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Demon Emperor’s Little Matchmaker – Lin Shijie, Wang Nuoyi

Demon Emperor's Little Matchmaker is a historical fantasy romantic short web drama directed by Wang Lifeng and Song Chenming, starring Lin Shijie, Wang Nuoyi, Hu Chunyang, and Li Linfei.


Demon Emperor's Little Matchmaker

English Title: Demon Emperor's Little Matchmaker
Chinese Title: 妖皇大人的小红娘
Genre: Historical, Fantasy, Romance
Tag: Demon Male Lead, Fairy Female Lead, Marriage, Curse, Orphan Male Lead, Prince Male Lead
Episodes: 30
Duration: 5 min.
Director: Wang Lifeng, Song Chengming
Writer: Yao Yao
Product Company: QIANXI PICTURES
Released Date: 2022-09-09
Broadcast Website: WeTV



The heir to the Demon Emperor, Li Wuyou, suffers from his half-human, half-demon heritage and has become aloof and indifferent, unwilling to accept any girl.

The immortal matchmaker, who has promised to arrange his marriage, is desperate and has no choice but to send Qiao Chuchu, the little matchmaker trainee to help him, which will lead to her immediately becoming a full member.

Qiao Chuchu's mind goes wild in order to accomplish her mission, and she messes up Li Wuyou's peaceful life, but Li Wuyou is also unknowingly falling in love with the quirky little fairy......


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