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Jin Secretary – Zhao Qiyue, Qu Tianrui

Jin Secretary is a romantic web drama directed by Zeng Xuehao and starring Zhao Qiyue, Qu Tianrui, Li Boyan, He Yanzhao, Dong Siting and He Hao.



Jin Secretary

English Title: Jin Secretary
Chinese Title: 进击的金秘书
Other Titles: Kim Secretary
Genre: Romance, Drama
Tag: Revenge, Fake Identity, Identical Twin Female Lead, Workplace Setting, Workplace Abuse, Identity Swap
Episodes: 33
Duration: 10 min.
Director: Zeng Xuehao
Writer: He Hao, Deng Meifeng
Producer: Qi Zhenjiang, Liu Na
Released Date: 2023-08-25
Broadcast Website: TencentVideo, 腾讯视频, WeTV



Jin Xi'er, a world MMA champion, returns to her home country and discovers that her twin sister, Jin Xi'en, is being bullied in the company. Then she pretends to be her sister and goes to the company to take revenge on the bad colleagues and leaders who are bullying her sister.


Gu Qianqian and the groom Lan Chen got married. When Lan Chen was asked if he was willing, he hesitated. At this moment, Jin Xi'er pushed the door open and said she was not willing. She entered the company for the sake of her sister. A year ago, she had just won the Free Fighting Gold Belt. When she learned that her talented sister was being bullied by the company, she, as the twin sister, entered WE Beauty Family to work for her.

Jin Xi'er had just arrived at the company and was mocked by her front desk colleagues. She directly tied them up with a telephone cord and then found Liang Liangqing. At that time, he was reprimanding his subordinates. Jin Xi'er directly approached him and cut off his beloved lipstick and purse. Liang Liangqing said he would never dare again. Jin Xi'er had just stepped out of the office and saw a team leader getting angry. She beat them all up.

There was a problem on the side of President Lan, and the secretary informed Jin to have an emergency meeting. Lan Chen lost his parents at a young age and was raised by his grandfather. He is now the youngest CEO and still single. Lan Chen was surrounded by the media, but Jin Xi'er came forward to rescue him and found out that he was an imposter. The real Lan Chen had already reached the office by this time.

Lan Chen blamed the secretary and another subordinate for being one minute late. He asked how much could be accomplished in that one minute and if this is how they handle emergencies. He also scolded the secretary for losing her composure in front of the media and fired her. Jin Xi'er didn't hesitate and immediately flipped him over.

Jin Xi'er had won the Free Fighting Championship, but due to an ankle injury, she was forced to leave the ring. She returned to her hometown in search of new opportunities and discovered that her sister had suffered a concussion due to bullying by her colleagues at the company, which resulted in narcolepsy. Although the company compensated for her medical leave, her sister still faced psychological stress. To protect her sister from further harm, Jin Xi'er disguised herself as her sister and started working at the company.

Jin Xi'er directly flipped Lan Chen over, and to her surprise, Lan Chen's old neck injury seemed to no longer trouble him after the flip. Taking advantage of the high-level meeting, Jin Xi'er planned to expose and confront the colleagues who had bullied her sister.

Lan Chen entered the meeting room, and Jin Xi'er stood by his side. A portly man presented the day's new products, but Lan Chen corrected the data he reported. Lan Chen believed that business was simply a matter of willing buyers and sellers.

When Lan Chen noticed that everyone had injured faces, they lied, claiming they had accidentally bumped into something. Lan Chen let the matter pass but compensated them tenfold for their troubles. He privately warned Jin Xi'er that if she wanted to continue working, she needed to do so properly.

Jin Xi'er bought snacks for Lan Chen but was intercepted by three men. She discovered that one of them was responsible for causing her sister's concussion. She gave him a stern slap on the face. The man threatened to take revenge on Jin Xi'er with the support of Ling Feng, but Jin Xi'er overheard this and issued a warning.

Jin Xi'er bought the snacks, but Lan Chen refused to eat them. Jin Xi'er scolded him, thinking he had issues and told him not to waste her time. Lan Chen changed the topic to discuss the work that had piled up over the past month and asked for help tying his tie. Due to Jin Xi'er's strength, they accidentally fell down together, which was witnessed by Lan Chen's mother. Jin Xi'er recognized Lan Chen's mother and asked if she remembered her.

