2023 Chinese Drama List

Escape Guide – Wu Peng, Zhai Yiying, He Yutong

Escape Guide is a suspenseful adventure drama directed by Wang Sheng, starring Wu Peng, Zhai Yiying, and Zhao Yuntian, co-starring Yu Yang, He Yutong, Li Ao, Zhou Jiayi, Li Jingyao, Song Xia, and He Yitian.


Escape Guide

English Title: Escape Guide
Chinese Title: 我有一份逃生指南
Genre: Suspense, Thriller, Adventure, Drama
Tag: Adapted From A Novel, Game World
Episodes: 25
Duration: 6 min.
Director: Wang Sheng
Writer: Pei Yuanhua
Producer: Huang Yulou, Liu Yang, Lan Youcai, Zhang Yichen, He Yanping
Product Company: TencentVideo
Released Date: 2023-03-29
Boradcast Website: 腾讯视频



Quick-witted high school student Lin Yangfei, seasoned female gamer He Yingyue, and the burly man from Northeast China Chen Donghui, all woke up to find themselves in an escape game.

Only Lin Yangfei had seen an escape guide, and they were faced with a sudden real-life survival situation, experiencing strange and unbelievable events and facing mysterious and unpredictable challenges throughout their journey.

Episode Plot

Lin Yangfei is a senior high school student. These days, he has been having nightmares, and it’s always the same nightmare. He dreams of himself in a desolate forest, and a pale-faced female ghost suddenly appears in front of him. After the ghost disappears, he sees a coffin. He approaches to take a look, and suddenly a female ghost sits up from the coffin. Every time this happens, he wakes up in fright.

Because he has been having this dream for a long time, Lin Yangfei realizes that something is bound to happen. His guess is indeed correct. It is this morning, just as the alarm clock is about to go off, that he hears a sound in his ear, a sound like a monstrous creature in the World of Warcraft. The voice welcomes him to the game world and tells him that the game has already begun. The voice awaits them at the center of this world because the person said “them,” and the male protagonist realizes that there should be others participating in this game.

On Lin Yangfei’s desk is a survival guidebook with some instructions. Lin Yangfei picks it up and takes a look. Meanwhile, in two other rooms, there is a strong man and a beautiful woman. They are also participants in this escape room challenge. After reading the survival guidebook, Lin Yangfei prepares to go out and take a look, but he discovers that the doors in the room are all locked. At this moment, he sees a card on the table. He picks it up and lightly swipes it across the door crack, and the door unexpectedly opens.

Lin Yangfei opened the door to the kitchen, but the other doors remained tightly locked. He tried pulling on each lock, confirming that they couldn’t be opened. Then he shouted loudly outside the door, asking who was so bored as to trap him here and not let him out. He threatened to report them for illegal detention. However, despite shouting for a long time, no one responded. So he thought, “Isn’t this just an escape room? I’ve played it before. Today, I’ll show them how I can escape.” With this in mind, he grabbed a backpack and stuffed all the food from the refrigerator into it. Just at that moment, he heard a noise from the next room, and he quickly picked up a kitchen knife.

The noise from the next room grew louder and louder. Before long, an axe split open the wooden door of the kitchen, revealing the face of a burly man. That man was Chen Donghui. Lin Yangfei immediately recognized him and happily shouted, “Brother Hui!” He also complained that Brother Hui almost scared him to death. Chen Donghui told Lin Yangfei that after he had finished drinking, he lay down to sleep at home. Unexpectedly, when he woke up, he was here, and there was only an axe next to him. Lin Yangfei suspected that the axe might be a key.

Both Lin Yangfei and Chen Donghui were hungry, and they saw ready-to-eat food on the table. So they started eating. Chen Donghui found something strange about the potatoes on the plate. Just as he was picking up a potato, someone suddenly snatched it away.

The woman who snatched the potato is called Xinyue. While eating the potato, she asked Lin Yangfei and Chen Donghui if they were also here to participate in the escape room challenge. Lin Yangfei learned that she voluntarily joined and asked her about the situation. Xinyue told Lin Yangfei that as long as someone obtains his hair and blood, others can help him sign up. If they manage to win in the end, they can receive a prize of 1 million dollars. If they form a team, the participants can share the prize money equally.

While Xinyue was talking and eating, she suddenly felt something pricking her, almost breaking her teeth. When she looked at it, she realized that there was a key hidden inside the potato. With the appearance of the key, the escape operation of the three people began.

