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A Different Mr. Xiao – Zhao Yiqin, Duan Xingyu

A Different Mr. Xiao is a fantasy romantic drama directed by Zhao Xixi and starring Zhao Yiqin, Duan Xingyu, Liu Xuwei, Xiao Xu, Zhao Qiyue, Xiong Wenwen, and Jiang Yuan Ya Rong.

The drama is adapted from the novel "Xiao Yi Sheng De Liang Fu Mian Kong / 萧医生的两幅面孔", which focuses on Xiao Jing, a cold and Buddhist Chinese medicine practitioner from the future, and Song Yiju, a cartoonist born into a Chinese medicine practitioner's family, meeting each other by fate on a mission to "find medicine", and starting a fantasy love journey across time and space.


A Different Mr. Xiao

English Title: A Different Mr. Xiao
Chinese Title: 不一样的萧先生
Other Titles: 萧医生的两幅面孔
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Drama
Tag: Time Travel, Nice Male Lead, Opposites Attract, Warm Male Lead, Blogger Female Lead, Hardworking Female Lead
Episodes: 24
Duration: 34 min.
Director: Zhao Xixi
Writer: Qiao Ming, Zhao Xixi, Cai Xinhui, Ge Wenting, Chen Li, Li Yali
Producer: Han Fang, Yang Haitao, Yue Jianxiong, Xie Liang, Li Li
Product Company: iQIYI
Released Date: 2023-08-22
Broadcast Website: iQIYI



Song Yiju, a senior student at the Traditional Chinese Medicine College, has long relied on the help of teaching assistant Xiao Jing to obtain credits for her courses. The two, who have known each other for many years, have always maintained a mutually beneficial relationship.

However, after a daytime meteor shower, Xiao Jing began to frequently go back on his promises, leaving Song Yiju puzzled and concerned. Indeed, the current Xiao Jing is a person from a future spacetime. In order to obtain a precious medicinal herb, he entered the present reality and approached Song Yiju's grandfather, planning to steal it opportunistically.

Unexpectedly, due to temporal deviations caused by time travel, a three-month gap emerged, during which Song Yiju's grandfather entrusted her to Xiao Jing's care. This situation overwhelmed Xiao Jing. To achieve his goal, he forcefully engaged in social interactions, but he gradually warmed up to the cheerful girl, Song Yiju, and found the antidote to his inner struggles.

However, the moment of parting quietly approaches...


  • 2023-09-05 04:52:35

    A Different Mr. Xiao - The "Fantasy+"Story Behind the Imaginary World

    Zhao Yiqin, who plays the male lead, Xiao Jing, gained numerous fans in early 2023 with his roles in "Provoke" and "Butterflied Lover".

    In "A Different Mr. Xiao" he portrays a traditional Chinese medicine special agent from the future. He engages in a battle of wits and courage with Song Yiju while secretly maintaining his undercover identity and protecting medicinal herbs.

    Through Zhao Yiqin's performance, the character of Xiao Jing, full of charm, once again brings a different surprise to the audience. In addition to this, the series also features a gathering of young actors, including the lively and sweet Duan Xingyu, the sunny Liu Xuwei, and the comedian Xiao Xu, among others. Combined with innovative themes and meticulous production, it offers viewers a unique and enchanting experience in the world of fantasy dramas.

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