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Dear Mr. Heavenly Fox – Wang Youshuo, Lu Xiaoyu

Dear Mr. Heavenly Fox is a historical fantasy romantic drama directed by Liu Guohui and Li Yaobo, starring Wang Youshuo, Lu Xiaoyu, Yang Lin, Zhou Zhaoyuan, Sun Zhenni, Li Yizhen, Ma Haodong, He Yichen, Wu Zhehan, Zhan Zhan, Xiong Yiewen, Wang Zijia, Lu Tianhui, Lu Yehui, Liu Fenglei, Liu Zhiyi, Zheng Guolin, etc.

The drama focuses on the love story of Qi Yuanbao, a young lady from a family of cultivators, and the fox fairy Chang Yue.


Dear Mr. Heavenly Fox

English Title: Dear Mr. Heavenly Fox
Chinese Title: 亲爱的天狐大人
Genre: Historical, Romance, Fantasy, Immortal
Tag: Xuanhuan
Episodes: 24
Duration: 30 min.
Director: Liu Guohui, Li Yaobo
Writer: Bi Yong
Producer: Luo Xiaoli, Liu Qiong
Product Company: MGTV
Released Date: 2023-07-10
Broadcast Website: MGTV, 芒果TV



The drama mainly tells the love story between Miss Qi Yuanbao from the prestigious family of cultivators and the fox fairy Chang Yue.

Fate brings them together at Suiyue Mountain, where the human and the fox meet. Just as Chang Yue is about to obtain the Heart Soul Fruit, the fruit flies directly into Yuanbao's body.

This incident binds them together, unraveling a love and oath that has been buried for thousands of years...


Since ancient times, humans and foxes have maintained a good relationship. However, a hundred years ago, calamities befell the human realm, and spiritual beings sacrificed themselves to protect the mortal world. During this time, the celestial fox, Bi Chuan, fell in love with a spiritual being and, in an attempt to offer a sacrifice to their ancestors, accidentally shattered the Moon Mountain and perished. As a result, malevolent energy spread, and the spiritual beings used their own bodies to seal the Corpse Puppet King and restore peace to the world. Since then, the relationship between humans and foxes has been severed.

A young man named Zhang Yue is currently preparing for cultivation, and the Heartseal Fruit is about to ripen. If they succeed, they can reopen the barrier. Meanwhile, Qi Yuanbao is at a gambling den, having a remarkably lucky day and winning a considerable amount of money. While Qi Yuanbao is putting the money into her bag, Huo Shuya approaches and calls out to her. He then takes Qi Yuanbao with him to prepare to go home. While they're walking on the street, Qi Yuanbao deliberately mentions the presence of a fox, intending to divert Huo Shuya's attention. As Qi Yuanbao is about to head back, she accidentally stumbles upon a mysterious place. It is filled with the fragrance of flowers and the chirping of birds, a place Qi Yuanbao has never been to before. She was just on the main street moments ago, and now she finds herself in this unfamiliar place.

Before Qi Yuanbao can react, Zhang Yue appears holding a sword and points it at her. Qi Yuanbao doesn't dare to speak, and Zhang Yue questions who she is. Qi Yuanbao replies that she doesn't know what's going on either. One second ago, she was on the main street, and in the blink of an eye, she ended up here. Zhang Yue turns around and sees that the Heartseal Fruit has already ripened, presenting the perfect opportunity. Initially, Zhang Yue intended to hold the Heartseal Fruit and the Heart Soul in his own hands. However, to their surprise, the fruit lands directly in Qi Yuanbao's hands, leaving Zhang Yue puzzled as to why his Heart Soul ended up in her possession. Zhang Yue tries to snatch the Heartseal Fruit from Qi Yuanbao's hand, but in the struggle, they accidentally kiss each other. As a result, the barrier between humans and foxes is shattered. Just as Qi Yuanbao and Zhang Yue separate from their unintentional kiss, Qi Yuanbao, still bewildered, accidentally eats the Heartseal Fruit containing the hidden Heart Soul. Zhang Yue demands that Qi Yuanbao return his Heart Soul, but Qi Yuanbao has no idea what he is talking about.