They were taken to a library. Lin Yangfei saw a musical score on the table, while Xinyue saw a star chart on the wall. Xinyue wondered if the musical score could unlock the code of the star chart, but Chen Donghui took the axe and struck the star chart. After the star chart was split open, another concealed star chart was revealed. Xinyue noticed several black dots on that star chart. She connected the black dots with a pen, and a set of numbers appeared on the star chart: 188711.

As Lin Yangfei and Xinyue were puzzled by the set of numbers, Chen Donghui, who was standing under the bookshelf, suddenly got hit on the head by something. He looked up and discovered a small box on the bookshelf. After taking the box down, Chen Donghui picked up the axe and was about to split it open, but Xinyue walked over and stopped him.

Lin Yangfei placed the small box on the table and noticed a lock on it. He remembered the key that Xinyue found earlier and asked her to bring it over. Indeed, the box opened with the key. Chen Donghui watched on and praised Lin Yangfei for being clever.

Inside the small box was a letter with the heading “For Mr. Song.” Lin Yangfei opened the envelope, took out the letter, and began to read it. The letter was dated February 1887. Seeing the date, Lin Yangfei immediately thought of the set of numbers.

While Lin Yangfei and Xinyue were studying the letter together, Chen Donghui found a concealed safe in the corner of the wall. At that moment, Lin Yangfei recalled the set of numbers and proceeded to dial the combination lock on the safe in the order of the numbers. Unexpectedly, the safe opened, revealing a card inside. The card read, “There will be a moment when darkness descends.”

As Lin Yangfei looked at the words on the card, he suddenly remembered what the escape guidebook mentioned: after 9 PM, it would become dark here until 7 AM the next morning when it would become light again. He glanced at the wall clock, and the hour and minute hands were pointing precisely at 9 o’clock. Xinyue and Chen Donghui, upon hearing Lin Yangfei mention the escape guidebook, curiously asked him what it was. Lin Yangfei then realized that they didn’t have it with them, so he opened the backpack, intending to show it to them. However, to his surprise, he realized that the escape guidebook he distinctly remembered putting in the backpack was nowhere to be found.

The three of them observed their surroundings, and Xinyue noticed a notebook on a round table. The notebook was written by Mrs. Song’s maid and clearly recorded when she was hired by Mrs. Song and what she had done in the Song family. Because both the notebook and the letter mentioned Mrs. Song, Lin Yangfei suspected that the place they were in should be where Mrs. Song used to live, and since Mrs. Song had already passed away, this place could possibly be a haunted house.

In the maid’s diary, it was also written that the house had a total of five floors, and the housekeeper lived at the end of the second-floor corridor. However, they had no idea how to get there. Xinyue speculated that even if they could go upstairs, they might not necessarily find the housekeeper’s room because all the rooms here had been ransacked. At that moment, Chen Donghui muttered that the flashlight seemed to be running out of battery.

Lin Yangfei noticed candles on the table and lit one for himself, while Xinyue and Chen Donghui each held one. At that moment, Lin Yangfei felt a chill, and upon seeing that Xinyue was still wearing a sleeveless top that exposed her shoulders, he led her to the bedroom and found a piece of clothing for her. Chen Donghui, sensing an eerie silence around him, hurriedly followed suit, and Lin Yangfei also provided him with clothing. However, Chen Donghui refused to wear it.

Xinyue noticed that Lin Yangfei seemed somewhat familiar with the house and asked him about it. Lin Yangfei explained that he felt the room layout was similar to his own home. While they were talking, Chen Donghui suddenly caught a foul smell and quickly realized that it was coming from Lin Yangfei. Lin Yangfei first sniffed his own clothes and finally discovered that the odor was emanating from the backpack. It seemed like he remembered something and hastily ran towards the kitchen. However, before they could reach the kitchen, they heard a horrifying girl’s cry coming from ahead.

Chen Donghui nervously raised the axe and was about to rush over to investigate, but Xinyue held him back and suggested they take another corridor. However, as soon as they entered that corridor, they felt dizzy, and their ears seemed to lose the ability to hear sound. Lin Yangfei saw a painting on the corridor, and the image of a little girl on the painting seemed to come alive, constantly changing expressions.

