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Bright Time – Hao Fushen, Bian Cheng, Huang Zixing

Bright Time is a youth school drama,  directed by Xu Chi and Zhu Yikun, starring Hao Fushen, Bian Cheng, Huang Zixing, Bian Tianyang, Gu Shuqi, Li Zhehao, and Wu Luoxun.

The drama tells the story of the quirky uncle-nephew duo and the adorable girl next door, engaging in a love-hate relationship during their youthful campus life.


Bright Time

English Title: Bright Time
Chinese Title: 芥子时光
Genre: School, Youth
Episodes: 32
Duration: 35 min.
Director: Xu Chi, Zhu Yikun
Writer: Gu Rui, Xiao Yufan, Xiao Mengqian
Released Date: 2024-07-06
Broadcast Website: MGTV, MangoTV Drama



In their second year of high school, students are divided into science and liberal arts classes. Lan Jinghui, who ranks at the bottom of the grade, becomes desk mates with Ling Dong, who ranks first. Lan's father tells Lan Jinghui that Ling Dong is his second maternal uncle.

 The two, with vastly different personalities and interests, want to get rid of each other as soon as possible. However, things don't go as planned. Under the earnest request of Lan's father and the class teacher, Fang Hai, Ling Dong reluctantly starts a plan to reform his disobedient nephew. The quiet and unnoticed classmate, Xiao Xiaohua, also gets unintentionally involved between the two.

Eventually, the three form a small study group, striving for honor for their class in the school sports meet, performing together at the arts festival, and more. These events solidify their friendship. As they enter their senior year, they clarify their goals. Lan Jinghui no longer rebels due to a lack of love and is willing to face his academic problems and reconcile with his mother.

Ling Dong lets go of his tough exterior, which he used as self-protection, and opens up, facing his vulnerabilities. Xiao Xiaohua breaks free from parental control, bravely pursues her dream of painting, and embarks on the journey of art exams. Together, they become more determined in their dreams, enter the college entrance examination room hand in hand, and fulfill their promise to attend the same university.


The election voting has ended, and Director Zhang is announcing the votes on stage. In the crowd, Xiao Xiaohua is anxious because there is a letter of friendship from her in the ballot box. At this rate, her secret will soon be exposed. Just then, Lan Jinghui swoops down from the sky, lands directly in front of Director Zhang, and snatches the ballot box from his hands. Director Zhang immediately orders people to chase after Lan Jinghui.

Lan Jinghui runs as fast as he can, and in the struggle, the ballot box accidentally opens, causing all the votes to fall from the sky. Xiao Xiaohua's heart relaxes. She wishes this had actually happened, but it was all just her imagination. So what is going on? Xiao Xiaohua recalls what happened a week ago! Xiao Xiaohua leaves home in the morning to go to school.

As usual, she stops by the breakfast stall at the community entrance to buy breakfast. The auntie is making Xiao Xiaohua's order when a delivery guy urgently asks for his order. Kind-hearted Xiao Xiaohua offers to let the auntie prepare the delivery guy's order first. The delivery guy, in a hurry, thanks her and takes his meal. However, not far from there, he gets hit by a small car.

Xiao Xiaohua witnesses the whole incident, but the driver claims it was the delivery guy's fault. Amid the argument, Xiao Xiaohua steps up, but the driver starts warning her. Just then, Lan Jinghui stands in front of Xiao Xiaohua to protect her. In the crowd, Ling Dong quietly records the video and then steps forward, not forgetting to use Xiao Xiaohua's phone to call the police. The police arrive soon after.

Lan Jinghui is about to talk to Ling Dong, but Ling Dong walks away, leaving Lan Jinghui speechless. Lan Jinghui and Xiao Xiaohua quickly realize they're almost late and start running. Lan Jinghui rides his bicycle ahead, but Xiao Xiaohua can't keep up. Lan Jinghui comes back, intending to let Xiao Xiaohua ride the bike, but she doesn't know how to ride.

