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Silent Love – Ding Jiawen, Ji Meihan

Silent Love is a fantasy romantic drama directed by Huang Jiahui, starring Vesta Ding Jiawen, Ji Meihan and Dong Tianhao in the lead roles, with Jing Gangshan and Su Mengdi in special appearances.

The drama tells the love story of Wu Yan, a cat's claw diviner, and Shen Zhou, a cold rich boy.


Silent Love

English Title: Silent Love
Chinese Title: 喵不可言
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Tag: Rich Male Lead, Rich Man/Poor Woman, Male Chases Female First
Episodes: 12
Duration: 25 min.
Director: Huang Jiahui
Writer: Wang Ting
Producer: Wang Liao
Product Company: HANNA PICTURES
Released Date: 2022-01-07
Broadcast Website: 爱奇艺



Cat claw diviner Wu Yan, who is good at communicating with cats, on the commission of the old cat “Ban”, befriends Shen Zhou, the owner of “Ban” and signs a seven-day contract with him.

During the seven days, Shen Zhou tells Wu Yan a number of love stories mixed with lies and full of fantasy, and Wu Yan breaks through the loopholes one by one and discovers the secrets and enters into Shen Zhou’s heart.



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