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Provoke – Zhao Yiqin, Daisy Li

Provoke is a romantic drama directed by Zeng Qingjie, led by Zhao Yiqin and Li Muchen, co-starring Ma Ding, with special appearances by Wang Ruolin, Min Xinghan, and Yi Ling.



English Title: Provoke
Chinese Title: 招惹
Genre: Suspense, Thriller, Romance
Tag: Revenge, Enemies to Lovers, Hidden Personality, Childhood Connection, Lying, Chinese Republican Era
Episodes: 25
Duration: 15 min.
Director: Zeng Qingjie
Writer: Zhao Lin
Producer: Du Hao
Released Date: 2023-03-30
Broadcast Website: WeTV



In the early 20th century Tang City, the top singer of Xin Xian Lin, Jiang Ying, carefully planned to marry wealthy merchant Du Jingchuang to complete her revenge plan.

Du Jingchuang's son, Du Xunyu, suspected that Jiang Ying had ulterior motives, but almost revealed his own identity as a fake son.

The stepmother and stepson who lived under the same roof were at odds with each other, but gradually realized that they may have been reunited with a former acquaintance. The two revenge seekers, who had been walking alone, fatefully became each other's reliance and protection.

Meanwhile, their enemy, Du Jingchuang, was secretly observing everything...


Jiang Ying was carefully applying her makeup in front of the mirror when Du Xunyu suddenly approached her, wanting to get close to her. This startled Jiang Ying, who quickly turned around and refused, accidentally knocking over the colored sand and making a mess everywhere.

Du Xunyu lifted Jiang Ying's chin and reminded her that he was the one who married her. But Jiang Ying reminded him that she was his stepmother. However, Du Xunyu was too caught up to care about this and kissed Jiang Ying. She forgot to resist and actively responded to Du Xunyu's advances. The two of them forgot everything around them and immersed themselves in their own world.

Du Jingchuang arrived in the pouring rain, leaning on a cane and walking with an anxious pace. He ordered his men to give him a gun and went straight upstairs. He wanted to kill the adulterous couple, but at the moment of shooting, he chose to shoot their reflections in the mirror. The gunshot finally woke up Du Xunyu and Jiang Ying, who then separated.

A month ago, Jiang Ying arrived in Tang City and immediately informed Du Xunyu, enabling him to catch A Biao. A Biao thought that Du Xunyu was young and would not do anything to him, so he refused to reveal the whereabouts of the goods. However, Du Xunyu directly beat him up and did not even want the goods, but had his territory cleared.

As the informant, Jiang Ying had been waiting for Du Xunyu at the station. When Du Xunyu saw the beautiful Jiang Ying looking back at him, he was attracted by her beauty. Following the old tradition, Du Xunyu instructed someone to give Jiang Ying a roll of banknotes, but she refused to take it. Instead, she took out a handkerchief and wiped the bloodstains off Du Xunyu's collar, asking him to take her to the banquet in Xin Xian Lin.

Du Xunyu made an appearance at the Xin Xian Lin banquet and received a lot of attention from many people. Jiang Ying, as his female companion, also became the center of attention for a while, but she refused to have a drink with Du Xunyu and instead found an excuse to go to the restroom and never returned. Du Xunyu's entourage suggested looking for her, but he refused. In his eyes, any woman who comes looking for him has ulterior motives.

Jiang Ying dressed beautifully and appeared on stage to sing just as Du Jingchuang arrived. Her beauty and singing voice impressed Du Jingchuang, and he raised his glass to signal her. Jiang Ying immediately jumped off the stage and walked toward Du Jingchuang, but she did not stop in front of him. Instead, she went straight to Du Xunyu and showed him a button, indicating that it had fallen off his clothing.

Du Jingchuang saw that the woman he was interested in, Jiang Ying, had a special relationship with Du Xunyu and his face darkened. He walked away without saying anything.

At night, Jiang Ying took the opportunity to brush past Du Jingchuang and deliberately hooked the threads on her shawl onto Du Jingchuang's watch, leading him to come and find her. Later, she pretended to have low blood sugar from not eating and needed sugar, which led Du Jingchuang to help her and teasingly brush past his fingers.

Du Xunyu saw all of this and realized that Jiang Ying's intention was Du Jingchuang.

