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Dominator of Martial Gods – Zhan Yu, Chen Yiying

Dominator of Martial Gods is a historical fantasy drama directed by Fa Biao De Wo Niu, Sun Run, and An Mo Shi, led by Zhan Yu and Chen Yiying, co-starring Wu Shunji, Luan Leiying, Wang Luetao, Zhang Jiayuan, He Yutong, Wang Junren, Wang Kunzhong, Chen Sixu, and Han Chuge, with special appearances by Zong Fengyan and Zhang Yameng and Xiang Hao.

The drama is based on the novel of the same name by An Mo Shi, which tells the story of a young man of the same name in the DaXuan Kingdom who accidentally awakens his consciousness hundreds of years after the fall of the Dominator of Martial God, and rises to power against the odds from then on.


Dominator of Martial Gods

English Title: Dominator of Martial Gods
Chinese Title: 武神主宰
Genre: Historical, Fantasy, Wuxia, Adventure
Tag: Xuanhuan, Martial Arts, Strong Female Lead, Strong Male Lead, Cold Male Lead, Illegitimate Male Lead
Episodes: 30
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Fa Biao De Wo Niu, Sun Run, An Mo Shi
Writer: Fa Biao De Wo Niu, An Mo Shi
Producer: Wu Jun, Liu Huabo, Han Linliang, Wang Yang, Zhang Yi
Released Date: 2023-06-14
Broadcast Website: Youku, 优酷, youku.tv



The dominator of Martial God, Qin Chen was a legendary figure in the Tianwu continent. He tragically perished due to betrayal from his beloved woman and close friend.

Several hundred years later, his consciousness unexpectedly awakened within a young boy with the same name in the Daxuan Kingdom. Young Qin Chen utilized his divine accomplishments, cultivated his spiritual power, refined divine elixirs, defied fate, and rose with great strength. He formed bonds with a group of like-minded companions and embarked on a journey that shook the entire continent.


The demonic clan is causing trouble, and the Martial Domain is in chaos. The divine being, Qin Chen (played by Zhan Yu), descends to the world to eliminate demons and uphold justice, purifying the universe. He becomes respected as the God of Martial Arts. Qin Chen is playing the zither alone when Shangguan Xier approaches him. Shangguan Xier and Qin Chen rely on each other, but Qin Chen is unsure about the true meaning of the Heavenly Dao.

Shangguan Xier believes that the joys and sorrows of the mortal world have nothing to do with them, while Qin Chen feels that all living beings suffer, just like petals that will eventually disperse like smoke. At this moment, Shangguan Xier takes advantage of Qin Chen's inattention and uses a spell to control him. Shangguan Xier thinks that Qin Chen doesn't understand her at all and starts to confront him. Until now, Qin Chen still doesn't know what he did wrong to deserve such treatment from Shangguan Xier.

At this time, a man dressed in black also arrives. He has long been in an alliance with Shangguan Xier, planning to take down Qin Chen together. He uses the Star River Seal, and Qin Chen fights back without showing any weakness. The two sides are evenly matched, and Qin Chen uses his ultimate move, "Descent of the Martial God." Shangguan Xier informs Qin Chen that he has been poisoned, so even if he uses his powerful move, it will be useless. She hopes that Qin Chen will surrender obediently.

Taking advantage of the situation, Qin Chen dispels Shangguan Xier's spell and tries to escape. However, to his surprise, Shangguan Xier and her companion, Feng Shaoyu, manage to catch up to him. Qin Chen can't understand why the person he loves and his best friend, Feng Shaoyu, would join forces to attack him. Shangguan Xier and Feng Shaoyu stand together, revealing that they have been in love for a long time. Shangguan Xier stayed by Qin Chen's side just to find an opportunity to kill him. Feng Shaoyu wants to take away Qin Chen's techniques.

Qin Chen sees through everything, but he fails to see through human hearts. He declares that he is not afraid of death and is ready to perish together with Feng Shaoyu and Shangguan Xier. Shangguan Xier immediately sees the problem and pulls Feng Shaoyu away, but Qin Chen still meets his end this way.

