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Take My Wife Away – Yi Ling, Wang Jinghao

Take My Wife Away (Kuai Ba Wo Fu Ren Dai Zou) is a historical fantasy romantic short drama, directed by Ye Feng, starring Yi Ling and Wang JingHao, starring Chen Luqian, Wu Xinzhou, Meng Xing, and Deng Zhihao.


Take My Wife Away

English Title: Take My Wife Away
Chinese Title: 快把我夫人带走
Genre: Historical, Romance, Fantasy, Drama
Tag: Crossworlds Traveler, Transmigration, Dream World, Businesswoman Female Lead
Episodes: 40
Duration: 8 min.
Director: Ye Feng
Released Date: 2023-02-02
Watch On: 腾讯视频



Qin Zhen, a modern financial executive, dreams of returning to the kingdom of Wei and becomes the young lady of the first Express, which is about to go bankrupt.

She “fights” with her husband and revitalizes the Express with modern management methods.


Qin Zhen, a modern female writer, is working at home. At this time, the director calls to scold her for the plot she wrote. The original male lead was supposed to have three wives and four concubines, and his wife was supposed to be gentle, virtuous, and well-behaved. However, his wife is currently searching for him in a brothel. Qin Zhen is unwilling to accept this and decides to continue writing according to her own ideas. She quickly writes a plot where Qin Zhen, who has time-traveled, runs over to catch her husband cheating. Qin Zhen rushes to the brothel and finds her husband, Ye Yunzhou, who is blind and irresponsible, mingling with other women. Ye Yunzhou doesn’t want to go back with Qin Zhen, but she is not easy to deal with. She knocks her husband down and sternly warns him to go home with her. When Ye Yunzhou angrily runs to his mother and complains about Qin Zhen, he wants his mother to help him seek justice and divorce Qin Zhen. But Qin Zhen is no longer the weak and helpless woman she used to be. She knows that Ye Yunzhou’s mother likes virtuous daughter-in-laws, so she pretends to be pitiful and weak, with tears in her eyes, and even exposes Ye Yunzhou’s ugly deeds at the brothel. Ye Yunzhou’s mother becomes enraged after hearing this and chases her son around, even ordering him to kneel in the ancestral hall all night as punishment.

Qin Zhen quickly went back to her room to change her appearance. Her husband Ye Yunzhou immediately ran up to her and questioned if she was truly Qin Zhen because he saw her as a timid and weak person who couldn’t even speak loudly or fight.

Qin Zhen explained that she only knew some grappling techniques and even mocked her husband for being weak. Despite seeing Qin Zhen, Ye Yunzhou still refused to believe it and threatened to hold a knife to her neck. However, Qin Zhen showed no fear and even stood up for her husband to check if she was truly Qin Zhen. In the end, Ye Yunzhou was defeated and left speechless by his wife’s retorts, leaving alone in anger.

Since the old master of the Ye family passed away, Ye Yunzhou had been idle and neglecting his duties at the First Escort Bureau. His mother even asked Qin Zhen to persuade her son to turn his life around. Qin Zhen showed interest in the bureau and readily agreed to help.

Qin Zhen soon learned from the housekeeper that Zhang, the head of the escort bureau, had embezzled the Ye family’s silver, and he was planning to leave with other young members of the bureau. Without hesitation, Qin Zhen exposed Zhang’s scheme and offered to pay double to keep the young members and to choose a new leader based on ability, not seniority. Zhang was secretly pleased because he knew Qin Zhen didn’t have any silver to back up her words.

Afterwards, Qin Zhen stood in front of everyone and promised to make the bureau the best in the world within six months. Meanwhile, the Head courier Zhang was angry when one of his followers decided to stay with Qin Zhen and left alone.

The incident of Qin Zhen causing a scene at Chun Xiao Ge was known by Ye Yunzhou’s other friends, which made Ye Yunzhou lose face. When he was about to settle the bill and leave, his wife quickly appeared in front of their friends. She lied and said that her husband had only drunk too much, and their friends believed that Qin Zhen and Ye Yunzhou had reconciled. They warmly welcomed everyone to sit down and drink and eat together.

Before leaving, Qin Zhen even pulled her husband’s arm and asked him to accompany her. It turned out that Qin Zhen wanted Ye Yunzhou to hear the bad things his friends were saying behind his back. This made Ye Yunzhou realize that he was hanging out with some bad people. Qin Zhen was also ready to stand up for her husband and teach them a lesson. After leaving, Ye Yunzhou also saw another side of Qin Zhen and realized that she wasn’t as bad as he had imagined.

Soon after, Ye Yunzhou found out from Qin Zhen that his mother had entrusted her with the accounts. He was unhappy with this and went to confront his mother. However, his mother knew that Qin Zhen was trustworthy and had allowed her to take over the courier service. It was because of her that the couriers were able to continue working.

