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Long Feng Ling – Liu Chenglin, Pan Yue

Long Feng Ling is a historical fantasy drama directed by Jiu Mu, starring Liu Chenglin, Pan Yue, Liu Ximing, and Chen Huan.


Long Feng Ling

English Title: Long Feng Ling
Chinese Title: 龙凤令
Genre: Historical, Fantasy, Romance, Sport
Episodes: 24
Duration: 10 min.
Director: Jiu Mu
Released Date: 2023-04-08
Broadcast Website: 腾讯视频



The Fengrong Kingdom in Jiu Zhou regards martial arts as the most important thing. The leader of the Longsha Sect, Bai Xiyao, and the leader of the Fengqi Alliance, Ling Haoxian, participated in the treasure hunt battle.

However, due to the energy explosion of Tian Shu Ling, their souls were exchanged. The two people who were unclear about the situation were forced to conceal their identities and lurked in the opposing camp.

They went from being enemies who couldn’t see each other well to a soul CP who worked together and responded to various crises in the sect with all their strength. They also made the two people’s tacit understanding deep.

Little did they know that the two people who had Tian Shu Ling had already been targeted by the Holy Light Society. The “Lingxi” couple noticed this mysterious evil force that was rising positively and negatively, immediately reached a consensus, and decided to expose the villain’s conspiracy, end the dispute between the two factions, and maintain martial arts peace.

The “Lingxi” couple fell in love with each other during this process because of their companionship and consistent values, and agreed to live together for a lifetime!


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