When Qin Chen wakes up again, he finds himself in a mansion, with a woman tightly hugging him. Qin Chen is somewhat surprised. It turns out that the woman's name is Qin Yuechi, and she is his mother. Qin Chen had been knocked unconscious before, and only now does he start to recall his memories before losing consciousness. Feeling a bit dizzy, Qin Yuechi quickly gives him a bowl of medicinal soup.

Later, Qin Chen learns that his mother, Qin Yuechi, was renowned for her beauty in the capital city, and many admired her. However, she left home early. Three years later, she returned to the Qin family with Qin Chen in her arms, fortunately without receiving blame from her brother. Otherwise, both mother and son would have ended up on the streets.

At this moment, a maid named Yanzhi comes over and says that Madam Zhao wants to see Qin Yuechi. Qin Chen gets angry upon knowing that Madam Zhao intends to see her and berates Yanzhi. Qin Yuechi agreed to meet Madam Zhao to save her son. Yanzhi realizes that Qin Chen is unwilling to let his mother go and arranges for someone to forcibly take Qin Yuechi away.

Qin Chen stands in front of his mother, and just then, Madam Zhao arrives with her son, Zhao Qirui, who has a lecherous gaze. Madam Zhao is arrogant, but Qin Chen scolds both of them fiercely. Madam Zhao plans to have her guards beat Qin Chen, but she ends up being beaten by Qin Chen instead. Qin Chen teaches Madam Zhao and Zhao Qirui a lesson. Zhao Qirui gets scared and quickly makes an excuse to leave.

Madam Zhao calls her guard, Qin Yong, but Qin Chen refuses to back down. They are about to fight when Qin Yuechi's brother, the Marquis, arrives. Madam Zhao wants to complain to her husband, but she is scolded instead.

Lord Hou stopped Qin Chen and praised him for being more sensible. After all, swords and knives have no eyes, and he asked Qin Chen to put away his sword. At this moment, Qin Yuechi took the initiative to stand up and defend her son, but Lord Hou insisted that Qin Chen must prove his strength; otherwise, everyone would think that the Qin family's descendants are useless. These words deeply hurt Qin Yuechi's heart. She made a bowl of noodles for Qin Chen, hoping to reassure him that he would succeed in the upcoming important examination.

Qin Yuechi feared that her son might not inherit the bloodline, but all she could do now was to believe in him. Madam Zhao returned to her room and scolded her husband, saying that today his elbow turned outward, and his bloodline still had not awakened. Lord Hou had his own plan long ago – if Qin Chen failed the assessment, he would drive him away, and even the old master would have nothing to say. Madam Zhao suddenly realized this.

Qin Chen felt the need to become stronger quickly to protect his mother. The first thing he had to do was awaken his bloodline. However, he discovered that he couldn't awaken it; something was wrong with his body. He remembered the artifact he obtained from the Divine Realm. To awaken his bloodline, he had to break through and then stand strong.

Early in the morning, Qin Chen went out and arrived at the Artifact Hall on the hill. He intended to buy materials for refining, but when the person in charge inspected his list, they said that the materials he wanted were all sold out. Zhao Lingshan (played by Chen Yiying) happened to be in the Artifact Hall too, looking for Master Liang Yu. Qin Chen's older brother, Qin Fen, saw Zhao Lingshan and was immediately drawn to her, so he followed her to meet Liang Yu. However, he ran into Qin Chen in the main hall.

As an older brother, Qin Fen mockingly brought up Qin Chen's failure to awaken his bloodline, and Zhao Lingshan was surprised to learn that Qin Chen was Qin Yuechi's son. Qin Fen snatched Qin Chen's list and claimed that he couldn't afford the Black Yaoming Stone listed on it. Qin Chen dismissed him with just a few words, making Qin Fen very angry.

At this moment, the master blacksmith Liang Yu arrived. Qin Fen handed the Black Yaoming Stone to him and said he wanted him to forge a powerful artifact for him. Zhao Lingshan presented a letter from her father to Liang Yu, indicating her desire to become a blacksmith apprentice. Liang Yu tested Zhao Lingshan, who needed to pass various trials to become a blacksmith. Liang Yu approved of Zhao Lingshan's skills and declared her as his ninth disciple.

