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The Boss's Troubles – Zong Fengyan, Zhang Yuenan

The Boss's Troubles is a historical comedy directed by Wu Chengfeng, starring Zong Fengyan, Zhang Yuenan, Huang Enyu, Xiong Yuting, and Pang Yong.


The Boss's Troubles

English Title: The Boss's Troubles
Chinese Title: 掌门的烦恼
Genre: Historical, Comedy, Drama
Episodes: 24
Duration: 8 min.
Director: Wu Chengfeng
Released Date: 2023-05-06
Broadcast Website: 腾讯视频



The Jiujing Gang is a small and insignificant gang in Jianghu, struggling to make ends meet. They have no choice but to make a living as bodyguards, escorts, sell bonesetters, promote martial arts culture, and catch thieves for their neighbors.

The gang leaders and members come from all over the country, with different backgrounds, experiences, and personalities, and by coincidence, they come together, interpreting the hilarious daily life of the gang.


Wang Feihu felt that in one's lifetime, like the fleeting autumn leaves, one must do something to live up to the great river flowing to the east. However, before he could finish speaking, he was interrupted by someone asking if he had obtained the business license. Wang Feihu quickly replied that he had and presented his resume and portrait. The officials took these items and told him to wait for further notice.

Back at the gang, Wen Rourou approached Wang Feihu, who described someone who often acted on their own but was harmless. Xi Menfangfeng was lazing around and claiming to be practicing the "Fork Fish God Technique." Old Fu was practicing on the other side, but it caused a lot of smoke and fumes. Wen Rourou told Wang Feihu that Bai Xiaosheng had brought back the operating license approval, which made Wang Feihu very happy.

Wang Feihu gathered everyone together and read the approval, which stated that he was the founder and legal representative of their martial arts sect, with a registered capital of fifty taels of silver. The sect's name had to conform to the principles of the martial arts world, and its scope was limited to Water No. 9.

Wang Feihu didn't understand what "Water No. 9" meant, so Wen Rourou explained that they were under the jurisdiction of the Liu Shan Men Wate branch, and their sect name must include the character "water," with them being the ninth in line. Finally, they settled on the name "Nine Wells Gang."

Wen Rourou told Wang Feihu that Bai Xiaosheng had fought with some other people, telling them that their gang wasn't a bathhouse.

Wen Rourou ran over and told Wang Feihu that there was trouble. Wang Feihu said they were children of the jianghu and couldn't make a big fuss about everything. They had to stay calm. Wen Rourou said that the second in command was about to fight with Liu the shopkeeper. Wang Feihu became anxious and hurried over.

Bai Xiaosheng said that since this matter had already been entrusted to them, why was Liu still being so wordy and coming up with 108 items to pay attention to? Liu said that they were the first party and had the right to make demands. Bai Xiaosheng couldn't say anything. Bai Xiaosheng said that it was their people who were risking their lives to transport the goods, and Liu said that they were the ones paying for the transportation costs. Wang Feihu rushed over and said that whatever the first party said was what they meant, and they had no objections.

Wen Rourou brought clothes over and said that Liu asked them to dress up as monks so that people outside would think they had people from Shaolin Temple helping them. Wang Feihu found that the box was empty, and Wen Rourou said that this was what the first party requested. They had to try it out once to see their abilities before signing a formal contract. They changed their clothes and were about to set off when Wen Rourou came running over, saying that the first party had used up this year's budget and that the project would have to be postponed until next year.

Wang Feihu was angry and wanted to go to Liu to settle the accounts. Liu happened to come over and said that there was a new project for them and gave them ten taels of silver as a deposit. Wang Feihu immediately agreed.

Wang Feihu did not expect that shortly after establishing his gang, he would become a helpless leader. Wen Rourou hurriedly came to find Wang Feihu, saying that something bad had happened. Wang Feihu told her that he had already told her to be steady when things happened. Wen Rourou said that the landlord had come to collect rent, and Wang Feihu was shocked.

Wang Feihu called everyone together for a meeting, feeling that they might be kicked out tomorrow. Wen Rourou asked Wang Feihu what they would eat tomorrow, and Xi Menfangfeng asked if they could still receive next month's salary. Wang Feihu told them not to always think about what the gang could do for them, but to think about what they could do for the gang. Everyone saw that Wang Feihu really had no money and took away all the tables, chairs, and weapons in the gang.

Bai Xiaosheng came over, and Wang Feihu said that there was nothing left to give her. Bai Xiaosheng told him to quickly change his clothes and said that she saw that the street vendors' business was booming lately, and making some money should not be a problem. The two of them went to the street to sell baked goods, sold a lot, and also received help from Wang Feihu's senior brother, Ma Juxia.

Ma Juxia told everyone how to develop the gang, and Wang Feihu had heard it hundreds of times but still stayed to listen. The others were dozing off, and it was hard to finish the class. Bai Xiaosheng came back just in time, and Wang Feihu introduced her to Ma Juxia.

