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Estranged Fall In Love – Hu Dandan, Yan Zixian

Estranged Fall In Love is a historical fantasy romantic drama directed by Yang Zhen, led by Hu Dandan and Yan Zixian, co-starring Wang Junzhe, Bai Xuhan, Fan Jinjia, Cao Junhao, Shen Bohuai, Jiao Zhonghui, Song Jinyang, and Ning Xianzhou.

Divided into two seasons, the series tells the story of Cang Hanyu, a prince of the Wu Dynasty, who takes fate and love into his own hands when he tries to save his childhood sweetheart, Nan Si, in exchange for the chance to live a new life at the cost of a painful death.


Estranged Fall In Love

English Title: Estranged Fall In Love
Chinese Title: 宠妃凰图
Other Titles: Estranged Fall In Love Season 1
Genre: Historical, Fantasy, Romance, Drama
Tag: Childhood Sweethearts, Reincarnation
Episodes: 24
Duration: 10 min.
Director: Yang Zhen, Xu Jie
Writer: Yao Yao, Wu Huan, Wang Hanhe
Producer: Ma Shuai, Liu Jiajia, Shi Mengjie, Xu Jie, Wu Nan, Li Jiayu, Deng Feng
Product Company: TencentVideo, Yuewen Group
Released Date: 2023-09-09
Broadcast Website: TencentVideo, 腾讯视频



Cang Hanyu, in order to save his beloved Nan Si, initiates a secret technique for rebirth, but must bear the painful cost of never being able to marry her in this lifetime.

However, the two refuse to yield to fate and vow to confront the so-called divine condemnation and curse together until the end...


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