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Captain Han – Huang Xiyan, Chen Siche

Captain Han is a romantic drama directed by Luo Jianwei and Wang Chen, starring Huang Xiyan, Chen Siche, Sun Xizhi, Lin Xixi, Yang Kang, Zhang Muchen, Kan Ziyi, Chen Guangwen, Han Yanbo, and Wang Chen.


Captain Han

English Title: Captain Han
Chinese Title: 束手就擒吧!韩队长!
Genre: Romance, Drama
Tag: Amnesia, Lovers Reunited, Reporter Female Lead, Tragic Past, Trauma
Episodes: 23
Duration: 12 min.
Director: Luo Jianwei, Wang Chen
Writer: Chen Yihao
Released Date: 2023-09-05
Broadcast Website: WeTV



The drama tells the love story of the journalist Xu Nannan and the forest ranger captain Han Xizhou, who mutually redeem each other. In the process of joining forces to combat poachers, they uncover the truth behind Xu Nannan's amnesia ten years ago. Through relentless efforts, Xu Nannan ultimately overcomes inner fears, and protects the forest, and both characters experience personal growth and love.


Xu Nannan was driving on a mountain road, and the radio in the car was playing news about the forest protection team catching poachers. Han Xizhou rode a motorcycle and caught up, mistakenly thinking that Xu Nannan was a poacher. He asked Xu Nannan to stop for inspection and wanted to check the luggage in the trunk.

Xu Nannan quickly stopped him, not allowing Han Xizhou to inspect the luggage, arousing more suspicion. In the midst of the argument, Xu Nannan's sunglasses fell off, and only then did Han Xizhou realize that she was actually Xu Nannan. A chubby guy approached, and Han Xizhou expressed surprise that he was released so quickly. The chubby guy handed over a business card, stating that he had reformed as per Han Xizhou's advice and was now a responsible citizen, working as a business manager for Qixiang Company.

Upon hearing this, Xu Nannan thought about how she had previously reported on Qixiang Company's illegal wildlife trade, but was accused of false accusations and suspended from her job. Xu Nannan took the business card, revealing that she is a journalist. Han Xizhou returned the card to the chubby guy, advising him to be more careful in the future.

Han Xizhou noticed that Xu Nannan was injured and initially wanted to take her to the hospital. However, Xu Nannan insisted that it was just a minor injury and not to bother. She asked Han Xizhou to take her to the medical room at the forest protection team to get it treated. Han Xizhou accompanied Xu Nannan to the medical room, where the local doctor attended to her. After the treatment, Xu Nannan came out and realized that Han Xizhou was no longer there.

Xu Nannan called Han Xizhou, but he didn't answer. Han Xizhou received a call from someone else. Xu Nannan originally intended to leave but, upon hearing Han Xizhou's voice, she pushed the door open and found him indeed there. Xu Nannan asked Han Xizhou about the chubby guy from earlier, but Han Xizhou didn't say anything. Seeing that she couldn't get any information from Han Xizhou, Xu Nannan had no choice but to leave for now.

The chubby guy told those around him not to bother with Han Xizhou for now and to keep an eye on the woman from earlier. Xu Nannan noticed that her car's tire was flat. Fortunately, a taxi came by, and she got in. Han Xizhou recalled their past experiences together, where they were captured, and Xu Nannan was even hit on the head. He felt he couldn't let her remember those painful moments.

Xu Nannan changed her appearance and entered a shop. The people there said they were closing, but Xu Nannan mentioned that she came recommended by someone to have soup here. She requested a soup with skin, and the owner asked her to show the cash first. The owner spotted a camera in Xu Nannan's bag and quickly had someone apprehend her.

When Han Xizhou came out, he noticed Xu Nannan's car was still outside, and the tire had been deflated. He felt that something was wrong.

Han Xizhou felt that something might have happened to Xu Nannan and hurriedly came to rescue her. Xu Nannan had been given a considerable amount of alcohol earlier and was now in a drunken and confused state. Han Xizhou brought Xu Nannan back and intended to have others take her upstairs.

The other team members quickly expressed that they were tired after a day's work and didn't have the energy to help. They suggested that Han Xizhou should take Xu Nannan upstairs by himself. Han Xizhou had no choice but to carry Xu Nannan upstairs on his own. Downstairs, the team members discussed their situation, noting that Xu Nannan and Han Xizhou didn't seem like they were meeting for the first time, considering that Han Xizhou had been holding Xu Nannan all day.

Han Xizhou asked Xu Nannan why she, as a girl, dared to go to such a place. Xu Nannan said she wasn't afraid; Captain Han would surely come to rescue her. In her intoxicated state, Xu Nannan sat up and, seeing Han Xizhou in front of her, even reached out to touch Han Xizhou's Adam's apple.

