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Miss Mystery – Chen Shujun, Yang Yeming

Miss Mystery is a romantic short drama directed by Lin Yi, starring Chen Shujun, Yang Yeming, Wu Jingxin, Wang Cheng, Sui Mingyang, Tian Kai, and Yue Chunyu.


Miss Mystery

English Title: Miss Mystery
Chinese Title: 迷情庄园
Genre: Romance, Drama
Tag: Revenge, Tragic Past, Strong Female Lead, Smart Female Lead, Strong Male Lead, Hidden Agenda
Episodes: 24
Duration: 15 min.
Director: Lin Yi
Writer: Liu Xun, Li Wenye, Cui Lingyu
Producer: Liu Huabo, Wang Rong, Ma Di, Zhou Ke, Liu Weiyi
Released Date: 2023-10-10
Broadcast Website: Youku, youku.tv



Xue Tong, a wealthy heiress, witnessed her entire family tragically wiped out in her childhood. Eighteen years later, she assumed the identity of "Lin Bao'er" and returned to her hometown.

After careful planning, she vowed to eliminate each person responsible for her family's murder!


The story unfolds on one night, where eighteen years ago, the entire Xue family was brutally slaughtered, leaving no one spared. The ruthless attackers showed no mercy, and blood, mixed with heavy rain, washed away everything in its wake. However, a little girl managed to hide in another room and escaped discovery. The news reported the tragic incident as a fire that claimed the lives of a family of three and their servants. The real culprits aimed to use the fire to cover up the truth.

Eighteen years later, on the day of the Zhu family's wedding banquet, the young master, Zhu Guanwen, is conspicuously absent. His parents are anxious and dispatch people to find their son. Zhu Guanwen, just awakened and still half-naked, is surprised by a woman knocking on his door. Once inside, she urges him not to make any noise. As they get close, Zhu Guanwen notices a teardrop mole at the corner of the woman's eye, identical to the one he saw on Xue Tong, the daughter of the Xue family, all those years ago.

Remaining silent, Zhu Guanwen avoids detection when several men in black approach and knock on the door. After scaring them away, Zhu Guanwen stops the woman, asking for her name. She introduces herself as Lin Bao'er, not revealing her real identity. Holding her at gunpoint, Zhu Guanwen learns that Lin Bao'er is skilled, and in their struggle, the gun ends up in her hands.

Lin Bao'er tricks Zhu Guanwen into letting his guard down, seemingly about to share a kiss. However, at the last moment, she departs, leaving Zhu Guanwen intrigued by her. Before leaving, Lin Bao'er leaves an invitation to her engagement ceremony. Zhu Guanwen remarks with a smile that it seems the main character is about to make an entrance.

Today, Zhu Guanwen is engaged to Dou Lili, the daughter of Mayor Dou. Lin Bao'er, having lost the invitation, is stopped at the gate. Soon, Zhu Guanwen returns, and Lin Bao'er, intentionally waiting for him, walks alongside him to the mansion. Both are aware of the game being played.

Once inside, Dou Lili notices Lin Bao'er and mocks her. Zhu Guanwen informs Dou Lili that Lin Bao'er is an esteemed guest, causing Dou Lili to change her attitude. Zhu Guanwen decides to play a bigger game since Lin Bao'er has made a move. Dou Lili, seeing Zhu Guanwen leaving, hastily follows. In the commotion, she accidentally knocks a servant's wine glass. Dou Lili berates the servant and even attempts to hit her. Fortunately, Lin Bao'er intervenes, saving the servant and leaving Dou Lili on the floor.

Zhu Guanwen's father, with a concubine by his side, steps forward to announce his son's engagement to Dou Lili. To everyone's surprise, Zhu Guanwen introduces Lin Bao'er standing beside him. The revelation shocks everyone, including Lin Bao'er, who hadn't anticipated this turn of events. In reality, the incident eighteen years ago involved collaboration between the Zhu, Dou, Yang Inspector, and Qian families. Xue Tong, hiding nearby, was lucky to escape death but witnessed everything.

Zhu Guanwen went to the temple to offer incense to his mother, informing her that he had finally met Xue Tong. Back then, she was covered in scars, hiding in a corner, but for some unknown reason, she suddenly disappeared. Now that Xue Tong had reappeared in the identity of Lin Bao'er, the truth might soon be revealed. Lin Bao'er returned to her former home, which had now become the Zhu family estate, marking the beginning of her revenge.

