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A Portrait of Jianghu: Reincarnated Disciple – Qin Xiaoxuan, Wang Yiting

A Portrait of Jianghu: Reincarnated Disciple is a fantasy web drama directed by Li Weiji, starring Qin Xiaoxuan, Wang Yiting, Xia Nan, Chen Tao, Li Shuting, Long Shuiting, and Bai Bingke.

The drama is based on a cartoon of the same name.


A Portrait of Jianghu: Reincarnated Disciple

English Title: A Portrait of Jianghu: Reincarnated Disciple
Chinese Title: 画江湖之换世门生
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Wuxia, Suspense
Episodes: 24
Duration: 40 min.
Director: Li Weiji
Writer: Rao Jun
Released Date: 2023-01-16
Broadcast Website: iQIYI



The story is set in two parallel worlds that are mirror images of each other.

In order to save his lover, Kong Linghui, in the Yuan world, Nian Yangxiao travels to the Yi world in search of the murderer who wants to assassinate Kong Linghui.

However, they are enemies in the Yi world, and Kong Linghui is determined to kill Nian Yangxiao.

In the meantime, a mysterious girl named Yong'er, a dissolute street gangster and a cold-faced police officer named Guan Nuodun appear one after another, accompanied by complicated cases.

The involvement of Nian Yangxiao makes the cases even more confusing. A suspenseful and fantastical adventure in a different time and space begins.


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