In his hurry, Lan Jinghui tries to help Xiao Xiaohua onto the bike and push it, but they both end up falling. With no other choice, Lan Jinghui pushes the bike while running alongside Xiao Xiaohua to school! When they arrive at school, they can't find their classroom. On the way, they encounter a girl carrying exercise books. Lan Jinghui stops her and asks why she isn't wearing her uniform.

She hesitates and says she was late and worried about getting caught, so she didn't wear it. Lan Jinghui, realizing she's also late, reveals that he and Xiao Xiaohua climbed over the wall to get in. He then helps her carry the books, only to find out in the classroom that the girl is their new class teacher, Fang Hai. Thus, Lan Jinghui receives the first reflection assignment of the new semester!

Lan Jinghui is arranged to sit with Ling Dong, while Xiao Xiaohua sits in front of Lan Jinghui. Xiao Xiaohua is happy, but Lan Jinghui doesn't get along with Ling Dong. Lan Jinghui accidentally tears Ling Dong's book, making Ling Dong furious and demand a new seat. However, Teacher Fang doesn't intervene, so they decide to settle it with an 800-meter race. Lan Jinghui wins by a deceitful means, and Ling Dong, unable to tolerate it, goes to Director Zhang.

Unexpectedly, Lan Jinghui's father appears and reveals that Ling Dong is Lan Jinghui's second cousin! Both of them are shocked by this fact, and Director Zhang assigns Ling Dong to tutor Lan Jinghui, which Ling Dong reluctantly accepts. Xiao Xiaohua has a crush on Ling Dong but lacks the courage to send him a friendship letter. Finally, Xia Qingtian volunteers to help, but mistakenly gives it to Lan Jinghui instead!

Lan Jinghui is overjoyed, while Xiao Xiaohua's heart leaps into her throat!

Lan Jinghui looked proud when he discovered the friendship letter. Xia Qingtian and Xiao Xiaohua immediately stood up and left together. Xiao Xiaohua asked what was going on, as Xia Qingtian clearly remembered putting the letter in the book on Ling Dong's desk. However, they didn't know that the book actually belonged to Lan Jinghui! After discussing for a while, Xia Qingtian came up with an idea. The two then acted separately.

Xiao Xiaohua asked Lan Jinghui to teach her how to ride a bike, while Xia Qingtian sent Ma Yiming away. Xia Qingtian then sat in Lan Jinghui's seat to search for the letter. On Xiao Xiaohua's side, she watched Lan Jinghui showcase his biking skills and eventually discovered that the letter was in his pocket. Heartbroken, she left. Xia Qingtian found nothing, and Ling Dong quietly mentioned that the letter was with Lan Jinghui.

Xia Qingtian wanted Ling Dong to help, but Ling Dong insisted it had nothing to do with him. Xia Qingtian firmly stated that it did. During class, Lan Jinghui tried to take out the letter to read it, but his actions were too noticeable, and the teacher came over. He had no choice but to hand over his phone.

He tried to sneak a peek at the letter again, but Xia Qingtian quickly blamed Ma Yiming for also playing with his phone, successfully stopping Lan Jinghui. During the break, Lan Jinghui attempted to read the letter again, but Ling Dong snatched it away. Lan Jinghui was speechless. Ling Dong proposed another 800-meter race, promising to return the letter and never mention the "nephew" incident again if Lan Jinghui won.

Lan Jinghui agreed, and Ling Dong suggested putting the letter in the class suggestion box first. After the race, they would decide the letter's fate. Lan Jinghui went ahead to the field, while Ling Dong returned to the classroom. However, Xiao Xiaohua and Xia Qingtian found the suggestion box had been taken by the class monitor for the student council election, and the letter was still inside. Everyone panicked.

Lan Jinghui stood alone on the field, but Ling Dong didn't show up. Thinking he was being tricked, Lan Jinghui angrily returned to the classroom and was stunned to learn about the election and the letter in the suggestion box. The election voting ended, and Director Zhang was announcing the votes on stage.

Unlike Xiao Xiaohua's fantasy, Lan Jinghui didn't successfully retrieve the letter and was instead caught by Director Zhang, who was about to read its contents aloud in front of the whole school. Surprisingly, it was a letter mocking Lan Jinghui! As a result, Lan Jinghui was punished to run laps around the field. Xiao Xiaohua and Xia Qingtian couldn't understand why the letter content had changed.