Upon entering the Zhu estate, Lin Bao'er was instructed by a maid to sit casually. Coincidentally, there was a photo of Zhu Guanwen's mother in the house. When Zhu Guanwen approached, he asked Lin Bao'er to put the photo down. Getting closer, he inquired why she wanted to get close to him. Lin Bao'er, in a playful manner, mentioned Zhu Guanwen's boundless charm. Later, her fingers traced towards Zhu Guanwen's chest. Just as Lin Bao'er was about to undo Zhu Guanwen's bathrobe, he seized the moment to embrace her. Lin Bao'er, somewhat surprised, quickly moved away.

Lin Bao'er promptly claimed that she was just joking and came here for business. Zhu Guanwen expressed his desire to make a deal with her. If successful, the deal would involve Lin Bao'er marrying him. Considering Lin Bao'er's current status as the town's enemy, having taken the mayor's son-in-law, she outlined three conditions before agreeing to the partnership. Zhu Guanwen readily accepted. Lin Bao'er remarked on not expecting to marry into the Zhu family, and Zhu Guanwen, in a daze, confessed to not expecting to marry her either.

As Zhu Guanwen was about to kiss Lin Bao'er, she deliberately dodged, and Zhu Guanwen fell into a drowsy sleep. Dou Lili went to complain to Zhu Guanwen's father's second wife, creating a scene. She then confronted Lin Bao'er, demanding respect by having her serve tea. Lin Bao'er, not one to back down, retorted. At this moment, Zhu Guanwen arrived, dismissing the need for tea, since his biological mother wasn't the second wife.

Just then, the Zhu family and Mayor Dou came out together, emphasizing the necessity of their collaboration. Given the significant issues with Lin Bao'er, Zhu Guanwen's father didn't say much, instructing Zhu Guanwen to personally apologize to the Dou family. Lin Bao'er happened to see Qian Tong approaching. Having encountered those who plotted against the Xue family, she aimed to make them return what rightfully belonged to the Xue family.

Qian Tong can be described as a lecher. Before Xue Tong's mother passed away, she was violated by Qian Tong. Even now, Qian Tong hasn't changed his habit of having extramarital affairs. This time, he's caught having an affair with the mayor's concubine, and entertainment reporters captured it on camera. Lin Bao'er acquired this information from the reporters and then generously paid them to spread the news. When Zhu Guanwen encountered the reporters, he even asked them to keep an eye on Lin Bao'er, finding the situation intriguing.

Lin Bao'er takes Zhu Guanwen to a newly opened Western restaurant. Zhu Guanwen inquires if Lin Bao'er, born in Southeast Asia, is accustomed to Chinese cuisine. Lin Bao'er, born in Southeast Asia, claims she is used to Chinese food. While conversing, Lin Bao'er accidentally drops her earring. Both bend down to pick it up, and in the end, Zhu Guanwen retrieves the earring. Lin Bao'er extends her ear, asking Zhu Guanwen to help her put it on, and he willingly assists her.

Lin Bao'er mentions sending a letter to her parents but is actually aware, through the reporters, that Qian Tong and the mayor's concubine are having a secret rendezvous. Lin Bao'er intentionally starts a fire, and the news spreads that Qian Tong and the mayor's concubine are involved in an affair. Qian's wife gets wind of the situation. Lin Bao'er, armed with a key obtained from the security room, opens the door. Qian's wife and the reporters rush in and capture the adulterous couple on camera, ensuring tomorrow's headlines will be explosive.

After Lin Bao'er exits the restaurant and finds Zhu Guanwen gone, she leaves as well. Unbeknownst to her, Zhu Guanwen quietly follows her. Learning about the situation from the reporters, Zhu Guanwen is surprised to find that Lin Bao'er's target is Qian Tong. On Lin Bao'er's sixth birthday, she thought she could spend it happily with her parents, but that evening, her destiny was completely rewritten. Qian Tong, once a servant of the Xue family, conspired with outsiders to massacre the Xue family and erase all witnesses.

Upon hearing gunshots, Xue's father hastily hid with his daughter and wife. He first concealed his daughter in a small room and gave her a pocket watch before leaving. Lin Bao'er, who initially wanted to follow her parents, was reminded by her hatred to survive and seek revenge for her parents.

After leaving the hotel, Lin Bao'er was intercepted by several thugs. Before Lin Bao'er could react, Zhu Guanwen appeared just in time, injured the thugs, and took Lin Bao'er away. However, he got hit on the back by one of the thugs. Some others tried to ambush Zhu Guanwen, but he stopped them. Lin Bao'er knew that these people were definitely acting on someone's orders.