The chubby guy and his group sat around, drinking and discussing the day's events happily. They were pleased that Han Xizhou had previously gotten them into trouble, and now they could retaliate. Han Xizhou arrived on a motorcycle, expressing his desire to join them for a drink and asking if they welcomed him.

The chubby guy quickly had someone bring white wine, and Han Xizhou asked for a large bowl. The chubby guy took the first sip from the bowl.

Unexpectedly, Han Xizhou spilled his own bowl onto the ground, angering the chubby guy and his group. Han Xizhou told them that if they had any issues, they should take it up with him and not touch Xu Nannan. The next day, Xu Nannan was awakened by a phone call. The caller asked why she came to Lincity and left without saying anything. Xu Nannan explained that she wasn't allowed to work at the newspaper right now, so she came to relax.

Recalling the events of the previous night, Xu Nannan wondered if she had been inappropriate with Han Xizhou. Han Xizhou brought Xu Nannan's clothes in, mentioning that Westia, the gang, arranged the change and owned the guesthouse. Han Xizhou asked Xu Nannan about her intentions, why she dared to go to such a place alone. He emphasized that if he hadn't come yesterday, she might have faced severe consequences.

Xu Nannan revealed that she was a journalist and understood the risks of her profession even better than Han Xizhou. However, she clarified that understanding the risks didn't mean she would avoid them. Xu Nannan stated that if Han Xizhou took the time to understand her more, he would have a different perspective.

Afterwards, Xu Nannan joined Han Xizhou and his team for a meal. She asked if they were recruiting resident journalists and suggested that if she could stay with the forest protection team, she might be able to uncover the truth about Qixiang's activities. The team members mentioned that they had recruited a resident journalist a couple of years ago.

Xiya opposed Xu Nannan joining the forest protection team, considering their work to be too dangerous. She felt that a girl like Xu Nannan wasn't suitable to be with them. Han Xizhou also disagreed, stating that Xu Nannan had been in Lincity for less than 24 hours, and so much had already happened. If she joined the forest protection team, who knows what might happen, especially since Xu Nannan didn't have official permission.

The leader of the forest protection team came to talk to Han Xizhou, mentioning that Xu Nannan is a journalist who came to interview and publicize their work. Han Xizhou expressed that they didn't need publicity. The leader clarified that it wasn't for personal publicity but for the entire forest protection team. Han Xizhou had to agree to cooperate.

Han Xizhou stated that if Xu Nannan wanted to stay, she had to follow his arrangements. They would meet at the foot of Fengshan at 6 a.m. the next morning, and if Xu Nannan couldn't make it, she shouldn't bother coming. The next day, Xu Nannan joined Han Xizhou and the team, heading into the mountains together. Xu Nannan asked for Han Xizhou's help, but he insisted that if she couldn't handle even this level of intensity, she shouldn't think about joining the forest protection team. Xu Nannan climbed on her own, telling Han Xizhou not to underestimate her determination.

The chubby guy's people noticed Xu Nannan with Han Xizhou and quickly called the chubby guy to ask what to do.

The chubby guy mentioned that the forest protection team shouldn't lock him up to death, as he would surely come looking for them. He instructed his subordinates not to make a move that would alert the enemy but to keep a close eye on them.

Xu Nannan stated that she had already completed the task of patrolling the forest, and now it was time for Han Xizhou to fulfill his promise. Han Xizhou expressed that he would do his best to cooperate with Xu Nannan's interview, making her quite pleased.

Xu Nannan took Han Xizhou to buy flower wreaths. She got one for herself and wanted to buy one for Han Xizhou too. Han Xizhou remarked that this seemed unrelated to the interview. Xu Nannan explained that Han Xizhou didn't understand; it's to establish a good relationship with the interviewee. Xu Nannan asked if Han Xizhou had never been in love, and Han Xizhou indicated that equations like these should have been discussed with Xu Nannan. Xu Nannan clarified that it was for the authenticity of the interview, asking Han Xizhou to speak for himself. Han Xizhou replied that he hadn't been in love.

Then, Xu Nannan suggested taking photos with Han Xizhou. They took a picture together, and Han Xizhou playfully poked Xu Nannan's cheek. Han Xizhou recalled a previous incident where Xu Nannan poked his face during a photo. Han Xizhou mentioned wanting to take Xu Nannan to a special place and brought her to the wishing tree. Xu Nannan wrote a wish and asked Han Xizhou why he wasn't writing one. Han Xizhou said that what he wished for was already by his side.

Xu Nannan was surprised to see Chief Wu and asked why he was here. Chief Wu explained that during her suspension from school, Xu Nannan had falsely applied for the position of resident journalist using his name. If she didn't show up, she would risk being expelled.

