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A Generation of Craftsmen – Hou Yong, Lan Xi

A Generation of Craftsmen is a business drama directed by Zhang Zhi, led by Hou Yong, co-starring Lan Xi, Sun Xuening, and Guo Guangping

The drama tells the story of a family of Putian woodcarvers who became famous for their skills in the late Qing Dynasty and early Republican era, but who were set upon by a traitor and went through ups and downs as the times changed.


A Generation of Craftsmen

English Title: A Generation of Craftsmen
Chinese Title: 一代匠师
Genre: Business, Drama, Romance
Episodes: 32
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Zhang Zhi
Writer: Yang Jinyuan
Producer: Chen Hanhai
Released Date: 2023-05-21
Broadcast Website:



The story takes place in 1911, the year of the Xinhai Revolution when the "storm" was brewing.

In the city of Putian, Fujian, there was a renowned woodcarving family called the Liao family, known for their exceptional craftsmanship.

Despite their recognized skills, the family members were burdened with their own concerns.

When the Liao family was about to deliver a set of three dragon throne pieces commissioned by Emperor Xuantong, they discovered that the dragon's eyes on the throne had been deliberately damaged, leaving them "eyeless." This brought upon the Liao family the imminent disaster of annihilation.

Liao Xi, the eldest son of the Liao family, stepped forward and courageously took the blame, using his ingenuity and clever ideas to recreate the dragon's pearls and quell the turmoil.

However, Liu Tianqiu, a treacherous individual who had coveted the Liuhe Hall for many years, repeatedly plotted against them.

To save his father, Liao Xi had no choice but to flee with the accusation on his shoulders.

On his journey of exile, he encountered Aunt Mei, a confidante. In order to revive the glory of the Liao family and make their exquisite woodcarving skills known to the world, Liao Xi and Mei Yi, skillfully navigated through various forces such as bureaucrats, warlords, and Japanese invaders, engaging in intellectual battles and writing a poignant ode to the spirit of craftsmanship.


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