Liang Yu asked Qin Fen and Qin Chen to leave, but Qin Chen called him by his name. Qin Chen knew that Liang Yu was seriously ill and didn't have much time left. Qin Chen claimed that only he could cure him. Liang Yu was surprised that Qin Chen knew so much about him. Qin Chen asked Qin Fen and Zhao Lingshan to leave first. He revealed to Liang Yu that the master's severe illness was caused by refining a powerful artifact. Qin Chen agreed to help Liang Yu with his condition on the condition that Liang Yu would help him refine an artifact.

Liang Yu looked at the materials and expressed doubt about having enough power for such a task, but Qin Chen assured him that he could help. With no other choice, Liang Yu had to trust Qin Chen. Qin Chen said that once the artifact was completed, he would also help Liang Yu remove the poison from his body. Qin Chen stood by Liang Yu's side and guided him on how to forge the artifact. Liang Yu was still worried, as using the Black Yaoming Stone required great caution due to its preciousness.

Liang Yu didn't expect Qin Chen to leave in such an extraordinary manner, even his way of refining artifacts was beyond ordinary people. After obtaining the desired artifact, Qin Chen told Liang Yu the method to detoxify himself. Liang Yu realized that the person before him was incredibly powerful and had great achievements. He vowed not to be enemies with Qin Chen in the future.

When Qin Chen came out, Qin Fen wanted to punish him but was stopped by Liang Yu. From Qin Fen, Liang Yu learned that the person's name was Qin Chen, and he suddenly realized who he was. Liang Yu scolded Qin Fen and refused to forge an artifact for him. He also warned Zhao Lingshan to stay away from Qin Fen; otherwise, he would expel her from his disciples.

Qin Chen met Wei Zhen on his way back, and Wei Zhen wanted to teach him a lesson. However, someone intervened and claimed that Qin Chen was his brother, asking Qin Chen to hide behind him. Wei Zhen was still dissatisfied and attacked the person in front of Qin Chen, who was injured. Qin Chen retaliated and defeated Wei Zhen. Determined to improve his strength, Qin Chen vowed to open all twelve bloodlines through even greater efforts.

Under his unwavering effort, Qin Chen's injuries healed. But when he came out from his seclusion, he realized he was being followed. The tracker revealed that Wei Zhen and Wei Zhen were following him, and they had taken his best friend, Lin Tian, hostage. Qin Chen overheard Wei Zhen trying to get information about his rapid improvement in strength from Lin Tian, but Lin Tian refused to talk.

Qin Chen confronted Wei Zhen and easily defeated him. Wei Zhen's brother, Wei Zhen, tried to attack Qin Chen but was also defeated. Now afraid, the Wei brothers dared not bully Qin Chen's brother, Lin Tian, anymore. Seeing Qin Chen's unfathomable strength, they decided not to provoke him again.

Liang Yu bought a powerful artifact to give to Qin Chen as a gift, hoping to get closer to him and learn more about refining artifacts. He then asked Zhao Lingshan to take the artifact to Qin Chen at the Qin Mansion. However, at the mansion's entrance, Qin Ying stopped Qin Chen, believing that he had offended Master Liang Yu and caused Qin Fen to lose the Black Yaoming Stone, leading to severe punishment by Lord Hou. Qin Ying's words were interrupted by the butler, Qin Yong, who said that Lord Hou was calling for a family meeting, so Qin Chen should return quickly.

Madam Zhao continued to berate Qin Yuechi, accusing her of causing trouble and offending Master Liang Yu. She scolded Qin Chen, and Lord Hou questioned him about how he offended Master Liang Yu. However, Qin Chen insisted that he had not offended Liang Yu. Madam Zhao remained relentless, trying to seize every opportunity to drive away Qin Chen and his mother.

Madam Zhao was doing everything she could to drive Qin Chen out of the Qin Mansion. Coupled with Qin Fen's instigation, Madam Zhao claimed to prioritize the overall situation. Qin Chen thought that if that was the case, he and his mother could leave the Qin family. He expressed the suffering they had endured over the years at the hands of Madam Zhao. Qin Chen also accused Madam Zhao of intentionally introducing Zhao Qirui to his mother, and even Lord Hou confirmed that he had punished his own wife.

The most critical issue now was how to handle Qin Chen's offense against Master Liang Yu. Qin Yuechi suggested that she and her son willingly leave the Qin Mansion. She revealed that everything they had here was actually due to her father's efforts. Madam Zhao scolded Qin Yuechi, but she firmly asserted that she had earned everything they possessed.

