2023 Chinese Drama List

Always Have, Always Will – Li Geyang, Chen Fangtong

Always Have, Always Will is a school romantic drama, led by Li Geyang and Chen Fangtong, co-starring Gong Rui, Wen Moyan, Ren Yunjie, Luo Yi, Li Yang, Tu Binbin, Xu Yingluo and Zhang Xinghe.

The drama tells the story of Fang Li, a girl from a small town, and Luo Yan, a cool scholar, who reunite in college to find their forgotten time in high school and start a love journey.


Always Have, Always Will

English Title: Always Have, Always Will
Chinese Title: 原来时光都记得
Genre: Youth, School, Romance
Episodes: 24
Duration: 30 min.
Director: Han Zengguang
Writer: Zhang Lu, Bao Erqin, Yang Xiuli, Li Xinyu
Producer: Yang Hanyu, Huang Wucheng
Product Company: YOUKU
Released Date: 2021-01-20
Boradcast Website: Prime Video, Viki, Idol & Romance, Fresh Drama



In the first year of high school, Fang Li, a girl from a small town, became a classmate with Luo Yan, a cool scholar, who was a nightmare for Fang Li at that time.

Three years later they reunited in college, at this time Luo Yan can not remember Fang Li, but the war between the sunny “heroine” and the arrogant “demon dragon” continues to play out.

They experienced the best of their youth, and eventually found that lost in their beautiful time and found their dreams.

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