Four months ago, Jin Xi'er interviewed for the position of a secretary. The interviewee disapproved of her modest attire, and she nervously introduced herself. Although she had a good education and proficiency in foreign languages, the scent on her body was disliked by Lan Chen's mother. Lan Chen immediately agreed to hire her because a research paper she had published had also been featured.

Jin Xi'er recognized Lan Chen's mother and asked if she remembered her. Lan Chen's mother carefully examined her but didn't recognize her. Before leaving, Jin Xi'er said she would make sure Lan Chen's mother remembered her. Lan Chen's mother mentioned the need to discuss matters related to Li Huai International.

After work, Jin Xi'er realized she was being followed and prepared to confront the person. Ling Feng, riding a motorcycle, saw it was a beautiful woman and asked his companion why they were targeting a woman. He didn't usually harm women, and his companion explained that the taekwondo gym wasn't making profits, so they were just trying to intimidate her. Ling Feng warned Jin Xi'er loudly to behave herself.

Jin Xi'er recognized him, and he thought he was famous. However, in his self-absorption, Jin Xi'er knocked him down after just a few blows. After being defeated by Jin Xi'er, Ling Feng became infatuated with her.

Upon returning home, Jin Xi'er saw her sister waiting at the door. She knew that her sister, Jin Xi'en, was aware of her impersonating her at work. Jin Xi'en held a nearly exploding phone and scolded her sister for her actions that day. Jin Xi'er swore to help her sister establish connections within the company and prevent her from being bullied again.

Jin Xi'er impersonated Jin Xi'en at work and reported the day's schedule to Lan Chen. Lan Chen's neck was bothering him again, and he hinted for her to help him get dressed. Jin Xi'er asked if he was disabled since he couldn't even dress himself, especially struggling with the tie, which nearly strangled Lan Chen. While working, Jin Xi'er noticed that Lan Chen was meticulous and diligent, but his major flaw was excessive self-love.

She discovered many certificates and achievements of Lan Chen, but the strange thing was that he had graduated from Horton City Beauty University, not a conventional university. After a day of work, Jin Xi'er complained to her sister about the hardships of being a secretary. At that moment, her sister gave Jin Xi'er her favorite macaron to eat, and Jin Xi'er realized it was the same dessert she had been asked to queue for yesterday but Lan Chen had declined, insisting she have it. It turned out that he had bought it for her from the beginning.

Jin Xi'en mentioned that one night when she was working late, Lan Chen had intentionally escorted her home. Lan Chen explained that it was to avoid his mother's surveillance, which is why he had chosen her. Jin Xi'en had also received Lan Chen's macaron that evening, and surprisingly, their taste preferences matched.

Jin Xi'er received an urgent call from Lan Chen to attend a meeting. She told him that she had already finished work and wasn't at his beck and call like a slave, and Lan Chen hung up the phone.

Lan Chen went directly to Jin Xi'er's home. Her sister took the opportunity to hide. Lan Chen explained that a banquet was about to start, and Zeng, the CEO of Li Huai International, would also be attending. The banquet was highly significant, and he needed her to attend as a secretary should.

Jin Xi'er refused to work overtime, so Lan Chen personally went to her home. He explained that the banquet, where Zeng, the CEO of Li Huai International, would also be present, was the kind of event a secretary should attend. Jin Xi'er accompanied Lan Chen to the dinner. Considering her attire, Lan Chen took her to a private tailor. After changing into her evening gown, Jin Xi'er even dazzled herself. She quietly approached Lan Chen, who couldn't control the racing of his heart when he saw her.

Jin Xi'er walked in with her arm linked with Lan Chen's, and everyone was curious about her background, which fueled jealousy among other women. Lan Chen's grandfather, Lan Ren, appeared via video call to thank everyone for attending the gathering. The Lan family and the Gu family had a long-standing relationship, and now, the grandson Lan Chen and the Gu family's granddaughter Gu Qianqian were both of marriageable age. He hoped that the next generation would carry on the family's traditions and add to the family. Gu Qianqian glared at Jin Xi'er with hostility, but Jin Xi'er hadn't seen Zeng, the CEO of Li Huai International, and she asked Lan Chen about the situation.

