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Sacred Tree Has Heart – Chen Jiahe, Zhou Yangyue

Sacred Tree Has Heart is a historical fantasy drama directed by Song Haibo and Ren Yingjian, starring Chen Jiahe, Zhou Yangyue, Merxat, Zheng Guolin, Pei Jiaxin and Liu Qiqi, with a special appearance by Zhu Shengyi.


Sacred Tree Has Heart

English Title: Sacred Tree Has Heart
Chinese Title: 山有木兮木有心
Genre: Historical, Fantasy, Romance, Drama
Episodes: 40
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Song Haibo, Ren Yingjian
Writer: Yuan Huihui, Bai Cai, Ke Lifang, Tang Siying
Producer: Bai Yuefei, Bai Xufei
Released Date: 2023-11-01
Broadcast Website: 腾讯视频



In an era of great turmoil, warlords vie for supremacy, and the Snowfall Tribe's Saintess, Xin Yue, possesses the divine ability to foresee the future. It is said among the nations that whoever wins the favor of the Saintess will gain dominion over the realm. When the Crown Prince of Beirong personally seeks Xin Yue's insight, she seizes the opportunity during a great fire to escape, sparking fierce competition among the nations.

Rescued, Xin Yue is sold to the Donglin Palace. To repay the Saintess for her kindness, the Primordial Sacred Tree of Xuefeng Mountain Tai Chu assumes the appearance of Donglin King Guang Ye and becomes his substitute. Prince of Dashang employs the Meng Ji to incapacitate Xin Yue's divine sight, seeking to manipulate the fate of the nations through puppetry.

As the powerful Beirong Kingdom seeks to counterbalance Donglin's influence, they force Donglin's little princess, Qing Bo, to become a hostage in Beirong. Amidst the conflicts between these nations, what path will the blind Saintess choose? Can King Guang Ye of Donglin achieve his grand aspiration of "a world without warfare, with no hunger among the people" despite being caught in the crossfire between Beirong and Daxia?


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