Du Jingchuang suddenly handed over the important business of Yong Sheng's freight to Du Xunyu for handling, which made Du Xunyu very puzzled. So he went to Du Jingchuang to ask for the reason. Du Jingchuang said that he hadn't taken good care of Du Xunyu since he was young, causing them, mother and son, to wander outside for sixteen years. He felt guilty and now that Du Xunyu has returned, he wants to make up for his shortcomings, which is why he entrusted him with such an important task. Upon hearing this, Du Xunyu immediately expressed his willingness to work hard and not disappoint Du Jingchuang.

Jiang Ying became the top star of Xin Xian Lin in just a few days, but she only performed twice a week, which made her fervent supporters very unhappy. Sister Lan couldn't afford to offend the powerful and influential people, so she had to ask Jiang Ying for help and perform more shows.

Jiang Ying thought for a moment and agreed to perform, which made Sister Lan very happy. She quickly went to inform everyone of the good news. Du Xunyu went directly to the backstage and told Sister Lan not to make a sound. When Jiang Ying asked for her help to zip up her dress, Du Xunyu suddenly appeared beside her and touched her waist to help her zip up.

Jiang Ying was a student who had returned from studying abroad. Du Xunyu believed that as someone of her status, she shouldn't be coming to Xin Xian Lin to seduce Du Jingchuang. He directly produced a ticket and told Jiang Ying that she must leave that night. However, Jiang Ying put the ticket back into Du Xunyu's pocket and told him that she not only returned from studying abroad but also knew the real Du Xunyu. This made Du Xunyu's eyes narrow, and he could only watch as Jiang Ying confidently went on stage.

Du Xunyu knew that there was something wrong with Jiang Ying, so he asked his follower to keep an eye on her. When The Second Master of Zeng Family found out that Yong Sheng's shipment was in Du Xunyu's hands, he thought that Du Jingchuang was trying to take his power, and in anger, he went directly to Du Jingchuang and mocked him for treating some wild child as a treasure, saying that he must be crazy about having a son. Du Jingchuang was furious at his words, but he felt something was off in his heart.

When The Second Master of Zeng Family left, he had just arrived at the door of Yong Sheng's company, and a child came up to him with an envelope, saying that someone asked him to deliver it. The Second Master of Zeng Family opened it and a cold smile appeared on his face. Jiang Ying was just around the corner, and when she saw that the fish was already hooked, she adjusted her hat and left directly.

In the evening, Jiang Ying's performance was as popular as ever, and Du Jingchuang also favored her greatly because she really looked very much like Du Xunyu's mother, even carrying a few candies as usual.

After Jiang Ying left the stage, she didn't change her clothes. Sister Lan was very worried and urged her, but Jiang Ying said that there would be no second performance today.

The Second Master of Zeng Family stormed into Xin Xian Lin with his men and threw an envelope on the table, telling Du Jingchuang that the person in front of them claiming to be Du Xunyu was fake, because the real Du Xunyu had been attacked before and had a scar on his abdomen that required twelve stitches.

Du Jingchuang saw that The Second Master of Zeng Family was so convinced that Du Xunyu was a fake, he couldn't help but have doubts in his heart. He decided to let Du Xunyu prove his innocence. Du Xunyu's gaze swept across the hall and landed in a secluded corner where Jiang Ying was holding a glass of wine with great interest, gesturing from afar with a satisfied smile on her lips.

Du Xunyu calmly took off his clothes, revealing the scar that was exactly the same as in the photo, with precisely twelve stitches. The Second Master of Zeng Family exclaimed that it was impossible, but Du Xunyu continued to undress, revealing various scars of different sizes all over his body. He said that he had fought since he was young without a father, and whether he deserved to be beaten or not, he was always beaten. Du Jingchuang felt sour in his heart when he heard this. Du Xunyu went on to say that The Second Master of Zeng Family's actions were deliberate and meant to embarrass him in public. Du Jingchuang no longer tolerated The Second Master of Zeng Family pointing a gun at Du Xunyu. He reached out and pressed down on the gun, reminding him that if anything happened to Du Xunyu today, many people would be buried with him.

The Second Master of Zeng Family's face turned pale and then green. In the end, he left with hatred. Du Xunyu was sure that it was Jiang Ying who did it. So he lay in ambush at the intersection where Jiang Ying got off work, suddenly holding a knife to her neck. Jiang Ying had already sensed the danger and remained calm. She chatted with Du Xunyu, saying that they met again, and even revealed that she was a classmate of the real Du Xunyu studying abroad, under Du Xunyu's questioning. Although Jiang Ying's intention was not good this time, she helped Du Xunyu establish his identity as the young master of the Du family. Therefore, Du Xunyu didn't trouble her. The two of them agreed that they would not interfere with each other in the future. However, neither of them noticed that they were being watched.

