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The Elephant is Right Here – Li Jiuxiao, Jiang Long, Ma Yinyin

The Elephant is Right Here is a thriller comedy directed and written by Wan Li, starring Li Jiuxiao, Jiang Long, and Ma Yinyin, featuring Wang Zhiwen, Ren Suxi, Duan Bowen, Yu Ailei, Mao Tao, Rinko, Jiang Zhongwei, and Chen Siyu.


The Elephant is Right Here

English Title: The Elephant is Right Here
Chinese Title: 消失的大象
Genre: Thriller, Comedy
Episodes: 12
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Wan Li
Writer: Wan Li
Released Date: 2024-07-04
Broadcast Website: iQIYI, 爱奇艺



Zhang Kuang, a down-and-out young man from a small town. To take advantage of the Elephant City's transformation opportunity—the marathon event—he starts to interact with various people, including local thugs and entrepreneurs, to secure the hosting rights. However, he unexpectedly gets involved in the "last big heist" of a criminal gang attempting to clean their hands for good.


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