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Yes, Her Majesty – Hu Dandan, Cheng Yufeng

Yes, Her Majesty (Si Shi Hao)is a historical romantic short drama directed by Huang Yingxiang, starring Hu Dandan, Cheng Yufeng, Zhang Dongzi, and Lai Xilong.


Yes, Her Majesty

English Title: Yes, Her Majesty
Chinese Title: 四时好
Genre: Historical, Romance, Drama
Tag: Identity Swap, Strong Female Lead, Lying, Hidden Personality, Amnesia, Steamy Kiss
Episodes: 20
Duration: 10 min.
Director: Huang Yingxiang
Writer: Yang Xiaoye
Producer: Yang Xiaoye
Released Date: 2023-01-31
Broadcast Website: WeTV



After falling into the water, the "Female Emperor" of Da Yan has a memory confusion and falls into a "dream of lies" woven for her by the "Male Queen".

As the "Female Emperor" continues to discover the truth about her identity, she falls in love with the man who protects her and helps her realize her dreams.


Three days ago, Emperor Yue Lizheng, the ruler of the Da Yan Kingdom, fell into the water by accident and lost his memory after waking up. When he saw Empress Li Shihao, he thought she was a handsome man until she spoke and lost all her grace. Eunuch An Xin came to ask Yue Lizheng to turn over a card, which he found had only radical components written on it. He randomly turned over one and a person came to serve him in bed, but to his surprise, it was Empress Li Shihao. He asked her to leave and continued to turn over cards, but each time, it was still Empress Li Shihao who came. Yue Lizheng asked her how this was possible, and Empress Li Shihao explained that the radicals combined to form the character "empress," and since they were happily married, she was the only one in the palace.

Yue Lizheng asked Empress Li Shihao to leave, but she claimed to have a headache caused by the after-effects of saving him from drowning and wished to stay. Yue Lizheng smelled a familiar scent on her body from before the accident and grew suspicious, so he sent her away.

Yue Lizheng asked the palace maids about the circumstances surrounding his accident, and all of them claimed that Empress Li Shihao had saved him. Yue Lizheng began to suspect that they were colluding. Later, when his chamber was struck by lightning and flooded, Empress Li Shihao rushed back and saw him by the water's edge. Yue Lizheng almost fell but Empress Li Shihao caught him. Yue Lizheng recalled seeing this scene before his accident and began to suspect that Empress Li Shihao had pushed him into the water.

Yue Lizheng suspected that Li Shihao had rebellious intentions and thought it was not good that she was the only one in the harem. To avoid Li Shihao becoming too powerful, Yue Lizheng decided to take in new consorts. The first to arrive was Xiao Baichuan, son of the lord of Dongyun, but Yue Lizheng was disappointed to hear that Xiao Baichuan's health had always been poor and he couldn't have children. The second to arrive was Yun Ni, the young prince of Lian County. Yue Lizheng thought his face was very handsome, but Yun Ni revealed that he had used facial transformation techniques and couldn't be touched or it would break.

Li Shihao thought that these people were not as good as her own guards, so Yue Lizheng had them brought in. Kong Gu was chosen as the chief of the guards because of his martial arts skills. Palace maid Lan Ruo asked if Yue Lizheng was really interested in Kong Gu, and if the queen had any ulterior motives, what would happen since he would be the queen's spy? Yue Lizheng saw this as an opportunity to test Li Shihao.

Li Shihao compensated these people with money for exposing their flaws and as hush money to keep them from talking. Kong Gu went to Yue Lizheng's side, and Lan Ruo pretended to be an assassin to test Kong Gu, but a real assassin did come to attack Yue Lizheng. Kong Gu saved Lan Ruo and went after the assassin. Luckily, Li Shihao arrived in time to save Yue Lizheng.

Kong Gu rushed in upon hearing the noise, and Li Shihao asked him to catch the assassin. However, Kong Gu found out that the assassin was already dead. Yue Lizheng noticed that Li Shihao was injured and asked how she was. Li Shihao had a quick idea and pretended to faint, saying that she was in great pain.