One day, Jiang Ying felt that she was being followed as soon as she left Xin Xian Lin. She deliberately turned into a small alley to fight back against her follower, but she was caught by Young Master Zeng, who had a plan up his sleeve, and taken to his territory.

Du Xunyu has been monitoring Jiang Ying's movements closely, and when he hears about her troubles, he rushes to her side. He learns from a follower that the person who had been tracking Jiang Ying was a henchman of The Second Master of Zeng Family and goes to confront him.

The Young Master Zeng is unhappy that Du Xunyu is better at fighting than him, and Du Jingchuang has a higher social status than his family, so he takes his anger out on Jiang Ying. He intends to disfigure her face so that she can no longer attract Du Jingchuang's attention. However, Du Xunyu arrives just in time.

As the warehouse door is opened, Du Xunyu appears from behind the backlight, holding a wooden stick. He looks like a hero who has come to save the day. The Young Master Zeng stops his attack on Jiang Ying and orders his men to close the warehouse door, preparing to attack Du Xunyu with superior numbers.

A few months ago, Du Xunyu went to a familiar doctor to ask for a scar on his body. The female doctor, seeing his numerous scars, was deeply distressed and tried to dissuade him from adding more. However, the crucial thing that Du Xunyu lacked was this very scar.

Tonight is the charity night of Yong Sheng Industries. Du Jingchuang is raising his glass with celebrities. Many journalists at the scene wanted to interview Du Jingchuang, but they were blocked and told that there would be a designated time to answer questions. A sharp-tongued journalist asked Du Jingchuang how he became the chairman of Yong Sheng Industries. Du Jingchuang superficially complimented the journalist, saying that he would become the top journalist of Tang City Daily in ten years, but secretly ordered his subordinates to "take care" of him.

Du Xunyu is extremely brave. He alone, with his fearless momentum, overpowered the people of Young Master Zeng. He then seized the opportunity to point the sharp end of the broken wooden stick at Young Master Zeng's throat, scaring him to sweat profusely.

Jiang Ying had been tied to a chair for a long time, with bloodstains from the ropes on her legs. Du Xunyu was covered in wounds, having rescued Jiang Ying from danger. The two of them supported each other as they left the warehouse, but Jiang Ying's legs had gone numb. Du Xunyu then picked her up, and as they were leaving, the door behind them opened, and finally, Du Xunyu's men arrived to provide backup, but it was clearly too late.

Jiang Ying felt it was not appropriate to be carried by Du Xunyu in public, so she asked him to put her down. But due to the current situation, Du Xunyu had no choice but to continue carrying her out of the warehouse. Drops of blood from his face fell onto Jiang Ying's white arms, burning her eyes and softening her heart.

Du Xunyu had his men clean up the scene of the fight, and he himself escorted Jiang Ying back. But Jiang Ying did not like owing anyone any favors. She reached out and touched Du Xunyu's bloody face, then wiped the blood on her own forehead.

Yong Sheng's charity night was about to start, and The Second Master of Zeng Family rushed in with a group of people, demanding that Du Jingchuang give him an explanation. Du Jingchuang thought that The Second Master of Zeng Family was angry because he hadn't received an invitation, but he didn't expect that The Second Master of Zeng Family felt that when he was fighting for Yong Sheng, Du Jingchuang wasn't even worth a mention. Now, his son, Du Xunyu, dared to beat his son almost to death, and he couldn't swallow this anger, which is why he came to find Du Jingchuang.

As everyone at the banquet was discussing what was going on, Jiang Ying appeared at the charity event. She calmly recounted how she was kidnapped and humiliated by The Second Master of the Zeng Family, and how Du Xunyu had only come to rescue her because he couldn't stand to see her suffer. Jiang Ying had blood on her head, but she remained composed as she spoke.

Jiang Ying's words directly pointed out that The Second Master of the Zeng Family deliberately came to cause trouble because he saw that Du Jingchuang favored her. To show evidence, Jiang Ying took off her blood-stained shawl and revealed the wound on her neck in front of everyone. The reporters all took pictures, which made The Second Master of the Zeng Family feel ashamed, while Du Jingchuang remained calm on the surface, but his clenched fists showed his anger.