It turned out Ling Dong had distracted the class monitor under the pretense of being called by Teacher Zhang and secretly switched the letters. Ling Dong had already read the original letter! Lan Jinghui couldn't swallow this humiliation and vowed to find the culprit. He checked everyone's handwriting in the class but found nothing, only collecting their opinions. Unwilling to give up, he dragged Ma Yiming along and deflated the tires of all their classmates' bicycles!

The next day, everyone found their bike tires deflated and a series of taunting arrows and notes pointing to a pile of air pumps in the trash can. With no other option, they had to kneel down and pump up their tires. Only Ling Dong glanced at Lan Jinghui before pushing his bike away. This made Lan Jinghui despise Ling Dong even more, and he proceeded to mock his classmates.

The class monitor started berating Lan Jinghui and threatened to report him, but Lan Jinghui didn't care. Just then, the class monitor said, "Hello, Director," which Lan Jinghui thought was a trick, but Director Zhang had indeed arrived. Director Zhang instructed the students with flat tires to take a taxi home and get reimbursement from Lan Jinghui the next day. Lan Jinghui and Ma Yiming were left to pump up the bicycles.

While pumping the tires, they chatted, and Lan Jinghui learned that the basketball team was starting practice that day. He left Ma Yiming and went to join the basketball team. As soon as Lan Jinghui arrived, he noticed Jia Letian cleaning a ball while the others were training. Seeing Lan Jinghui, the others brought up the student council election incident to provoke him. Unable to stand it, Lan Jinghui challenged them one by one and won.

He then called Jia Letian over to train, but the group said he had to beat their captain, Bi Peng, first. Lan Jinghui wasn't intimidated. When Bi Peng showed up, the showdown began. Teacher Fang was leaving work and saw a crowd heading to the basketball court. Upon asking, she learned about the match between Lan Jinghui and Bi Peng. When Teacher Fang arrived, Lan Jinghui was tying his shoelaces and even reminded Bi Peng to tie his.

As soon as Bi Peng squatted down, Lan Jinghui stood up and made a three-pointer, claiming victory. Bi Peng, dissatisfied, wanted a rematch, but Lan Jinghui, feeling tired, refused. Angry, Bi Peng threw the ball, nearly hitting Teacher Fang instead of Lan Jinghui. Bi Peng had to apologize to Teacher Fang as Lan Jinghui left. Following Teacher Fang's instructions, Lan Jinghui brought plants to school. Bi Peng, still upset, threw a ball at him.

In a rush, Lan Jinghui threw the bag containing a cactus back. Thinking it was a basketball, Bi Peng caught it with his hand and got injured. Later, Lan Jinghui successfully joined the basketball team, while Bi Peng had to miss practice due to his injury. Concerned about his cactus not getting enough sunlight, Lan Jinghui moved the plant stand. The class monitor then rearranged the rest of the class plants.

Lan Jinghui secretly played with his phone during class and had it confiscated repeatedly. However, he still managed to play with a phone during the break but got caught again and was summoned to the office. Teacher Fang urged him to complete his reflection essay, so Lan Jinghui stayed after school. Xiao Xiaohua also stayed behind to help clean, as she couldn't refuse her classmates' requests.

She was the last to leave, and as she went upstairs, someone pushed Lan Jinghui's cactus down the stairs. Early the next morning, Director Zhang called Teacher Fang to the office because of the incident. Lan Jinghui stood up and admitted it was his fault, insisting that the plant stand was fine and that someone had sabotaged it.

Director Zhang then tasked Lan Jinghui with finding the culprit within a day, or else the class would be disqualified from any evaluations or awards.

Lan Jinghui suggested that someone had deliberately sabotaged the cactus, but he couldn't identify who it was. Director Zhang gave Lan Jinghui one day to find the culprit; otherwise, the class's eligibility for awards would be revoked. The students overheard this conversation and began discussing the matter, as it concerned the class's collective honor. They started by considering who was the last to leave the classroom.

