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You Are My Exclusive Surprise – Bai Haoyan, Jiao Na

You Are My Exclusive Surprise is a romantic drama directed by Chen Jiajie, starring Bai Haoyan and Jiao Na.


You Are My Exclusive Surprise

English Title: You Are My Exclusive Surprise
Chinese Title: 你是我的独家意外
Genre: Romance
Tag: Betrayed by a Lover, Secret
Episodes: 14
Duration: 6 min.
Director: Chen Jiajie
Released Date: 2023-02-03
Broadcast Website: MGTV, MangoTV Short Play



After returning from a business trip, Su Su finds herself betrayed by her boyfriend and her colleague. Su Su meets Ji Ningrui by chance and through Ji's help, she resolves the many crises between her and Xu.

After experiencing all kinds of emotions, Su Su is deeply in love with Ji Ningrui step by step. By accident, Su Su discovers Ji Ningrui's secret ......


In her ordinary life of over 20 years, Su Su had never expected to cross paths with the dangerous man in front of her, and the beginning of it all was precisely the moment they met.

Five hours ago, Su Su came back home and accidentally caught her boyfriend, Tan Siqi, cheating on her with another girl on the sofa. Seeing Su Su come back, Tan Siqi was in a panic and quickly stood up.

Su Su slapped him in the face without hesitation, and scolded him for being shameless. Before Tan Siqi could explain, Su Su slapped the other girl, Xu Shiqing, too. She was prepared to let the whole company know about her boyfriend's dirty deeds. Just when Su Su was about to turn around and leave, Xu Shiqing hit her on the head with a stick, causing her to faint. Xu Shiqing was planning to send Su Su to Mr. Liu's party that night to make her lose her virginity.

Su Su was taken to Mr. Liu's guest room, but she quickly escaped alone. However, she accidentally overheard the conversation between her boyfriend and Xu Shiqing outside the door, and then she knew that she had been wrong all these years.

Soon, Ji Ningrui appeared on the other side. Su Su knew that he was the one Xu Shiqing admired, so she quickly ran up to him and hugged him, but he fought back without hesitation.

Afterwards, Su Su and Ji Ningrui stayed in the room to sleep. When it was morning, Su Su was ready to leave him secretly, but Xu Shiqing was outside with people, preparing to make Su Su embarrass herself in public.

Su Su panicked and quickly put on her clothes, grabbed her shoes and prepared to sneak away. However, Ji Ningrui quickly ran into her as she was about to escape.

Meanwhile, Xu Shiqing was ready to destroy Su Su. She used her room key to enter and was surprised to see Su Su and Ji Ningrui together. Xu Shiqing had planned to expose Su Su in front of Ji Ningrui, but he didn't fall for it and quickly sent her away. After everyone left, Su Su prepared to leave too, but Ji Ningrui stopped her. Su Su thought everyone was adults and that she had acted impulsively, and didn't want to cause trouble. However, Ji Ningrui was upset because he thought Su Su was just using people and would leave when she was done.

Later on, he asked Su Su to be his person, but she firmly refused. Ji Ningrui told her to remember to call him later.

After Su Su left, she quickly bought a necklace that was the same as Xu Shiqing's, planning to get back at her. However, when she went to pay, the staff told her the necklace cost 3 million yuan. Ji Ningrui found out and had his subordinates buy all the necklaces that Su Su liked. Su Su gave the necklace to the staff to deliver, while Xu Shiqing was mocked by others because of the necklace. Su Su was satisfied with her plan succeeding, and Ji Ningrui appeared behind her and praised her cunning. They even danced together in the center of the stage.

Ji Ningrui brought Su Su to the stage to dance, and he held her hand tightly without letting go. This made Su Su feel embarrassed. Later, Ji Ningrui whispered into Su Su's ear and told her about the night when she was very proactive.

When Su Su turned around, she quickly saw Xu Shiqing sitting on the sofa, biting her lips and feeling jealous. She intentionally got close to Ji Ningrui and actively hugged him. Facing Su Su's proactive behavior, Ji Ningrui also didn't hold back. He thought that Su Su was actively provoking him, and he forcibly took her to the car afterwards.

Su Su saw that he was playing around like this, so she quickly explained that the two of them were just acting. But Ji Ningrui took her words seriously and later asked Su Su why she wanted to actively provoke him. Su Su also admitted that it was because Xu Shiqing had stolen her boyfriend, so she provoked the person she liked. He was very angry after hearing this answer and asked Su Su to leave immediately.

When Su Su went back to work, she found that rumors about her had spread online. Xu Shiqing quickly stood up and continued to slander Su Su. When Su Su was at a loss, Ji Ningrui appeared again and rescued her in time. He even admitted that he bought the necklace himself.