Du Jingchuang covered Jiang Ying with a coat to conceal her exposed wounds and publicly announced that he would marry her as his concubine, and hold The Second Master of the Zeng Family responsible for kidnapping his future concubine.

During the banquet, the Second Master of Zeng Family lost face and felt unhappy. He sought out Jiang Ying, but unexpectedly, Du Xunyu was also present. He pointed his gun at Jiang Ying while Du Xunyu aimed his gun at him. Just as the enraged Second Master of Zeng Family was about to shoot and kill Jiang Ying, Du Jingchuang suddenly appeared from outside the door and killed him first. Hearing the gunshot and seeing the Second Master of Zeng Family fall dead in front of her, Jiang Ying was shocked and collapsed before seeing Du Xunyu and Du Jingchuang approaching her with anxious faces.

Jiang Ying woke up in her sickbed, and Du Jingchuang came to visit her with flowers, apologizing for their abrupt announcement of their marriage that day. Jiang Ying belittled herself, thinking that as a singing girl, she was not a suitable match for Du Jingchuang. However, Du Jingchuang was very fond of her and scheduled a good day to marry her. Jiang Ying smiled sweetly and took the initiative to touch Du Jingchuang's hand, accepting his proposal.

Du Jingchuang's wife Qin Wanyi learned that Du Jingchuang was going to marry Jiang Ying as his concubine, and she became angry. Qin Wanyi relied on her uncle, Mr. Liang, to support Du Jingchuang as the chairman of Yong Sheng, and did not want him to take a concubine. However, this angered Du Jingchuang.

Qin Wanyi saw that the situation was not good, so she immediately took off the jade bracelet that Du Jingchuang had given her as a wedding gift and offered it as a gift for Jiang Ying's entrance. Du Jingchuang saw that Qin Wanyi had given in, so he put the bracelet back on her wrist to show that she was the wife of the Du family.

Qin Wanyi remembered that a year ago, Du Jingchuang brought back Du Xunyu and she had endured it. Now, without even saying a word to her, he was going to take Jiang Ying as his concubine, which she found particularly unacceptable. So she wanted to use the fact that Du Xunyu and Jiang Ying were similar in age to make a point.

On that day, Jiang Ying received an invitation from Qin Wanyi to have dinner together at her home. Jiang Ying brought a cake and went there. As she stepped onto the familiar land, she couldn't help but recall the scene when she was young and made a cake for her father with her mother, and happily brought it home. The coachman reminded her to pay as she was lost in thought, and then Jiang Ying snapped back to reality.


Jiang Ying still remembers that her father learned the waltz from his teacher in order to please her mother. She hoped that if her father didn't dance well later, her mother could understand. Her mother smiled and agreed. At this moment, a butterfly flew in from the sky. Its free posture made Jiang Ying yearn for it very much. She couldn't help but be lost in thought. Just when she was immersed in beauty, hot blood suddenly sprayed on her face, leaving her stunned. Then she saw her father fall from upstairs in front of her, already in a miserable state.

The servants of the Du family brought Jiang Ying, who was lost in thought, back to reality and led her into the house. They asked her to wait in the living room, but Jiang Ying saw familiar scenes as if she saw her father still there. She unconsciously went upstairs and made up her mind to drive the people in this house away step by step and take control of Yong Sheng Industries again.

Qin Wanyi specially called Du Xunyu to have coffee together, and brought up Jiang Ying's background as a songstress, hoping that Du Xunyu would understand that they are a family and refuse to let Jiang Ying in. Du Xunyu realized that something was wrong when Qin Wanyi kept urging him to drink coffee and noticed her constant attention to whether he had drunk it or not. He pretended to take a sip and then left.

Qin Wanyi was worried that the dose might not be enough, but Xiao Cui had given enough dosage to knock out a cow. Just as Du Xunyu walked out of the door, he collapsed on the ground. This surprised Qin Wanyi because the drug was supposed to take half an hour to take effect according to the seller.

Jiang Ying entered Du Jingchuang's room, which he never allowed anyone to enter, and saw the memorial tablet inside. She couldn't bear it and fainted before Lao Wu could act. Qin Wanyi didn't wait for Lao Wu to explain and immediately had him carry Jiang Ying to the bed. Xiao Cui and another person also carried Du Xunyu in.