Initially, they thought of Lan Jinghui, but since it was his cactus that was knocked over, he was unlikely to be the culprit. This left only Xiao Xiaohua, and the students turned their suspicion towards her, though no one had any evidence. Xiao Xiaohua and Xia Qingtian were discussing the incident. Xiao Xiaohua felt somewhat responsible, but Xia Qingtian didn't want her to blame herself. Xiao Xiaohua still felt troubled and, looking up, saw someone with a basketball bag.

She suddenly recalled seeing someone with a basketball bag going upstairs the previous day. Realizing something, Xiao Xiaohua rushed to the scene where Ling Dong and Lan Jinghui were also investigating the plant stand. Ling Dong believed Lan Jinghui wasn't responsible and offered to help with the investigation. Based on the marks on the railing, Ling Dong deduced that the cactus was likely knocked down with an object.

Lan Jinghui seemed to have an idea, and just then, Xiao Xiaohua arrived, mentioning she saw someone with a basketball bag but didn't see their face. Lan Jinghui claimed he knew who it was and headed straight for the basketball team. When Lan Jinghui arrived, he saw some team members leaving. They had intentionally left the door ajar, knowing it couldn't be opened once shut. Ignoring this, Lan Jinghui barged in to confront Bi Peng.

Without denying it, Bi Peng admitted to the act, explaining that he had seen the name Lan Jinghui gave his cactus, "The World's Best Ball," which reminded him of his own hand injury, leading him to throw the cactus out of anger. Lan Jinghui, lacking evidence, could only watch Bi Peng leave. As Bi Peng left, he casually closed the door, trapping Lan Jinghui inside.

Lan Jinghui spent a long time trying to open the door but eventually gave up and sat on a bench to play with a ball. That evening, during class, Lan Jinghui's absence went unnoticed by most, but Ling Dong began to worry. As he played with the ball, the lights suddenly went out, plunging Lan Jinghui into painful memories. Desperate, he pounded on the door, but it wouldn't open, and he eventually collapsed.

Meanwhile, Ling Dong, on his way home, grew increasingly suspicious and realized Lan Jinghui might be trapped. Rushing back, he managed to rescue Lan Jinghui and discovered Lan Jinghui's fear of the dark. The next day, the students continued to discuss the incident, with suspicion towards Lan Jinghui remaining high. Angered, Lan Jinghui went to Director Zhang and accused Bi Peng but admitted he had no evidence, insisting on taking full responsibility.

He began packing his things to leave when Director Zhang and Teacher Fang arrived, and Bi Peng's voice suddenly came over the broadcast system, revealing the truth. Grateful to Ling Dong, Lan Jinghui thanked him, and the classmates apologized, restoring Lan Jinghui's former optimism.

The list of student council presidents was announced, and the winner was the talented and beautiful Xu Mengyu. Discussions about her never ceased among the students. When Xu Mengyu entered the classroom, Lan Jinghui was happily recounting his story with Bi Peng. Xu Mengyu walked straight up to Lan Jinghui, who arrogantly told her to place the friendship letter on his desk for him to read later. However, Xu Mengyu was simply heading to her seat, leaving Lan Jinghui embarrassed.

Everyone's attention then shifted to Xu Mengyu, and no one was interested in Lan Jinghui's story anymore. Everyone gathered around Xu Mengyu. Ling Dong excelled in physics, quickly and cleverly solving the difficult problems pointed out by the teacher. During lunch, Lan Jinghui approached Ling Dong, and Teacher Fang came to find them. She said that after discussing with Director Zhang, it was decided that Lan Jinghui and Ling Dong would form a study group.

Although both were reluctant, they couldn't refuse. Ling Dong then arranged for them to meet in the study room after class. Lan Jinghui, not wanting to go, tried to have Xiao Xiaohua go in his place. Ling Dong anticipated Lan Jinghui's plan and had Xiao Xiaohua pass a note to Lan Jinghui about their family connection. Hearing this, Lan Jinghui went to the study room to find Ling Dong.

From then on, Lan Jinghui was constantly supervised by Ling Dong, and even his homework was doubled on Fridays. Lan Jinghui even dreamt of Xiao Xiaohua and Ling Dong teaming up to supervise him writing papers, waking up to declare that he couldn't live like this anymore. Lan Jinghui, bored and wandering around, suddenly noticed that a talent competition was about to start.