Lin Yangfei focused his gaze on the painting and realized that the girl in it hadn’t moved. What he saw earlier was just his illusion. He wanted to tell Xinyue and Chen Donghui about this, but they couldn’t hear him speak. Similarly, Lin Yangfei couldn’t hear them either. So he took out a pen and wrote a few words on his palm, signaling them to continue forward. As they moved on, a skeleton suddenly appeared behind them, emitting a sinister laugh.

After passing through the corridor, the three of them arrived in the kitchen. Surprisingly, Xinyue could now hear Lin Yangfei speaking. Lin Yangfei and Chen Donghui also realized that their hearing had been restored. Chen Donghui noticed the mess in the kitchen, and all the leftover food they had just eaten had turned rancid. As he wondered about this, he accidentally bumped into something on the chair and placed it on the table.

Xinyue recognized the object as a tangram puzzle that children play with. She had played with this type of puzzle a lot when she was younger. She held the tangram in her hands and effortlessly solved the puzzle. Once the puzzle was complete, a box beneath the image opened, revealing another picture. The picture had a message written on it: “Congratulations, Lulu, for getting the first piece of candy. Look for the next clue in the guest bedroom on the fourth floor.”

Lin Yangfei discovered that the candy was also spoiled, leading him to suspect that things in this place would deteriorate at night. Xinyue suggested going to the fourth floor to investigate, but Lin Yangfei asked her to wait and shifted his gaze towards the table.

Xinyue and Chen Donghui followed Lin Yangfei’s gaze and quickly noticed the problem. The things on the table had changed again. Seeing their puzzled expressions, Lin Yangfei told them not to approach this escape room experience with a normal mindset. He suspected that they might have entered a different dimension, similar to The Matrix, and there might be other participants here.

Just then, Chen Donghui interrupted Lin Yangfei and asked him to look at the painting on the wall. Curiously, Lin Yangfei and Xinyue approached the painting. Lin Yangfei vividly remembered that the figures in the painting were originally sitting by the river fishing, but now they seemed to be standing up. Suddenly, Xinyue exclaimed that the person in the painting seemed to be looking at them. As the three of them were talking, the girl in the painting suddenly grew larger and reached out her hand towards them. With a loud snap, a metal key fell to the ground, and the girl in the painting returned to her original appearance. They thought they were experiencing an illusion.

Chen Donghui noticed a scar on Lin Yangfei’s head, and Lin Yangfei explained that he got it two months ago from a collision. Then the three of them entered another room. Chen Donghui suspected it was the housekeeper’s room, but Lin Yangfei told him that the housekeeper’s room was on the second-floor corridor, and they were currently on the fifth floor. He felt that this room was likely the master’s room. Suddenly, a strange voice echoed in the room, surprising Xinyue, who discovered that the voice was coming from the person in the painting.

Upon hearing the person in the painting speak, Lin Yangfei, Xinyue, and the others approached the painting with candles in hand. Suddenly, a middle-aged man emerged from the painting and told them that Lulu was not Mrs. Song’s daughter but the kitchen maid’s child. Lin Yangfei was astonished and asked the person in the painting how he could speak. After some thought, the person in the painting explained that ever since a guest arrived here, he gained awareness of this world. He also told Lin Yangfei that he overheard the maid saying that after the guest arrived, the entire villa underwent significant changes. When Lin Yangfei asked him where in the villa had been altered, the person in the painting replied that he was merely a painting and had no knowledge of such things.

Lin Yangfei asked the person in the painting which room they were currently in, and he was told it was the guest bedroom on the 4th floor. Upon hearing this, Lin Yangfei realized that the room layout had indeed been disrupted. He then asked the person in the painting if anyone had hidden candies or a wooden box here. After some consideration, the person in the painting informed Lin Yangfei that Meixue and Lulu did enjoy playing such games of hiding things. Finally, he helped Lin Yangfei find a small wooden box.

The mysterious person in the painting further convinced Lin Yangfei and the others that something strange must have occurred here. Lin Yangfei opened the small wooden box, revealing a piece of paper with a message that congratulated Lulu on finding the second candy, with the last one hidden in the utility room.

Lin Yangfei suspected that something unfortunate had happened here in 1887, resulting in everyone being trapped. The person in the painting informed Lin Yangfei that besides the maid, Bor, there were also male servants named Enkes and Song Zhen in this place. Chen Donghui asked the person in the painting about the corridor and why they couldn’t hear any sound when they reached there.