Du Xunyu didn't know what Qin Wanyi wanted to do, so he deliberately hooked his foot on the step. But Lao Wu quickly came to help, threw Du Xunyu onto the bed, and lay next to Jiang Ying.

Qin Wanyi was originally going to leave, but after thinking about it, she was still worried. She messed up Jiang Ying and Du Xunyu's clothes to make it look like they were embracing each other before leaving. She asked someone to lock the door and waited for Du Jingchuang to come back and catch them in the act.

When Qin Wanyi left, Du Xunyu had already opened his eyes. He gently fastened Jiang Ying's clothes, but Jiang Ying woke up at this moment, and he was so scared that he pretended to sleep. Jiang Ying found that their clothes were messed up and knew that Qin Wanyi had done something. She was very angry, but the most important thing now was to leave. Jiang Ying poured a pot of cold water on Du Xunyu to wake him up.

Qin Wanyi has learned from Secretary Luo that Du Jingchuang has already left the company, so she waits for him at the gate. Meanwhile, Jiang Ying has found the best spot to jump off the building. Although it may hurt her ankle, it's still better than being caught.

Du Xunyu has a master key in his pocket, and he decides to burn the memorial hall set up by Du Jingchuang to force Qin Wanyi to come and rescue him.

The servants of the Du family discovered that the second floor was on fire and immediately reported it to Qin Wanyi. When Qin Wanyi heard about it, she panicked and rushed to the second floor with Xiao Cui. She found out that everything in the room had been burnt, but everyone was safe, which relieved her.

At this time, Du Xunyu and Jiang Ying had finished taking a shower and arranged to chat with Qin Wanyi downstairs later. Qin Wanyi was uneasy and afraid that they would tell Du Jingchuang about the incident. She sat anxiously on the sofa and said little. Fortunately, Du Jingchuang, who had already returned home, had to go back to the company for something, so Qin Wanyi was saved from further trouble.

While Qin Wanyi was secretly relieved, Jiang Ying knocked on the living room door while holding a cup of coffee. Qin Wanyi's guilt couldn't be concealed anymore, so she decided to come clean and let Jiang Ying go to Du Jingchuang to complain. However, to her surprise, Jiang Ying said that she only came to have afternoon tea with Qin Wanyi as per her invitation, but accidentally spilled coffee on her clothes. That's why she borrowed a dress from Qin Wanyi. Meanwhile, Du Xunyu emphasized twice that he and Qin Wanyi were family and he just happened to drink a cup of coffee in the living room. Of course, the coffee wasn't drugged.

Qin Wanyi instinctively echoed Du Xunyu and Jiang Ying's words and obediently took a sip of the cake that Jiang Ying specially brought, made by the best chef in Tang City.

When Du Xunyu sent Jiang Ying back, he couldn't help but ask her if she still insisted on entering the Du family after seeing their situation. Jiang Ying replied that she had no other choice and Du Xunyu gave her a map of the Du family's layout. Although she already knew the information on the map like the back of her hand, Jiang Ying was still grateful to Du Xunyu and believed that he was not her enemy.

When Du Jingchuang learned that everything belonging to the Zeng family, including warehouse and shipping data, as well as Zeng Baolin, had disappeared, his face couldn't help but change.

Jiang Ying had to figure out a way to enter the Du family and didn't have time to visit her parents' graves. So, she placed the small deer her father taught her to carve in front of their tomb, allowing it to accompany her parents on her behalf. After Jiang Ying left, Du Xunyu also came to pay his respects to Jiang's parents and saw the small deer in front of the tomb. He remembered Su Su, the Jiang family's daughter, and suspected that she might still be alive, but didn't know where to start looking.

Du Jingchuang scolded his subordinates for their incompetence, and they quickly reassured him that they had stationed spies at all the docks and that Zeng Baolin definitely wouldn't be able to escape. Du Jingchuang just wanted to see the results, so his subordinates quickly went to carry out their mission.

Today was the day Jiang Ying entered the Du family, and the sisters from Xin Xian Lin had dressed her up beautifully. At that moment, there was a knock on the door, and everyone thought it was the matchmaker urging them, teasing Jiang Ying a little. But they didn't expect that it was Du Xunyu who had come to pick up Jiang Ying in place of Du Jingchuang.

