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Who Is He – Zhang Yi, Chen Yusi

Who Is He is a crime drama directed by Bao Chengzhi, led by Zhang Yi and Chen Yusi, with Ding Yongdai, Yu Haoming, Zhao Yang, Liu Guanlin, and Zheng Shuijing in special roles, co-starring Qi Kui, Shi Liang, Fan Lei, and Xu Fangyi.

The drama tells the story of Wei Guoping, who spans eight years from the "88 serial murder case" to the "medical school body shredding case", but never gives up his pursuit of the murderer and fights with the criminals in the process. It takes viewers back to the 90s when the people's police were committed to their duty and resolutely fought against the lawless forces.


Who Is He

English Title: Who Is He
Chinese Title: 他是谁
Genre: Crime, Suspense, Thriller
Tag: Police Officer Male Lead, Murder, Serial Killings
Episodes: 24
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Bao Chengzhi
Writer: Wu Di, Li Fang
Producer: Xia Xiaohui, Yin Xiangjin, Yan Dandan, Ma Jun, Zhao Xiaobo
Product Company: Youku, WANDA TV SHOWS
Released Date: 2023-03-14
Broadcast Website: Youku,



In 1988, Detective Wei Guoping witnessed his comrade's death during a mission to hunt down a serial killer, while the killer managed to escape. This event became a knot in Wei's heart.

Eight years later, a gruesome dismemberment case occurred in Ningjiang City, and Wei had become a mature police captain. While leading his team to investigate, he successfully solved many related cases. However, the dismemberment case remained full of suspicion, and many clues were related to the serial killer case eight years ago. These discoveries both excited and hindered Wei in his later judgment of the case.

During the investigation, Nie Baohua's criminal group also became involved, but with the help and support of his leadership and teammates, Wei finally captured the killer from eight years ago and dismantled the criminal group led by Nie Baohua.


The story takes place in 1988. Gu Weidong, who was a police officer, arrived at the crime scene with his colleagues. It was the first time for Wei Guoping to go on duty and see a real corpse. The victim was a woman who had been killed by having her throat cut, just like the previous case. Before dying, the victim had been sexually assaulted. Wei Guoping used to work in an electric factory, but now everyone in Ningjiang City thinks that a throat-cutting maniac is on the loose. Tonight, it suddenly started to rain heavily. Wei Guoping and his team, along with Chen Shanhe, were worried that the killer would choose to commit the crime today, as the rain would wash away a lot of evidence. While they were still inspecting the scene, Wei Guoping suddenly heard a woman screaming for help. He quickly told his colleague Chen Shanhe, but Chen Shanhe had not noticed it yet. Wei Guoping rushed over and scared off the killer. The woman's clothes were already torn, and Chen Shanhe hurried to chase the killer. Wei Guoping gave his clothes to the woman and followed Chen Shanhe to catch the killer. Unexpectedly, Chen Shanhe was killed by the killer during the pursuit, and Wei Guoping watched as the killer ran away. It has been eight years since the incident in 1996, but the killer has still not been caught. This is Wei Guoping's heartache, as his best friend died because of it. Wei Guoping would check all the cases of female murders that happened in a year to see if there were any similar cases to the one eight years ago. Whenever he had free time, he would study the case in the archives, hoping to find the killer as soon as possible. Wei Guoping would also record important clues in the hope of finding useful information. Wei Guoping and Liu Shunkui were preparing to take action on the street. They had already targeted their goal and were waiting to strike. They went to the arcade to find the boss, but they were stopped. The boss of the arcade tried to escape, but he didn't know that the police had tampered with his car, so he couldn't drive away. In the end, he was arrested by Wei Guoping and Liu Shunkui. Wei Guoping accidentally broke a bowl belonging to a civilian, but he compensated for it before leaving. After returning, Wei Guoping interrogated the arcade boss. Later, Wei Guoping and Liu Shunkui dressed up in the boss's clothes to go fishing for bigger fish. They went to a restaurant and went straight to a private room. Wei Guoping looked like a gangster, but only he was allowed to enter. Unexpectedly, the person inside was Song Zhe, who was also on a mission. Both sides failed to catch the target because they were not informed of each other's actions. Soon, the suspect Nie Baohua also learned about the police's actions today and scolded his subordinates severely. They needed to be more careful in their actions. After returning, Gu Weidong questioned Wei Guoping and said that Wei Guoping was supposed to be promoted, but now it has been put on hold because of this incident. Gu Weidong and Wei Guoping also discussed why the killer had not made any moves for four years. Gu Weidong reminded Wei Guoping to prioritize and transfer the "88 case" as soon as possible, but Wei Guoping was unwilling to do so because he had not yet avenged Chen Shanhe. After taking a shower, Wei Guoping went to the audiovisual store, where he could study the suspect in peace. A woman took a car home at night, unaware that a man had been following her. When she went to the bathroom, she was almost kidnapped by the man, but she quickly returned home.

