his pet "Laura". Lu Fengping guided Zhang Huaiyao back to the day of the incident using language, hypnotized him, and helped him block his memories of being locked up that day. As the countdown ended, Zhang Huaiyao stumbled, but Lu Fengping caught him, and he gave up the idea of suicide. Zhang Huaiyao was rescued with the help of Lu Fengping and Luo Fei.

The doctor diagnosed that Li Lingfeng had lost his ability to think like a normal person, so they had to try to get information from Zhu Sijun again. Luo Fei and Xiao Liu found Zhu Sijun once more, but he still insisted on his original statement and did not provide any useful information. The investigation team looked into Li Lingfeng's personal relationships and bank records and found something suspicious. Li Lingfeng's family situation was average, but his account suddenly received a total of one million yuan in deposits not long ago, and all of it was withdrawn the day before Zhao Lili died! Xue Bing also repaired the camera, which revealed that Li Lingfeng and Zhu Sijun had a conversation in the car. They discussed the "boss" and had a dispute about the unequal distribution of money. Zhu Sijun claimed to know about the money Li Lingfeng had hidden in the air-raid shelter and said that he would not let Li Lingfeng go without the money.

Luo Fei and Xue Bing were watching the surveillance video of Li Lingfeng and Zhu Sijun in the car. Everything was explained, and the two had a deal behind the scenes. No wonder Zhu Sijun refused to cooperate. But the reason why he lied was still unclear. At this time, Luo Fei received a call from Xiao Liu. Zhu Sijun left and drove towards Nanming Mountain, with Xiao Liu following him. Luo Fei immediately went out to support them and reminded Xiao Liu to be careful.

Zhu Sijun's car kept driving in the direction of Nanming Mountain. There were fewer and fewer vehicles on the road. Xiao Liu kept following behind. Finally, Zhu Sijun stopped the car and walked towards the mountain. Xiao Liu followed him all the way. Zhu Sijun walked into an air-raid shelter that was particularly dark. He kept going until he found something inside. There was a box hidden inside, and when he opened it, it was full of hundred yuan bills. Zhu Sijun smiled and prepared to leave. Suddenly, Liu Dongping appeared behind him. Liu Dongping advised Zhu Sijun to let go, but Zhu Sijun didn't listen. He even used half of the money in the box as an exchange, hoping that Officer Liu would let him go. But Liu Dongping refused!

Zhu Sijun helplessly talked about his difficult living environment, as well as the economic pressure from his girlfriend's family. He hoped to move Liu Dongping, but the police officer didn't buy it. He said that Luo Fei was on his way, and advised Zhu Sijun to face the consequences. As he spoke, he was about to move forward and subdue Zhu Sijun. Zhu Sijun became anxious and looked at Liu Dongping's approaching figure on the wall. When he saw the opportunity, he took out a small knife and stabbed Liu Dongping. They had a fight, but Liu Dongping finally got the box and handcuffed it to himself with his own handcuffs. Zhu Sijun was completely desperate to get the money, and he stabbed Xiao Liu. Xiao Liu was already seriously injured and almost couldn't hold on. Seeing that Zhu Sijun was about to kill him, Luo Fei arrived just in time. Zhu Sijun immediately fled, and Xiao Liu protected the box, enduring his injuries. He said he was okay and asked Luo Fei to chase after Zhu Sijun.

Luo Fei finally caught up with Zhu Sijun and they fought each other. Xiao Liu, who was in the air-raid shelter, kept holding on. Eventually, Luo Fei succeeded in subduing Zhu Sijun and handcuffed him to the car. Luo Fei immediately rushed back to check on Liu Dongping's condition. By that time, Liu Dongping was already in critical condition. Luo Fei carried Liu Dongping on his back and ran outside, shouting at him not to fall asleep. Finally, when they reached the car, Luo Fei put Liu Dongping down. Although he should have been safe by then, Liu Dongping had lost too much blood and had stopped breathing. At that moment, the police car arrived, but it was too late. Luo Fei cried and blamed himself.

Back at the bureau, Brother Yu angrily scolded Luo Fei and told him what Xiao Liu had told him earlier. It turned out that Xiao Liu was about to be transferred to the provincial department but had not told Luo Fei for fear of affecting the case. Xiao Liu had always admired Luo Fei and treated him like a master. Whenever he made a mistake, he would blame himself for a long time. Brother Yu had always encouraged him. Luo Fei usually had a cold attitude towards his colleagues. After scolding Xiao Liu last time, Xiao Liu had been blaming himself. Brother Yu understood that Luo Fei cared about his colleagues deep down and advised him to think carefully. Luo Fei remained silent.

During the interrogation of Zhu Sijun, Lu Fengping was also allowed to participate in order to see if Zhu Sijun had been hypnotized. This time, Zhu Sijun revealed a lot. He recalled the day when Li Lingfeng came to his house and gave him his boss's phone number. The person on the phone offered Zhu Sijun a deal in exchange for making him famous and getting him a good job, as well as a reward of 500,000 yuan. Every step afterward was carried out under the person's direction, including the planned car crash that killed Li Lingfeng. When asked about Liu Dongping, Zhu Sijun said that Xiao Liu had tried to stop him from leaving and it was an accident. Hearing this, Luo Fei was furious and his clenched fists seemed to want to strike Zhu Sijun.

It was raining heavily when Liu Dongping was laid to rest. Everyone in the special investigation team offered flowers to him, and they remembered every bit of the previous case. Each person's eyes were full of sorrow and pain for Liu Dongping's sacrifice. Finally, it was Luo Fei. Previously, Liu Dongping had told Luo Fei that he had never seen him drink. Liu Dongping asked Luo Fei to drink with him, but Luo Fei replied expressionlessly that they would talk about it after the case was over. In the air-raid shelter, Liu Dongping had said, "This case is over." This time, Luo Fei brought wine, perhaps to make up for something. Scenes of Liu Dongping kept flashing through Luo Fei's mind, and he was reluctant to leave for a long time.


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