The person in the painting glanced at the corridor, then turned around and asked Chen Donghui to lower his voice so that Mrs. Song wouldn’t hear. Bor mentioned that Mrs. Song had poor mental health and a light sleep. She could hear even the slightest sound in the corridor. According to the person in the painting, everyone in the villa is still alive.

Lin Yangfei asked the person in the painting about the crying girl in the study. The person in the painting puzzledly touched his head and said that the study should be on the first floor, and where they had just been was definitely not the study. Chen Donghui picked up a picture frame beside him, and Lin Yangfei pointed to the woman in the photo and asked if she was Mrs. Song. The person in the painting nodded and told him that Bor had mentioned Mrs. Song’s mental health issues.

Chen Donghui searched the room again and found a small box under the bed. Lin Yangfei took out a key with a winding mechanism from the box. The person in the painting told Lin Yangfei that it belonged to Lulu. Lin Yangfei wanted to know what had happened here back then, and the person in the painting said he knew about it.

The person in the painting told Lin Yangfei that his memory was very good. Upon hearing the response from the person in the painting, Lin Yangfei asked him again what had happened here in December 1887 that had disappointed him so much. Surprisingly, the person in the painting said he didn’t know, which infuriated Chen Donghui, and he almost lit him up with the candle.

As it approached 2 o’clock in the morning, Chen Donghui yawned and was about to lie down in bed to sleep. Lin Yangfei hurriedly stopped him because according to the escape guide, once someone falls asleep at night, they won’t wake up again, and the nights here become extremely terrifying. Just as Lin Yangfei mentioned this, footsteps could be heard in the distance. Nervously, Chen Donghui raised the axe in his hand, but the footsteps quickly disappeared. The person in the painting reappeared in front of them. Seeing Chen Donghui’s nervousness, the person in the painting curiously asked him why he was so afraid. This was Mrs. Song’s mansion, and it had always been safe. Chen Donghui found the person in the painting too noisy and decided to go outside to take a look. Lin Yangfei and He Yingyue followed him.

At 4 o’clock in the morning, the three of them arrived at a messy room. Chen Donghui felt that this room was the grocery store they had visited before. What puzzled them was that the room had been tidy during the day, but now it was in complete disarray, as if no one had lived there for a long time. He Yingyue remembered that there was one place she hadn’t searched during the day, and there, she indeed found a wooden box.

Lin Yangfei discovered that there was a combination lock on the wooden box. Chen Donghui asked Lin Yangfei to utilize his expertise to crack the code, but the code consisted of three sets of numbers, making it difficult to decipher without any hints.

In the end, Lin Yangfei, feeling helpless, asked Chen Donghui to use his expertise. He Yingyue was curious about what Chen Donghui’s expertise was. Chen Donghui lifted his axe and struck the wooden box. After the box was split open, He Yingyue glanced inside and let out a shocked scream.

Lin Yangfei initially thought that there would be cards or some other items inside the wooden box, providing them with clues. However, to his surprise, there were no cards but a glass container inside, and within that container were a pair of eyeballs. After snapping out of it, He Yingyue asked Lin Yangfei whether the eyeballs were real or fake. If they were fake, they were incredibly realistic.

As Lin Yangfei gazed at the pair of eyeballs, he suddenly posed a question to He Yingyue and Chen Donghui. They had encountered so many strange things today that seemed to challenge their worldview, suggesting that ghosts were indeed real. Holding up the glass container, he muttered to himself that these were Lulu’s eyes, and he intended to return them to her.

Chen Donghui asked Lin Yangfei how he would know that those were Lulu’s eyes. Lin Yangfei held the glass container and replied that it was his intuition. Not only did he feel that the eyes belonged to Lulu, but he also sensed that the liquid inside the glass container was all Lulu’s tears. Furthermore, he seemed to have a feeling that Lulu was somewhere, continuously crying. Upon hearing Lin Yangfei’s words, Chen Donghui suddenly felt a sense of sadness, and tears welled up in his eyes.

As the time approached five in the morning, the atmosphere in the villa became even more terrifying. He Yingyue decided to find some equipment and was fortunate enough to discover three flashlights. They no longer had to rely on lit candles. He Yingyue told Lin Yangfei and Chen Donghui that since they were a team, they needed to act together. Lin Yangfei and Chen Donghui agreed, and the three of them made a pact by clapping hands.