Du Jingchuang has already dressed up and is ready to go out to welcome his bride, but unexpectedly Secretary Luo suddenly showed up at his door with a letter. After reading the letter, Du Jingchuang immediately went out to deal with something. Qin Wanyi thought that Jiang Ying wouldn't be able to enter the Du family's door, but Du Jingchuang directly asked Du Xunyu to welcome the bride, while Qin Wanyi was in charge of the tea ceremony.

Jiang Ying was surprised to see Du Xunyu instead of Du Jingchuang when he arrived. Du Xunyu leaned in and whispered in her ear, "Welcome to hell." One of the sisters in Tang City saw Du Xunyu welcoming Jiang Ying and blurted out that it looked like they were a couple. Sister Lan, an experienced elder in Tang City, quickly rebuked the sister and warned her to be careful what she says.

Jiang Ying walked into Du's house hand in hand with Du Xunyu, feeling like she was coming home instead of entering hell. Seeing Jiang Ying walking alone up the stairs, Du Xunyu attentively pulled the train of her wedding dress and advised her to hold onto him and walk carefully with every step, as today was her big day. Obediently, Jiang Ying took Du Xunyu's arm and firmly told him that she wouldn't stumble with every step she took.

Qin Wanyi presided over the tea ceremony and intentionally made things difficult for Jiang Ying. First, she hinted that Jiang Ying and Du Xunyu looked like a perfect match. After Du Xunyu warned her not to start another fire at home, Qin Wanyi changed her tone and took the hot tea from Jiang Ying's hand and threw it back at her. Du Xunyu saw the danger and immediately caught the teacup, burning his hand with the scalding tea. Qin Wanyi quickly made an excuse to leave the room after seeing what had happened.

Back in their room, Du Xunyu tended to his burn and wondered what important matter had caused Du Jingchuang to leave on this day.

Jiang Ying knocked on Du Xunyu's door with a bowl of cut aloe vera, telling him to apply it to relieve the pain. Du Xunyu remembered the Du family's layout map he gave to Jiang Ying, but there was no indication of where the aloe vera was, which made him very curious. Additionally, Jiang Ying was allergic to aloe vera, which reminded him of the original owner of the house, Su Su, who was also allergic to it.

When they were young, Su Su accidentally caused her brother Xingzhi to get burned, and despite her own allergy to aloe vera, she deliberately picked some and applied it to Xingzhi. Now, this scene was reminiscent of their childhood, but Du Xunyu thought it was just a coincidence.

Qin Wanyi thought that last time Jiang Ying and Du Xunyu were so in sync that it made her suspicious that they had known each other for a long time. She even specially assigned Lao Wu to closely monitor them.

Du Xunyu took Jiang Ying to choose a room, and he picked the largest one for her. Jiang Ying seemed to see her young self through time, reluctant to let Xingzhi leave. She made a promise with him to carve a little deer and show it to Xingzhi when they meet again.

Lao Wu secretly observed Du Xunyu and Jiang Ying from the side and was caught by Du Xunyu, who asked him to bring Jiang Ying's luggage over.

Jiang Ying hadn't eaten anything all day at Du's house, and she was so hungry that she went in and out of the kitchen several times with a knife, chopping things vigorously. This made Du Xunyu feel very strange and worried that something might go wrong, so he went down to check on her.

Du Xunyu didn't understand why Jiang Ying knew where everything was in the house, making it seem like she was in her own home. Jiang Ying quickly said she was hungry, diverting Du Xunyu's attention. Du Xunyu asked her not to chop things so loudly, or else she would wake up the whole family. He personally cooked for Jiang Ying and, watching her devour her food, he wanted to give her his share.

At this time, the Lady Qin Wanyi came downstairs and passed through the dining room, seeing Jiang Ying eating with an extra portion. She was a little confused. Jiang Ying claimed that she had made too much and invited Qin Wanyi to try it. Qin Wanyi tasted it and found it tasted good, but she said it was barely edible and took the extra portion with her.

Du Xunyu just hid himself. He saw Qin Wanyi leaving and then showed himself. He asked Jiang Ying if she wanted another serving. Before Jiang Ying could answer, she burped, which made Du Xunyu's lips curl up with a smile on his face.

The reason why Du Jingchuang hurried to Guangzhou was that the tobacco business there had been disrupted by Du Xunyu's companions. Unfortunately, Du Jingchuang's backers did not appear behind him.