Later, Ye Yunzhou also mentioned that his wife only gave him twenty silver coins a month. Qin Zhen immediately went to Ye Yunzhou’s mother and reported that Ye Yunzhou had spent a lot of money at the restaurant. His mother was angry after hearing this and agreed to let Qin Zhen take over the accounts in the future.

Ye Yunzhou knew that Qin Zhen had been pretending to be wronged in front of her mother, and when her mother left, he confronted his wife face to face. Qin Zhen also knew that the worse her husband treated her, the more guilty her mother felt, so she would continue to compensate herself. She even boasted to her husband that the key to the warehouse and the power of the stewardship were hers, and that in the future the courier station would also become her property. He was nothing, just a useless person who only cared about eating, drinking, and having fun in the eyes of others. No one would believe a word he said, so Ye Yunzhou was ready to get angry, but Qin Zhen told him that he could try being a courier and start a new life.

The next day, Ye Yunzhou went to train with Qin Zhen and while she was supervising the others, she instructed her husband to go out and post notices.

In the room, Ye Yunzhou’s mother soon learned from the steward that her son had started working hard, which excited her. The old lady was very grateful to Qin Zhen for her teaching.

The old lady also planned to have the steward prepare some food and drink to welcome and congratulate the two of them. The steward also followed Qin Zhen’s words and repeatedly reminded the old lady that Ye Yunzhou was currently busy with work and could not slack off or give up halfway. The old lady quickly agreed and continued to let the steward give instructions. In the future, all matters in the house would be decided by Qin Zhen alone.

Ye Yunzhou walked out onto the street and couldn’t help feeling humiliated at the thought of being reduced to taking orders from his wife Qin Zhen to post job advertisements for their escort agency. As the master of the prominent biaoju, he found it beneath him to do such menial tasks. Nevertheless, after a moment’s hesitation, he resumed working and instructed his subordinates to post the notices all around town. Before long, a crowd had gathered to watch them work, and some people even jeered at Ye Yunzhou for having fallen so low as to dream of getting rich by posting job ads. Ignoring the ridicule, Ye Yunzhou continued to post the ads until he could no longer bear it, at which point he hastily retreated from the scene.

After the onlookers had dispersed, some of the local townspeople came forward to examine the advertisements. They soon learned that the First Escort Agency was a capable and inclusive organization that welcomed anyone with the requisite skills, regardless of their background. Excited at the prospect of joining such a prestigious establishment, many of them eagerly signed up.

Due to the sheer number of job postings, Ye Yunzhou eventually grew exhausted and collapsed to the ground. Seeing her husband’s predicament, Qin Zhen had been watching him the whole time and quickly realized what he was up to. Nevertheless, Ye Yunzhou managed to bribe a young boy with some candy to help him post the remaining notices.

Thanks to the effectiveness of the job advertisements, many people flocked to the First Escort Agency to sign up. Ye Yunzhou himself overheard some of the local townsfolk singing his praises outside the agency’s entrance, which made him feel quite pleased with himself.

By evening, Qin Zhen was still busy working alone in her room. Ye Yunzhou intentionally walked into his wife’s room holding a sugar-coated hawthorn stick, trying to lure her, but Qin Zhen was not interested at all. At the moment, Ye Yunzhou did not understand why his wife had to tell everyone that she wrote the recruitment notice, because it was a great opportunity for her to make a significant contribution. However, the real reason why Qin Zhen did this was that she hoped it would be a high-level game. If the opponents were too weak, the game would not be fun. She even made a bet with Ye Yunzhou, asking him to play games with her. If she won, she would return everything in the mansion to him.

At dinner time, Ye Yunzhou’s mother kept serving Qin Zhen food, regardless of her son’s feelings. In the afternoon, after finishing the meal, Qin Zhen asked Ye Yunzhou to accompany her to pick talents for the courier station. Ye Yunzhou did not want to go, but his mother insisted on forcing him to help Qin Zhen. When Ye Yunzhou saw some of the rules and requirements, he did not understand and did not want to continue, but Qin Zhen was his superior now, and she ordered him to obey without questioning. Ye Yunzhou had no choice but to agree.

Later, Qin Zhen and Ye Yunzhou interviewed the people who came to apply for the job at the courier station. Soon, a well-dressed man came to the door of the courier station, answering all the questions Qin Zhen asked him with ease, which made Ye Yunzhou couldn’t help but applaud him.

However, when the man thought he had successfully passed the selection, Qin Zhen quickly determined that he came from an extraordinary background and did not agree to his inclusion. This made the man admire Qin Zhen even more.

Ye Yunzhou was very happy to know that Qin Zhen wanted him to be the general courier. The other servants of the Ye family were all praising him, but a new courier from another courier agency was not happy about it. He didn’t believe that Ye Yunzhou could successfully become the general courier. Ye Yunzhou was not convinced and challenged the new person to a fight. Before the man could even use his real skills, Ye Yunzhou was knocked down, which made him very embarrassed.