Just at that moment, there was suddenly a sound coming from upstairs, and it was growing louder. Eventually, pieces of the ceiling started falling off. Upon seeing this situation, they quickly took cover in a corner. After Chen Donghui reached the corner, he was suddenly grabbed by something. He urgently sought help from Lin Yangfei and He Yingyue. Lin Yangfei looked behind him and saw what appeared to be a woman standing there. He cautiously asked if she was Meixue. Upon hearing Lin Yangfei’s question, one tightly shut eye suddenly opened.

Chen Donghui had his neck choked by someone, and He Yingyue and Lin Yangfei quickly shone their flashlights on him. They saw a disheveled woman standing behind Chen Donghui. The woman was wearing a white robe with black dots, and her face had no trace of color. There was a sharp long knife embedded in her head. She was using both hands to tightly grip Chen Donghui’s neck.

Upon seeing the scars on her hands, Lin Yangfei immediately guessed that she was Meixue, the maid. He loudly demanded that she release Chen Donghui. Meixue, calling out for Yusheng, slowly loosened her grip, and Chen Donghui gasped for breath as he crawled towards Lin Yangfei and He Yingyue, seeking refuge behind them. Seeing Meixue gradually approaching them, Chen Donghui, with a trembling voice, pleaded with her not to come any closer.

Lin Yangfei asked Meixue if she was looking for her son. However, Meixue told him that she had no money and she was searching for a ruby necklace. Lin Yangfei agreed to help her find the ruby necklace and asked her where it was. Meixue told Lin Yangfei that she had hidden the ruby necklace at the end of the corridor on the 4th floor, in the… However, before she could finish her sentence, Meixue suddenly disappeared, and the darkness in the room vanished.

He Yingyue remembered that the end of the corridor on the 4th floor should be the room of the figure in the painting. So they decided to go there first. Lin Yangfei had a faint feeling that with Meixue’s appearance, a hidden guilt was gradually coming to the surface.

Lin Yangfei, He Yingyue, and the others arrived at the room of the figure in the painting, only to find that the figure was no longer there. Chen Donghui called out a few times, but there was no response. Lin Yangfei speculated that during the daytime, the figure could only exist within the painting. Chen Donghui mumbled that it was even better that the guy was not there, so they wouldn’t have to deal with his annoying chatter.

He Yingyue searched the room but couldn’t find Meixue’s ruby necklace. Chen Donghui told her not to waste her efforts because he had already searched the room several times. He estimated that the ruby necklace would only appear at night.

After a tense night, Lin Yangfei felt tired and lay down on the bed to rest. He Yingyue also lay down beside him, feeling a bit nervous because she had never been in bed with a man before. Lin Yangfei, seeing her reaction, deliberately moved closer to her. He Yingyue pretended to be angry and pushed him away. However, after she fell asleep, she not only rested her legs on Lin Yangfei’s body but also hugged his neck.

Chen Donghui got bored in the room and went out for a walk. When he returned, he brought back a table full of delicious food. He told Lin Yangfei that he had gone to the kitchen and found that the things that had gone bad yesterday had returned to their original state. So he brought the food to them. Lin Yangfei and He Yingyue were also hungry, so the three of them devoured the food.

He Yingyue learned that Chen Donghui had cooked the dishes and praised his cooking skills, saying they were really good. After finishing his meal, Chen Donghui fell fast asleep, while Lin Yangfei and He Yingyue continued eating. As they ate, they chatted. He Yingyue asked Lin Yangfei if he had figured out who had enrolled him. Lin Yangfei thought for a moment and said it must have been his father.

Upon hearing Lin Yangfei’s words, He Yingyue speculated that Lin Yangfei’s father must have thought he lacked social skills in his daily life, so he arranged for him to participate in social activities in this way. She also asked Lin Yangfei if he had ever had a young love. Lin Yangfei found her question a bit strange because, in his opinion, love should not be limited by time.

Hearing Lin Yangfei’s response, He Yingyue thought he might have a girlfriend, so she asked him what his girlfriend did and how they met. She even offered to give him advice. Lin Yangfei told He Yingyue that he was currently in his third year of high school and busy with homework all the time, so he didn’t have time for a girlfriend.

Lin Yangfei asked He Yingyue if she had a boyfriend. She smiled and replied that if she had a boyfriend, why would she participate in this silly game? However, with her appearance, she certainly wouldn’t have any trouble finding a boyfriend. Seeing a hint of disdain in Lin Yangfei’s eyes, she asked him if she was good-looking. When Lin Yangfei answered that she was indeed good-looking, she sarcastically remarked that it wasn’t for him to judge.