Lan Chen's mother asked Gu Qianqian to be by Lan Chen's side, joking about how they used to get upset when they didn't sit together as children. Lan Chen explained that he initially thought this was a negotiation meeting with Li Huai International but didn't expect it to be a family gathering. To express his gratitude, he raised his glass for a toast.

Jin Xi'er didn't care about the onlookers and started eating. Lan Chen announced his romantic feelings, not wanting any misunderstandings. He revealed that his love interest was Jin Xi'en.

During the family gathering, Lan Chen publicly confessed his feelings for Jin Xi'en, which left Gu Qianqian feeling extremely awkward. Jin Xi'er clarified that she wasn't the object of his affection. In retaliation for Jin Xi'en pouring wine on her, Gu Qianqian was about to splash wine on Jin Xi'er, but Lan Chen protected her and pulled her into his arms. He declared that Jin Xi'en was his woman and that no one could harm her. When Lan Ren saw this during a video call, he was furious.

Lan Chen tried to leave with Jin Xi'er, but his bodyguards intercepted them. Jin Xi'er took off her shoes and knocked down the bodyguards, dragging Lan Chen away.

As they drove together, Jin Xi'er remembered her sister's hint about her liking Lan Chen. She stopped the car and slapped Lan Chen, telling him that she came to work, not to be used as a pawn. Lan Chen explained that the situation had forced him to do so. Jin Xi'er expressed her annoyance, stating that he couldn't even dress himself without help and was generally unlikable. She asked him to reflect on himself, saying that those who knew him were sick of him, and those who didn't know him would be frightened.

Lan Chen asked her what kind of person she was. Jin Xi'er didn't hide her displeasure and told him that she was the kind of person who wanted to beat him up. The clothes got torn during the fight earlier, and Jin Xi'er cautiously asked if the cost could be deducted from her salary because she had no money. Lan Chen said the clothes now belonged to her. Jin Xi'er realized she should have been more careful during the fight.

Feeling a bit cold, Jin Xi'er asked if she could borrow Lan Chen's coat, but he pretended to be cold too and held her arm tightly. Jin Xi'er found it annoying. When she returned home, she discovered that Gu Qianqian had brought a group of people to seek revenge on her sister. Her mother repeatedly apologized, but Gu Qianqian made Jin's mother kneel down to apologize.

Jin Xi'er returned home to find that Gu Qianqian had brought a group of people to confront Jin Xi'en. Although Jin's mother apologized and begged for forgiveness, Gu Qianqian still demanded that Jin's mother kneel down and apologize. She even attempted to physically harm Jin Xi'en, but Lan Chen intervened. He scolded Gu Qianqian loudly, questioning if she hadn't understood his words at the banquet. He made it clear that no one should harm Jin Xi'en in any way. Despite her defiance, Gu Qianqian left.

Jin Xi'en was frightened and in tears. When Lan Chen tried to apologize, she directly embraced him and cried. Lan Chen held Jin Xi'en, feeling that something was amiss. Jin Xi'er, who had been observing from the shadows, felt a sense of melancholy.

The next day, Jin Xi'er went to work. People were whispering about the incident. When she saw Lan Chen, she immediately tackled him and informed him that a car would be waiting for him at the door in an hour. Jin Xi'er whispered to Lan Chen not to cause any trouble this time, or she would "slaughter" him. Other women watched Lan Chen, utterly enchanted by his presence.

Lan Chen, self-absorbed, gazed at himself in the mirror. Jin Xi'er couldn't bear to look and left. Zeng, the CEO, recognized Jin Xi'er and warmly greeted her. During their conversation, a thug attempted to steal Zeng's phone, and Jin Xi'er swiftly dealt with the situation.

Zeng's bodyguards rushed over, and Jin Xi'er, mistakenly thinking they were the culprits, grabbed Zeng and escaped. When they reached a dead-end alley, she prepared to defend herself, only to discover that these men were the bodyguards of the Macaron Uncle. Astonishingly, he was Zeng, the CEO of Li Huai International.

Zeng Huaishi from Li Huai International took the stage to speak. His eye contact with Jin Xi'er raised suspicions in Lan Chen's mind. He noticed how intently Jin Xi'er was gazing at Zeng Huaishi and asked if Zeng was truly so captivating. Lan Chen had a private conversation with Zeng to discuss investment matters. Given the current situation, Li Huai International needed to lead the investment so that other companies could follow suit. While he appreciated Lan Chen's perspective, their company was not among the top ten on Zeng's list.

