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Marry Me, My Queen – Yan Xi, Xu Xiaonuo

Marry Me, My Queen (Bu Ji Jiang Jun Song Wo Qing) is a historical romantic drama directed by An Dong, starring Yan Xi, Xu Xiaonuo, Xu Xinchi, Chu Zijun, and Zou Siyang.


Marry Me, My Queen

English Title: Marry Me, My Queen
Chinese Title: 不及将军送我情
Genre: Historical, Romance, Drama
Tag: Gender Role Reversal, Childish Female Lead
Episodes: 24
Duration: 10 min.
Director: An Dong
Producer: Gao Mingjun
Released Date: 2023-03-17
Broadcast Website: WeTV, TencentVideo



Lord Gu Qingzi, the governor of Guan'an City, had already cleverly balanced the power of the court with the strategy of pretending to be a pig to eat a tiger.

However, when General Li Yinzhi led a 150,000-strong army back to the city, Gu Qingzi was caught off guard.

She had intended to use her old tricks to restrain Li Yinzhi, but unexpectedly, she was forced into marriage instead.


In a distant ancient dynasty, the city of Jun'an, a beautiful and prosperous city, was ruled by a remarkably intelligent female city lord named Gu Qingzi. Gu Qingzi possessed not only extraordinary beauty but also a sharp intellect and exceptional political wisdom. She employed a highly strategic approach, pretending to be weak to deceive her opponents, successfully balancing the various factions within the court and leading Jun'an City to prosperity under her governance.

However, at the moment when General Li Yinzhi led his 150,000 troops to triumphantly return to the city, Gu Qingzi's plans encountered unexpected twists. Li Yinzhi, a brave and skilled general, had always been a political rival whom Gu Qingzi feared. Gu Qingzi had intended to use her wisdom to once again restrain Li Yinzhi, but she never expected to be forced into a marriage proposal herself.

Grand Tutor Qi brought a bottle of medicine for the esteemed concubine Yun Feiran and instructed her to take good care of Lord Cheng, and to get rid of Gu Qingzi as soon as possible, so she could take the position of the Empress. Gu Qingzi came to deliver the wedding attire to Li Yinzhi, but secretly placed poisoned needles inside. She intended to harm Li Yinzhi, but he was already prepared, and the needles ended up pricking Gu Qingzi herself. Li Yinzhi offered to draw eyebrows for Gu Qingzi, and she was surprised by his skill. Li Yinzhi mentioned that the fallen soldiers looked completely different, and he was the one who arranged their appearances.

Gu Qingzi and Li Yinzhi paid their respects in front of the ancestral shrine. Li Yinzhi was brought in, and Yun Feiran handed him a drink. After consuming it, Li Yinzhi fainted. When Gu Qingzi returned and discovered that Li Yinzhi was missing, she immediately called for help, believing that everything would be under her control. A masked person ordered others to carry away the Empress.

The next day, Gu Qingzi tearfully claimed that Li Yinzhi had been kidnapped on their wedding night. Gu Yuanting presented evidence, stating that someone saw Yun Feiran poisoning him. They suggested investigating to find out if it was true.

Gu Qingzi confronted Yun Feiran upon her return, and Yun Feiran admitted that Grand Tutor Qi had indeed brought medicine for Li Yinzhi, but he didn't use it. Instead, he used the medicine provided by Gu Qingzi. Gu Yuanting came to meet Gu Qingzi and informed her that the Ministry of Justice received a ransom letter demanding ten thousand taels of gold. Gu Qingzi declared that they would not abandon any of the citizens of the city.

Yun Feiran went to various ministers' houses and collected ten thousand taels of gold. Gu Qingzi objected to sending it like that and decided to poison the silver taels.

Gu Qingzi brought the silver tickets to pay the ransom, and Li Yinzhi appeared wearing a mask. Gu Qingzi asked where Li Yinzhi was, and he replied that she would see him when she returned. Gu Qingzi set up a mechanism to bind Li Yinzhi, wanting to see what the kidnapper looked like.

Li Yinzhi claimed that there were assassins behind him, but Gu Qingzi thought he was lying. Unexpectedly, there was indeed an assassin behind him, intending to assassinate Gu Qingzi. Li Yinzhi offered to help save her if Gu Qingzi provided another ransom. Li Yinzhi managed to break free and deal with the assassin, but Gu Qingzi was knocked unconscious by her own trap.

Subordinates informed Li Yinzhi that there were spies from the Lord's Mansion, but they were very cautious. Li Yinzhi needed to stay here for a few more days. When Gu Qingzi woke up and realized she was bound, Li Yinzhi was bathing behind a screen. Gu Qingzi shouted that someone had kidnapped her, but Li Yinzhi told her to stop and reminded her that she still owed him a ransom. Angry, Gu Qingzi rushed towards him, and Li Yinzhi quickly covered her eyes with a cloth.

Gu Qingzi asked which faction Li Yinzhi belonged to and accidentally bumped into him, nearly kissing. Gu Qingzi recognized Li Yinzhi and didn't expect him to be shy.