Madam Zhao didn't want to let Qin Yuechi and her son off easily. However, Lord Hou, considering the relationship with his sister, insincerely offered them some money. Qin Yuechi, full of pride, did not accept the offer and decided to leave with her son, Qin Chen. As they departed, Qin Chen's uncle, Qin Ying, and his cousin followed them. Qin Ying gave some silver to his sister, Qin Yuechi, showing genuine care for her.

Qin Chen assured them that he would take good care of his mother and asked his uncle and cousin not to worry. Madam Zhao and Lord Hou were furious but realized that they couldn't do much about the situation. At that moment, Zhao Lingshan arrived, and Madam Zhao quickly arranged a feast to entertain her. Zhao Lingshan was surprised to learn how much Master Liang Yu valued Qin Chen. Madam Zhao and Lord Hou warmly welcomed Zhao Lingshan, presenting her with many gifts, thinking she came to see Qin Fen. Qin Fen had even dressed up for her. However, when Zhao Lingshan found out that Qin Chen had been expelled, she hastily left.

Lord Hou learned that it was not Qin Chen but Qin Fen who had offended Master Liang Yu, which made him furious and wanted to punish his son severely. Madam Zhao stopped him, and Lord Hou stormed out in anger. They decided to have the feast prepared for Zhao Lingshan themselves.

Qin Chen and his mother, Qin Yuechi, returned to their old and dilapidated home. Qin Chen discovered some low-level spirit medicine there and told his mother that he had something to attend to and would go out for a while. Qin Yuechi decided it was time for her to find work since her son, Qin Chen, needed more money to improve his martial skills.

While Qin Chen was away, Zhao Lingshan arrived at their home, having found the location through inquiries. She came to deliver gifts to Qin Chen and Qin Chen accepted them gratefully. Zhao Lingshan couldn't understand why Qin Chen didn't defend himself against the accusations, but Qin Chen seemed indifferent. She realized that Qin Chen was not the playboy that Qin Fen had described, and she started to look at him with newfound respect.

When Qin Yuechi prepared a meal, Zhao Lingshan hurriedly left. Qin Chen had intentionally driven her away because he felt she was interfering. As Zhao Lingshan returned home in the evening, she noticed someone had been following her. A cloaked figure confronted Zhao Lingshan, asking her to leave with him. Feeling helpless, Zhao Lingshan was relieved when Qin Chen appeared just in time. She questioned the man's motives, but he remained silent. Qin Chen suddenly sensed that the situation was not good.

Zhao Lingshan questioned the cloaked figure about who sent them, but the person chose to commit suicide rather than reveal any information. Qin Chen offered to protect Zhao Lingshan, and she had no choice but to accept his offer. Qin Chen brought Zhao Lingshan back home, and when Qin Yuechi saw them together, she couldn't help but smile. Qin Chen took out the treasure given to him by Master Liang Yu and directly ground it, while Zhao Lingshan assisted him. They worked together to refine spirit medicine. Qin Chen explained that these medicines could awaken their bloodlines, which surprised Zhao Lingshan. He even asked her to taste one, and she suddenly felt her spiritual power increase.

Afterward, Qin Chen gave the medicine pouch to Zhao Lingshan, who then left when her father's subordinates came to pick her up. Qin Chen was still thinking about the person who tried to ambush Zhao Lingshan; these people were clearly a big problem.

Qin Chen was busy recently and had no time to manage Zhao Lingshan's affairs. His main task was to awaken his bloodline as soon as possible. When Zhao Lingshan returned home, her father noticed the sachet hanging from her waist. Zhao Lingshan dared not say that Qin Chen gave it to her, so she claimed to have bought it on the street. Her father, not usually interested in such things for his daughter, became curious this time.

After taking the medicine, Qin Chen prepared to awaken his bloodline completely. He went to the Bloodline Hall, where a bloodline instrument could awaken his bloodline. Chen Fan instructed Liu, the steward, to guard the place properly. However, Liu was called away, and Qin Chen found himself alone in front of the bloodline instrument. Seizing the opportunity, Qin Chen decided to awaken his bloodline.