Without waiting for Xu Shiqing to say anything, Ji Ningrui showed the photos of Xu Shiqing's affair to everyone. They quickly changed the subject and talked about Xu Shiqing instead. Seeing Su Su turn around and leave, Xu Shiqing even called someone to have her fired.

Su Su quickly pulled her hand away from Ji Ningrui's grasp. She didn't understand why she kept running into this man wherever she went. Ji Ningrui lied and claimed he was only here to take care of some business and happened to help her out.

Su Su promised to pay back the money for the necklace to Ji Ningrui, but he knew that her salary was not enough to cover it. He wanted Su Su to be his girlfriend and forget about the debt. However, Su Su firmly refused and left on her own.

Xu Shiqing quickly ordered the company to fire Su Su as a rich lady. The next day, Su Su prepared to go to work but was informed by Xu Shiqing that she had been fired. Xu Shiqing even threw Su Su's belongings on the ground because she disliked her as a rich lady. Su Su didn't say a word and continued to pack her things.

As she was leaving the company, she bumped into Ji Ningrui. He bluntly stated that he had acquired the entire Xu company and had taken over as CEO. He also explained that he had already taken over the company when Su Su was not fired, but he did not approve of the dismissal order and was preparing to investigate the employees one by one.

When Ji Ningrui sat in his office, Xu Shiqing came over and claimed her innocence. Ji Ningrui didn't want to deal with her and told her to shut up.

Later, he sought out Su Su and deliberately argued with her in the office. They started to get physical, but other employees misunderstood their actions. When Su Su left, she quickly received a phone call about owed money.

Su Su had her house auctioned off by her creditor due to her debt, and it was only after she hung up the phone that she remembered she had kindly used her house as collateral for her ex-boyfriend Tan Siqi's loan, and he had promised to repay it on time.

Now that her house is gone, Su Su is very upset because it was the only inheritance left to her by her father, and she had planned to reclaim her father's house afterwards.

Just as Su Su was about to turn and leave, Ji Ningrui suddenly appeared in his car, and without a word, he commanded her to get in his car. After driving her to their destination, Ji Ningrui informed Su Su that he had already dealt with those who had taken the voyeuristic videos of her. When Su Su asked him if he would borrow money from her, Ji Ningrui directly refused, stating that he was just a businessman and only interested in making deals. He then once again asked Su Su to be his girlfriend, but she was still hesitant, feeling that emotions were not something to be traded. As she got out of the car, Ji Ningrui gave her another chance to consider and had also investigated her recent situation.

When Su Su arrived at her doorstep after getting out of the car, it suddenly started pouring rain. Meanwhile, Tan Siqi and Xu Shiqing were ordering workers to demolish her house. Su Su was very sad and determined to stop them, but Xu Shiqing viciously pushed her to the ground. Su Su is now resolved to make them pay the price they deserve.

Su Su sat on the ground crying bitterly. She was prepared to make Xu Shiqing and Tan Siqi pay the price they deserved later, but the two of them were not afraid of Su Su at all. They turned around coldly and left, leaving Su Su alone in the rain.

Meanwhile, Ji Ningrui in the room had no idea about the situation outside. He heard someone knocking on the door and opened it, only to find Su Su, who was soaked through. Su Su's only request was for Ji Ningrui to help her keep the house, and he agreed to everything else.

Ji Ningrui quickly welcomed Su Su into his home and carefully wiped away the rainwater for her. While Su Su was sleeping, Ji Ningrui called his subordinates and asked them to settle the matter with the house within two hours.

Later, Ji Ningrui also took Su Su back to his own room to sleep, while he stood by and protected her.

When Su Su woke up in the morning, she found herself sleeping on the same bed as Ji Ningrui. She was frightened and got up quickly, and Ji Ningrui also woke up and joked with her on purpose.

Later, Su Su and Ji Ningrui sat down together for breakfast. Ji Ningrui had no appetite and was watching videos on his phone, while Su Su was nervous and even called Ji Ningrui a pervert.

On the other side, Xu Shiqing and Tan Siqi were not aware of the situation. They were still planning to return to the old house, but they were stopped by the security guard at the door.

Ji Ningrui carefully held Su Su in his arms and showed her his phone. Su Su was very nervous and was eating breakfast beside him.

On the other side, Xu Shiqing and Tan Siqi were unaware of the situation in the old house. When they tried to break in, they were stopped by the security guard. Tan Siqi was not satisfied and wanted to force his way in, but was restrained by the security guard.

Su Su saw what happened to Tan Siqi and Xu Shiqing on Ji Ningrui's phone and was happy. She also thanked Ji Ningrui for his help.