Gu Qingzi returned to the Lord's Mansion and was surprised to find Yun Feiran bound. Xiang Wanqing said that Yun Feiran had drugged Li Yinzhi before, leading to the previous incident.

Fortunately, Li Yinzhi had been prepared in advance, and Yun Feiran was being manipulated by Grand Tutor Qi. Grand Tutor Qi wanted to retire and return home, so Gu Qingzi ordered him to be imprisoned.

Li Yinzhi was already waiting inside, and Gu Qingzi entered. Yun Feiran brought a cup of wine and gave it to them to drink. Gu Qingzi noticed a mark on Li Yinzhi's body, indicating that she had drugged the silver tickets. Any contact with the silver tickets would leave this mark.

Gu Qingzi wanted to call for help, but Li Yinzhi said that it wasn't just Grand Tutor Qi who was manipulating Yun Feiran; the other person was already obvious. Gu Qingzi couldn't expose herself and could only dismiss the person. Li Yinzhi stated that he needed to firmly secure the position of the Empress, so tonight everyone needed to see them together in bed, and he tied up Gu Qingzi.

The next day, Li Yinzhi said he wanted to invite Gu Qingzi to appreciate the flowers. Gu Qingzi thought that Li Yinzhi wanted to take the opportunity to assassinate her and became very worried, wearing full armor. Li Yinzhi remarked that without fastening the straps properly, she wouldn't survive on the battlefield for half a day. He helped her fasten the straps, saying that it would give her an extra half-day of life, and with him present, it would be a lifetime. Gu Qingzi didn't expect Li Yinzhi to say this and wondered if he liked her.

Li Yinzhi knew that the ransom Gu Qingzi had paid was borrowed from the ministers, and he incited them to demand repayment from Gu Qingzi. Gu Qingzi was furious, feeling that the money was borrowed for Li Yinzhi's sake, but he told her to handle it herself.

Li Yinzhi said that his dowry had arrived, and when Gu Qingzi opened it, she found that it was filled with weapons. Li Yinzhi explained that these were the belongings of fallen soldiers and reminded Gu Qingzi that the days on the throne were obtained through the lives of these soldiers.

Gu Qingzi realized that they couldn't be open about their plans now; they had to resort to covert methods. The silver tickets were not with Li Yinzhi, but they were likely in Xiang Wansheng's possession. They needed to find a way to provoke Xiang Wansheng into taking action, and once she was willing to act, things would be easier.

Gu Qingzi intentionally invited many people to indulge in feasting and revelry, and she also invited Li Yinzhi, claiming that she wanted him to serve her in bed. She blindfolded him and played with others, allowing them to continue. When Xiang Wansheng came to find Li Yinzhi, Yun Feiran asked her to wait, saying that Gu Qingzi was currently busy. Yun Feiran even recorded Li Yinzhi's failed attempts to win favor with other beauties, which infuriated Xiang Wansheng.

Xiang Wansheng sent a signal to Li Yinzhi, and Gu Qingzi noticed it, believing that Xiang Wansheng had taken the bait. Li Yinzhi also saw the signal but didn't know why Xiang Wansheng was approaching him so late. Gu Qingzi also arrived, and Xiang Wansheng revealed her intention to assassinate Gu Qingzi, stating that she couldn't bear to see Gu Qingzi humiliating Li Yinzhi. She offered to take the blame herself if she killed Gu Qingzi, allowing Li Yinzhi to become the Lord of the City. However, Li Yinzhi intercepted Xiang Wansheng.

Xiang Wansheng was unwilling to accept this, but Li Yinzhi explained that he was doing all this for the sake of Gu Qingzi.

Gu Qingzi heard everything outside and couldn't believe that Li Yinzhi actually liked her. Li Yinzhi hoped that Gu Qingzi could forgive Xiang Wansheng, and without hesitation, Gu Qingzi agreed and asked Yun Feiran to escort Xiang Wansheng out. Gu Qingzi said she would send Li Yinzhi back, but when they arrived, Li Yinzhi decisively closed the door and locked Li Yinzhi outside. Gu Qingzi didn't mind and believed that she could eventually make Li Yinzhi open up his heart.

Yun Feiran informed Gu Qingzi that she had followed Xiang Wansheng last night and discovered that she had come to this mansion, but now Xiang Wansheng had already left. The two of them sneaked in and found a box that they couldn't open. It had a password on it. Gu Qingzi could only take the box away for now and figure out the rest later.

Gu Qingzi wanted to secretly climb over the wall, but unexpectedly, Li Yinzhi suddenly arrived. Gu Qingzi slipped and fell, but Li Yinzhi saved her. One of Li Yinzhi's subordinates came to report that Gu Qingzi had secretly taken a box back, possibly containing a testament. Li Yinzhi ordered him to keep an eye on it.

Gu Qingzi asked Li Yinzhi what kind of password it could be, but she couldn't understand what he was saying at all. Gu Qingzi went to attend the court session, and Gu Yuanting asked her when she would repay the debt. Li Yinzhi came holding the tablets of fallen soldiers and demanded an explanation from Gu Yuanting, who managed the national treasury, for the insufficient military funds over the years. Gu Qingzi said she didn't feel well and left the court session, saying that they would discuss this matter later.