The woman thought she had escaped danger, but little did she know that the man in black had been waiting for her at the door. At that moment, Wei Guoping was looking at something related to the case when suddenly the power went out. Unexpectedly, Nie Xiaoyu brought a birthday cake for Wei Guoping. He blew out the candles and started eating the cake. Nie Xiaoyu cried and asked Wei Guoping if he liked her, but he didn't want to answer. Nie Xiaoyu's plan to use eye drops was discovered by Wei Guoping. She confessed that she liked him, but Wei Guoping told her to find someone else to marry. In fact, Nie Xiaoyu was a victim from years ago and had a strange fondness for Wei Guoping because he had saved her.

A beautiful woman got off a car and was followed by the man in black. She thought she could escape by taking a taxi, but she was still followed and abducted. The next day, the police received a report of a murder. A cleaner found some meat and discovered human teeth after thawing it out. The body had been dismembered. Wei Guoping told the forensic doctor to analyze the evidence. The police received another report that another body part was found in a nearby garbage dump. They questioned the sanitation workers and tried to determine the timeline of the crime. Liu Shunkui suspected that the killer had tools to dismember the body so quickly. Wei Guoping was anxious to know the victim's age and gender, but they could only determine that the victim was between 20 and 30 years old from the teeth.

When Wei Guoping was about to leave, he noticed that someone in black was still observing the scene with the crowd. Gu Weidong held a meeting after returning. The body had not only been dismembered but also cooked at high temperatures, which hindered the investigation. Wei Guoping and Song Zhe had different opinions, but Gu Weidong agreed with Song Zhe. Wei Guoping was angry and left. Liu Shunkui followed him to comfort him.

Five people had to find relevant clues themselves. Wei Guoping planned to search the garbage dump, but it was like finding a needle in a haystack. Song Zhe interviewed people on the street. They continued to search the garbage with masks on. Song Zhe thought that the body might not have been completely disposed of yet and told Gu Weidong his thoughts. Chen Yougui came to support them. Wei Guoping told everyone that the main goal of this operation was to find human tissue. The workers were very motivated and quickly began searching for body parts. Wei Guoping separated the garbage that had been searched from the unsearched garbage and found a lot of human hair in a pocket. He also had his colleagues search the surrounding area and learned from a patrolling police officer that someone had been riding an electric bike back and forth at night. Wei Guoping rode his bike along the same route and arrived at a factory. He learned from a worker that a dog had been barking at the door for a long time that night. Wei Guoping and his colleagues found a sewer and suspected that the killer might have hidden the body parts there.

Wei Guoping personally searched the sewer and unexpectedly found human organs. He continued searching and found many pieces of human remains. His colleague, Zhiyuan, was frightened, but Wei Guoping was used to it. The forensic examination suggested that the remains were likely female, but confirming the identity would be a big project. Gu Weidong told Wei Guoping to return to the garbage dump to continue working. They worked until night, and Wei Guoping told Liu Shunkui to investigate the list of missing women after the 22nd. Soon, they found muscle tissue, but no bones. The forensic examination suggested that the victim was likely killed by having their throat cut. Wei Guoping suddenly remembered the scene with Chen Shanhe and had a hunch that the culprit of the 88 case had returned. Wei Guoping continued searching the garbage and found clues that led them to the location of the remains. The garbage came from a high-end residential area, which helped them determine where the culprit disposed of the remains. Meanwhile, Song Zhe did not find any relevant clues. Gu Weidong came and told Wei Guoping that they received a message from the garbage dump. Song Zhe quickly determined the area where the suspect might live. Wei Guoping received the list of missing women and found out that a female worker from the motor factory was also missing. He asked his master, Chen Yougui, about a woman named Gao Xiulian and learned that she had gone missing a long time ago, but the factory manager had suppressed the news. Nie Baohua was planning to restructure the motor factory and brought in some gangsters to handle the matter. Wei Guoping went to see Zhao Gang and asked about the culprit who vandalized the motor factory. He warned Zhao Gang that he would make him pay if he couldn't produce the culprit. Wei Guoping went to a nightclub to find the culprit, and eventually found him hiding with a hostage. They chased the culprit to the rooftop, where he fell off and died. They found Gao Xiulian in a cage on the rooftop, but confirmed that she was not related to the 88 case. Nie Baohua promised to save the culprit, Hu Zi, who was taken away by the police. Chen Shanhe's brother was almost injured by Zhao Gang's men, but Nie Xiaoyu saved him and gave him to Wei Guoping. However, Chen Shanhe's brother never forgave Wei Guoping for his brother's death. Wei Guoping speculated at a meeting that the dismemberment case might be related to the 88 case, but Professor Wu thought his guess was too bold. Wei Guoping was emotional, and everyone felt that Chen Shanhe's case had a big impact on him. However, Wei Guoping believed that his bold speculation was not wrong.

