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The Next Top Star – Li Xinyue, Dennis Oh

The Next Top Star is a fashion drama directed by Ke Ke, with special appearances by Qu Ying and Xu Kaicheng, led by Li Xinyue and Dennis Oh, co-starring Wang Zhixuan, Liu Jiaxi, Sun Xizhi, and Xu Qin.


The Next Top Star

English Title: The Next Top Star
Chinese Title: 热搜女王
Genre: Friendship, Romance, Drama
Tag: Conspiracy, Betrayal
Episodes: 15
Duration: 27 min.
Director: Ke Ke
Writer: Wei Ziwei, Dong Junxin, Zhang Ye
Producer: Cao Di
Product Company: Sohu TV
Released Date: 2019-07-04
Broadcast Website: KUKAN, Viki



Beauty Gui Mi is recommended by her ex-boyfriend, the popular star Luo Cheng, to enter the entertainment industry by participating in an entertainment reality show and becoming a new "vase" model.

But with fame and fortune comes more intrigue and struggle than she could have imagined. "competing the C-position led her to a trending topic and was subjected to strange looks and framing by her peers.

At the age of 30, she has to use her high emotional intelligence to survive in the world of fame and fortune, but she also experiences both physical and mental challenges such as misunderstandings of friendship and love, and “kidnapping".


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