Suddenly, someone disrupts the scene behind Qi Yuanbao. Zhang Yue runs out of time and can only erase Qi Yuanbao's memories. Soon, the senior brothers and Huo Shuya find Qi Yuanbao and quickly bring her back. Zhang Yue informs his mother about Qi Yuanbao ingesting his Heart Soul, causing her to worry. She then opens the Heart Disk and discovers that Zhang Yue's Heart Soul is now inside Qi Yuanbao. Their mission now is to find the Heart Soul and restore the barrier as soon as possible. Huo Shuya brings Qi Yuanbao back, and when she wakes up, she has lost all memory of what happened. Huo Shuya advises Qi Yuanbao to be cautious in her actions and not to easily reveal her spiritual powers. Huo Shuya is still concerned and comforts Qi Yuanbao, especially since the banquet is approaching, and they cannot afford any mistakes during this time.

Although Qi Yuanbao's memories have been erased by Zhang Yue, she still dreams of similar scenes while sleeping. On the other side, Zhang Yue and Qi Yuanbao's cousin secretly leave their home, wanting to explore the streets. Qi Yuanbao sees someone nearby telling a story and becomes curious, so she and her cousin go over to listen. The storyteller mentions Qi Yuanbao's past manager, stating that Qi Yuanbao's demeanor has completely changed since returning four years ago. Su Qianqian learns that Qi Yuanbao is there and confronts her. However, Qi Yuanbao scolds Su Qianqian for talking ill about her mother, crossing a line for Qi Yuanbao. She rushes forward and slaps Su Qianqian. They engage in a fight, which happens to be witnessed by Zhang Yue from upstairs. In the end, Su Qianqian is pinned down by Qi Yuanbao and can only apologize. Just as Qi Yuanbao is about to leave, Su Qianqian attempts to attack her from behind, but Zhang Yue appears in time and stands in front of Qi Yuanbao, blocking the attack.

Su Qianqian is still arguing with Qi Yuanbao, and Su Qianqian even attempts to attack Qi Yuanbao from behind. However, Zhang Yue intervenes and stops her. Zhang Yue rescues Qi Yuanbao, and in the process, a flower basket outside falls to the ground, creating a romantic scene on the entire street. At that moment, someone approaches Qi Yuanbao with a sword, but the sword unveils Zhang Yue's face. Qi Yuanbao is captivated by Zhang Yue's handsome appearance. It turns out that the woman with the sword is Su Qianqian's sister, seeking revenge on behalf of her sister. Nevertheless, Zhang Yue takes Qi Yuanbao away.

On their way, Qi Yuanbao keeps bombarding Zhang Yue with questions. Zhang Yue leads Qi Yuanbao to a narrow alley, intending to retrieve the Heart Soul. However, their attempts fail, and Zhang Yue's senior brother arrives. To avoid raising suspicion, they decide to leave. After leaving, Qi Yuanbao can't help but think of Zhang Yue constantly, but she has no idea how to find him.

Huo Shuya comes to find Qi Yuanbao, who is afraid of being caught playing dice secretly. Qi Yuanbao asks her senior brother to hide the dice quickly. This time, Huo Shuya also brings ointment for Qi Yuanbao since she got injured last time. Huo Shuya personally applies the ointment to Qi Yuanbao, bringing her great joy.

Zhang Yue realizes that the seven-day deadline is approaching, yet the Heart Soul has not been retrieved. Zhang Yue is perplexed as to why she feels protective of Qi Yuanbao. With time running out, Zhang Yue decides to take matters into her own hands. Qi Yuanbao wants to sneak out from home to watch a martial arts competition. However, she is intercepted by Zhang Yue on the rooftop. Zhang Yue initially intends to take Qi Yuanbao's Heart Soul but finds it impossible. Accidentally, they both fall from the rooftop, and everyone present witnesses Qi Yuanbao and Zhang Yue. Zhang Yue hastily departs.

Zhang Yue's aunt asks if she has retrieved the Heart Soul, but Zhang Yue says she needs more time. Qi Yuanbao returns home and is severely reprimanded by Qi Huan. Whenever Qi Yuanbao thinks of Zhang Yue, her heart aches. The seven days have passed, and Zhang Yue has not retrieved the Heart Soul. The only solution now is to approach Qi Yuanbao once again. Qi Huan posts a notice to find a teacher, intending to keep Qi Yuanbao under control. Zhang Yue sees the notice and seizes the opportunity to get closer to Qi Yuanbao. However, as they are about to enter the mountains, Zhang Yue notices a barrier, and one of his friends accidentally reveals their true form. Fortunately, Zhang Yue reacts quickly and prevents Qi Huan from suspecting anything.

Qi Yuanbao is surprised to find that Qi Huan has actually found her a teacher. While Qi Yuanbao complains, Zhang Yue appears, and seeing Zhang Yue's handsome face leaves Qi Yuanbao speechless. However, during Qi Yuanbao's class, she still misbehaves and even teases Zhang Yue intentionally. Zhang Yue notices Qi Yuanbao's tricks and uses magic to control her, making Qi Yuanbao serve him tea. Despite her strong reluctance, Qi Yuanbao has no choice but to comply. Qi Huan is delighted when he learns about this and finally someone can discipline Qi Yuanbao.