Zeng Huaishi explained that their company's failure to make the top ten was due to the prioritization of personal interests over company principles in family businesses. Moreover, wealth was concentrated at the top, and they hadn't published financial reports for three years. Even the largest family businesses couldn't make it into the top ten. Jin Xi'er disagreed with his view, emphasizing the significance of family conglomerates, especially given WE Cosmetics' high standing in Horton City.

Lan Chen, being a promising young leader, must have a vision. Zeng Huaishi recognized her as the "young heroine" who had saved his life earlier. Jin Xi'er introduced herself formally as Jin Xi'en, the secretary of WE Cosmetics, and they warmly greeted each other and shook hands. Lan Chen promptly interjected, stating that she was his private secretary.

As Zeng Huaishi departed, he quietly informed Lan Chen that if their company couldn't secure the B round of financing, they might not survive. Jin Xi'er turned and saw Gu Qianqian, recalling her mistreatment of her mother that night. She was determined to make Gu Qianqian pay. Lan Chen sensed her resentment and disclosed that Gu Qianqian was Zeng Huaishi's cousin.

Gu Qianqian noticed Jin Xi'en and deliberately provoked her. Just as Jin Xi'er was about to take action, she was abruptly pulled back by Lan Chen. Due to the momentum, Jin Xi'er collided with Lan Chen and accidentally kissed him, further infuriating Gu Qianqian. To conceal the embarrassment, Jin Xi'er promptly pushed Lan Chen down, while Zeng Huaishi watched and secretly chuckled.

Lan Chen escorted Jin Xi'en home, and he mentioned that although Zeng Huaishi hadn't explicitly agreed, the event had been a good start. However, Jin Xi'er couldn't stop thinking about the kiss between them. When they got back home, both found themselves preoccupied with thoughts of the kiss, plunging into an ambiguous atmosphere. Jin Xi'er had trouble sleeping all night, even visualizing a passionate kiss from Lan Chen. She warned herself not to fall for him since he was the man her sister liked.

Lan Rensha called Lan Chen, emphasizing that the company was the result of generations of hard work, and they could only allow success, not failure. Since the arranged marriage was off, it was up to Lan Chen's abilities to secure the investment for the company. Late at night, Jin Xi'er received a notification that Zeng Huaishi had moved the meeting to the following morning and required her to prepare in advance.

The next day, Jin Xi'er instructed the finance department to prepare financial statements, and the project team would review the data once more. After all departments were prepared, both parties met in the conference room for negotiations. Jin Xi'en also communicated with her sister to help convey professional data. Zeng Huaishi expressed some concerns and had a private chat with Jin Xi'er, telling her that his visit was mainly due to her saving him. However, if the company's financial records were not clean, they wouldn't proceed with the cooperation.

Zeng Huaishi directly stated that they wouldn't choose to cooperate because Jin Xi'er's company's financial records were not clean. While returning, Zeng Huaishi recollected the time when Jin Xi'er had saved him and realized that someone had inserted a USB drive into his phone. After an investigation, it was revealed that the USB drive contained financial statements from the WE Beauty Group. They suspected that sending it over the network or through a messenger might expose their identity.

Jin Xi'er returned to the conference room again, but she was kicked out by other senior executives who claimed it wasn't a place for her. Jin Xi'er straightforwardly stated that wherever Mr. Lan (Lan Chen) was, she would be, and if someone had a problem with that, it meant he didn't belong there. She openly said that the previous outcome was a result of their actions, as the company's financial records had problems, leading to Zeng Huaishi's refusal to cooperate.

Lan Chen canceled all his appointments for the day and didn't allow anyone to disturb him. Jin Xi'en inquired about Lan Chen's condition and asked her to help him. Jin Xi'er, watching Lan Chen from a distance, expressed her sympathy and suggested they collaborate with her sister to investigate the matter. She discovered some issues and urged Jin Xi'en to prepare an urgent research report.

To express her gratitude for Lan Chen's help in saving her mother that night, Jin Xi'er specially gifted Lan Chen a designer idol's work with a personal signature. Lan Chen thanked her, and it made him feel much more at ease. Lan Chen mentioned that the company was currently facing severe difficulties, and if this investment didn't succeed, they might truly be unable to continue. The company supported many families and had to push forward.


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