Zhu Guanwen questioned them, demanding to know who instructed them. Initially reluctant, the thugs spoke up when Zhu Guanwen threatened them with an axe. In the end, they revealed that Dou Lili ordered them to do this. After hearing this, Lin Bao'er also gave the thugs a beating. She was angry because Zhu Guanwen almost got hurt due to his conflict with the Dou family.

Back at home, Lin Bao'er massaged Zhu Guanwen's injured back since he was hit with a stick. Zhu Guanwen playfully suggested that their date today was just a cover-up, and Lin Bao'er continued helping him apply medicine. Zhu Guanwen teased Lin Bao'er and asked about her conflict with Qian Tong, but she simply stated that Qian Tong deserved punishment for his incompetence, and Zhu Guanwen didn't press for more details.

Later, Zhu Guanwen confronted Dou Lili and warned her not to harm Lin Bao'er, threatening consequences if she did. Dou Lili was furious but couldn't do much against Zhu Guanwen. Soon, news of Qian Tong and the mayor's concubine's affair spread in the newspapers, causing a scandal. The concubine tried to explain herself, but the mayor was furious and even physically punished her. Feeling unappreciated for many years, the concubine, although Qian Tong was unattractive, defended him, angering the mayor even more.

Realizing that he couldn't stay any longer, Qian Tong decided to flee, hastily packing his belongings. As the mayor fumed over not finding Qian Tong, Lin Bao'er surprisingly brought him in. Qian Tong wanted to apologize to the mayor, but instead of forgiveness, the mayor ordered his men to take Qian Tong away.

Watching everything unfold, Lin Bao'er knew that Qian Tong wouldn't be easily forgiven. She proposed a deal to the mayor, expressing her desire to take over Qian Tong's shipping company. The mayor agreed, and Lin Bao'er's plan continued. The mayor shot and killed the concubine, then handed Qian Tong over to Lin Bao'er. Remembering Qian Tong's assault on her mother when he was their housekeeper, Lin Bao'er shot him in the head, killing him on the spot. One member of the "Four Persons Alliance" was eliminated, and Zhu Guanwen observed the events from a distance.

Lin Bao'er has now taken care of Qian Tong. She swears to help her father recover everything belonging to the Lin family. Lin Bao'er has already started handling the freight transportation business. Chief Yang also instructed his subordinates to keep a close eye on Lin Bao'er in the coming days. He always feels that there's something suspicious about her.

That night, Chief Yang was frightened to see how ruthless Lin Bao'er could be. Zhu Guanwen learned that Lin Bao'er had taken over the freight center. Zhu Guanwen celebrated with a drink and told Lin Bao'er that the waters in the town were not as shallow as she thought. Therefore, he emphasized that Lin Bao'er needed Zhu Guanwen's help. Zhu Guanwen couldn't help but laugh, remarking that he had finally met his match. He attempted to embrace Lin Bao'er, but she dodged away. Zhu Guanwen kindly reminded her that Mayor Dou is a cunning old fox, and since Lin Bao'er is Zhu Guanwen's wife, her actions reflect on him. However, Lin Bao'er dismissed this by saying they are just friends and left.

Early in the morning, Lin Bao'er went to a clothing store to buy some clothes, complaining that Zhu Guanwen had never given her anything. Unexpectedly, Zhu Guanwen brought her a lollipop, which used to be her father's favorite treat for her. The taste triggered memories of swinging on a swing with her father. Seeing Lin Bao'er like this, Zhu Guanwen suddenly felt a liking for her. When he first saw Lin Bao'er, he also gave her a lollipop.

Quickly recovering, Zhu Guanwen reverted to his usual self, teasing Lin Bao'er, who left. Chief Yang then came to find Lin Bao'er, and she immediately recalled that he was the one who personally shot her father. Chief Yang placed a bag of black soil on Lin Bao'er's table, stating that they received a tip from the public. Since someone was hoarding black soil, it had to be confiscated.

Zhu Guanwen learned that Chief Yang took Lin Bao'er away and hurriedly rushed over. Chief Yang subjected Lin Bao'er to a thorough interrogation, stating that smuggling opium is a capital offense. Lin Bao'er, however, denied any involvement in smuggling and insisted that she had just taken over the freight company. Chief Yang even went on to say that regardless of how Lin Bao'er caused Qian Tong's death, he would not allow her to manipulate him.