Many people in the mountains heard about Zhang Yue's handsome appearance and came to see for themselves. At that moment, Sun Qianqian and her sister also arrived, hoping to greet Zhang Yue. However, Zhang Yue showed little interest in them. Zhang Yue assigned Qi Yuanbao some homework, but she didn't want to complete it and complained. Huo Shuya arrived and approached Qi Yuanbao, knowing that she was feeling down. It was already late at night, and Qi Yuanbao planned to wash up and rest early. Zhang Yue transformed back into his true form, waiting for the night to retrieve the Heart Soul.

A mysterious person dressed in black planned to intrude upon Jing Si Cliff but was discovered by Qi Huan and his group. On the other side, another person in black went to find Qi Yuanbao. In reality, it was all a diversionary tactic, and their intention was to deal with Qi Yuanbao. Later, Qi Huan also noticed something was amiss but hadn't gone there yet. Just as the person in black was about to attack Qi Yuanbao, the transformed Zhang Yue spotted them and rescued Qi Yuanbao. The person in black, realizing the situation was unfavorable, left. Qi Yuanbao found the little fox adorable.

At that moment, Qi Huan arrived, and Qi Yuanbao, knowing that her father despised foxes, took the opportunity to hide the fox in the bathtub. Zhang Yue saw Qi Yuanbao in a vulnerable state. Zhang Yue remembered that her aunt had told her that kissing Qi Yuanbao might retrieve the Heart Soul. However, Zhang Yue felt a bit embarrassed. The incident where Qi Yuanbao severed her spiritual roots was widely known, yet there were still people trying to test her. It seemed that this person had ulterior motives.

The next day, Qi Huan increased the number of people guarding Qi Yuanbao's residence to ensure her protection as quickly as possible. However, when Qi Yuanbao saw Zhang Yue again today, he appeared somewhat awkward. Even during class, Zhang Yue avoided Qi Yuanbao's gaze. Qi Yuanbao deliberately asked Zhang Yue what he was doing last night, but Zhang Yue couldn't say that he was in Qi Yuanbao's pool, so he had to claim he was bathing. Qi Yuanbao wanted to see Zhang Yue's hand because it was scratched by the person in black who attacked her last night. Qi Yuanbao wanted to confirm it. Qi Yuanbao tried every means to tease Zhang Yue but ended up being seen through by him.

While Zhang Yue was bathing, Qi Yuanbao sneaked onto the rooftop to see her wounds. However, Qi Yuanbao accidentally fell from the roof and screamed, attracting the attention of a man bathing nearby. Qi Yuanbao quickly hid in the water, trying to avoid being exposed, and begged Zhang Yue not to reveal himself. Reluctantly, Zhang Yue agreed. He then showed his arm to Qi Yuanbao and explained that he wasn't the one who attacked her last night. Qi Yuanbao realized her misunderstanding. Zhang Yue changed into different clothes to go out, but someone entered just at that moment. Qi Yuanbao quickly pulled Zhang Yue to hide, getting very close to him, making Zhang Yue a bit embarrassed.