He began cultivating while no one was around, but he couldn't sense any bloodline power. He couldn't believe it, as bloodlines were passed down by parents. Qin Chen made several attempts, even using the forbidden technique of Blood Prohibition. Suddenly, the world became chaotic, and everyone was alarmed. Xiao Zhan also witnessed this unusual phenomenon, which was a rare occurrence in a century.

The peculiar event stopped only after Qin Chen halted his cultivation. He had finally awakened a layer of his bloodline, but to his surprise, it was even more powerful than a normal three-layer bloodline.

At that moment, Liu returned and questioned why Qin Chen was in the Bloodline Hall. The guide assumed it was an open place and brought Qin Chen there. Liu reprimanded the guide since this was the President's Bloodline Hall. As Liu's subordinates prepared to capture Qin Chen, he used his magic to control them. Upon learning that an outsider had accessed the President's Bloodline Hall, Li, the steward, was furious and immediately informed the President.

The President was astonished to find out that Qin Chen had opened his bloodline instrument. Qin Chen claimed he didn't know the place belonged to the President. Liu, who had previously slandered Qin Chen, now changed his attitude. The President even said it was his fortune to meet Qin Chen. As the President wasn't familiar with the bloodline instrument, he asked Qin Chen for help to shut it down. Qin Chen quickly closed the instrument and showed the President how to operate it. Afterward, he asked Liu to leave, as his actions were unforgivable according to the President.

The President directly took Liu, the steward, away, while another subordinate who brought Qin Chen was promoted, much to Liu's anger. The reason the President didn't trouble Qin Chen was that he could open eighteen inscriptions at once, which showed that Qin Chen was extraordinary. Qin Fen still had his heart set on winning Zhao Lingshan's heart, and his mother, Lady Zhao, was determined to have Zhao Lingshan marry her son. To achieve this, Lady Zhao even gave a bewitching incense to Qin Fen, hoping it would come in handy when Zhao Lingshan arrived. They planned to make everything irreversible once they got together, and Zhao Lingshan would have no choice but to become Qin Fen's wife. Lady Zhao claimed that she used the same medicine to captivate her husband back then, resulting in Qin Fen's birth.

Qin Fen was thrilled and lit the incense before Zhao Lingshan arrived. When she came to find the Marquis, Qin Fen intentionally placed the incense burner in front of her. Sensing something suspicious about the incense burner, Zhao Lingshan quickly sniffed the sachet Qin Chen had given her, which could counteract the effects of poison. Then, she brought the incense burner closer to Qin Fen, who initially wanted to refuse but yielded to Zhao Lingshan's persistence. In the end, Qin Fen became drowsy. As Zhao Lingshan left, she saw Lady Zhao secretly watching them from the doorway and suddenly realized that it was all a scheme by Lady Zhao to frame her. Furious, Zhao Lingshan slapped Lady Zhao. Unfortunately, Qin Fen mistook his steward and mother for Zhao Lingshan, and he pounced on his mother in a dazed state. Just then, the Marquis arrived.

After dousing Qin Fen with cold water, he regained consciousness. The Marquis learned that Lady Zhao planned to use aphrodisiacs to frame Zhao Lingshan and severely punished them for it.

Qin Chen returned and resumed his practice and studies, hoping to open up his bloodline as soon as possible. Qin Yuechi was worried about her son as he devoted himself to practice, but Qin Chen reassured her not to worry too much.

The Wei brothers wanted to teach Qin Chen a lesson during the year-end examination, so they approached Li Qingfeng for help. Li Qingfeng thought that Qin Chen's unassuming appearance in Qin City was only a disguise, and he agreed to help them.

After returning home, Li Qingfeng was visited by a cloaked figure who gave him a Killing True Pill. When Li Qingfeng asked the person's identity, they remained silent. The person was from the Shadow Slaughter Tower and wanted Li Qingfeng to win the first place in the year-end examination. After the person left, Li Qingfeng muttered to himself that the first place in the exam would undoubtedly be his and the pills had no use for him.

Liang Yu also learned about the upcoming year-end examination and guessed that Qin Chen would participate. Initially, he didn't want to promise Zhao Lingshan to attend, but knowing that Qin Chen would be there, he agreed.

Lady Zhao also knew that Qin Chen might participate in the year-end examination and instructed the steward to disable his cultivation during the exam, to prevent him from achieving good results. Qin Yuechi was still worried about whether her son could win in the year-end examination, but Qin Chen continued to comfort her and asked her to be assured.

