The Memory About You – Yang Xuwen, Xu Lingyue

The Memory About You is an urban emotional drama directed by Jin Ye, starring Yang Xuwen, Xu Lingyue, Fu Xinbo, Ding Guansen, Wang Yanzhi, Chang Shixin, Liu Hailan, Ren Bin, and Li Powen.

The drama tells the story of the sunny and handsome Shen Hou and excellent and talented girl Yan Xiaochen, who fall in love at first sight but find it difficult to stay together because they are involved in an examination fraud case.



The Memory About You

English Title: The Memory About You
Chinese Title: 半暖时光
Genre: Urban, Emotional
Episodes: 42
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Jin Ye
Producer: Dun Qi, Li Yongjie
Product Company: Youku, Alibaba Pictures, Xinliliang Film & TV, Talent Film & TV, Guowen Pictures
Broadcasting Website: 捷成华视(Youtube)
Released Date: November 24, 2021


Yang Xuwen Yang Xuwen as Shen Hou
Xu Lingyue Xu Lingyue as Yan Xiaochen
Fu Xinbo Fu Xinbo as Cheng Zhiyuan
Ding Guansen Ding Guansen as Zhao Yuheng
Wang Yanzhi Wang Yanzhi as Wu Qianqian
Chang Shixin Chang Shixin as Wei Tong


Yan Xiaochen, a post-90s generation, is a happy girl in an ordinary family, but a series of changes in the year of her college entrance exams make her fate change.

She grows up in adversity and has to work in a bar in order to pay for her tuition. She meets Cheng Zhiyuan, a rich man, by chance, and her college boyfriend Shen Hou is jealous of it.

Although Yan Xiaochen and Shen Hou’s careers have hit a wall time and again after graduating from college, through hard work they have achieved some success and decided to get married because of their stable relationship.

However, on the eve of the wedding, Yan Xiaochen suddenly learns that the change in the family and the death of her father were caused by Shen Hou’s mother.

The marriage is shattered and Shen Hou flees to the United States to soothe his heart. Yan Xiaochen is once again in trouble and has to ask Cheng Zhiyuan for help.

When Yan Xiaochen was at her most vulnerable and painful, Cheng Zhiyuan warmly cared for her, and Yan Xiaochen became strongly dependent on Cheng Zhiyuan.

However, when Shen Hou returns again, he brings a bigger secret about Cheng Zhiyuan. After all this, Yan Xiaochen reconfirms her inner feelings and decides to replace hatred with forgiveness, follow her heart and make the ultimate emotional choice.

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