Zhang Yue and Qi Yuanbao found themselves very close, and both felt a bit embarrassed. Accidentally, they entered a secret room. Zhang Yue became curious about the treasures inside, while Qi Yuanbao noticed a listening talisman. She thought that using this talisman might help her learn the truth about her mother's death from her father's mouth. Suddenly, Qi Yuanbao saw a portrait on the wall—it was her mother's portrait. Qi Yuanbao missed her mother dearly and couldn't help but approach the painting and touch it. However, she unintentionally triggered a mechanism, causing numerous hidden arrows to shoot from all directions. Fortunately, Zhang Yue reacted quickly and pulled Qi Yuanbao away. Qi Yuanbao speculated that something behind the painting might be related to her mother's death. She discovered a treasure hidden behind the portrait and felt that it awakened a part of her lost memories. She told Zhang Yue that she saw a masked person, but when she tried to recall the crucial details, she felt intense pain in her chest. Worried about the situation, Zhang Yue swiftly took Qi Yuanbao away. Just as they exited, they encountered Qi Yuanbao's father, who noticed the jade pendant in her hand and demanded that she return it. In fact, he had realized someone had entered the secret room and quickly brought others along, but he didn't expect it would be his daughter and Zhang Yue. Qi Yuanbao refused to give the jade pendant to her father, and he ordered his men to take her back. After returning home, Qi Yuanbao had a nightmare in which she witnessed her mother being killed by her father. The fright woke her up. Her father had always wanted to conceal the reason for her mother's death, but Qi Yuanbao seemed to have uncovered some clues. Qi Yuanbao still wanted to hear her father's explanation but had yet to receive an answer. These words happened to be overheard by her father, who had come to deliver medicine to Qi Yuanbao. Zhang Yue, transformed into his fox form, remained by Qi Yuanbao's side, and she could confide her inner thoughts to him, as there were some things she couldn't share with others. Qi Yuanbao made dumplings for Zhang Yue, who had doubts about their taste. Zhang Yue could guess that Qi Yuanbao's cooking probably wouldn't be good, but to avoid hurting his feelings, she ate one. Qi Yuanbao soon fell asleep and in her sleep, expressed a desire for candied hawthorns. Zhang Yue went to the market and specifically bought some for Qi Yuanbao. Qi Yuanbao was awakened by Huo Shuya and found that the little fox was nowhere to be seen. Qi Yuanbao didn't dare to tell anyone about it. When Zhang Yue returned with the items she bought, she planned to give them to Qi Yuanbao but saw her with Huo Shuya, so she had to leave. Zhang Yue ended up giving the things she bought to her friends. Even though Qi Yuanbao currently had no spiritual power, there were still people who feared her. Sun Qianqian noticed that her sister seemed to have developed feelings for Zhang Yue. Holding the treasure from behind her mother's portrait, Qi Yuanbao wanted to uncover the secrets within it. She realized that she had never seen the little fox and couldn't help but worry. At that moment, she witnessed Zhang Yue using magic to immobilize a group of people. Qi Yuanbao was curious and wanted Zhang Yue to teach her. Zhang Yue suddenly remembered seeing Qi Yuanbao with Huo Shuya the day before, which made him feel uneasy.

Soon, all the major sects were about to leave the mountain. Huo Shuya, before leaving, made a special visit to Qi Yuanbao. Qi Yuanbao felt reluctant to see Huo Shuya go, and all of this was noticed by Zhang Yue. Zhang Yue had an indescribable feeling in his heart. Later, Huo Shuya hugged Qi Yuanbao, causing Zhang Yue to accidentally spill the tea in his hand. Qi Yuanbao also wanted to leave the mountain so that she could investigate the origin of the jade pendant she held. When Qi Yuanbao saw Zhang Yue, she thought of seeking his help. Sun Qianqian noticed that her sister refused to go back and guessed that it must be related to Zhang Yue. Qi Yuanbao pretended to feel unwell and went to find Zhang Yue. In reality, she wanted to find various excuses to leave the mountain. Zhang Yue took Qi Yuanbao's pulse, and Qi Yuanbao took the opportunity to hold Zhang Yue's hand, begging him to let her leave the mountain. Seeing Qi Yuanbao's pitiful appearance, Zhang Yue initially wanted to help, but Qi Yuanbao's lies were eventually uncovered, and Zhang Yue left in anger. Qi Yuanbao decided to take a more forceful approach since Zhang Yue didn't respond to gentle persuasion. She took out the listening talisman she had secretly obtained in the secret room and discreetly stuck it on Zhang Yue. To test if the talisman worked, they conducted a simple experiment. Although they could now leave the mountain, they didn't have any money. Qi Yuanbao then came up with the idea of having Zhang Yue earn money by writing. Qi Yuanbao quickly earned a considerable amount of money. At night, Qi Yuanbao noticed many patrolling guards and asked Zhang Yue to keep an eye on them. Zhang Yue managed to immobilize them, but it only lasted for a moment before they recovered. Qi Yuanbao still couldn't leave the mountain smoothly, and she began to feel tired. She asked Zhang Yue to carry her to bed to rest, and Zhang Yue had no choice but to stay by Qi Yuanbao's side until dawn. When Qi Yuanbao woke up, she found Zhang Yue by her side. She quickly pulled her hand away from Zhang Yue's and pleaded for him to take her down the mountain. Zhang Yue considered that a successful cultivation of their relationship could allow her to retrieve her heart soul, so he agreed. Zhang Yue then asked Qi Yuanbao to kiss him, as that would allow her to bring him down the mountain. Initially hesitant, Qi Yuanbao surprised Zhang Yue by directly kissing him. Afterward, Zhang Yue took Qi Yuanbao down the mountain, and Qi Yuanbao bought a fox mask as a gift for Zhang Yue. Zhang Yue learned from Qi Yuanbao that she loved foxes, but her father did not. Qi Yuanbao's father became furious upon learning that his daughter had left the mountain during the New Year's festivities. On the other hand, Qi Yuanbao and Zhang Yue were very happy on the streets, and Qi Yuanbao was deeply fascinated by everything around her. Qi Yuanbao's good friend, Xue Hanyu, came down the mountain to find Qi Yuanbao but happened to run into Sun Qianqian and her sister. Since he couldn't find Qi Yuanbao, Xue Hanyu left in a hurry.