Soon, the day of the year-end examination arrived. Qin Fen was still making sarcastic remarks, and Mr. Zhao brought Liang Yu along. Mr. Zhao asked Liang Yu about his prediction for the winner, and Liang Yu believed it might be Qin Chen since he was capable of curing Liang Yu's poison, which showed his exceptional talent. Learning from Lady Zhao that Qin Chen and his mother had been driven out of the Qin mansion, Liang Yu was enraged and his attitude towards Lady Zhao changed.

Lady Zhao once again started intentionally sowing discord, hoping to influence everyone's opinion about Qin Chen. Soon, the martial arts competition was about to begin, and Qin Yuechi also arrived. All eyes were on Qin Yuechi's deep mountains, and Lady Zhao thought it would be a good opportunity to make a laughingstock out of Qin Chen.

The martial arts competition was about to start, and the Spirit Martial King, who was the referee, also arrived. As the grand examination was approaching, all those who had not awakened their bloodlines came. Many people were discussing Qin Chen, who hadn't awakened his bloodline, but he paid no attention to them. Many thought that Qin Chen was deceiving everyone, and some even made sarcastic remarks, suggesting that Qin Chen should step forward. Qin Chen remained unfazed, but Qin Yuechi was a bit nervous since she didn't know that her son's bloodline had already awakened.

Lady Zhao, sipping her tea on the sidelines, was ready to enjoy the spectacle. Then, Qin Chen told the teacher that his bloodline had awakened. Many people thought that Qin Chen was still deceiving them, so Qin Chen clarified that his bloodline had genuinely awakened. The academy's headmaster proposed a way to test whether Qin Chen's bloodline had awakened, stating that if Qin Chen showed even a hint of his awakened bloodline during the competition, he would be considered the winner.

Qin Chen suggested that if he truly awakened his bloodline, he would make Qin Fen publicly imitate a dog and call himself worthless. Qin Fen didn't believe that Qin Chen could awaken his bloodline and readily agreed to the condition. The time came for everyone to awaken their bloodlines together, and many people had a first-tier bloodline. Qin Yuechi began to worry as her son prepared.

When it was time for Qin Chen to demonstrate, he found that someone had tampered with his belongings. Even if his bloodline had awakened, he couldn't display it. Qin Chen, however, remained unperturbed and directly shattered a dead crystal with his awakened bloodline. Everyone present was extremely surprised. Qin Chen's bloodline was undoubtedly rare and exceptional.

Lady Zhao had bribed the headmaster, hoping to frame Qin Chen, but Qin Chen's mastery of magic was so extraordinary that the headmaster had to admit defeat. Qin Chen's Thunder Bloodline gained everyone's approval. As a result, Qin Chen asked Qin Fen to fulfill his promise from earlier. Qin Fen reluctantly imitated a dog's barking and called himself worthless. He was not happy about it but had to do it.

Next was the archery competition, and this time, Qin Fen hit the center of the target. Lady Zhao felt very proud. No one expected Qin Chen's accuracy to be exceptional, hitting the bullseye with one shot. Qin Chen's bloodline technique was undoubtedly more powerful than that of the other competitors. Lady Zhao felt displeased but could only say that Qin Chen got lucky. Li Qingfeng directly pierced the iron plate, showcasing his talent.

In this assessment, there were indeed a few outstanding individuals, and twenty-four people passed. Next was the second round of competition, and Qin Fen, still dissatisfied, planned to teach Qin Chen a lesson. However, Qin Chen's friends were defeated by Qin Fen, and he grew more confident, believing that victory against Qin Chen was inevitable.

The second round of duels featured Qin Chen, and many people still thought he was weak. However, to their surprise, Qin Chen defeated his opponent using only a bit of his magic. Li Qingfeng also realized that Wei Zhen was right about Qin Chen having some skills. When Qin Chen saw his good friend injured by Qin Fen, he naturally felt furious and decided to teach Qin Fen a lesson later. The Spirit Martial King now had high expectations for Zhao Lingshan, Wang Qiming, and Li Qingfeng.