Gu Yuanting came to find Gu Qingzi, and Gu Qingzi said that Li Yinzhi had 150,000 troops under his command, and they couldn't stop him if he wanted to investigate the accounts. Gu Yuanting should quickly resolve this matter. Gu Yuanting went to find the master and asked if they could retrieve the silver they had invested in Zi Jin's residence. The master said that the ministers were highly dependent on it now, and they couldn't retrieve it at the moment.

Gu Yuanting felt that if the accounts couldn't be balanced, he would have a big problem. The master said he had a solution. The city lord didn't have much ability, so if they let her and Li Yinzhi go out together, when there were only the two of them, they could take action. Gu Yuanting thought it was a good plan and said he would take care of it immediately.

Gu Yuanting told Gu Qingzi about the plan to have her go out and play with Li Yinzhi. Gu Qingzi agreed but also asked Gu Yuanting to balance the accounts. Gu Qingzi knew that Gu Yuanting was trying to keep her occupied and wanted to see what he was up to. Gu Qingzi discussed the plan with Li Yinzhi, and he said he needed to make arrangements for the city's defense before they could go out.

Xiang Wansheng sent a signal, and Li Yinzhi went to find her. Xiang Wansheng said they had been watching the assassin and had been surrounding Gu Yuanting's residence. However, they fell into a trap, and several of their comrades were injured. Li Yinzhi wanted to divert the attention of the gate guards and escort them out, but then Gu Qingzi arrived and said she wanted to select people for the harem and took away the injured comrades.

Li Yinzhi asked Gu Qingzi why she was at the city gate, and Gu Qingzi said she came out to check the route for their honeymoon. Gu Qingzi asked Li Yinzhi why he confronted the Marquis's mansion, assuring him not to worry because she would protect him. Xiang Wansheng thanked Gu Qingzi, but Gu Qingzi made it clear that she was protecting Li Yinzhi and had no connection with her.

Gu Qingzi suggested that they start their honeymoon now since it was still early. Xiang Wansheng was worried about Li Yinzhi, but he asked her to take the injured comrades back to the military camp first, and he would come to meet them later.

Gu Qingzi stated that she had successfully convinced Li Yinzhi, and their encounter was just a coincidence. They would embark on a spontaneous honeymoon trip. Yun Feiran brought some medicine for Gu Qingzi, saying that just a little bit would do.

Gu Qingzi imagined herself drugging Li Yinzhi, and he found her behavior strange but cute. He leaned in and kissed Gu Qingzi. Li Yinzhi noticed the medicine in Gu Qingzi's hand, and she quickly explained that it was mosquito repellent. Li Yinzhi offered to apply it to Gu Qingzi, but she quickly dodged, accidentally spilling it on Yun Feiran, who had just entered.

Yun Feiran said the carriage got stuck in a pit and asked for their help to push it out. Gu Qingzi sat in the carriage, but suddenly the horse got startled and started running forward. Gu Qingzi screamed for help, and Li Yinzhi chased after her, managing to grab the frightened horse. Yun Feiran shouted that Li Yinzhi had kidnapped Gu Qingzi and turned around to see Xiang Wansheng behind them.

Xiang Wansheng brought Yun Feiran into a cave and asked if he had arranged people along the way with the intention of harming the general. Yun Feiran sneezed, and Xiang Wansheng couldn't avoid it, feeling something was not right. Yun Feiran remembered the medicine he accidentally got on Gu Qingzi and felt worried.

Xiang Wansheng said Yun Feiran had delicate skin and tender flesh, and she quite liked it. She pressed him against the wall and kissed him. Gu Qingzi saw Li Yinzhi bringing her to a bamboo house on the mountain and thought it was a secluded place. Li Yinzhi must have wanted to do shameless things with her. However, every time Gu Qingzi approached Li Yinzhi, he pushed her away without hesitation.

The next day, Xiang Wansheng told Yun Feiran to relax and assured him that no one else would know about what happened yesterday. Yun Feiran cried and felt that he had lost his first night. Xiang Wansheng found it strange because he was supposed to be Gu Qingzi's favored concubine.

Li Yinzhi got up early in the morning to practice swordsmanship, while Gu Qingzi watched him and wondered why he liked her despite his good qualities. Yun Feiran came over and said he accidentally took the wrong path last night and just found his way back now. Gu Qingzi assured him that it was fine and told him to hurry and prepare the meals.

Gu Qingzi asked Yun Feiran if Li Yinzhi really liked her, but Yun Feiran felt that he could never understand Li Yinzhi's thoughts.

Gu Qingzi fell off the cliff and shouted for help. Yun Feiran hurriedly came to inform Li Yinzhi that Gu Qingzi had fallen off the cliff. Li Yinzhi and Yun Feiran got into a fight, with Li Yinzhi saying that Yun Feiran had strong martial arts skills and was hiding something. Yun Feiran expressed that Li Yinzhi was always so vigilant and wondered what his motives were.


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