Wei Guoping was called out by Gu Weidong to calm down because he was very emotional. Professor Wu still thought that Wei Guoping was too emotional. Gu Weidong focused everyone's attention on finding Ai Qing, the only clue they had. Actually, Gu Weidong deliberately mentioned Wei Guoping in front of everyone, but he actually understood Wei Guoping very well. Gu Weidong asked Wei Guoping to take his colleagues to have a good meal first, as they had worked hard these days even though they had been digging through garbage. Nie Baohua called Zhao Gang over and he quickly explained that the misunderstanding about Nie Xiaoyu was just a mistake. Zhao Gang just wanted to deal with Chen Haohan, the younger brother of Chen Shanhe. Nie Baohua let Zhao Gang go, but he complained about his own grievances. In fact, Zhao Gang also knew that Nie Xiaoyu was doing it for Wei Guoping. Nie Baohua scolded Zhao Gang severely, as the Gao Xiulian incident had caused quite a stir. Zhao Gang could only bow his head and apologize to Nie Baohua. Nie Baohua knew that if Zhao Gang continued to behave like this, he might have to take the blame for them. Wei Guoping took everyone to eat, hoping to relieve their emotions, as the dismemberment case had caught many people off guard. Nie Xiaoyu went to help her best friend get money. She learned from her subordinates that Wei Guoping was looking for a girl named Ai Qing, and the case he was investigating now seemed to be related to the case from years ago. Nie Xiaoyu told her subordinates to help find Ai Qing no matter what. After eating, Wei Guoping bought buns for his sister Wei Xiaoxia, who was sitting in a wheelchair. However, Wei Xiaoxia was still very harsh in her words. At this time, Wei Guoping received a pager message. Wei Xiaoxia learned that it was from Nie Xiaoyu and asked Wei Guoping to leave the house. Wei Guoping learned from Nie Xiaoyu that she had found a girl named Ai Qing, who worked part-time at a nightclub. However, she had not taken anything with her since she disappeared last week. Wei Guoping searched Ai Qing's things briefly. Nie Xiaoyu took Wei Guoping to the entrance of the kindergarten, where Ai Qing worked. Nie Xiaoyu wanted to catch the culprit who had almost killed her years ago as soon as possible. The principal handed over Ai Qing's related items to Wei Guoping and his team. Wei Guoping planned to investigate with these things. Ai Qing's real name was Ai Ying, and her husband's name was Yan Chunsheng. Yan Chunsheng had been laid off six months ago. Wei Guoping surveyed the area near Ai Ying's home, hoping to find Yan Chunsheng's residence. He learned from the workers that Yan Chunsheng and his wife Ai Ying had a bad relationship because Ai Ying could not have children, so they had always had conflicts. Yan Chunsheng used to slaughter pigs in the factory. The workers took Wei Guoping and his team to Yan Chunsheng's workshop, and Liu Shunkui unexpectedly found that a pig-killing knife was missing. Wei Guoping suddenly saw the child who had been scared to tears at the kindergarten today. He felt that something was wrong. After inquiring at the hospital, he learned that Ai Ying had not been infertile but had had a miscarriage. Yan Chunsheng must have had a problem. Soon, the police learned from the little boy that a man covered in blood had been seen. Wei Guoping and Liu Shunkui went to the scene with their guns, but there was no one in the room. Wei Guoping asked his subordinates to quickly hand over Yan Chunsheng's photo to Song Zhe. Once Yan Chunsheng was found, they would immediately arrest him. Wei Guoping and Liu Shunkui hoped to find bloodstains in the room. If there were a lot of bloodstains, it would prove that this was the first crime scene. Liu Shunkui did find a lot of bloodstains on the bed board. They needed to protect the scene and wait for the technicians to arrive. Before leaving, Wei Guoping unexpectedly saw a large jar. When he opened it, he found a corpse inside. Meanwhile, the police station received a call saying that someone had turned themselves in. It turned out that the person who turned themselves in was Ai Ying. She admitted that she had killed her husband Yan Chunsheng. Although the case was solved, it had nothing to do with the 88 case. Nie Xiaoyu was waiting for Wei Guoping at the door. After seeing him shake his head, she knew that the culprit was not the one from the 88 case. Nie Xiaoyu left feeling disappointed.