Only eight people made it to the finals, and Lady Zhao was shocked to find out that Qin Chen had also entered the final. She insisted that Qin Fen must face Qin Chen, intending to teach him a lesson. Lady Zhao then informed Teacher Ge Hong of her plan, and he manipulated the random draw. In the first round, Li Qingfeng emerged victorious, and Lady Zhao was determined to eliminate Qin Chen from the examination this time. In the second round, Wang Qiming also won, leading to the face-off between Qin Fen and Qin Chen.

Qin Fen didn't regard Qin Chen highly, and Qin Chen knew that this matter must be related to Teacher Ge Hong. He vowed to make Teacher Ge Hong regret his actions. During the duel, Qin Fen was shocked to find that even his most potent attacks couldn't stop Qin Chen. Despite using his strongest moves, Qin Fen still couldn't defeat Qin Chen, causing Qin Yuechi to be worried for her son.

Qin Chen remained fearless. Although he didn't win, he reminded everyone that he was the true talent of the Qin family before leaving. As he prepared to leave, Qin Fen planned to ambush him, but Qin Chen anticipated it and directly crippled Qin Fen's cultivation. Lady Zhao was very angry and wanted Qin Yuechi to kill Qin Chen. At that moment, Liang Yu appeared just in time and stood in front of Qin Chen, delivering a harsh beating to Qin Fen. Liang Yu scolded Lady Zhao, who dared not argue back, considering her son had attacked first. Qin Fen was eventually driven away by Lady Zhao, who threatened Qin Chen, saying she would make him suffer as her son did.

Qin Chen reported Teacher Ge Hong, who naturally denied it. However, Qin Chen revealed the marked number plate, leaving Teacher Ge Hong with no excuses and getting him taken away. Liang Yu continued to follow Qin Chen, and Qin Chen appreciated his help. Though Liang Yu seemed very warm, he suddenly changed his demeanor when Zhao Lingshan arrived. He pretended to be serious but later returned to his cheerful self, knowing that by helping Qin Chen, Qin Chen might return the favor.

Next was Zhao Lingshan's turn to duel with her colleagues. Only Li Qingfeng, Zhao Lingshan, Wang Qiming, and Qin Chen advanced to the final showdown. In the first match, Zhao Lingshan faced Qin Chen. Liang Yu thought Zhao Lingshan could only make it to the top four and believed she couldn't defeat Qin Chen. During their duel, neither Qin Chen nor Zhao Lingshan used magical artifacts, which surprised Zhao Lingshan. They began the contest, and Zhao Lingshan didn't expect Qin Chen's cultivation to be so profound. His swordsmanship was extremely skilled, and she found herself unable to keep up with his abilities, realizing she hadn't mastered many of her spells.

Next is the showdown between Qin Chen and Zhao Lingshan. Zhao Lingshan didn't expect Qin Chen's magic to be so superior; he had mastered techniques she hadn't even learned. Many people thought Qin Chen wouldn't last long, but he proved to be formidable. Zhao Lingshan, not willing to be outdone, used her third-grade bloodline. Although powerful, she was surprised to find that Qin Chen was even stronger and ultimately lost the match. Everyone was astonished that the formidable Zhao Lingshan was defeated.

As Qin Chen was about to leave, Zhao Lingshan asked if he had used all his strength. Qin Chen simply replied that it didn't matter. Zhao Lingshan finally understood why Liang Yu valued Qin Chen so much; he was indeed exceptional. Next was the face-off between Li Qingfeng and Wang Qiming. Li Qingfeng confidently stated that Wang Qiming would definitely lose, and they engaged in a fierce battle. Both were powerful and determined not to yield. In the end, Wang Qiming's clothes were torn, and his injuries exposed. Li Qingfeng berated him, but Wang Qiming, as an ordinary person, was unwilling to admit defeat. He trained hard every day to change his fate and not be seen as weak by others. In the final confrontation, both Li Qingfeng and Wang Qiming showcased their skills, and Li Qingfeng ultimately defeated Wang Qiming. Wang Qiming vowed to win the next time, but Li Qingfeng arrogantly declared that he would surpass him, not even considering Wang Qiming a threat.

