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Green Plum – Liu Xuwei, Guan Chang

Green Plum is a youthful romantic drama directed by He Jianan, starring Liu Xuwei, Guan Chang, Sun Jiaqi, and Yuan Ziming.

The drama tells the story of several young people who encourage each other to move forward, heal each other and get closer to their dreams through love, friendship and family.


Green Plum

English Title: Green Plum
Chinese Title: 青梅酸酸你微甜
Genre: Urban, Romance, Drama
Tag: Artificial Intelligence
Episodes: 24
Duration: -
Director: He Jianan
Product Company: Sohu TV
Released Date: 2023-03-02
Boradcast Website: -



Jiang Yiyi is a graduate student majoring in artificial intelligence. Ever since her twin sister passed away, she has been carrying a sense of guilt and has been determined to develop an AI that can "resurrect" her sister. This led her to enter the world of "AI guru" Gu Yu.

Gu Yu, although hailed as a master in the field of AI, has a little-known mental illness. He has been searching for his childhood "green plum" to cure his illness, but by coincidence, he found Jiang Yiyi, the older sister of his "green plum".

These two "romantic fools" who should not have fallen in love gradually grew closer to each other during their joint research project, as their values aligned. As they helped each other solve problems, the seeds of love began to sprout...


The scene of a car accident with fragments and broken glass accompanied by the piercing sound of brakes jolted Gu Yu awake from his sleep compartment. He has been plagued by nightmares for years, and through precise monitoring of his data by an artificial intelligence system, his sleep disorder and stress response continue to worsen. His friend, Du Yao, called and informed him that the latest information about the girl he was searching for is being sent out. Gu Yu hesitated, unsure if his hopes would once again be dashed.

Jiang Yiyi started her day full of energy, juggling several jobs in addition to her classes. Wearing a delivery uniform, she hurriedly weaved through traffic. Her phone alerted her that an order was about to expire, so she stepped on the gas and entered an underground parking lot. Suddenly, Gu Yu emerged from a lane and startled her, causing her to brake abruptly. The screeching brakes triggered Gu Yu's tinnitus and dizziness. This minor collision left a less than pleasant first impression on each other. Jiang Yiyi suspected Gu Yu of trying to defraud her, so she quickly handed over the delivery and left in a hurry.

As Gu Yu recalled his encounter with Jiang Yiyi that day, he realized that his stress response had quickly subsided after being in contact with her, and her trademark gesture of tying her hair up was exactly what he had been searching for in a girl. He quickly opened the delivery file that arrived during the day and saw that the photo in the information was indeed a picture of Jiang Yiyi as an adult.

Late at night, Gu Yu looked at a photo of a face that looked exactly like Jiang Yiyi's, but he couldn't understand why she denied it. He decided to find a way to make her remember. The next day, Jiang Yiyi met Gu Yu at the school gate, who had been waiting for her for a long time, and invited her to participate in the early development of a psychotherapy robot. Jiang Yiyi didn't want to have anything to do with Gu Yu again and politely refused until Gu Yu mentioned that there was a generous reward for participating in the data collection. Jiang Yiyi, who was worried about how to raise funds quickly for her AI project, thought for a moment and agreed to cooperate.

During the testing phase, Gu Yu first showed a holographic projection of a green plum tree in the living room, then engaged in a tree climbing activity that had nothing to do with the measurements. Gu Yu's series of strange actions challenged Jiang Yiyi's bottom line. Finally, Gu Yu tried to use green plum candy to awaken Jiang Yiyi's childhood memories. Jiang Yiyi realized Gu Yu's true intentions and couldn't contain her anger anymore. She told Gu Yu that the green plum he was looking for was her twin sister who had passed away thirteen years ago. It was a wound that Jiang Yiyi never wanted to face.

After negotiation, the two put aside their past grievances and the contract for data collection officially took effect. In the experimental operation room, Gu Yu showed Jiang Yiyi the latest intelligent devices, which widened her horizon. After intense measurements, Jiang Yiyi fainted on the treadmill. When she woke up, she leaned on Gu Yu's embrace, and the close contact made their hearts race. Based on her health data, Gu Yu carefully prepared a nutritious meal for Jiang Yiyi. However, the healthy and bland diet was hard for Jiang Yiyi to swallow, and the two had very different lifestyles. Du Yao and Tang Xiaofei had a dispute in a bookstore over a limited edition game disc. Du Yao came to ask about Gu Yu's recent situation with bruises on his face. Gu Yu couldn't conceal his change of attitude towards Jiang Yiyi in his words, which was noticed by observant Du Yao. The robot dog heard a barking outside on a rainy day and chased after it. Gu Yu and Jiang Yiyi went out anxiously to search for it, but an unexpected incident triggered Gu Yu's stress response. Jiang Yiyi hugged Gu Yu when he fell, once again proving that she had a special calming effect on him. Fortunately, everything was alright, and the two helped each other back home to find the robot dog waiting for them.

