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Against the Light – Zhang Hanyu, Lan Yingying

Against the Light is an urban drama directed by Huang Junwen, led by Zhang Hanyu and Lan Yingying, co-starring Waise Lee, Xu Xiaosa, Zhao Bingrui, Li Liqun and Wang Ji.


Against the Light

English Title: Against the Light
Chinese Title: 流光之下
Other Titles: 璀璨, 逆光
Genre: Urban, Romance, Drama
Tag: Power Struggle, Workplace Setting, Business Rivalry, Riches to Rags, Tragic Past, Boss-Employee Relationship
Episodes: 46
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Huang Junwen
Writer: Li Yifan, Wu Bo
Released Date: 2023-09-20
Broadcast Website: Idol & Romance



When Bai Xining was 10 years old, she experienced a family tragedy that led her from being the heiress of a jewelry conglomerate to a destitute girl. She was sent to Australia and adopted by an ordinary Chinese couple, losing all contact with China. However, as she grew up, she gradually learned about the injustice that led to her mother being framed and imprisoned. She made a secret vow to return to China one day and seek justice for her mother.

Fifteen years later, with two master's degrees to her name, Xiling concealed her true identity and entered the Chen Dong Group, which once belonged to her mother. She became entangled in the power struggle between the tycoon Li Zhuoran and Chen Dong's former subordinate, Lin Yi. In the end, using her intelligence and courage, Xinling uncovered the truth behind the wrongful conviction of her mother and firmly established her position in the jewelry empire.


Gu Xingyan was studying jewelry design at LaSalle College in Canada, working part-time while studying. While selling her wares on the street to avoid city inspectors, she met a Chinese man named Lin Zhe and formed a deep bond as "vendor friends" during challenging times. Just as she was about to achieve excellent results and complete her studies, she saw news from her home country: Yu, the former leader of Dongchen Jewelry and the iron lady of the jewelry industry, had died in prison. She immediately pulled herself together, swiftly handled everything, and returned to Shanghai, China. She wanted to uncover the truth, clear her mother's name, and reclaim the Dongchen Group that her mother had worked tirelessly to build. She aimed to ensure that those who had plundered it faced legal consequences. Bai Xining decided to use the alias Gu Xingyan and submitted her resume to Dongchen Jewelry Company to enter the mysterious and complex world of Dongchen Jewelry Group.

Gu Xingyan joined the design department of Dongchen Company, where she got to know Director Cong Fei, the witty and quick-witted Ye Xiaoqing, and the cheerful and warm-hearted Li Mingkang, among others. She quickly became close to everyone. Cong Fei saw traces of Tang Wanrong in the design drafts submitted by Gu Xingyan. The current chairman, Li Zhuoran, declared that he would lead Dongchen into a better era of luxury. However, in reality, he was constantly transferring assets and draining Dongchen's industries.

Meanwhile, the former power player, Lin Yi, firmly held onto Dongchen's Yvonne brand. Yvonne was Dongchen's high-end luxury brand, known for its unique designs and exquisite craftsmanship during Tang Wanrong's era. However, in Li Zhuoran's era, there was less emphasis on the uniqueness of jewelry; imitation and fast turnover were the keys to making money. Yvonne gradually withdrew from Dongchen's mainstream business and became a marginalized brand. How to strengthen this marginalized brand, recapture funds, attract investment, and ultimately overturn Li Zhuoran's control over Dongchen has always been Lin Yi's constant consideration for the future...


  • 2023-09-21 13:57:47

    Against the Light-The pacing is quite sluggish, but the acting by Zhang Hanyu and Lan Yingying is explosive

    "Against the Light" has a verbose narrative pace. Firstly, the main storyline unfolds slowly, lacking the quick introduction of hidden subtext and underlying character motivations. It fails to evoke a sense of amazement. Secondly, the plot developments are sluggish, with many scenes lacking explosiveness and dramatic conflict, failing to captivate the audience and lacking impact.

    Apart from the sluggish narrative pace, "Against the Light" also suffers from characters and story backgrounds that feel disconnected from reality. The commercial battlefield of the jewelry industry is far removed from the lives of ordinary people. While most people like jewelry and may have bought jewelry before, very few understand the intricacies of the jewelry industry. Therefore, the plot, story, and character roles in the drama lack relatability, making it difficult to evoke empathy and resonance with the audience.

    What deserves praise, however, is the acting of the two lead actors. Both Zhang Hanyu and his character portrayal, as well as his command of dialogue, demonstrate impressive acting skills and prowess. Even more surprising is Lan Yingying's performance in the drama, exceeding expectations.

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