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The Justice – Wang Qianyuan, Lan Yingying

The Justice is a crime drama directed by Guo Jianyong, starring Wang Qianyuan, Lan Yingying, Kevin Yan, and Zhang Fengyi.


The Justice

English Title: The Justice
Chinese Title: 宣判
Genre: Crime, Drama, Law
Tag: Murder, Investigation, Death of a Character
Episodes: 42
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Guo Jianyong, Wu Jiadai
Writer: Tan Yurui, Peng Qiyu, Chen Minhuan
Producer: Wang Xin, Sun Changbo, Ma Hao, Shen Zhuo, Duan Jingjing
Released Date: 2023-10-30
Broadcast Website: Youku,, 优酷



Qi Heng, the Vice President of the Intermediate People's Court of Qizhou City, took on the complex "Fishing Boat Murder Case" shortly after assuming office. He carefully examined the survivor's testimony and discovered inconsistencies, successfully establishing the fact that Zheng Duo was the murderer. Qi Heng's son, Qi Lun, saw Zheng Duo on TV and recognized him as the kidnapper who had abducted his mother, Guo Nian, leading to the exposure of the mastermind, Luo Huaigong.

At the same time, Luo Huaigong's company, Zhiyun Chemical Group, had been polluting for an extended period, causing severe illnesses among the local residents, who were infuriated and filed a lawsuit. The city-level leaders, in their pursuit of economic growth, urged leniency. However, Qi Heng firmly resisted interference, upheld the law impartially, and delivered a fair verdict. This brought retaliation from Luo Huaigong, putting his life in danger.

Guo Nian's remains were discovered, and Zheng Duo, who had persistently refused to admit guilt, was silenced by Luo Huaigong. With the strong support of Qi Heng and others, law enforcement agencies dismantled Luo Huaigong's criminal organization, and wrongdoers received a just judgment from the court. As the final bastion for upholding fairness and justice in the human world, Qi Heng and his colleagues in the court, guided by the spirit of judicial system reform, devoted all their efforts to safeguarding social fairness and justice. They ensured that the system of governing the country by law was effectively implemented on the vast land of China.


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