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The Legends of Changing Destiny Recap, Plot, Synopsis

> The Legends of Changing Destiny

The Legends of Changing Destiny Synopsis

The heavenly path splits, and Pan Shi, by a fortuitous coincidence, transforms into a demon. It becomes best friends with a canary, but their identity as demons causes them to face a lot of coldness and prejudice since their formation. With a dream of becoming a hero but no real skills, Pan Shi undergoes countless hardships before finally becoming a disciple of Master Jie Kong in the Yao Guang Dong sect. Luckily, the bright and innocent fellow disciple Feng Ling takes care of them.

Pan Shi works hard day and night to train and becomes close friends with the aloof and proud Yang Lan, building up the Qi Lai Mountain together. The Celestial Army led by the Beichen Marshal in the heavens seeks to exterminate all demons, prompting the demon realm to rise up in rebellion. However, all of this is secretly manipulated by the Wuji Holy Emperor, who has been invaded by the Hongmeng Heart Devil.

Pan Shi leads the demon realm in a bloody struggle against the heavenly army, becoming a hero who protects weak demons. At this point, the Wuji Holy Emperor's goal of causing chaos throughout the three realms is about to be achieved. In a moment of crisis, Pan Shi charges towards the Heavenly Path Stone without hesitation, attempting to shatter the Wuji Holy Emperor's conspiracy and restore order to the world.

The Legends of Changing Destiny Recap

Episode 1 Recap

Yang Yan's mother, Ling Ji, was trapped under Mount Yao for hundreds of years and died in despair. Yang Yan rallied his forces and launched an attack on the Heavenly Court, vowing to avenge his mother. The Wuji Holy Emperor warned Yang Yan about the safety of his sister, Yang Lan, and eventually forced him to retreat. The Holy Emperor was severely injured and was invaded by the Hongmeng Heart Demon from the Three Realms. Before disappearing, the Holy Emperor triggered a heavenly change that greatly hindered the Heart Demon's cultivation, which attached to a stone on Qi Lai Mountain and transformed into a demon named Pan Shi, three hundred years before its time. The nearby Canary was also affected by the spiritual energy and transformed into human form. Pan Shi mistakenly ate poisonous mushrooms in the forest due to hunger and cold, and the Canary bravely entered the snake cave to find an antidote for him.

Episode 2 Recap

Yang Yan pretended to divorce his wife Yao Cunxin in order to save the lives of his family and sent her back to the Baihai Yao Palace. The Heavenly Emperor asked Bei Chen to stay in the Heavenly Court to participate in the Elite Assembly, while his subordinate Tian Ren led troops to the mortal world to hunt demons. Bei Chen won many battles and was praised by the immortals at the Elite Assembly. The Tianhe army marched to Qilai Mountain to hunt demons, and the monkeys were killed. Pan Shi rebelled in anger. The Tianhe army came in full force, and Feng Ling took Pan Shi and fled. Tian Ren chased them closely, but Feng Ling sacrificed herself to protect Pan Shi completely. The golden pill of Pan Shi remaining in her body broke free, and Feng Ling was on the brink of death amid Pan Shi's heart-wrenching roar. The captured golden pill was sent to the Wuji Temple as promised, and the Wuji Holy Emperor discovered Pan Shi's golden pill, thinking that the variable had been eliminated.

Episode 3 Recap

Bei Chen arrived at the Nine Heavens Treasure Hall and questioned why Tai Bai Jin Xing had not yet sent military provisions. The Heavenly Emperor intervened when the two clashed and acted as a mediator. Pan Shi had been kneeling at the mountain gate for over a year, with Feng Ling by his side. After experiencing hardships, Pan Shi had a change of heart and good intentions, and Jie Kong Master decided to take him on as a disciple. Ling Yunzi, a disciple of Jie Kong Master, was entrusted by Yang Yan to take in Yang Lan as a disciple. Yang Lan decided to return to Wan Kong Mountain with Ling Yunzi. Tai Bai Jin Xing did not follow the Heavenly Emperor's orders and still did not send military provisions to the Tian He Navy, leading to the rampage of the six demons in the mortal world and heavy casualties among the Tian He Navy. Bei Chen, upon hearing this news, became enraged and led his army to surround Tai Bai Jin Xing's residence.


Episode 4 Recap

Jie Kong Master had some grievances when he took Yang Lan, the sister of Yang Yan, as his disciple. Ling Yunzi retorted and pointed out that Jie Kong Master also took Pan Shi as his disciple. Jie Kong Master expressed that he did not want Ling Yunzi to get involved in the mess in the Heavenly Palace.

The Wuji Holy Emperor descended to the mortal world to investigate and found that the inexplicable deaths of wandering spirits were related to a stone demon. Yang Lan had a fiery temper, which caused the other disciples of Wankong Mountain to complain. Ling Yunzi asked Feng Ling to let Yang Lan live with her to avoid conflicts with other disciples.

When Pan Shi's request to Jie Kong Master for the practice of the Path of Traveler was rejected, he remembered the library mentioned by Feng Ling and decided to steal the scriptures there, not realizing that Yang Lan had already sneaked into the library to study the scriptures.

Episode 5 Recap

Qingyunzi escorted Panshi to find Jiekong Master for punishment, but unexpectedly received a lesson from Jiekong Master. Panshi was allowed to continue sneaking into the scripture pavilion. The Heavenly Emperor dispatched Beichen to the mortal realm to subdue demons and promised to cure Beichen of the love flower, but Beichen refused. Nishang had an accident in the Caixia department but was fortunately rescued by Beichen who was passing by, but Beichen was injured in the process. The order on Wankong Mountain was disrupted because Qingyunzi no longer managed it, and the disciples resented Panshi even more because of this. Dantongzi returned to the mountain and blamed Qingyunzi for being too soft, and decided to teach Panshi a lesson. Panshi continued to steal scriptures to improve his cultivation but was directly beaten up by Dantongzi's disciples as a book thief. Yang Lan saw that Panshi would rather die than admit defeat, and thought of her brother who had gone through the same thing, so she set fire to the scripture pavilion to lead Dantongzi away.

Episode 6 Recap

Pan Shi learned that Yang Lan was being punished because of him, so he rushed to the execution ground to stop Dan Tongzi. Yang Yan fought against the people of Wankong Mountain to protect his sister. In the chaos, Jie Kong Master appeared and stopped the commotion. Pan Shi asked Jie Kong Master why he accepted him as a disciple but refused to teach him, and Jie Kong Master told him that he could only teach him the way of enlightenment.

One of the generals of the Tianhe navy had an affair with Fairy Hanwei within a day, but was caught in the act. He blamed Hanwei and she, heartbroken, committed suicide feeling betrayed. Qingfengzi discovered that the Tian Dao Stone was splitting, and realized that the Wuji Holy Emperor was plotting something. He tried to contact Jie Kong Master, but was controlled by the Wuji Holy Emperor. Despite being controlled, Qingfengzi still managed to send the message about the splitting of the Tian Dao Stone to Jie Kong Master.


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