Hu Zi's sister was very angry when she found out he was arrested. In the end, Hu Zi died and she was completely devastated. Nie Baohua told her not to seek revenge because Wei Guoping is not someone to mess with. Zhao Gang intentionally stirred up trouble in the middle, wanting to make Hu Zi's sister Bao Li completely collapse. Zhao Gang also said he would help take care of Wei Guoping. Hu Zi was his good brother and he didn't want him to die in vain. Zhao Gang caught Chen Haohan, Chen Shanhe's younger brother. Chen Haohan thought he was going to be punished, but Zhao Gang said he would let Chen Haohan work with him and even gave him some money, which surprised Chen Haohan.

Meanwhile, Wei Guoping was still recording a list of missing women he found. He habitually recorded any useful evidence. Wei Guoping suddenly saw a name, Yu Aiqin, which may be related to Ai Qing. Wei Guoping called Yu Aiqin's pager and it rang in their evidence box. It seems that this missing woman is Yu Aiqin. Wei Guoping quickly took his subordinates to the school for investigation. They learned from the teachers that Yu Aiqin had not returned since last week. Her roommates said her family was not well off and the things in the photos may have been given to her by her boyfriend.

Soon, Xue Jiajian also learned about the incident at the school. He felt uneasy and started cleaning the dormitory frantically with disinfectant. Wei Guoping heard an aunt say that someone had thrown bones in the laboratory. He suspected something was wrong and asked the teacher to take him to the laboratory. On the other side, Xue Jiajian disguised himself and threw bags of black garbage in every corner of the school. Wei Guoping found human bones in a corner of the laboratory. He quickly ordered his subordinates to seal off the scene and asked the forensic doctor to come as soon as possible. Wei Guoping learned from the teacher that the anatomy teacher's name was also Xue Jiajian. Xue Jiajian was going to class but found out that the laboratory was sealed off. He tried to escape but was caught by Wei Guoping.

Wei Guoping reported the situation to his superiors and they decided to try to catch Xue Jiajian. Song Zhe suggested evacuating the students before catching him, but Wei Guoping thought it was not feasible. Wei Guoping was worried that Xue Jiajian would escape through the sewage pipe. They all worked together to catch Xue Jiajian. They found human bones in many corners of the school. The students rebelled because the school was sealed off. The principal was also very emotional. In the end, the police had to evacuate the school.

Xue Jiajian hid in the school's sewer pipe. After he found out that the police had evacuated, he crawled out of the pipe and tried to escape by climbing over the wall. However, Wei Guoping caught him. Xue Jiajian resisted and used ether to knock out Wei Guoping. But Wei Guoping managed to subdue Xue Jiajian before passing out. Liu Shunkui was impressed that Wei Guoping could accurately deduce Xue Jiajian's hiding place. Wei Guoping's experience was truly rich.

Xue Jiajian was taken back for questioning. The doctor drew blood from him and Xue Jiajian knew he was in trouble. Wei Guoping was ready to question Xue Jiajian, but was stopped by Song Zhe and Gu Kaiyan. Wei Guoping wanted to question Xue Jiajian as soon as possible.