Sun Qianqian's sister learned that Qi Yuanbao had come out, and she also wanted to go and see what was happening. Soon, many people learned about Qi Yuanbao leaving the mountain. Naturally, there were people who wanted to target Qi Yuanbao. Now that she had left the mountain, it was a good opportunity for them. Qi Yuanbao arrived at the Yihong Pavilion, seemingly for leisure, but in reality, she wanted to inquire about the jade pendant. After some inquiries, she learned that it was in the Suoyue Mountain. Qi Yuanbao planned to go there to see for herself. Zhang Yue was still watching the song and dance performance when Qi Yuanbao took a quick look and left directly. However, at this moment, Qi Yuanbao's father and his group had already come down the mountain to find her. Qi Yuanbao was still thinking that if she went to the Suoyue Mountain, she might find the secret her father had kept hidden in his heart. But just then, Zhang Yue appeared and prepared to take Qi Yuanbao away. Naturally, Qi Yuanbao refused to go back with Zhang Yue, but someone was already looking for her from behind. Qi Yuanbao could only follow Zhang Yue and leave together. Qi Yuanbao planned to go to the Suoyue Mountain alone. Sun Qianqian's sister discovered a corner of Qi Yuanbao's clothing on a small tree branch. In fact, Sun Qianqian's sister had been in contact with the black-clothed people, and their mission was to find Qi Yuanbao before her father did. Qi Yuanbao initially wanted to go to the Suoyue Mountain by herself, but Zhang Yue insisted on following her. Zhang Yue's aunt happened to see Qi Yuanbao's father in the forest and released poisonous gas. Qi Yuanbao's father immediately sensed someone's presence. Sun Qianqian's sister successfully found Qi Yuanbao but didn't tell anyone about it. Zhang Yue's group prepared to continue moving forward, but Qi Yuanbao and Sun Qianqian's sister were carried away by a tree branch. Zhang Yue tried to hold onto them but was also carried away. When they woke up, they found themselves in a secluded paradise, but there was a giant man-eating flower in front of them. The three of them joined forces and managed to escape. However, Zhang Yue was injured in the chest, and Qi Yuanbao felt somewhat guilty. Sun Qianqian's sister applied ointment to Zhang Yue's wound, but Zhang Yue could tell that Qi Yuanbao wasn't happy, so she gave the ointment to Qi Yuanbao instead. Qi Yuanbao quickly refused, as she could sense others' feelings for Zhang Yue. After learning the situation, Zhang Yue returned the medicine pouch directly to Sun Qianqian's sister, who felt embarrassed and ran away in anger. However, as soon as Zhang Yue stood up, she felt physically weak. On the other side, Sun Qianqian and Xue Hanyu were together, and Sun Qianqian accidentally stumbled. It turned out that Sun Qianqian was bitten by a snake, and she begged Xue Hanyu to help her suck out the venom. Qi Yuanbao saw that Zhang Yue was injured and took the initiative to help suck out the venom from Zhang Yue's chest, causing Zhang Yue's heart to suddenly beat faster. Qi Yuanbao also felt a bit embarrassed. Sun Qianqian had been crying nearby, thinking that Xue Hanyu was going to help her suck blood. Sun Qianqian was touched, but then she saw that Xue Hanyu wanted to use a knife to release the blood.