When it was dark, the figure in the painting reappeared. Seeing Lin Yangfei and the others eating, he asked if the food was delicious. He also told the male protagonist and the others that in this villa, the best food was cooked by the chef, Pan Hui. Seeing Chen Donghui’s disbelief, the figure in the painting challenged him to compare his cooking skills with Pan Hui and mentioned that she was currently in the kitchen.

He Yingyue asked the figure in the painting where the ruby necklace was. After thinking for a moment, the figure told her that the ruby necklace was originally here but was taken by the butler. He Yingyue then asked where the butler was, and the figure in the painting pointed to the wall. As a door suddenly appeared on the wall, He Yingyue felt puzzled. Lin Yangfei explained to her that the door should only appear at night, and the butler was probably using that door to leave.

Just as Lin Yangfei finished speaking, the figure in the painting informed him that the butler hadn’t left at all. Chen Donghui looked at the figure in the painting in astonishment and asked where the butler was now. At that moment, a terrifying laughter echoed in the room, and the photo album on the table flew up. Startled, the three of them were in shock, and the figure in the painting reappeared.

Confused, Lin Yangfei asked the figure in the painting if he could be the butler. The figure in the painting just smiled and didn’t answer. Then, from the door that appeared on the wall, a person who bore a striking resemblance to the figure in the painting walked out. He told Lin Yangfei that he was indeed the butler. Someone had painted his portrait, and he hung that painting in this room. Unexpectedly, over time, the painting gained spirituality and became the figure they saw in the painting.

The butler also told Lin Yangfei that whenever he saw the figure in the painting, he would think of someone from his past. Lin Yangfei speculated that the person the butler mentioned should be a woman, and the butler didn’t deny it. Lin Yangfei asked the figure in the painting if he remembered what happened in December 1887. After contemplating for a moment, the butler answered. Lin Yangfei wanted to know about the events that happened on that evening.

Regarding the events of that evening, Guan Jia furrowed his brows and said he had thought about it for a long time. In the end, he told Lin Yangfei that he couldn’t remember either. He felt like something was missing from his memory, as if there was something he needed to tell Madam Song. At that moment, Lin Yangfei suddenly realized that everyone in the villa had unfinished wishes. If he wanted to know the truth, he should help them fulfill their wishes first.

Lin Yangfei asked the butler where the ruby necklace was. Upon hearing Lin Yangfei’s question, the butler asked if he wanted to find Mei Xue. Lin Yangfei nodded and told the butler that they did want to help Mei Xue and hoped she could tell them something.

The butler told Lin Yangfei that Mei Xue was also a pitiful woman, and her greatest concern was her son. Normally, she served Madam Song, so she must know where Madam Song was. Saying this, he took out a necklace from his pocket and told Lin Yangfei that it belonged to Madam Song.

The butler also informed Lin Yangfei that Madam Song had hundreds or thousands of such necklaces. Even if one went missing, she wouldn’t care, but as the butler, he couldn’t neglect his duty. After obtaining the necklace, Lin Yangfei told He Yingyue and Chen Donghui that they couldn’t delay any longer and should leave now.

Hearing that they were going to find Mei Xue, Chen Donghui couldn’t help but feel nervous and quickly declared to Lin Yangfei that he couldn’t beat her. However, Lin Yangfei reassured Chen Donghui that he wasn’t asking him to fight Mei Xue. They would understand once they arrived there.

Lin Yangfei handed the ruby necklace to Chen Donghui and gave him a task. He asked Chen Donghui to mimic a child’s voice and call Mei Xue “mom.” Lin Yangfei instructed Chen Donghui to be a bit more emotional, and the success of their mission would depend on his performance. He Yingyue also gestured to encourage Chen Donghui. After Chen Donghui agreed, the two of them hid beside the table.

Chen Donghui held the ruby necklace and called out “mom” to the distant figure. Then, with a trembling voice, he said that he had brought the ruby necklace for her. As soon as he finished speaking, a figure suddenly appeared, gradually becoming clear. Mei Xue’s terrifying face soon emerged, with the scars from the burns on the left side of her face looking particularly eerie. Once she received the ruby necklace, a magical scene unfolded. Not only did her facial scars disappear, but her pale face suddenly gained color, transforming into the face of a normal woman.