The competition was extremely intense, and in the end, Jiang Yiyi's group came out on top with the highest accuracy rate. On the shady path of the campus, Gu Yu asked Jiang Yiyi why she attached so much importance to this competition. Jiang Yiyi explained that only by winning the AI venture capital competition through the selection match, she could have the opportunity to complete a project that was very important and necessary for her. At this moment, the petals were flying, and the determination and belief in Jiang Yiyi's eyes made Gu Yu fascinated. At night, Gu Yu dreamed of kissing Jiang Yiyi, and his heart couldn't help but beat faster. He wondered if he had another new bug.

Later, during the embrace with Jiang Yiyi's test, their frequent physical contact made his heart beat faster. All these signs made Gu Yu feel a strange feeling growing inside him. He advised himself not to continue indulging in it and it was time to end his work with Jiang Yiyi. Jiang Yiyi, to thank Gu Yu, carefully adjusted a pair of intelligent earphones as a gift, but before the gift could be given, Gu Yu informed her that their cooperation was over. His eagerness to distance himself from their relationship made Jiang Yiyi feel sad. At the same time, news came from the school that Jiang Yiyi's group's qualification for the competition had been canceled. The consecutive blows caused Jiang Yiyi to fall into a state of emotional depression.

Under the instigation of Su Yue, rumors that Jiang Yiyi's group unfairly obtained a spot in the competition grew stronger. Jiang Yiyi and her team had disputes with other members, but luckily Chen Feng, an investor from Bi'an Group, came to Jiang Yiyi's rescue in time. After class, Chen Feng called out Jiang Yiyi's name. Looking at the familiar face, Jiang Yiyi remembered that the person in front of her was her elementary school desk mate. Chen Feng and Jiang Yiyi reunited after many years, but they were unexpectedly joined by an "uninvited guest," Gu Yu. This gathering ultimately turned into a confrontation between Jiang Yiyi and Gu Yu, which ended on an unhappy note.

Gu Yu heard rumors about Jiang Yiyi in the training camp, and on Du Yao's suggestion, he came up with a perfect plan. Gu Yu parachuted into the training camp classroom and organized a competition. Jiang Yiyi's abilities were recognized by everyone, and the previous rumors were proven false. After the competition, Jiang Yiyi realized that this was a "self-proving" event designed by Gu Yu for her.

Gu Yu had always wanted to clear up the misunderstanding with Jiang Yiyi, but he happened to witness Chen Feng and Jiang Yiyi's dinner again. As the "black-clothed man," Gu Yu followed them, feeling jealous.

Finally, they had their first alone time in the training camp. They both opened up and cleared up the misunderstandings between them, which gradually heated up the ambiguous atmosphere between them. Jiang Yiyi, who had "run away," gradually regained her senses and reminded herself to focus on the competition. She wanted to distance herself from Gu Yu, but she couldn't avoid the female trainees in the camp who were eager to find out Gu Yu's preferences. This awkward topic made Jiang Yiyi feel mixed emotions. Gu Yu noticed that Jiang Yiyi was avoiding him. During an outdoor detection activity, Gu Yu approached Jiang Yiyi to find out the reason, but Su Yue, who was clingy, kept bothering Gu Yu. This made Jiang Yiyi even more frustrated. While installing equipment, she sprained her foot and could only let Gu Yu carry her back to the hotel. Before leaving, Gu Yu left the robot dog for Jiang Yiyi to take care of and hoped that she would not avoid him anymore. Jiang Yiyi was moved by this. When her foot healed, Jiang Yiyi received a call from a sanatorium and hurriedly took a leave from the camp. She saw her sick mother and broke down emotionally. As the storm approached, Tang Xiaofei still hadn't seen Jiang Yiyi return to the camp, and her phone was unreachable, so she contacted Gu Yu. At this moment, Gu Yu finally clarified his thoughts and realized that he liked Jiang Yiyi. After learning that Jiang Yiyi had not returned from her leave, Gu Yu drove to find her based on the robot dog's location.

Jiang Yiyi woke up and saw the note left by Gu Yu. She suddenly remembered that Gu Yu had received a call from the US headquarters about the server being attacked and had already returned to the US to deal with the emergency. However, the messages from Gu Yu still made Jiang Yiyi feel at ease. The distance and time difference between them did not become an obstacle, and the growing longing made it even more unbearable. Before Gu Yu returned, Jiang Yiyi once again opened her secret little box and made a very important decision.

At the end of the venture capital training camp, Chen Feng once again invited Jiang Yiyi to consider the cooperation issue of the RE project. Jiang Yiyi said she would seriously consider his suggestion. Chen Feng seemed determined to win the RE project and discussed it with Wan Jin, but Wan Jin was only interested in the Puke project. Chen Feng then revealed his plan.