Chief Yang brought Lin Bao'er here to assert his authority, but Lin Bao'er was not afraid of him at all. Chief Yang arrogantly mentioned that even if she took control of the freight company, it is like a leg for both the Zhu and Dou families. If she didn't cooperate seriously, the situation might end up like the Xue family's eighteen years ago.

Lin Bao'er mocked him, saying she would tell these things to Mr. Zhu. Chief Yang didn't believe her and even considered using torture on her. At this moment, Zhu Guanwen arrived outside and requested his subordinates to open the door. Chief Yang also arrived, and he naturally refused to let Zhu Guanwen in. The subordinates began preparing to punish Lin Bao'er, but she retaliated with a kick, although she still ended up being beaten.

Just as two soldiers were about to assault Lin Bao'er, Zhu Guanwen barged in. At this point, Lin Bao'er's clothes were torn, and Zhu Guanwen quickly took off his own coat after defeating the soldiers. At a glance, Zhu Guanwen noticed the scar on Lin Bao'er's shoulder. Remembering the scene of her bleeding heavily from her shoulder years ago, Zhu Guanwen felt a deep pang of distress. He immediately embraced Lin Bao'er like a princess and escorted her out of the police station.

Soon, Mayor Dou and Mr. Zhu arrived. Chief Yang repeatedly emphasized that Lin Bao'er was not simple, even suggesting that Zhu Guanwen was strongly supporting her. He handed Lin Bao'er's password box to Mr. Zhu, and they attempted to open it to find out the truth.

Chief Yang opened Lin Bao'er's password box, only to find that it was filled with ledgers. Initially, Chief Yang and Mayor Dou thought that Lin Bao'er was undoubtedly doomed, but when Mr. Zhu opened it, they discovered evidence of Chief Yang tampering with Mr. Zhu's accounts. Now, Mr. Zhu was undoubtedly even more furious.

Zhu Guanwen carried Lin Bao'er back, advising her not to put herself in danger again. After Zhu Guanwen left, Lin Bao'er thanked him for saving her. Zhu Guanwen went to get medicine for Lin Bao'er, mentioning that he was her husband, and helping her was only natural and right. In that moment, Lin Bao'er felt a hint of affection for Zhu Guanwen. However, she quickly reminded him, and herself, that their relationship was currently only business. Zhu Guanwen confessed that he had never been so concerned about someone before. He knew from the start that Lin Bao'er's approach to him was intentional, and he even brought it up. However, Lin Bao'er suggested that since Zhu Guanwen knew it was a performance, he should just go along with it without getting too emotionally involved.

Chief Yang knelt before Mayor Dou, hoping for his assistance. Mayor Dou threw a dagger in front of Chief Yang, stating that since his hands were dirty, he didn't need it anymore. This incident had already come to the attention of Mr. Zhu, so Chief Yang had to provide an explanation. Just as Chief Yang was preparing to face the consequences, Mayor Dou intervened, saying that he would help Chief Yang one more time due to his loyalty.

Chief Yang still believed that Lin Bao'er was not ordinary. The disturbance she caused in front of Mr. Zhu this time might lead to more trouble in the future. Mayor Dou instructed Chief Yang to handle Lin Bao'er within three days, or he would face punishment. Mr. Zhu had been thinking about how Xue's father, before his death, refused to entrust things to him. He was certain that the belongings were still in the estate, and he was determined to find them.

Chief Yang was determined to put Lin Bao'er in a life-threatening situation this time. Just as Lin Bao'er got on a rickshaw, Chief Yang drove towards her. There was a loud crash, and Chief Yang, thinking he had hit Lin Bao'er, approached with a gun to silence her. However, it turned out that the person on the ground was not Lin Bao'er but Mr. Zhu's second aunt. Chief Yang had to quickly retreat.

Thinking that Lin Bao'er had been in a car accident, Zhu Guanwen rushed back and immediately embraced her, relieved to find she was unharmed. Initially confused, Lin Bao'er learned from the servants that Zhu Guanwen was genuinely worried about her, and she guessed that Chief Yang had started to take action.

In the morning, Lin Bao'er did wear a qipao. During breakfast, Mr. Zhu's second aunt deliberately asserted her position as the mistress of the house, warning against anyone challenging her status. Lin Bao'er quickly placated her, expressing respect and treating her as a mother figure. Later, Lin Bao'er even took off her own clothes to let Mr. Zhu's second aunt wear them, and she was delighted.