Teacher Fang also required each student to record a video and upload it to the campus website, with the top-voted video representing the school in the talent competition. Xiao Xiaohua, feeling down due to her lack of talent, decided to record a recitation video. Lan Jinghui offered to help Xiao Xiaohua, resulting in a video of her singing and dancing, which, while not exceptional, was good enough to submit.

After finishing with Xiao Xiaohua's video, Lan Jinghui helped Ling Dong with his video. Since Ling Dong was focused only on studying, Lan Jinghui could only film him studying and urging him to study. Lan Jinghui then asked a friend who could breakdance to wear a mask and perform a dance, and later used synthesis technology to create a breakdance video for Ling Dong. After uploading Ling Dong's video, the original first place, Xu Mengyu, was pushed to second.

Xiao Xiaohua's genuine and funny video also received many votes, surpassing Xu Mengyu to take second place. Xiao Xiaohua believed people were just having fun and didn't take it seriously, confident she wouldn't become first. Ling Dong's attention was diverted by the talent competition, making Lan Jinghui smug. He even told Ling Dong he truly wanted to study, but Ling Dong was too distracted. Frustrated, Ling Dong went to Director Zhang and withdrew from the talent competition!

This made Xiao Xiaohua the first place winner! Lan Jinghui was left stunned.

Ling Dong went to Director Zhang and expressed his desire to participate in the physics competition. However, this would mean he couldn't balance the talent competition as well. Director Zhang suggested that Ling Dong focus on preparing for the physics competition and that he would handle the coordination for the talent competition. Shortly after, the announcement on the broadcast confirmed Ling Dong's withdrawal from the talent competition, which made Xiao Xiaohua the new first-place contender.

Lan Jinghui and Xiao Xiaohua both rushed to Teacher Fang's office. Teacher Fang explained that Ling Dong had a valid reason and Director Zhang had given special approval, so Xiao Xiaohua could not withdraw from the competition. Xu Mengyu, hearing this news, secretly felt angry. She went to congratulate Xiao Xiaohua, sarcastically calling her "Little Joke. " This increased Xiao Xiaohua's psychological pressure.

Xu Mengyu then went to the student council meeting, asserting that only the most talented should represent the school in the talent competition, implying that Xiao Xiaohua was unfit. She subtly encouraged everyone to vote for her. Despite her efforts, Xiao Xiaohua still ended up as the first-place winner. Supporters of Xu Mengyu began to mock Xiao Xiaohua, calling her "Little Joke. " Xiao Xiaohua heard these rumors, felt very sad, and cried.

She ran to the rooftop, where Ling Dong saw her and, worried she might harm herself, pulled her down. He gave her a long pep talk, which left her bewildered. Lan Jinghui then arrived, thinking Ling Dong was bullying Xiao Xiaohua and tried to chase him away. Xiao Xiaohua quickly explained that Ling Dong was trying to help her. Lan Jinghui then joined in encouraging Xiao Xiaohua.

Xiao Xiaohua explained that she just wanted to cry alone for a while, and the two had misunderstood her. Lan Jinghui encouraged Xiao Xiaohua to shout out her frustrations. Xiao Xiaohua felt better, but Director Zhang got annoyed, prompting them to run away. Lan Jinghui was determined to help Xiao Xiaohua and formed a band, though Xiao Xiaohua's talent was hard to match, making it a challenging task.

Lan Jinghui focused on helping Xiao Xiaohua, often finding excuses to avoid studying when Ling Dong urged him to. Director Zhang heard about Lan Jinghui's poor academic performance and called him to the office. Ling Dong had to cover for Lan Jinghui to help him escape. Lan Jinghui, Xia Qingtian, and Ma Yiming worked hard to improve Xiao Xiaohua's singing, but without much success, they felt discouraged.

Just then, the broadcast announced that Ling Dong had won first place in the physics competition. They all admired Ling Dong for bringing glory to the school, while Lan Jinghui quietly plotted his next move.


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