At that moment, the butler also appeared. He greeted Mei Xue and informed her that these guests were here to uncover the truth. Mei Xue nodded slightly at Lin Yangfei and the others. Lin Yangfei then asked the question he wanted to know: How did she die back then?

Mei Xue thought for a moment and told Lin Yangfei that she didn’t know how she died. She only knew that one evening, the butler came to her and informed her that Madam Song wanted to see her. She got up and went to Madam’s room. When she was going downstairs, the butler had already left, and she happened to see Song Zhen. Song Zhen seemed to be holding something in his hand, which she felt was like a dagger. So she quietly followed him. Later, a dagger was held against her neck, and she couldn’t remember what happened after that.

Upon hearing Mei Xue’s words, Lin Yangfei asked the butler if he killed Mei Xue, but the butler shook his head. He told Lin Yangfei that it was snowing heavily that day. Initially, Madam Song wanted to talk to Mei Xue, so she asked the butler to inform her, but later Madam Song changed her mind and didn’t want to see her anymore.

Upon hearing Mei Xue’s account of seeing Song Zhen with a dagger, He Yingyue speculated that he killed Mei Xue. At that moment, Mei Xue remembered another thing. There was a maid named Bo’er in the villa. She was beautiful and liked to dress up. Her relationship with Song Zhen seemed abnormal, but Madam Song had a rule prohibiting romantic relationships among the staff. Mei Xue suspected that Song Zhen’s motive for killing her might be related to this.

Mei Xue also recalled one evening when she was sleeping in her room. She noticed Bo’er quietly getting up, and out of curiosity, she followed her. She discovered Song Zhen and Bo’er having a secret rendezvous. Bo’er was worried that Madam Song would find out, but Song Zhen assured her not to worry and said that the rules here should be changed.

Lin Yangfei suspected that Mei Xue was killed by Song Zhen and Bo’er because she caught them having an affair and they wanted to silence her. Upon hearing Mei Xue’s words, the butler blamed her for being confused and wondered why she didn’t tell Madam Song about this. Mei Xue hurriedly explained that she had already told Madam Song, but Madam Song said she wanted to give them a chance.

Lin Yangfei asked the butler how Mei Xue died, but the butler couldn’t remember. He only remembered that Song Zhen had a violent tendency. Because Song Zhen had some knowledge, Madam Song didn’t let him teach Lu Lu, but the butler had seen him hitting Lu Lu multiple times and had reprimanded him for it. Upon hearing the butler’s words, Lin Yangfei suspected that Madam Song’s and Lu Lu’s deaths were also related to Song Zhen, but to prove it, they needed to find Song Zhen.

Lin Yangfei asked Mei Xue what her son’s full name was. Chen Donghui also approached her and apologized. Mei Xue told Lin Yangfei that after she regained consciousness, she realized that Chen Donghui was not her son. Her son’s name was Yu Yusheng. When she passed away, her son was only 12 years old, so she treated Lu Lu as her own child. Lin promised Mei Xue that once they were out, he would help her find her child.

At that moment, Lin Yangfei remembered the winding key and asked Mei Xue if she had seen Lu Lu’s music box. Although Mei Xue didn’t know what a music box was, after hearing Lin Yangfei’s explanation that it was a thing that made sounds, she remembered that the music box was placed in the dining room. She also mentioned that on the day she died, she had given it to Lu Lu to play with.

Upon hearing Mei Xue’s words, Chen Donghui felt somewhat strange because their current location was indeed the dining room, but he had already searched the dining room several times and had not seen the music box. Lin Yangfei speculated that the items in the dining room might be different at night than during the day. So he asked Chen Donghui to search again, and sure enough, Chen Donghui found the music box in a cabinet in the dining room.

Mei Xue asked the butler where Madam Song was. After thinking for a moment, the butler told her that Madam Song should still be in her own room. Upon hearing this, Mei Xue wanted to go find Madam Song. Before leaving, she told Lin Yangfei that Lu Lu was a pitiful child and begged him to help Lu Lu. After saying these words, she disappeared.

After Mei Xue left, Lin Yangfei, He Yingyue, and the others took the music box and prepared to find Lu Lu. As they walked through the corridor, they once again felt dizzy and their ears couldn’t hear any sound. After that strange sensation disappeared, Madam Song suddenly appeared, and the butler stood beside her.