The doctor came to treat Li Shihao's injury and said that when Yue Lizheng fell into the water last time, Li Shihao saved her but got a lingering illness. This time, Li Shihao was injured again and needed to rest well. Yue Lizheng didn't expect that Li Shihao had really saved him, so he bandaged her wound. Li Shihao woke up suddenly. She said she treated Yue Lizheng sincerely but couldn't exchange it for a lifetime of love. Yue Lizheng could only promise not to marry anyone else for now.

Kong Gu came to apologize to Yue Lizheng, who decided to remove him from the position of captain of the guard and make him a personal attendant. Kong Gu told Yue Lizheng that the assassin was a former member of the rebel Cheng Nian. Li Shihao checked the body and found blue mud and gentian in the nails, both of which were unique to the Fanguo Bailin Kingdom. She asked Kong Gu to send a spy to investigate the Bailin Kingdom.

Li Shihao learned that Yue Lizheng had appointed Kong Gu as her personal attendant and was very upset. She asked someone to tell Yue Lizheng that her old injury had recurred and she had a high fever. Li Shihao was soaking in the pool when Kong Gu came in unexpectedly. She put on her clothes and learned that Yue Lizheng was about to arrive, wanting to take them off, but she couldn't. She asked Kong Gu to help her take them off. Yue Lizheng came in at this moment and misunderstood the situation, wanting to leave.

Li Shihao hurried to help Yue Lizheng up when he slipped, but they both fell and almost kissed. Afterward, both of them couldn't stop thinking about what happened, feeling restless.

Li Shihao helped Yue Lizheng correct his memorial and kept the ones urging him to attend early court, leaving the rest for Kong Gu to take back. She warned him not to mix them up. The next day, when Yue Lizheng received the memorials, he realized they were all urging him to attend court, and even accused him of being lazy for not attending in the past few days. Yue Lizheng was surprised by his own neglect, and felt that the incident of falling into the water had awakened him. He decided to be a diligent emperor and go to court that day.

Kong Gu quickly told Li Shihao that he had taken the wrong memorials, and Yue Lizheng was going to attend court. Suddenly, it started raining, and the road was washed away. However, Yue Lizheng insisted on going to court by boat. Li Shihao sent someone to inform Yue Lizheng that she had eloped with palace ladies, but a eunuch returned to tell her that Yue Lizheng had not come.

Li Shihao was about to disembark when Yue Lizheng suddenly appeared, surprising her and causing her to fall. She thought he was holding her, but it turned out to be Kong Gu. Yue Lizheng asked why she had gone to such lengths to prevent him from attending court, and Li Shihao replied that if he went, he would find out that she was not the real Li Shihao.

Li Shihao told Yue Lizheng that a year ago, Cheng Nian rebelled and killed the emperor and empress. At that time, the crown prince, Yue Lizheng, escaped but was still killed by Cheng Nian. Fortunately, General Li Xiao rushed over and killed Cheng Nian. However, Yue Lizheng was the only son of the former emperor. If news of his death spread, it would certainly cause turmoil throughout the country. Those feudal lords who coveted the throne would rebel.

Li Xiao let his daughter, Li Shihao, take the place of the crown prince and ascend the throne. When she attended court, she always held a screen in front of her and let the eunuchs relay messages for her. They told outsiders that the emperor was weak due to being frightened. For the past year, except for those who served in the inner palace, no one knew that the emperor was a woman. Li Shihao was originally Li Xiao's nephew, and he entered the palace to assist the emperor, who was Li Xiao's daughter.

Yue Lizheng was very surprised. After she fell into the water, she didn't remember her past. She thought that this country allowed women to accomplish something, but she didn't expect to be just a substitute. Li Shihao said that whether male or female, she would always be the emperor in her heart, and she would always accompany her.

Yue Lizheng went to attend court, and the ministers urged her to have an heir as soon as possible. Li Xiao came out to speak and felt that Yue Lizheng had just fallen into the water and her health was not good, so this matter could not be rushed. Yue Lizheng announced that the court would be held every morning from then on. Li Shihao learned that the ministers were urging for an heir and felt that they had finally done something right.


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