After returning home, Mr. Zhu's second aunt kept crying in front of Mr. Zhu, pleading for him to make a decision for her. Currently, Chief Yang had not been found, and Mayor Dou dared not speak up for Chief Yang. Mayor Dou was puzzled about why he offended Chief Yang and explained himself, expressing his loyalty. However, even so, Mr. Zhu had no intention of letting him off.

Zhu Guanwen looked at the still-sleeping Lin Bao'er and couldn't help but approach her and remark that she looked cute when she was silent. He almost woke her up, recalling the first time he came to the Xue family and discovered Lin Bao'er hiding in a corner. He approached her, asked if she was playing hide-and-seek, and only realized she was injured when he saw the scars on her shoulder.

Meanwhile, Chief Yang was still being pursued, so he hid wherever he could. Seizing an opportunity, he sneaked into the police station's archives, checked the Xue family records, and indeed found a photo of Xue Tong. Now, he was more convinced that Xue Tong was Lin Bao'er.

Inspector Yang can only hide everywhere now. After all, Master Zhu has completely lost hope in him and even decided to find someone to deal with Inspector Yang. Lin Bao'er just returned to her bedroom and saw Zhu Guanwen preparing a candlelit dinner for her. Lin Bao'er asked Zhu Guanwen what he meant, and Zhu Guanwen remained silent, just pulling out a chair. They shared a glass of red wine.

Later, Zhu Guanwen took out a ring he had prepared earlier. Although the two only had a business relationship, Zhu Guanwen made a passionate confession to Lin Bao'er. Zhu Guanwen wanted to put the ring on her finger, but Lin Bao'er still refused. She also mentioned that she would leave soon and wouldn't stay here until they got married. Zhu Guanwen stopped Lin Bao'er, who was about to leave. Everyone thought Zhu Guanwen had everything, but only he knew that he had nothing.

After Zhu Guanwen composed himself, he told Lin Bao'er that he would help her get what she wanted. However, Lin Bao'er seemed to forget what he had just said. Nevertheless, playing the whole act, Lin Bao'er and Zhu Guanwen went to try on wedding dresses together. In fact, Lin Bao'er had been restraining herself, not allowing herself to fall in love with Zhu Guanwen. They had a wedding photoshoot together, with Zhu Guanwen expressing genuine feelings, hoping that Lin Bao'er wouldn't reject him.

The joyful day of Lin Bao'er and Zhu Guanwen's wedding arrived soon. Someone was still talking behind Dou Lili, saying that she couldn't compare to Lin Bao'er. At this moment, Lin Bao'er was putting on makeup when a man entered with a gun. Surprisingly, it was Inspector Yang. Lin Bao'er wasn't surprised, and Inspector Yang called her by her real name, Xue Tong.

Zhu Guanwen had been waiting for Lin Bao'er to come down, but after waiting for a long time, there was still no movement. His subordinates could sense that Zhu Guanwen was somewhat nervous. Zhu Guanwen felt uneasy in his heart and instructed his subordinates to check for any unusual situations. Soon, everyone was waiting for Lin Bao'er to come down, but unexpectedly, behind her was Inspector Yang, holding her hostage.

Inspector Yang claimed he had nothing left, and his home and family were gone. Zhu Guanwen urged him to put the gun down, but Inspector Yang refused. Mayor Dou also tried to persuade Inspector Yang, but he was not listening and ordered everyone to step back.

Inspector Yang deliberately provoked the relationship between Mayor Dou and Master Zhu, claiming he was seeking justice for his deceased family. In front of Inspector Yang, Lin Bao'er admitted that she was indeed Xue Tong. She also said that even if Inspector Yang killed her, neither Master Zhu nor Mayor Dou would let him go. Just as Inspector Yang was about to kill Lin Bao'er, she revealed that Master Zhu had already killed Inspector Yang's entire family.

Lin Bao'er mentioned that when she went to confront Master Zhu, only his son was still alive. She married Zhu Guanwen to get close to Master Zhu. At this moment, Inspector Yang attempted to shoot Master Zhu but was shot in return. However, he still pulled the trigger, and the bullet flew towards Lin Bao'er. In order to protect her, Zhu Guanwen took the hit on his arm. Lin Bao'er was very worried about Zhu Guanwen, but he reassured her, saying that protecting her was his duty as her husband in the fitting room.


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