The Secret of Love – Liu Yichang, Yuan Yuxuan

The Secret of Love is an urban suspense romance drama, directed by Tan Youye, starring Liu Yichang and Yuan Yuxuan, and co-starring Zhang Sifan, Xu Xiaonuo, Qian Zhe, and Sun Xiaolun.

The drama tells a series of suspenseful love healing stories around “secrets” between the president of the Li Group, Li Jiashang, and Su Yi, a young lady who has lost her memories.

The Secret of Love

English Title: The Secret of Love
Chinese Title: 不能恋爱的秘密
Genre: Urban, Suspense, Romance
Episodes: 30
Duration: 35 min.
Director: Tan Youye
Writer: Wang Zixuan, Sun Man
Product Company: Mango Tv
Broadcast Website: MGTV
Release Date: June 16, 2021


Liu Yichang Liu Yichang as Li Jiashang
Yuan Yuxuan Yuan Yuxuan as Su Yi / Mu Xiao
Zhang Sifan Zhang Sifan as Zheng He
Xu Xiaonuo Xu Xiaonuo as Xia Xiyang
Qian Zhe Qian Zhe as Qian Zhe
Sun Xiaolun Sun Xiaolun as Luo Manni


After receiving a mysterious email, Su Yi, a fashion magazine director, returns home with a secret of revenge, investigating the truth of her father’s accidental death seven years ago, and searching for her lost memories of her youth.

She hid her identity and approached the “Party A” Li Jiashang, which was related to the accident. They flirted with each other in the process of investigating the truth and staged a story of workplace trap and anti-kill.

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