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Stand by Me 3 – Xu Xiaolu, Pang Hanchen

Stand by Me 3 is a youth drama directed by Ye Changqing, starring Xu Xiaolu, Pang Hanchen, Li Ruojia, Yu Xiang, Xu Huiqiang, Ding Xiangnan, Ying Daizhen, Ci Wantong, and Li Chuan.


Stand by Me 3

English Title: Stand by Me 3
Chinese Title: 一起同过窗第三季
Genre: Youth, School, Romance, Friendship, Life
Tag: Campus Setting, Student, University, Slight Romance, Dormitory, School Club
Episodes: 30
Duration: 30 min.
Director: Ye Changqing
Writer: Bi Xinye, Mei Qiongyu
Producer: Du Jun
Released Date: 2022-07-08
Broadcast Website: WeTV, TencentVideo



With the funny and interesting memories of their summer trip, the students started their junior year.

The class teacher Feng Cuicui gave them a straightforward shock. Because they were majoring in photography, they would start their internship and work in their senior year, which meant that junior year was their last year in school, and many of them were still very confused about their future until now.

After the class meeting, although everyone didn't say anything, they all had their own thoughts in their hearts. It was destined to be an unusual junior year.

The subsequent class cadre re-election, campus recruitment, student council president election, photojournalist assignment, one-minute video contest, etc. were full of laughs and surprising results.

Feng Cuicui deliberately transferred classes to get two weeks for the class to shoot the internship work, and all of them had unexpected encounters in Bu Cun and gained different touching feelings.

Afterward, the group attended the last winter rescue meeting on campus and ended their campus life with laughter.

The class teachers' hard work was not in vain, as the students all started to try to combine their hobbies with their majors and move in their own directions respectively.


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