Xue Jiajian's home was also searched by the police. Although Xue Jiajian has been caught, no favorable evidence has been found yet, so everyone is still worried. Finally, the leader decided to let Song Zhe interrogate Xue Jiajian. Professor Wu is now also the political commissar of the Public Security Bureau. Gu Weidong told Song Zhe and Gu Kaiyan to interrogate Xue Jiajian. Unexpectedly, Song Zhe voluntarily gave his position to Wei Guoping, which surprised Wei Guoping. Later, Gu Kaiyan and Wei Guoping went to interrogate Xue Jiajian. Gu Kaiyan said that she was the main interrogator and for now, they should not mention anything related to bones. They first let Xue Jiajian speak, and Wei Guoping had to agree. During the interrogation, Gu Kaiyan did not mention the case, but said some irrelevant things. She broke Xue Jiajian's psychological defense from the side. Xue Jiajian did not know what the police had found in the classroom, and his emotions became very agitated. Wei Guoping could not help but ask about the bones. Wei Guoping kept pressing Xue Jiajian, but Gu Kaiyan knew that this would not lead to any favorable evidence, so she called Wei Guoping outside. Gu Kaiyan said that she wanted solid evidence, but Wei Guoping and Gu Kaiyan had different attitudes towards their work. Gu Kaiyan also said that Wei Guoping was emotionally unstable, so she asked him to go back and rest. Wei Guoping had to leave. After he went back, Gu Weidong saw him and Wei Guoping said that he felt that Gu Kaiyan could not handle Xue Jiajian. However, Gu Weidong had confidence in his daughter. He then asked Wei Guoping to follow him to the hotel for investigation tomorrow morning. Gu Kaiyan continued to interrogate Xue Jiajian. Finally, Xue Jiajian had to admit that he had sold ether. Gu Kaiyan also asked Xue Jiajian to tell her about his daily activities during this period. Wei Guoping suspected that Xue Jiajian's home was not the primary crime scene. They found underwear, but there was no favorable evidence. Xue Jiajian seemed to have handled these things very cleanly. Although they had found witnesses, Wei Guoping wanted to take them to identify Xue Jiajian immediately, but Gu Kaiyan stopped him. Gu Kaiyan called several people to let the witnesses identify Xue Jiajian one by one. Unexpectedly, the witnesses really recognized that Xue Jiajian had a problem, which was good news for the police. Wei Guoping thought that the target was already clear, but someone raised a question. Xue Jiajian liked to collect women's underwear, and maybe many female students were killed by him. Gu Kaiyan continued to interrogate Xue Jiajian, asking him the same questions. Xue Jiajian became more and more agitated. Soon, Yu Aiqin's brother came from their hometown and almost vomited when he saw his sister's bones. The only way to prove the identity of the victim may be to compare the DNA of Yu Aiqin's brother and the bones. Wei Guoping found a piece of cement in the pocket of the body parts. Although the forensic doctor did not find any other evidence, Wei Guoping felt that this cement block was also very suspicious. Wei Guoping learned from another teacher that Xue Jiajian seemed to have a girlfriend, which was an important clue for them. Xue Jiajian was still being interrogated by Gu Kaiyan, and he remembered everything that had happened in the past two days very clearly. Gu Kaiyan wanted to break down Xue Jiajian's psychological defense in this way.

Wei Guoping is still investigating Xue Jiajian. Now he wants to investigate a female employee and happens to learn that there is a young woman named Liang Yun in the department store. At this time, Gu Kaiyan is still interrogating Xue Jiajian and has placed women's underwear in front of him. Xue Jiajian is starting to get impatient. Now the substantive evidence has proven that Xue Jiajian stole women's underwear. Xue Jiajian begins to pretend to have a headache. Wei Guoping is still asking people related to Liang Yun at the department store and happens to learn that Gu Weiqiang is passing by. After returning, Wei Guoping interrogates Xue Jiajian, but Gu Kaiyan is still interrogating him. Gu Kaiyan learns that Wei Guoping is coming to interrogate and quickly stops him. At this time, the subordinates just informed that Liang Yun's family has been found. Wei Guoping quickly went there, but no one was there. Wei Guoping put on shoe covers and began to search the room. He suddenly found something related to bones by the bed. Gu Kaiyan learned from Song Yan that a bag with an invitation card was found at the scene of the crime. Today is also the wedding day, so Gu Kaiyan went there and could clearly see that the bride's expression was a bit wrong. Gu Kaiyan and his colleagues sat next to the bride waiting for the wedding to finish, and then wanted to talk to the bride. The bride took Gu Kaiyan to the room and said that today is her wedding day. It seems that the bride does have something to hide. She then told Gu Kaiyan that she took the bus home at night, but always felt that someone was following her after getting off the bus. The bride was taken to a corner and violated. Gu Kaiyan showed the picture of Xue Jiajian wearing a hat to the bride, and the bride immediately identified Xue Jiajian. After the police investigation, it was found that Xue Jiajian liked to go for a run, so Liang Yun's home might be the first crime scene. Wei Guoping really wants to link Xue Jiajian to the 88 case criminals.