A group of people came out, and Wen Rourou asked Wang Feihu how things were going. Wang Feihu said they were children of the rivers and lakes and asked Wen Rourou to be more stable. Wen Rourou asked if Wang Feihu had received the bid documents. Bai Xiaosheng noticed that many famous gangs had come to participate in this project bidding conference.

Wang Feihu said that the Dayang Gang was a big gang, and if they could win this project, they would not have to worry about food and drink for a year. Wang Feihu said that despite the many gangs present, none of them were good enough. The head of the Dayang Gang was innovative and kept up with the times, while these people had narrow minds. Wang Feihu asked Wen Rourou and the others to prepare, while he and Bai Xiaosheng went to register. This time, they had to put in a lot of effort to succeed.

When they arrived at the bidding, Wen Rourou and the others hurried over with their bowls, chopsticks, and spoons. The head of the Dayang Gang was very unhappy and asked what they thought this place was. Bai Xiaosheng said that they treated them as their parents, only serving this bowl of rice, better than anyone else.

The head of the Dayang Gang thought they were quite good, and in the end, Wang Feihu and the others won the project and contracted the Dayang Gang's canteen. They were now cooking for the Dayang Gang. The head of the Dayang Gang said they did a good job, and in the future, they would contract all these businesses to them.

Wang Feihu went to settle the payment with the Dayang Gang, but was told that the gang leader and deputy leader were not there.

Wang Feihu said that he is a gang leader with a strategic vision for development, and every member who joins their gang is a potential stock. During an interview with Li Zuole who wanted to join the gang, Wang Feihu asked him what he thought his biggest flaw was. Li Zuole said that his biggest flaw was pursuing perfection too much. Wang Feihu thought he was quite good and allowed him to join.

Wang Feihu introduced Li Zuole to everyone. Li Zuole said that when he was in the West, he had exchanges with many Western martial arts masters. He came back this time to join a big gang like theirs and work together to create a better future.

Wen Rourou took Li Zuole for a walk, and he asked her if she thought her name was strange. "Seeking joy and pleasure to make music," which means that only when you seek joy can you make music. Wen Rourou suddenly realized that his father was such a martial arts master. Li Zuole told Xi Menfangfeng that his good friend used to be an analyst at the Jianghu Stock Exchange and has now been promoted to deputy general manager. Xi Menfangfeng was very happy and wanted to ask him for insider information.

Li Zuole went to see Bai Xiaosheng and said that he was very familiar with Lu, the leader of the Dayang gang. Bai Xiaosheng said that there was no leader named Lu in the Dayang gang. Li Zuole quickly said that Lu used to be the surname of the leader of the Tang gang. Bai Xiaosheng went to see Wang Feihu and told him about this. Wang Feihu then realized that he had been deceived.

Bai Xiaosheng entered the room and Wen Rourou told her that she needed to go out to pick up a delivery at noon and asked her to help. Bai Xiaosheng said it was already noon and Wen Rourou was suddenly stunned. Xi Menfangfeng came over and told Wen Rourou that he had found a great liquor store and invited her to have a drink in the evening. Bai Xiaosheng said it was still early to talk about drinking at night. Xi Menfangfeng didn't say anything.

Bai Xiaosheng went to see Wang Feihu and found him still sleeping. She woke him up and told him that there was a meeting in the afternoon to revise the gang's regulations. Wang Feihu didn't pay much attention and thought they could just hold the meeting. Bai Xiaosheng wrote various attendance systems, codes of conduct for the gang leader, and etiquette norms, and when she saw Wang Feihu sleeping, she accused him of slacking off and threatened to deduct six months' salary.

Xi Menfangfeng and Wen Rourou came in with wine and were surprised to see Bai Xiaosheng standing guard at the door. Xi Menfangfeng quickly handed the wine to Bai Xiaosheng and said it was a new and particularly good liquor. Bai Xiaosheng acknowledged that it was a good wine, but asked what time it was. Wang Feihu came in and wanted Bai Xiaosheng to help him buy something, but she told him to do it himself. Wang Feihu quickly ran away when he saw this.

The leader of the Ouyang gang from the Second Wave Gang came to see Wang Feihu, but Bai Xiaosheng asked him to register first. Ouyang refused, and Bai Xiaosheng fought with him, eventually pinning him to the ground with her foot.

Ouyang, the gang leader, quickly called for Wang Feihu to come and help. Wang Feihu rushed over, but Bai Xiaosheng stated that her rules were her rules, regardless of who he was.

Ximen Chui Feng stood on the street in front of several men and claimed to be a master with high martial arts skills. However, he recently encountered some difficulties and offered to work for whoever gave him money. The men thought he was crazy and decided to attack him, but Ximen Chui Feng managed to defeat them all.

Ximen Chui Feng laughed out loud and was snapped out of his daydream by Bai Xiaosheng's slap. She asked why he was smiling stupidly, and gave him many tasks such as finding lost cows and chickens, urging him to finish quickly.