In the evening, Zhang Yue and Qi Yuanbao were together. Qi Yuanbao said that she must know the truth no matter what, and Zhang Yue also intended to accompany Qi Yuanbao in uncovering the truth. Xue Hanyu helped Su Qianqian bandage her wound, which touched Su Qianqian. Xue Hanyu said that he was going to leave, but Su Qianqian insisted on clinging to him. In the end, Xue Hanyu carried Su Qianqian on his back and walked back. Xue Hanyu was actually worried about Qi Yuanbao's safety, and Su Qianqian felt happy leaning against Xue Hanyu. Qi Yuanbao, feeling tired, fell asleep leaning on Zhang Yue. Zhang Yue initially tried to move Qi Yuanbao away, but Qi Yuanbao leaned back again, and this time Zhang Yue didn't push her away. They slept like that until dawn, and when Qi Yuanbao woke up and saw Zhang Yue's beautiful face, he couldn't help but reach out to touch Zhang Yue's lips, but Zhang Yue suddenly woke up. Qi Yuanbao felt a bit embarrassed, and just as Zhang Yue was about to kiss Qi Yuanbao, Su Qianqian's sister suddenly arrived, and Qi Yuanbao and Zhang Yue quickly separated. On the way, Qi Yuanbao saw a rabbit, and Zhang Yue proactively froze the rabbit in place. Qi Yuanbao collected some rabbit blood, and they prepared to deal with the man-eating flower together. Qi Yuanbao discovered that the flower's mouth was its biggest weakness, and with Qi Yuanbao and Zhang Yue's combined efforts, they successfully escaped. Xue Hanyu, carrying Su Qianqian on his back, finally emerged from the forest. The three of them arrived on the main street and found that their fellow disciples were still searching for them. Qi Yuanbao quickly led them to hide. Su Qianqian's sister took the opportunity to ask if Qi Yuanbao liked Zhang Yue, and Qi Yuanbao quickly denied it, though she felt a bit happy inside. Zhang Yue's subordinates had been waiting for his reply, but luckily, Zhang Yue used magic to tell them not to worry because he was currently with Qi Yuanbao. Although Su Qianqian's foot had improved a lot, she still insisted on having Xue Hanyu carry her away, and Xue Hanyu had no choice but to agree. Qi Yuanbao took Zhang Yue to find accommodations. Su Qianqian's sister wanted to spend more time with Zhang Yue, but Qi Yuanbao saw through her little trick. In fact, Su Qianqian's sister wanted to inform the black-clothed person, Yun Rong, but since Qi Yuanbao didn't leave her side, she couldn't find a suitable opportunity. Qi Yuanbao and Su Qianqian's sister slept together, and while Su Qianqian's sister tried to go out and find Yun Rong, Qi Yuanbao pressed her body with his foot, making it difficult for her to move. Although Qi Yuanbao had fallen asleep, he was still holding her down, and she couldn't budge at all. At breakfast the next morning, Zhang Yue handed the chopsticks to Su Qianqian's sister, which made her very happy. She took the initiative to pick up food for Zhang Yue, but Zhang Yue ended up giving the food to Qi Yuanbao. Qi Yuanbao was quite clever and deliberately ate the noodles that Su Qianqian's sister had intended for Zhang Yue.

