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Practice Daughter – Yang Haoming, Zhang Miaoyi

Practice Daughter is a historical romance drama directed by Ma Huagan, starring Yang Haoming and Zhang Miaoyi, with supporting roles from Xu Ke, Chen Siyu, Sun Zihang, Fu Roumeiqi, and Li Runye. 

The story follows the mischievous young thief, Xiao Douzi, and the prime minister's daughter, Mei Yushan. Despite their vastly different backgrounds, their souls swap, leading to a series of humorous events.


Practice Daughter

English Title: Practice Daughter
Chinese Title: 南玉卿心
Genre: Romance, Historical
Episodes: 24
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Ma Huagan
Released Date: 2024-05-20
Broadcast Website: Youku,



Mei Yushan, the prime minister's daughter, and Xiao Douzi, a cunning thief, are two girls with vastly different personalities and social statuses. Their soul swap leads to a series of hilarious and touching events. Mei Yushan, in the guise of the "domineering thief," uses her charm to win over Nangong Yao, the crown prince of Jixi. Will the aloof and obsessive-compulsive prince be able to break the prophecy of the Grand Preceptor Bai Ye, which foretells the destruction of Jixi due to the prince's love, and achieve both his duty to his country and his love for her?


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