Meanwhile, Qin Zhen was enjoying a facial treatment in the room. Ye Yunzhou came to her and told her that he was not prepared to be a courier. Qin Zhen looked down on her husband for not being able to handle the simplest job of being a courier, and said that the only thing he could do was to sit and wait for food and drink. Qin Zhen even suggested switching roles with Ye Yunzhou to see how it feels to be a courier.

Ye Yunzhou and Qin Zhen went outside to compete. Qin Zhen quickly won the match, and she knew about Ye Yunzhou being beaten by the new guard. She even asked him if he wanted to win against the other person.

At night, Ye Yunzhou didn’t go back to the room with Qin Zhen. He went to sleep in the lobby but was disturbed by snoring noises. He then went to the courtyard alone and saw the new courier looking at the moon.

Later on, Ye Yunzhou went to a brothel at night to meet Yun Yan. He mistook her for Qin Zhen, who was actually writing in her room. The maid quickly informed Qin Zhen about Ye Yunzhou’s return.

Under Qin Zhen’s management, the reputation of the First Escort Agency quickly became well-known, which attracted visitors to come and pay their respects. Qin Zhen politely claimed that she was only temporarily taking the position.

In these few days, the story of the First Escort Agency was spreading like wildfire in the streets and alleys, which also attracted envy from other escorts. They immediately came with a large group of people to Qin Zhen’s house and ridiculed her. They deliberately mentioned the lack of silver in the First Escort Agency and joked about extending a helping hand. Qin Zhen also understood their meaning and still responded smoothly, dealing with the difficulties in front of her. The man generously offered to provide silver to help the First Escort Agency overcome its difficulties, but his condition was to take over the First Escort Agency himself. Before Qin Zhen could speak, Ye Yunzhou informed the man that he was dreaming.

Qin Zhen did not agree easily, she proposed a condition that if the other party wanted to take over the First Escort Agency easily, he needed to investigate and evaluate it. Qin Zhen directly demanded a large sum of ten thousand taels of gold before she agreed. The opposite Head courier Chen was speechless and left with Zhang, inviting everyone to join their escort agency.

At night, Zhang quickly found Head courier Zhao and tried to bribe him to join his side and return to the escort agency. Zhao was shaken, and other colleagues also planned to leave. After hearing the news, Ye Yunzhou immediately notified Qin Zhen, but she remained calm. She told the other party to go to sleep first and discuss these things later.

In the evening, Qin Zhen gathered everyone together and noticed that one person was missing from the team. She didn’t force them to stay and even suggested that anyone who wants to leave can do so directly.

Head courier Zhao was quickly tempted to leave. He was getting old and couldn’t do physical work anymore, so he wanted to leave early. But he promised not to betray the courier station. As an old member of the courier station, Qin Zhen suggested that he could work as a guard at the station. They would provide him with funds to buy a house, with 30% coming from the courier station and the remaining 70% deducted from his salary every month until it is paid off, with an annual interest rate of 3.75%. She promised that all courier station members would receive a year-end bonus if they performed well.

After Qin Zhen finished speaking, everyone was willing to stay, and even Head courier Zhao agreed. Later, Qin Zhen gave 20 taels of silver to Head courier Zhao to return to Head courier Zhang and allowed him to take time off to visit his elderly parents, which moved him greatly.

When Qin Zhen returned to her room, she quickly invited Ye Yunzhou to go to Feng Lai Yi with her to handle some business. At first, Ye Yunzhou was reluctant to go because he knew the place, but Qin Zhen insisted on going to Feng Lai Yi and wanted to see Ye Yunzhou’s former lover.

Soon, Qin Zhen finished dressing up and took Ye Yunzhou to investigate Feng Lai Yi. Upon arrival, she asked the boss to give her the most expensive room directly, but it was occupied by someone else today. Since Qin Zhen needed to meet with that person, she asked Ye Yunzhou to go find his lover Yun Yan. Yun Yan was currently accompanying the mysterious guest in the most expensive room, who turned out to be Master Jin.

Qin Zhen quickly presented the courier company’s contract to Master Jin for him to examine. While he was busy reading it, she instructed Yun Yan and Ye Yunzhou to step aside, as she had urgent matters to discuss. Outside the room, Ye Yunzhou was angry and asked Yun Yan about her relationship with Master Jin. Yun Yan explained that her heart belonged only to him.

Inside the room, Master Jin was impressed by Qin Zhen’s behavior. He had not expected her to allow her husband to have an affair with someone else. However, Qin Zhen had more important matters to attend to. Before signing the contract, she wanted to confirm Master Jin’s identity and insisted that he sign using his real name. Furthermore, she would personally keep the contract safe.

After observing Qin Zhen’s style of work, Master Jin was very impressed. He even believed that if Qin Zhen were a man, she would achieve great things in the future. He lamented that it was a waste for Qin Zhen to marry someone like Ye Yunzhou.


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    1. Do you think they’ll do a season 2 of this show? The way ep 40 ended suggest it.