Gu Kaiyan told Wei Guoping that she had a new lead, suggesting that the witness and the bride may have seen different people. Wei Guoping and Gu Kaiyan then questioned Xue Jiajian again, and Wei Guoping noticed that Xue Jiajian had a habit of shaking hands. He even asked Xue Jiajian if he knew him and what he was doing during the 88 case. Gu Kaiyan tried to stop Wei Guoping and even locked him out, believing that he couldn't find any useful evidence. Wei Guoping was uncomfortable and went to find the leader, who advised him not to act impulsively. During Gu Kaiyan's interrogation of Xue Jiajian, she remained calm, and Xue Jiajian claimed that he had nothing to do with the case. However, he eventually admitted to raping a woman on the night of the crime. Xue Jiajian cried and said he only molested the girl and didn't do anything else. He refused to admit to any other crimes, which frustrated Gu Kaiyan. It seemed that Xue Jiajian had taken advantage of the fact that the girl wouldn't report the incident. There were still no clues in the dismemberment case, and Xue Jiajian's evidence only proved that he had violated the girl. Liang Yun's family found a fingerprint, which could have been Xue Jiajian's, but it turned out not to be. Wei Guoping accidentally found a cement block near the sink in Liang Yun's house, but his colleagues thought he was breaking in and subdued him.

The eyewitnesses that Wei Guoping brought in were called back for further investigation. Now that the eyewitnesses have lied, everything has gone down the drain, which makes Wei Guoping the angriest. The leaders have already conducted a thorough investigation on the eyewitnesses, but they only saw a back view at the time. The good news is that the DNA results have confirmed that the deceased is indeed Yu Aiqin, and Xue Jiajian's girlfriend has also been found. Although Wei Guoping has investigated the wrong direction this time, the results are still satisfactory. The real culprit is still at large. Wei Guoping is still having a hard time accepting that Xue Jiajian is only a rapist. He thought that the 88 case had found a clue, but now everything has gone down the drain. Professor Wu called Wei Guoping to his office to ask about his recent situation. In fact, everyone knows that Wei Guoping has been suffering from insomnia since the 88 case. Professor Wu pointed out many of Wei Guoping's strengths, but his biggest strength, persistence, is also his weakness. Professor Wu quickly caught Wei Guoping's thoughts. Wei Guoping quickly found an excuse to leave, but Professor Wu kept provoking him. Wei Guoping expressed that he just wants to solve the case and avenge Chen Shanhe. Later, Professor Wu also asked about the relationship between Wei Guoping and Nie Xiaoyu. Wei Guoping and Nie Baohua have been childhood friends and have watched Nie Xiaoyu grow up. Professor Wu warned Wei Guoping not to get too close to Nie Xiaoyu and to maintain a certain distance. Wei Guoping didn't say much and left. Wei Guoping was sleeping at home when he suddenly received a message on his pager that his sister was very emotional. When he went over, he unexpectedly saw Wang Defa, who had just been released from prison. Wei Guoping and Wang Defa have known each other for a long time. Wei Guoping's sister was very emotional when she saw Wang Defa, and Wei Guoping asked Wang Defa to move out. However, Wang Defa refused to move out, and Wei Guoping returned home to find that his sister, Wei Xiaoxia, was still very emotional and asked Wang Defa to leave quickly.

