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Warm Time With You – Dai Gaozheng, Zhang Xinyi

Warm Time With You is an urban romantic web drama, starring Dai Gaozheng, Zhang Xinyi, Zhao Tiange, and Zhang Yanbo.


Warm Time With You

English Title: Warm Time With You
Chinese Title: 与你的暖暖时光
Genre: Urban, Romance, Comedy
Tag: Rich Male Lead, Rich Man/Poor Woman, Enemies to Lovers, Child Custody, Family Conflict, Parenting
Episodes: 31
Duration: -
Director: Tang Wanli
Writer: Qiao Ming
Released Date: 2022-09-11
Broadcast Website: WeTV, 腾讯视频



Due to an accident, Wu Jiaojiao, who comes from a martial arts family, is left alone to run the martial arts school left by her parents and to care for the children left behind by her missing sister, .

Although life is poor, the joy of raising a child offsets the hard work and exhaustion.

Qi Mo comes from a wealthy family but has never enjoyed the warmth of a family.

In order to win his family's approval, he is bound by chance to the martial arts school of Wu Jiaojiao, and this leads to a story that is both hilarious and heartwarming.


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