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The Evidence Tells – Li Yuan, Li Jiaxin, Yuan Hao

The Evidence Tells is a crime drama directed by Li Yutong and starring Li Yuan, Li Jiaxin and Yuan Hao.

The drama tells the story of female criminal police officer Bai Lu and female forensic pathologist Gu Yu, who lead the young criminal police officers with An Huai Yu as the chief to unravel the evil layouts of criminals and safeguard the dignity of law and justice.


The Evidence Tells

English Title: The Evidence Tells
Chinese Title: 消失的痕迹
Other Titles: 消散的痕迹
Genre: Crime, Suspense, Thriller
Tag: Investigation, Police Officer Male Lead, Police Officer Female Lead, Forensic Medical Examiner Female Lead
Episodes: 32
Duration: 20 min.
Director: Li Yutong
Writer: Chen Siyan, Li Yutong
Producer: Tian Xue, Yang Haitao, Lin Meng, Huang Qiushi, Li Li
Released Date: 2023-08-18
Broadcast Website: iQIYI



The drama tells the story of the genius female forensic doctor Gu Yu, who infiltrates a mental rehabilitation institution to carry out an undercover investigation mission. Unexpectedly, her undercover plan is disrupted by a murder case, and she is even falsely accused of being the murderer. This leads to Gu Yu's encounter with the female police detective Bai Lu. Despite their contrasting personalities and vastly different lifestyles, this unlikely duo manages to solve numerous baffling cases. They transform from initial adversaries to cooperative partners, establishing deep friendships.

During the process of investigating a criminal case together, Gu Yu and Bai Lu unexpectedly uncover traces of Gu Yu's missing brother. The disappearance of Gu Yu's brother is intricately linked to the death of Bai Lu's comrade-in-arms, which in turn points toward an overseas drug trafficking organization. The destinies of these two women become tightly intertwined with the people they care about, and they share a common goal—to uncover the origins of all wrongdoing. They firmly believe that beneath the surface of the evidence lies the truth.


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