Madam Song greeted them with a smile and invited them to sit down and have tea. Chen Donghui nervously sat down and was about to pick up the teacup to drink when He Yingyue pulled his clothes, reminding him not to forget that the ones offering them tea were all dead. Chen Donghui was frightened and quickly put down the cup.

Curiously, Lin Yangfei asked Madam Song how she knew them. Madam Song smiled and replied that only they could come here, and only they could help her find relief.

Lin Yangfei asked Madam Song if her death was related to Song Zhen. Madam Song told him that indeed Song Zhen killed her. Mei Xue had informed her about the affair between Paul and Song Zhen, and she knew Song Zhen was not a good person. So she warned Paul and asked her to stay away from Song Zhen.

The butler asked Madam Song curiously why, if she knew Song Zhen was not good, she didn’t dismiss him. Madam Song told the butler that Song Zhen was a distant relative of her late husband. Although her husband had passed away, she felt obligated by that relationship and didn’t have the heart to drive him away.

Upon hearing Madam Song’s words, Paul started to distance herself from Song Zhen. When Song Zhen realized this, he found Paul and asked her what he had done to offend her and why she suddenly became cold towards him. Looking at Song Zhen’s fierce gaze, Paul told him the truth. Mei Xue had betrayed them and informed Madam Song about their affair. Madam Song called him a scumbag and forbade her from having any further involvement with him.

Song Zhen, feeling humiliated and angry, decided to retaliate against Mei Xue and Madam Song. One day, when Madam Song was off guard, he suddenly grabbed her by the neck with a rope. As Madam Song struggled, she managed to grab a fruit knife and forcefully stabbed backward, accidentally killing the butler.

Upon hearing Madam Song’s words, Lin Yangfei felt somewhat strange. He then asked the butler if he was the one who strangled Madam Song. The butler smiled bitterly and told Lin Yangfei that he had witnessed Song Zhen attacking Madam Song and hurriedly rushed over to stop him. But to his surprise, just as he pushed Song Zhen aside, Madam Song stabbed him with a knife, and he ended up confusedly losing his life.

Madam Song apologized to the butler, admitting that she hadn’t expected things to turn out this way. If the butler hadn’t died, perhaps she would still have a chance to survive. After the butler’s death, she faced Song Zhen alone, and she was no match for him. The subsequent events can be easily imagined.

After being stabbed several times by the butler, Song Zhen dragged Madam Song out of the room. In the corridor, they happened to come across Lulu. With a bloodied knife in his hand, Song Zhen approached Lulu, causing her to retreat in fear. Later, Lulu helplessly watched as Song Zhen dragged her away. At this point, Madam Song pleaded with Lin Yangfei to save Lulu and informed him that Lulu was now in the study.

Lin Yangfei and the others arrived at the study and saw Lulu, dressed in white, curled up in a corner, crying. Her clothes were stained with blood, and she had scars on her face, just like Mei Xue. Her appearance was extremely frightening. Upon witnessing this scene, Xin Yue asked Lin Yangfei to bring the music box. Lin Yangfei quickly took out the music box, turned the key, and as soon as Lulu had the music box in her hands, she miraculously stopped crying.

Lulu stopped crying and lifted her head. To everyone’s surprise, her two eyes were empty. At that moment, Xin Yue remembered Lulu’s eyes and hastily asked Lin Yangfei to bring the glass container. She took out the two eyeballs from it and placed them in Lulu’s hands. Lulu took the eyeballs and put them into her own eye sockets. A lively and adorable little girl appeared before everyone.

After gaining eyes, Lulu saw Madam Song and the butler behind Lin Yangfei and the others. She took the music box and happily ran towards them. Madam Song affectionately embraced her and reassured her not to be afraid. Just then, Song Zhen appeared with a lewd smile. He told everyone that none of them could escape. Before he could finish his sentence, a disheveled woman suddenly appeared behind him and plunged a dagger into his body.

After Song Zhen disappeared, Lulu called out for her mother and ran towards the disheveled woman. The woman was none other than Lulu’s mother, Pan Hui. She expressed her gratitude to Lin Yangfei and the others and then vanished along with Madam Song and the others.

Chen Donghui couldn’t help but sigh when he saw all this. So that’s the truth. At that moment, a voice rang in his ears, “The game is over.” The male protagonist sat up on the bed, reflecting on the scene just now, and relievedly said, “Thank goodness it was all just a dream.”

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