Huo Shuya saw a small item on the street and planned to buy it as a gift for Qi Yuanbao. He thought Qi Yuanbao would definitely like it. Xue Hanyu, carrying Su Qianqian on his back, arrived at a dilapidated temple where they rested for a while. Xue Hanyu continued to bandage Su Qianqian's wound. Xue Hanyu initially wanted to find some food, but Su Qianqian was worried that he would leave her behind. Xue Hanyu reassured her. The three of them found a new place to stay. Su Qianqian's sister was still trying to find a way to convey Qi Yuanbao's whereabouts to Yun Rong. On the other side, Zhang Yue started dreaming. In her dream, Qi Yuanbao called her "master," and every intimate encounter with Qi Yuanbao made Zhang Yue's breathing quicken. The reason for Zhang Yue's reaction was that Su Qianqian's sister gave her a sachet, which was given to her by the masked person. The person informed her that if she put the sachet on Zhang Yue, Zhang Yue would fall in love with her. Su Qianqian's sister went to find Zhang Yue, and Zhang Yue's breathing quickened. Qi Yuanbao, who was actually not asleep, went to check on the situation and Zhang Yue, despite feeling uncomfortable, brought Qi Yuanbao to her room. Zhang Yue claimed to be sick, but she was actually thinking about Qi Yuanbao. Qi Yuanbao even wanted to gently touch Zhang Yue's forehead, but Zhang Yue grabbed Qi Yuanbao's hand. Qi Yuanbao asked if Zhang Yue was playing tricks on her, and Zhang Yue became much clearer-minded. She then drove Qi Yuanbao away. Qi Yuanbao returned to the room still concerned about Zhang Yue's condition, so he took the initiative to bring medicine to Zhang Yue. When Zhang Yue saw Qi Yuanbao, she couldn't help but pull her into her embrace and kissed her. Qi Yuanbao felt a bit embarrassed and was eventually driven out by Zhang Yue. Su Qianqian's sister saw Qi Yuanbao, who had a red face, and Qi Yuanbao quickly left. Zhang Yue told her best friend about her situation, and after her friend analyzed it, they realized that Zhang Yue had already fallen in love with Qi Yuanbao. Qi Yuanbao returned to the room and kept recalling the scene where Zhang Yue kissed her, causing her lips to curl up involuntarily. Xue Hanyu wanted to find Qi Yuanbao, but Su Qianqian kept following him, and Xue Hanyu had no chance to shake her off. Yun Rong happened to see the two of them, so he took the opportunity to capture them. Yun Rong put on the black-clothed person's veil and asked them where Qi Yuanbao was. Xue Hanyu was worried that they were after Qi Yuanbao. In the morning, Zhang Yue discovered a sachet under her pillow and recognized the scent as something from her fox clan, but she didn't expect it to appear here. During breakfast, Zhang Yue and Qi Yuanbao felt a bit embarrassed. There was a slightly ambiguous atmosphere between them. Yun Rong threatened Xue Hanyu to reveal where Qi Yuanbao was. To protect Xue Hanyu, Su Qianqian said they had a flute they could use to communicate. Yun Rong then blew the flute, intending to lure Qi Yuanbao over. Qi Yuanbao, who had just reached the door, suddenly remembered that she had left marks along the way for Xue Hanyu to follow, so if Xue Hanyu wanted to find her, he would naturally come directly. Qi Yuanbao suspected that Xue Hanyu must have been kidnapped. Qi Yuanbao wasn't afraid and went straight there, only to see Xue Hanyu and Su Qianqian tied up. Qi Yuanbao knew that they wanted her life, so she exchanged herself for Xue Hanyu and Su Qianqian's freedom. Although Xue Hanyu was pulled away by Su Qianqian, he was still very worried about Qi Yuanbao. However, just as Qi Yuanbao confronted Yun Rong, Xue Hanyu and Su Qianqian arrived. In fact, Qi Yuanbao wanted them to go and get reinforcements. Xue Hanyu was injured and bleeding due to Yun Rong's attack. Just then, Zhang Yue also arrived, and Qi Yuanbao's chest emitted a bright light before she collapsed into Zhang Yue's embrace.

Zhang Yue brought the unconscious Qi Yuanbao back, only to find that Qi Yuanbao's pulse had already stopped. Xue Hanyu refused to believe that Qi Yuanbao had died and decided to carry her back. Zhang Yue advised Xue Hanyu to stay calm. Zhang Yue carried Qi Yuanbao back to the inn for treatment, and Yun Rong, in his confrontation with Qi Yuanbao, was also severely injured. Qi Yuanbao's father, upon hearing the news of his daughter's injury, hurried over and was deeply worried about her condition. He approached the bedside, looking at his unconscious daughter with great concern. He felt guilty and wanted to protect his daughter even if it meant sacrificing his own life. His disciples pleaded with him to reconsider, but Qi Yuanbao's father had made up his mind and drove all the disciples away. Su Qianqian blamed herself, as she never expected that Qi Yuanbao would meet such a fate because of her. Zhang Yue took out an important jade pendant from his chest, hoping to use it to save Qi Yuanbao. Zhang Yue immobilized Qi Yuanbao's father and entrusted his own soul to Qi Yuanbao, hoping to temporarily protect her life while he searched for a cure suitable for Qi Yuanbao. Xue Hanyu felt guilty about what happened to Qi Yuanbao, and Su Qianqian took the initiative to comfort him. Xue Hanyu mentioned that Qi Yuanbao had always protected him since they were young, and now, because of him, her life was in danger. Su Qianqian stayed by his side, offering continuous support to Xue Hanyu and hoping he would recover soon. After Zhang Yue released Qi Yuanbao's father from his spell, he suddenly discovered that Qi Yuanbao had a heartbeat, so he no longer needed to sacrifice his own life. Yun Rong faced severe reprimands from his master upon his return, as capturing Qi Yuanbao had ultimately failed. Huo Shuya soon learned about Qi Yuanbao's stopped pulse and became extremely worried. After seven days, Qi Yuanbao finally woke up, but she only remembered being carried back to the room by Zhang Yue; she had no recollection of what happened afterward. Su Qianqian's sister felt that something was amiss. Qi Yuanbao's pulse had already stopped, but now it had miraculously returned. At this time, she received a letter instructing her not to take any action, so she couldn't harm Qi Yuanbao for now. Qi Yuanbao noticed the jade pendant on her chest, remembering it belonged to Zhang Yue. She then asked Xue Hanyu where Zhang Yue had gone, but Xue Hanyu had no idea. He only knew that Zhang Yue hadn't appeared since Qi Yuanbao fell into a coma. Furthermore, Qi Yuanbao's father had been unusually kind to her lately, which puzzled her. She even suspected that her time was running out. Qi Yuanbao's father arrived at the locked door of a room and suddenly remembered the happy scenes of their family in the past. But now, they could never go back to that time. Su Qianqian gave Qi Yuanbao the best ointment from her home. After all, it was her fault that Qi Yuanbao got injured, so she wanted to make amends. Zhang Yue wanted to go to Wanmiu Abyss to find a cure for Qi Yuanbao. At this moment, her aunt arrived, hoping to persuade Zhang Yue. However, Zhang Yue had made up his mind. Just then, her grandmother also arrived, and Zhang Yue knelt down, begging her grandmother to grant her wish. But her grandmother struck Zhang Yue's chest with a palm, hoping to awaken her. Despite coughing up blood from the blow, Zhang Yue remained resolute. In the end, Zhang Yue knelt on the ground and worshipped her grandmother, hoping she would not hinder her.