Wei Guoping went to take a bath and remembered the interrogation from his colleagues after Chen Shanhe's death. At that time, Chen Shanhe was closer to the suspect, but Wei Guoping took the wrong route, which he regretted. Wei Guoping was also awarded a third-class merit at that time, which prevented him from being troubled by rumors. At this time, Liu Shunkui also came over, and the two chatted together. Liu Shunkui also told Wei Guoping that there was a lecture today and he had to wear a police uniform. Wei Guoping didn't want to go, but he had to follow Liu Shunkui. Professor Wu was explaining knowledge to everyone at the conference, and Wei Guoping admitted his misjudgment. He thought of his attitude towards Xue Jiajian and realized that he might have been wrong this time. After returning, Wei Guoping apologized to everyone and admitted that he had been insisting on merging the 88 case with Xue Jiajian's case. Now, Yu Aiqin is going to start investigating the dismemberment case again. The police have started collecting fingerprints from everyone around, and it is obvious that the restaurant owner Jiang Guangshan is not in a good mood and is very concerned about the news on TV. Liu Shunkui knew that Wang Defa was still worried about Wei Xiaoxia, who lived opposite him, but Wei Guoping didn't know where to move. Later, Jiang Guangshan saw Zhao Shijie on TV and went to find him. Zhao Shijie was scared when he heard about the rainy day incident, and Jiang Guangshan wanted to blackmail him with that. Zhao Shijie gave him the money in his bag, but Jiang Guangshan was not satisfied and Zhao Shijie threw the money in his face.

Jiang Guangshan asked Zhao Shijie for money, but he complained that the amount given was too little. Zhao Shijie was angry and warned Jiang Guangshan to stop, otherwise, he would make him suffer. Zhao Shijie then left by car, leaving Jiang Guangshan feeling dissatisfied and unsure of what to do. That night, it rained heavily and Jiang Guangshan's restaurant was about to close when a mysterious person in black arrived. Jiang Guangshan recognized him and knew that he was in trouble. A girl who had been violated by Xue Jiajian came forward to report the incident. Meanwhile, Wei Guoping was questioning another girl and asked about her recent habits. Wei Xiaoxia had been sad during winter break and had stayed out late once during school, but no one had paid much attention as it was common in college. Wei Guoping also checked Wei Xiaoxia's book borrowing records at the library and learned that she often sat alone in a corner with headphones on. He wondered what she had written. Nie Baohua asked his subordinate to prepare a box of good wine and sent it to Zhao Shijie. They were meeting for the first time to discuss cooperation. Zhao Shijie said he came to help Nie Baohua. Although Nie Baohua didn't like wine, he drank it for the sake of their cooperation. Zhao Shijie promised to help Nie Baohua with the motor factory, but only if he could invest in it. Nie Baohua agreed to his terms, even though he thought the price was a bit high. After the meeting, Nie Baohua stopped Zhao Shijie and invited him to have some fun with some scantily clad-girls. Zhao Shijie understood his intentions.

Gu Kaiyan is still investigating the sexual assault case. Wei Guoping is getting off work and preparing to go home, but he is stopped by Nie Xiaoyu. Nie Xiaoyu says it's her birthday today and asks Wei Guoping to accompany her. Wei Guoping pretends to have something to do, but accidentally drops his bike on the ground. Nie Xiaoyu helps him pick it up, but hurts her hand in the process. She gets angry and wants to leave, but Wei Guoping is worried that she won't be able to drive with her injured hand. He locks his bike on the side of the road and follows Nie Xiaoyu in her car.

Nie Xiaoyu takes Wei Guoping to eat, but he is surprised to see Nie Baohua there. Wei Guoping gets angry and wants to leave, but Nie Baohua begs him to stay. If it weren't for Wei Guoping and his brother Chen Shanhe saving Nie Xiaoyu on this day years ago, she might have died. Wei Guoping drinks a cup of tea for his brother. Nie Baohua intentionally brings up their past experiences, but Wei Guoping doesn't say a word.

Nie Baohua wants to turn the motor factory into his own company, but Wei Guoping strongly disagrees. Nie Baohua says he already has his own company and hopes Wei Guoping can help him arrange a meeting with Chen Yougui. Wei Guoping clearly states that he won't help him. Before they finish eating, Wei Guoping leaves and Nie Xiaoyu follows him.

As soon as Nie Xiaoyu leaves, she is stopped by Zhao Shijie, who has taken a liking to her. Wei Guoping quickly calls her away. Zhao Shijie goes to find Nie Baohua and says he is willing to be his brother-in-law, but Nie Baohua won't let her sister get involved.

Wei Guoping tells Nie Xiaoyu to stay away from his brother's project. Nie Xiaoyu is upset and asks if Wei Guoping likes her. She even threatens him, but Wei Guoping still doesn't say he likes her. As Wei Guoping is about to leave, he hears Nie Xiaoyu crying and goes back to comfort her. He finally admits that he likes her, and Nie Xiaoyu is happy.


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