Next was the duel between Qin Chen and Li Qingfeng. Li Qingfeng believed that Qin Chen, with his current cultivation, stood no chance against him. Surprisingly, Qin Chen didn't even use his sword to face Li Qingfeng. Li Qingfeng launched his attacks, but Qin Chen adeptly countered his first move, much to Li Qingfeng's astonishment. Qin Chen also blocked the move that defeated Wang Qiming, leaving Li Qingfeng baffled. Li Qingfeng couldn't believe that Qin Chen was surpassing him, and everyone present was shocked. Unwilling to back down, Li Qingfeng even used bloodline power to enhance his attacks. Qin Chen managed to withstand his spells once again, leaving Li Qingfeng in disbelief. Finally, Li Qingfeng was knocked down, and to everyone's surprise, Qin Chen unleashed his Thunder Bloodline power. Qin Chen's mastery of bloodline abilities was unrivaled, and he emerged as the first-place winner in the examination. He looked at his mother, Qin Yuechi, who showed a pleased smile.

Li Qingfeng was stunned by his unexpected defeat and felt utterly embarrassed. Originally, Zhao Lingshan and Wang Qiming were to compete for third place, but Wang Qiming voluntarily surrendered. The headmaster told Qin Chen that his strength had been acknowledged and encouraged him to keep improving. The Spirit Martial King, as the referee, announced the rewards for the top four, which included the opportunity for blood mist baptism. Everyone envied this opportunity, as not everyone could obtain it.

Everyone present didn't expect that the victorious person would go to the Blood Mist Sacred Ground. Qin Chen heard the name "Blood Mist Sacred Ground" and found it familiar. It was a place hidden within the demon race that could enhance one's cultivation. Before the New Year, a military unit accidentally discovered this Blood Mist Sacred Ground, and their cultivation advanced by leaps and bounds, leading them to victory in a subsequent war. Li Qingfeng also claimed that he would not lose to Qin Chen once he entered the Blood Mist Sacred Ground.

Liang Yu was flattering Qin Chen when he saw him. Even Zhao Lingshan's father advised her to interact more with Qin Chen. Although Zhao Lingshan was reluctant, she had no choice but to agree. Qin Yuechi was surprised that her son received so much attention.

As Qin Chen and Qin Yuechi were about to leave, Zhao Lingshan called out to Qin Chen and told him not to take her father's words too seriously. Qin Fen was injured and brought back home. He cried and told his mother that he didn't want to become useless. However, even a formidable master said that to cure Qin Fen, a sixth-grade elixir was needed, and only a fourth-grade elixir was available in the entire city.

Upon learning that Qin Chen had won first place, Zhao's lady was furious. She couldn't believe that even Li Qingfeng couldn't defeat Qin Chen. She sought her brother's help, hoping he could intervene. Deliberately distorting the truth, she hoped he would take her side. Her brother promised to investigate the matter thoroughly, considering Qin Chen's special identity and the need to tread carefully with him. This made Zhao's lady even angrier, and she decided to take matters into her own hands. She shared her plan with Qin Yong and warned him not to fail; otherwise, he would be punished.

The headmaster discovered Zhao's lady's attempt to maliciously frame Qin Chen. The Eastern Association leader was also concerned about Qin Chen, and the headmaster thought he wanted to take Qin Chen as a disciple. However, the Eastern Association leader surprised him by expressing the desire to become Qin Chen's mentor.

The emperor severely scolded the marquis upon learning of their attempts to win the competition through improper means. Zhao's lady acted as if she was wronged in front of the marquis, but he accused her of bribing the examiners. She believed she was not wrong and that the Qin family had always acted cautiously. However, her actions caused the emperor to berate her, tarnishing the Qin family's reputation. The marquis reluctantly suggested that they might have to sacrifice Qin Yong as a scapegoat, which Zhao's lady opposed, as she had already sent Qin Yong to kill Qin Yuechi and her son.

Upon learning this, the marquis had no choice but to hold a family meeting and publicly announce that Qin Yong had colluded with the examiners. To protect his son and wife, the marquis had to shift all responsibility to Qin Yong.

Meanwhile, Li Qingfeng was practicing at home when a masked man appeared and taunted him for losing the competition. The man turned out to be from the Shadow Kill Tower. As Li Qingfeng failed to complete the mission, he was punished severely by the man. The man wanted Li Qingfeng to retrieve something from the Five Nations for him, but Li Qingfeng refused to risk offending all nine clans. As a result, the man damaged Li Qingfeng's cultivation severely.


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