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Mysterious Love – Tsao Yu Ning, Yilia Yu Yue

Mysterious Love is a sweet urban suspense drama directed by Ming Yan, starring Cao Youning(Tsao Yu Ning) and Yu Yue(Yilia Yu), co-starring Wu Haoze, Ma Xinmo, Li Qingtian, Sun Xizhi, Xu Qin, Tang Jiawen, Wu Xingjian and Luo Jiameng.

The drama is adapted from Ruoshuiqianliu's novel "Ban Yin", which tells the story of a sweet love about a cold and cool man, Li Teng, who has a high IQ and EQ, and a quirky drama actress, Ruan Nianchu, reuniting after five years apart.


Mysterious Love

English Title: Mysterious Love
Chinese Title: 他在逆光中告白
Genre: Urban, Romance, Suspense
Tag: Lovers Separated, Male Lead Saves Female Lead, Female Chases Male First, Strong Male Lead, Smart Female Lead, Jealous Male Lead
Episodes: 16
Duration: 35 min.
Director: Ming Yan
Writer: Huang Xiaojun, Zhong Zuyao, Song Yuanyuan, Zhou Chuanwen, Chang Hengde, Feng Xiao
Product Company: Sohu.TV
Released Date: 2021-04-15
Broadcast Website: KUKAN, Viki, TencentVideo, WeTV



Ruan Nianchu, a quirky drama actress, and Li Teng, a cool guy with a good face, meet accidentally.

Li Teng saves Ruan Nianchu in the midst of a crisis, and they have a mutual affection for each other.

However, their trajectory of life is different, so they part ways.

Five years later, a reunion shatters Ruan Nianchu’s life.

Their relationship is heating up rapidly, but they encounter many obstacles.

After solving one after another misunderstandings and crises, hand in hand, they fight together to crack the conspiracy of the villain and return to an ordinary and happy life.


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