The problem at the US headquarters was finally resolved, and Gu Yu and Du Ya returned. Gu Yu left Du Ya at the airport and went straight to Jiang Yiyi's house, only to find that she was not at home. Disappointed, Gu Yu returned home and was greeted by Jiang Yiyi's carefully prepared confession ceremony. Jiang Yiyi finally decided to break through her innermost feelings and confess to Gu Yu that she was his childhood sweetheart and had never forgotten about him. The two finally succeeded in being together.

At Du Yao's suggestion, Gu Yu prepared for a date at an amusement park, with Du Yao and Tang Xiaofei accompanying as support. Unexpectedly, the two girls focused solely on the thrilling rides, not providing Gu Yu with the opportunity to protect Jiang Yiyi. Instead, his aloof and cool image was completely shattered as the two men were scared and clung to each other on the high rides. After several rides, the "perfect date" progress was difficult to push forward. In order to make progress, Du Yao and Tang Xiaofei frequently demonstrated, regardless of the awkward atmosphere between them. They even snatched the actor's clothes in the haunted house and pretended to be ghosts to scare Jiang Yiyi. Although she quickly saw through their act, Gu Yu's boyfriend power was still shown. In the evening, Jiang Yiyi and Gu Yu, who were on a separate date, unexpectedly found an old lady anxiously looking for her grandson. It turned out that her grandson, Qiqi, had gotten lost in the amusement park. Kind-hearted Jiang Yiyi immediately decided to stop the date and help the old lady find her grandson. Gu Yu quickly found the black-clothed man who had "kidnapped" Qiqi using facial recognition systems, but after catching the man, it turned out to be a misunderstanding. Through surveillance video from the amusement park, they discovered that Qiqi had actually been following the amusement park mascot, "Rabbit Hero".

Jiang Yiyi was very happy to help Qiqi, but she and Gu Yu disagreed on whether the widespread use of AI biomimicry technology would cause emotional damage to humans. Therefore, Jiang Yiyi did not dare to tell Gu Yu about the content of the project she was preparing for the venture capital competition. On the day of the competition, Jiang Yiyi's "Artificially Intelligent Deceased Loved One" project caused a sensation, although it won second place in the whole audience, it did not receive any financing intentions from any company. As a judge, Gu Yu also understood why Jiang Yiyi had been hiding the project from him and left angrily. Jiang Yiyi wanted to explain to Gu Yu, but she received another olive branch from Chen Feng. That night, Jiang Yiyi apologized to Gu Yu in person, although Gu Yu finally stopped being angry thanks to her coquettish tactics, but Jiang Yiyi was surprised that what Gu Yu cared about was not the project itself, but that he was worried that she did not trust him. The two people who cleared up the misunderstanding had a sweet and warm moment, but Jiang Yiyi, although shaken, still couldn't completely tell Gu Yu about her concerns about her sister. Tang Xiaofei was puzzled why Jiang Yiyi did not seek help from Gu Yu for her RE project which was unable to obtain investment. Jiang Yiyi had no choice but to tell the actual reason why she was doing the project, she did not want to trouble Gu Yu, but also worried that he would not support her.

Jiang Yiyi admitted to accepting investment from Bi'an Group, but Gu Yu always felt that Bi'an wouldn't easily invest in such a small project and was worried that Chen Feng and Mr. Wan might have ulterior motives. However, Jiang Yiyi mistakenly thought that Gu Yu looked down on her project, and they parted ways unhappily. Seeing that the two were torturing themselves, Tang Xiaofei and Du Yao put aside their differences and met to discuss how to help the couple get out of the haze. They found out that they had a common secret after drowning their sorrows in alcohol and becoming unconscious. Several days later, Gu Yu came to Bi'an to sign the contract for the AI pet project, coinciding with Jiang Yiyi's completion of the primary model of the RE project. Originally, Gu Yu was willing to reconcile with Jiang Yiyi, but he saw Jiang Yiyi and Chen Feng laughing happily, once again misunderstanding that Jiang Yiyi didn't care about him at all. During the signing ceremony between Gu Yu and Mr. Wan, Chen Feng proposed to acquire Gu Yu's project, "Pangu." Gu Yu firmly refused, and at this point, Chen Feng and Mr. Wan revealed their true intentions - they would use the RE project to force Gu Yu to comply. If he didn't agree, Bi'an would develop a lulling game targeting the otaku community using the primary model of the RE project, and Jiang Yiyi's hard work would be completely wasted. Gu Yu, who was coerced, could only agree to consider it first, and although Chen Feng felt sorry for using the primary model of the RE project, it wasn't time for him to fight back yet.


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