Han Xizhou was also present, and Chief Wu mentioned that in the few days Xu Nannan had been here, she had been treated as a suspect and kidnapped. It seemed that the forest protection team's work wasn't up to par. Han Xizhou admitted that they had made mistakes before, but they would improve, emphasizing that it was their internal matter.

Chief Wu stayed to have dinner with Xu Nannan and the others. Chief Wu wondered why, if Han Xizhou was so capable, he was only a member of the forest protection team and not a forest police officer. Xiya happened to arrive and was displeased upon hearing this, asserting that Han Xizhou was the most capable person on their side. Han Xizhou found it hard to eat under these circumstances, excused himself, and left. Xiya followed him.

Xu Nannan asked Chief Wu what was going on, why he was speaking strangely today. Chief Wu said he was concerned about Xu Nannan's safety. Chief Wu questioned why Xu Nannan insisted on staying here to report on the forest protection team. If she wanted to be a good journalist, she could pursue other major news stories.

Xu Nannan told Chief Wu not to worry about these matters; she wanted to stay and complete the report here. Han Xizhou returned, mentioning that they would be patrolling the mountains again tomorrow and asked if Xu Nannan could join. Xu Nannan immediately agreed. The next day, Chief Wu joined Xu Nannan and the team for the patrol. The team members found it very strange, never expecting Chief Wu to come for mountain patrol dressed like that.

Fangcheng observed from the side, thinking that Han Xizhou now had a romantic rival. If Han Xizhou didn't act more decisively, Xu Nannan might be taken away. Chief Wu became tired, so Fangcheng took him down directly.

Xu Nannan saw a photo and was surprised, asking Han Xizhou to take a look. Han Xizhou explained that he took it without Xu Nannan's permission. Xu Nannan clarified that wasn't her concern and asked Han Xizhou to see if it looked identical. She revealed that she had been following in her father's footsteps and had finally discovered what her father found in the woods.

Xiya and Xu Nannan went to collect herbs. Xiya came running to inform Han Xizhou that Xu Nannan was missing, and he asked them to keep an eye on her. Han Xizhou and his team went to search, and Xu Nannan noticed someone following her. She captured the person and asked why he was following her. Han Xizhou arrived and found out it was one of the chubby guy's men. The man threw a bomb, and Han Xizhou quickly shielded Xu Nannan.

Han Xizhou tackled Xu Nannan, luckily, the bomb was fake, and there was no explosion, relieving Han Xizhou. He helped Xu Nannan up, expressing that this was why he didn't want her to join the forest protection team. The mountainous area was vast, and there were many mosquitoes and rodents; he didn't want Xu Nannan to take unnecessary risks. Xu Nannan argued that Han Xizhou couldn't assume her father didn't want her to be brave. She insisted that she wouldn't be a burden.

Chief Wu and others arrived, relieved to see that Xu Nannan was unharmed. Han Xizhou asked Xiya to apologize to Xu Nannan. Xiya claimed she hadn't done anything wrong; it was Xu Nannan's own actions that led to her situation. While Xu Nannan admitted leaving on her own, she insisted Xiya apologize for deliberately leaving her behind. Xiya reluctantly apologized.

Han Xizhou took Xu Nannan outside and bought her favorite snacks. Xu Nannan was surprised, wondering how Han Xizhou knew her preferences. She shared that Chief Wu was her neighbor and had saved her when she was injured. Xu Nannan admired Chief Wu's good personality and talents, believing that whoever marries Chief Wu would be very happy.

Han Xizhou held Xu Nannan and kissed her. Chief Wu, watching from the side, recalled the incident when he rescued Xu Nannan and took her to the hospital.

Han Xizhou went shopping with Xu Nannan and bought a lot of food. Both of them were very happy. Han Xizhou accompanied Xu Nannan back to the guesthouse, and Xu Nannan was about to go upstairs. Han Xizhou was somewhat reluctant. After the henchmen of the chubby man returned, they handed him a work notebook, claiming it was found at Xu Nannan's place. The chubby man discovered that it contained notes from many years ago, thinking that Xu Nannan was indeed not ordinary.

Early the next morning, the team members gathered here. It was unclear what had happened in the kitchen. Han Xizhou hurried in to check, only to find that Xu Nannan was cooking, but she had turned the kitchen into a mess.

Xu Nannan explained that she wanted to cook a meal for everyone, but her cooking skills were not good, resulting in the chaotic state of the kitchen. Han Xizhou asked her to leave, saying that he would take care of the cooking.

Xu Nannan realized that the work notebook her father left for her was missing and quickly came to find Han Xizhou. Han Xizhou was sure that it must have been taken by the chubby man's people and went to confront him. The chubby man asked Han Xizhou to search around, but nothing was found, and he claimed that it had nothing to do with him.

Han Xizhou came to negotiate with some people, but they became suspicious when they noticed he was alone. Xu Nannan also arrived, wondering why Han Xizhou left so quickly without waiting for her.


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