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Wo Di Jing Hua – Zou Yuanqing, Lu Nuo

Wo Di Jing Hua is a crime drama directed by Gao Yalin, starring Zou Yuanqing, Lu Nuo, Huang Junpeng, Tian Xiaojie, Wang Haiyan, Dong Yong, and Ma Ding.

The drama tells the story of Xia Hailong, a policewoman who is a newcomer to the police force and who, in the face of a high-pressure and dangerous anti-drug operation, is able to bring a drug trafficker to justice by using her skill in disguise.


Wo Di Jing Hua

English Title: Wo Di Jing Hua
Chinese Title: 卧底警花
Genre: Crime, Drama, Suspense, Thriller
Episodes: 35
Duration: -
Director: Gao Yalin
Producer: Guo Hong, Shi Wei, Gong Yan
Released Date: 2023-05-12
Broadcast Website: Letv



During a drug bust operation, the Nanhua police discovered a large multinational drug trafficking network. Under the leadership and command of the provincial department, the anti-drug team assigned policewoman Xia Hairong to go undercover in the drug trafficking group.

She first infiltrated the key branch of the drug trafficking group by pretending to be a member, and skillfully pretended to rescue the drug lord's sister during a police operation, earning her gratitude and leading her to the group's hideout.

Once inside the center of the drug trafficking group, Xia Hairong caused internal conflicts and successfully redeemed a drug lord named Zhou Jin, who had saved her life before. She also repeatedly cut off "the branches and vines" on which the drug trafficking group relies for survival, forcing the big drug lord behind the scenes to come out and fight.

During her undercover mission, Xia Hairong's fiancé, Duan Shiqiang, misunderstood her, and Xia Hairong struggled to overcome the emotional crisis. In the end, the police destroyed this large-scale production and trafficking group that had been hidden for many years and posed great harm.


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