One day, Du Xunyu discovered that Jiang Ying was trading a bottle of something with a man. He rushed in to check, but both the man and Jiang Ying had already disappeared. Du Xunyu returned home and found Jiang Ying in the kitchen, holding the bottle, but she didn't want him to see it. He was particularly careful and worried that Jiang Ying might have put something in the food. He kept making excuses to prevent Qin Wanyi from eating the dishes that Jiang Ying had not touched.

Jiang Ying could see what Du Xunyu was thinking, so she simply stood up and picked through all the dishes before eating a few bites and leaving. Qin Wanyi criticized Jiang Ying for being impolite and leaving after eating, while asking Du Xunyu if he could eat now. Du Xunyu casually said yes, but as he turned to watch Jiang Ying leave, he became even more suspicious.

Du Xunyu's purpose in entering the Du family is to clear Jiang's family's name. Although Jiang Ying's arrival at the Du family was unexpected, as long as she doesn't disrupt his plan, it's fine. Du Xunyu specifically sought out the man who sold things to Jiang Ying and learned from him that it was a kind of medicine. In order to verify the man's words, Du Xunyu consulted with a doctor on his side and found out that it was a smuggled tranquilizer. He suspected that Jiang Ying had suffered a powerful stimulus in the past, which is why she needed to take this medicine to calm down.

Qin Wanyi had been asking Lao Wu to keep an eye on Jiang Ying and Du Xunyu for a while, but Lao Wu hadn't noticed anything. So she had to ask Lao Wu to keep watching.

One day, while cleaning, Lao Wu found a small box on the stairs. He opened it and found a red string inside. This reminded him of the time when he put Jiang Susu in a sack, and when he heard Jiang Ying say that the red string was specially chosen by her father before his death, he was scared out of his wits.

The sky was dark, lightning flashed and thundered, and the wind blew so hard that Qin Wanyi was scared. She called Lao Wu, who was cleaning the living room, to close the kitchen window. Lao Wu went to do as he was told and saw a sack outside the window with something moving inside. The sack was tied with a red headband like Jiang Su Su’s.

Lao Wu was suspicious and went outside to check. He saw that there seemed to be a person moving inside the sack and was so scared that he fell down and didn’t dare to go near it. Xiao Cui didn’t understand what was going on and opened the sack directly. She found that there were chickens from the kitchen inside and scolded whoever put them in the sack while carrying them back to the kitchen.

Jiang Ying was wearing a red dress and sitting on a swing. Lao Wu noticed her and became even more frightened. He watched as Jiang Ying approached him step by step and involuntarily backed away. Jiang Ying called him Uncle Wu and told him that her tombstone was dirty and asked him to clean it up. Lao Wu agreed in a panic and ran away.

Du Xunyu had been watching Jiang Ying and Lao Wu’s interaction from the window upstairs and couldn’t help but speculate about their relationship.

The rain was pouring down, scaring Qin Wanyi who was holding onto Xiao Cui tightly. Unexpectedly, the power went out in the Du family’s house, which made Qin Wanyi even more afraid. She subconsciously called out for Lao Wu loudly but no one answered.

Lao Wu carried a lamp and looked around downstairs. He was very scared. When he finally made it to the second floor with trepidation, he found that there was a headband from Jiang Su Su in the phonograph in the room. Lao Wu was so scared that he turned around and ran away. Just as he left the room, he fell down in a panic.

When Qin Wanyi heard the sound of the phonograph still playing, she went out to look for Lao Wu. Unexpectedly, Lao Wu was too busy to pay attention to anything else and only answered Qin Wanyi with “They’re back” before rushing into the rain and going to Jiang’s tomb in the rain to wipe Jiang Su Su’s tombstone. Lao Wu muttered to himself as he wiped it, “Miss, have you come back?”

Jiang Ying had already entered the room and tied a red headband to the phonograph before leaving and going to her secret base. She threw a wooden plaque into the burning paper furnace.

Du Xunyu had already suspected Jiang Ying and had been closely watching her. This time he finally followed her to her secret base. When Jiang Ying left, Du Xunyu used a master key to open the room and entered the room covered in white cloth. Du Xunyu was suspicious and first found some writing on an unburned wooden plaque. Then he vaguely saw that the wall was covered with things related to the Jiang family through the white cloth. He couldn’t help but feel emotional and vaguely guessed that Jiang Ying was probably Jiang Su Su.



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