Ji Ningrui jokingly asked Su Su how she would repay him and mentioned how she held his hand last night. Su Su insisted that it was just a dream and that she dreamed of an old man who promised to protect her.

Later, Ji Ningrui took Su Su's luggage to his home and asked her to be his wife. Before that, he asked her to return his payment, but Su Su did not understand what he meant and gave him a red envelope.

Meanwhile, Xu Shiqing was arguing with Tan Siqi in their room and insulting him. Tan Siqi dared not speak back and left. He happened to meet Su Su in a cake shop and enthusiastically offered her cake.

Su Su accepted Tan Siqi's gesture and asked him to get her a fork. Xu Shiqing, who was outside the door, became angry and walked in to hit Su Su, but Tan Siqi protected her and even slapped Xu Shiqing.

On the other side, Ji Ningrui was in the car and became jealous when he saw Su Su meeting with her ex-boyfriend.

After Su Su finished showering and came out, Ji Ningrui walked up to her and pressed her hand tightly against the wall, claiming that she didn't love him anymore.

Su Su was caught off guard, and Ji Ningrui, feeling jealous, wanted her to fulfill her duties as his girlfriend. He then picked Su Su up and carried her to the bed in the bedroom.

As Ji Ningrui approached her step by step, Su Su felt very anxious. Ji Ningrui even asked Su Su to kiss him as if nothing had happened. Su Su hesitated for a moment but then kissed him. She even complained that Ji Ningrui was petty and that she was only with Tan Siqi to get revenge on Xu Shiqing.

Later on, Su Su saw through Ji Ningrui's jealousy and he denied it in a panic.

When Xu Shiqing was at home, Tan Siqi came to her quickly. However, she was still angry about her husband being hurt by her and chased him away. After he left, Tan Siqi ran into his ex-girlfriend Su Su, who was sitting at the door eating.

He went over to greet Su Su, but she made an excuse and left. She was secretly plotting against Tan Siqi and enjoying watching the drama.

When Tan Siqi was signing a contract with Mr. Liu, Su Su was secretly filming him, but accidentally got caught by others. She quickly ran to Ji Ningrui's room, and he cautioned her to behave herself as his wife from then on.

Su Su followed behind Tan Siqi and saw him meet Xu Shiqing. Xu Shiqing handed the USB drive to Tan Siqi and told him that all the data was inside. Tan Siqi was very happy to receive it because with this data, he would be able to talk to major clients and her girlfriend's father would surely look at him with new eyes. This would allow him to gain the approval of her family.

Later, Tan Siqi led Xu Shiqing to meet with General Liu again. He directly handed over the USB drive, but the secretary next to General Liu told him that the USB drive was empty. This shocked both Tan Siqi and Xu Shiqing. General Liu was so angry that he turned and left.

Su Su quickly ran out to tell Xu Shiqing's father that she had secretly stolen the company's information and given it to someone else. After hearing this, Xu Shiqing's father was very angry and told his daughter not to come to work tomorrow.

After her father left, Xu Shiqing was very angry and prepared to hold Su Su accountable. However, she accidentally injured Ji Ningrui. Su Su hurried home and carefully bandaged Ji Ningrui's wound.

Later, Ji Ningrui asked Su Su to help him take a shower. Afterward, they even went to get their marriage certificate together. Su Su also asked Ji Ningrui to promise not to tell anyone at the company about their marriage. Ji Ningrui said he would still observe her behavior, but the two of them quickly became intimate.

On the second day, Su Su continued to work in the company. On her way, she accidentally bumped into a cute guy. But she didn't realize that the guy actually knew her. Su Su had no impression of him, but the guy explained that he entered the company because of her.

Ji Ningrui, who was nearby, overheard their conversation and became jealous. The boy's name was An Haoze, a new colleague in the company. Later, he and Su Su were assigned to work in the same group.

During their break, Su Su was enjoying coffee when her husband came over and took her to the front, not allowing her to get too close to An Haoze.

After they left, Ji Ningrui informed his subordinates to transfer An Haoze to another group, away from Su Su. An Haoze quickly found out and confronted Ji Ningrui. He also knew that it was because of Su Su that he was transferred. Su Su came in and questioned Ji Ningrui, who intentionally let her sit on his lap and be intimate with her, making An Haoze jealous.

That evening, on the way home, An Haoze confessed to Su Su. She arrived home very late, and Ji Ningrui punished her in anger. Su Su quickly told him the truth about An Haoze's pursuit, and she sternly rejected him.

Ji Ningrui was confused after hearing this because he was better than An Haoze in every aspect, but An Haoze still kept thinking about Su Su. Later, Ji Ningrui decided to publicly announce their relationship.


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