Ximen Chui Feng went to seek help from Fu Hongxie to use his martial arts skills to help crush walnuts and make iced plum juice to give to Wen Rourou to drink. However, he was caught by Bai Xiaosheng and accused of trying to curry favor with the ladies, resulting in a week's deduction from his salary. Ximen Chui Feng wanted to teach Bai Xiaosheng a lesson and asked Long Jian to work hard with him. However, Bai Xiaosheng saw them and reminded Ximen Chui Feng that he was a newcomer in the workplace and should work hard to seize opportunities rather than dreaming of rapid promotion.

Ximen Chui Feng saw Wen Rourou carrying a lot of things and offered to help her. Wen Rourou thanked him and invited him for a drink of milk tea when they finished. Ximen Chui Feng said that he was actually a master and would protect Wen Rourou in the future.

Xi Menfangfeng said that if they want to put a time limit on this protection, it would be 10,000 years. Wen Rourou didn't know what to say. Wen Rourou and Xi Menfangfeng went to find Fu Hongxie. Fu Hongxie used a centipede to open the oysters for them, and they grilled the oysters with chili and other seasonings. Wang Feihu was so distracted by the noise that he couldn't write anymore. He came out to see what was going on, and Wen Rourou asked him to come and eat the oysters quickly. Wang Feihu took a few and left.

Bai Xiaosheng said today is Jianghu Love Hygiene Day, and her bookcase has too many mosquitoes. She was given mosquito repellent, but she found out that the mosquito repellent was still untouched. Fu Hongxie asked Bai Xiaosheng to look at the wall, where she finally saw a few mosquitoes pinned to the wall with a needle.

The members of the Liushanmen came to inspect and said that they were very confident in them based on their tax payments. Wang Feihu said that the inspection still needed to be carried out. Xi Menfangfeng and the others also came. The members of the Liushanmen said that there have been recent robberies in the city, and they came to go through the motions.

When the members of the Liushanmen saw Fu Hongxie, they asked where he was from, but Fu Hongxie couldn't answer them properly. When Fu Hongxie returned from the yamen, Bai Xiaosheng told him that she had already helped him apply for a residence permit. He didn't need to hide it from them. Fu Hongxie was very touched and said he would perform the "72 ultimate skills" for them, but everyone was getting sleepy.

Wang Feihu and another gang leader were standing around a wealthy man. The wealthy man stated that they would choose their security services from either Wang Feihu's or the other gang leader's company. The other gang leader said that he and the wealthy man had already worked together twice before. Wang Feihu stated that this was precisely why it was easy to take advantage of familiarity, and their services were both high-quality and affordable.

The wealthy man mentioned that he heard there was a person called "Lao Fu" in their company who knew the Shaolin 72 stunts. The other gang leader called out "Gongben Rokuzo." He stated that cheap goods were not good, and the Shaolin 72 stunts were outdated. They had hired a master from Japan.

Wang Feihu changed into a suit and defeated Gongben Rokuzo. He then stated that they could provide the wealthy man with a complete set of Western services. The wealthy man thought it was great, and so their company was chosen for the security services.

Wang Feihu and his team all changed into suits and surrounded the wealthy man to protect him. When they got off the car and entered the mansion, they were all very vigilant. They even checked the bathroom before the wealthy man entered it, but there were no assassins.

When a maid accidentally dropped a bowl, Wang Feihu thought there was an assassin and they all tackled the wealthy man to protect him, injuring him in the process. They were very dejected afterward, but many people still wanted to hire their Western services. Wang Feihu told them to come one by one.

Wang Feihu caught a cold and went to the clinic for treatment. The people at the clinic asked him to show his household registration certificate and resident ID card. Wang Feihu showed his household registration certificate, but said he wasn't a local and didn't have a resident ID card. The clinic staff asked him which gang he belonged to, and Wang Feihu said he was from the Nine Wells Gang. The staff then asked if he had paid the five social insurances and one housing fund, but Wang Feihu had no idea what that was.

The clinic staff explained to him that not paying the five social insurances and one housing fund for employees was illegal. They told him he could go to the yamen to report his gang leader and asked if he needed legal assistance. Wang Feihu said no, thinking that his gang leader had probably just forgotten. The clinic staff asked him to pay five silver coins, but Wang Feihu asked if it wasn't five wen. The staff said he wasn't from the capital and asked if he had paid taxes or made any contributions to the capital.

Wang Feihu paid the money and underwent a full body examination. The doctor then gave him a lot of medicine, but left before he finished prescribing them. When Wang Feihu returned, Wen Rourou told him that he didn't have a medical report from the doctor and couldn't take sick leave. He could only take leave in advance, so he would have to be counted as absent from work.

Bai Xiaosheng came to see Wang Feihu, and he told her he might not get better. She noticed a notebook he was hiding and used a needle to prick him. Wang Feihu yelled in pain and quickly said he was fine.


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