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Undercover Affair – Yang Yeming, Han Leyao

Undercover Affair is a romance drama directed by Liu Aidong, starring Yang Yeming, Han Leyao, Zhang Xinkai, Zhou Yuting, Wang Rong, Qi Hang, and Han Zizheng.



Undercover Affair

English Title: Undercover Affair
Chinese Title: 爱在天摇地动时
Genre: Romance, Urban
Episodes: 24
Duration: 10 min.
Director: Liu Aidong
Released Date: 2024-04-02
Broadcast Website: Youku,



A Sen from the Kuntai Group meets Lingyi, a hostess, in a bar. Their paths cross, and A Sen learns about Lingyi's suffering after accidentally killing someone and being abandoned by her boyfriend. Despite his emotional barriers, A en develops genuine feelings for the kind-hearted girl.

In a chance encounter, A Sen confesses to Lingyi that he is an undercover agent for the police, working for ten years to bring down the criminal activities of the Kuntai family. Amidst the looming crisis, A sen and Lingyi find solace in each other and their feelings gradually deepen. They both promise to start a new life together once everything is over.

With Lingyi's help, A Sen secretly begins his operation, gaining crucial information about the Kuntai Group's transactions by getting close to A Ken's wife, Elena. Eventually, A Ken and Elena are apprehended, leading to the downfall of the Kuntai Group.

However, during the arrest operation, A Ken's brother and the elusive second son of the Chen family, Atai, goes missing, causing concern for the authorities. Meanwhile, a conspiracy targeting A Sen and Lingyi is quietly brewing...


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