Zhang Yue, without hesitation, arrived at Wanmiu Abyss. At this moment, a sandstorm was raging, but Zhang Yue's sole focus was to find a cure for Qi Yuanbao. While Qi Yuanbao was being taught by her teacher, she would also think of Zhang Yue, feeling as if he was the one teaching her. However, when she snapped back to reality, she realized that the person in front of her wasn't Zhang Yue. Looking at the jade pendant given to her by Zhang Yue, Qi Yuanbao started to worry about his safety. Zhang Yue's aunt was also persuading her grandmother, hoping to revive Qi Yuanbao and preserve Zhang Yue's soul. Zhang Yue faced numerous hardships in Wanmiu Abyss, and on the other side, Qi Yuanbao seemed to sense that Zhang Yue was in danger. Qi Yuanbao was very worried that something might happen to Zhang Yue. Zhang Yue's soul had already left his body, and he had lost one life. He had accepted the excruciating pain of being pierced by ten thousand arrows, a pain that would accompany him indefinitely. While unconscious, Zhang Yue felt as if he had arrived at Quiet Contemplation, and upon seeing the sleeping Qi Yuanbao, he quickly held her hand and called out her name loudly. When Qi Yuanbao woke up, she touched Zhang Yue's heart, which was beating rapidly. Qi Yuanbao said she wanted to find Huo Shuya, but Zhang Yue hugged her directly. Unbeknownst to them, Zhang Yue had unknowingly developed feelings for Qi Yuanbao. Zhang Yue even kissed Qi Yuanbao, but it was all a dream. Qi Yuanbao had already occupied Zhang Yue's heart. Currently, Zhang Yue was still in Wanmiu Abyss, and her grandmother was extremely worried about his safety. Every moment he stayed there, he risked losing his life. Zhang Yue finally woke up from his dream. Though walking was difficult, he was motivated by the memories he shared with Qi Yuanbao. On the other hand, Qi Yuanbao couldn't help but think of Zhang Yue. She didn't know where Zhang Yue had gone, and she was deeply concerned about his whereabouts. After a long journey, Zhang Yue finally found the Po Suo Leaf, but obtaining it was not an easy task. The leaf fed on fresh blood, and just as Zhang Yue was about to obtain it, a dense black mist surrounded him. His grandmother had warned him that it would be a difficult task. Qi Yuanbao became angry and threw the jade pendant Zhang Yue had given her into the water. However, as she walked a short distance, Qi Yuanbao jumped back into the river to search for the pendant. Zhang Yue also fell into the river and nearly died, but luckily, he felt Qi Yuanbao calling out to him and managed to save the Po Suo Leaf. Qi Yuanbao was also rescued by her fellow disciples, but she kept having nightmares about Zhang Yue. Zhang Yue remained unconscious after emerging, and on the other hand, Qi Yuanbao couldn't stop writing Zhang Yue's name. Every time she thought of Zhang Yue, her heart couldn't help but ache. Currently, Qi Yuanbao's father was treating her very well, as he hoped she would be fine. After Qi Yuanbao's father left, she suddenly started coughing up blood, and Qi Yuanbao suspected that her time was running out. The two of them arrived at the place where they had lived with their mother, filled with memories of their time together. Zhang Yue looked at their mother's portrait, and their father mentioned that he would visit whenever he had the chance. Soon, everyone learned about Qi Yuanbao's father teaching his daughter how to make dumplings, which surprised them all. In fact, when they were young, their family would also make dumplings together, but those beautiful moments could never be reclaimed.


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