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Just Dance – Ding Yiyi, Liu Yuhan

Just Dance is a youth school drama directed by Chang Yaohua, starring Ding Yiyi, Liu Yuhan, Tan Yongwen, Xie Xinhua, Liu Xinran, Sun Jiachen, Ruan Xun, Li Yixian and Huang Jingxing.

The drama revolves around the ballet dreams of young boys and girls in a top dance school, aiming to portray the different dreams of the new generation of young people.


Just Dance

English Title: Just Dance
Chinese Title: 踮起脚尖靠近你
Other Titles: 跳跃的青春
Genre: Youth, School, Romance, Drama
Tag: Chasing a Dream, Character Development, Dance, Ballet Dancer Male Lead, Ballet Dancer Female Lead, Ballet
Episodes: 24
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Chang Yaohua
Writer: Qin Haiyan
Producer: Tang Ying
Released Date: 2023-09-12
Broadcast Website:, Youku, 优酷



The 18-year-old Dai ethnic girl named Xiaochun, carrying the hopes of her father and hometown, applied to the top dance school, Hai Cheng Dance Academy.

Her passion and the traditional Dai dance impressed the teachers, and she successfully enrolled at Hai Cheng, opening up a whole new chapter in her life.

At the school, Xiaochun met the cool and handsome Lingchen, "Ballet Princess" Yumanman, as well as rivals and friends like Xiaobu, Hong Jiaoyang, Panpan, and others.

With the help of their teachers, they all worked together to face the ultimate challenge of the international ballet competition where many talented dancers gathered.


At the Ballet Department of Haicheng Dance Academy, prospective student Ling Chen was in the middle of a ballet performance when it was abruptly interrupted by the teacher, Yu Lihua. She expressed that Ling Chen's recent performance had been very poor. Ling Chen had become a dance student admired by others due to his mother's arrangement. Meanwhile, Yu Manman, who danced with him, was speaking up for Ling Chen. It turns out that Yu Lihua is actually Ling Chen's mother, and she has always been very strict with him, leading Ling Chen to hatch an escape plan.

Meanwhile, Shi Xiaochun arrived from Xishuangbanna with the desire to meet her online friend. Her friend Hong Jiaoyang quickly came to meet her, and they went to a hotel together. The hotel's owner was also a new art school student, and he provided them with the latest exam materials but asked for 200 yuan in return. He also showed them Ling Chen's dance video, which Shi Xiaochun ended up buying.

Ling Chen looked at his passport and started having many thoughts. Later, Shi Xiaochun called her father from the hotel, and he asked her to make sure to help him meet his idol, Baranchin. Hong Jiaoyang couldn't help but laugh as he applied a facial mask.

Back in his room, Ling Chen's mother asked him to come out for dinner, but she insisted that he must control his weight. Ling Chen felt controlled in every aspect of his life and felt uncomfortable, so he made an excuse to go for a walk and left home.

Shi Xiaochun couldn't sleep at night and watched Ling Chen's dance video with nervousness, as she had an upcoming exam. She then went to the basketball court for practice. Little did she know that Ling Chen happened to pass by and saw her. Ling Chen offered some guidance, but he looked down on her. Despite this, Shi Xiaochun couldn't help but feel excited and even blushed.

The next day, Shi Xiaochun and Hong Jiaoyang arrived at the practice room in the examination hall, where everyone was highly skilled. Shi Xiaochun couldn't help but admire them. They happened to see the hotel owner there, who was also an examinee named Xiao Bu.

Ling Chen, on the other hand, worked as a staff member to coordinate the candidates' entrance to the exam. When Shi Xiaochun saw him, she remembered his arrogant demeanor from the day before and couldn't resist mocking him.

Soon, it was time for Shi Xiaochun's exam. After completing the basic exercises, everyone had to introduce themselves. After the exam, the examiners discussed, and Teacher Lin decided to let Shi Xiaochun pass the preliminary test because she mentioned that dancing made her happy.

The results were announced, and Shi Xiaochun, Pan Pan, Xiao Bu, and Hong Jiaoyang all passed the preliminary test. They went to the cafeteria to have a meal together. Xiao Bu asked Shi Xiaochun if she could perform the peacock dance, and Shi Xiaochun demonstrated it, leading to some sarcastic comments from Yu Manman and Ling Chen. Hong Jiaoyang defended Shi Xiaochun, and Ling Chen left without saying much. Shi Xiaochun encouraged everyone and even came up with a group name, "Worthless Alliance," as they prepared for the final audition the next day.

During their break, Shi Xiaochun went to meet Baranchin and asked him to sign something for her, as it was her father's wish. In the morning, Yu Lihua went to Ling Chen's room and found only a letter. Ling Chen had decided to leave and explore the world, seeking to understand the true meaning of dance.

Shi Xiaochun had just sent her books when Ling Chen came over and said that they had swapped their books, and Ling Chen's passport was in the one she sent. Now, Ling Chen couldn't take a flight. With the final audition approaching, Shi Xiaochun rushed to the examination hall.

The second round of the audition tested everyone's ability to perform spontaneously. Shi Xiaochun was late, and according to the rules, she shouldn't have been allowed to participate. However, Ling Chen spoke up for her, and so did the department head. In the end, Yu Lihua agreed to give Shi Xiaochun a chance.

The random dance selection happened to play ethnic music, and Shi Xiaochun, determined to fulfill her father's dream, took the stage. Dancing was something that brought her joy, and she performed exceptionally well.

After the exam, Shi Xiaochun and Ling Chen exchanged WeChat contacts and promised to send his passport back once she returned. Six months later, Shi Xiaochun received her acceptance letter, and she was thrilled. However, Ling Chen couldn't go abroad because his mother had confiscated his passport.

When Shi Xiaochun arrived at the school for registration, she coincidentally ran into Ling Chen, who seemed indifferent to her. After all, his passport had been taken away, which was undoubtedly a frustrating situation. In the dormitory, Shi Xiaochun met Hong Jiaoyang, and they hit it off. Hong Jiaoyang even introduced Han Duoduo to Shi Xiaochun.

At that moment, Yu Manman's mother and her daughter arrived. Yu Manman's family was wealthy, and her mother expressed disdain for the dormitory conditions. Yu Manman hurriedly asked her mother to leave.

Soon, the first class began, and Yu Lihua set rules for everyone. After the instructions, they started practicing the basics. Shi Xiaochun had some difficulty maintaining her balance and was called out by Yu Lihua to practice separately. Even after the class ended, Yu Lihua insisted that everyone wait for Shi Xiaochun, causing them to be late for the second class. This made the classmates displeased, and Teacher Lin punished them with "bopibouncing." Teacher Lin initially asked everyone to create a one-minute dance, except for Shi Xiaochun, whose basic skills were lacking, so she had to accept the punishment in silence.

In the evening, Shi Xiaochun went to the practice room to make up for her training. Unexpectedly, Ling Chen was also in the practice room, listening to music. Ling Chen turned on the lights and couldn't help but make some sarcastic remarks while watching Shi Xiaochun practice. He claimed that her practice looked like radio calisthenics, which angered Shi Xiaochun. She left but accidentally broke the door handle on her way out. In the end, she took the initiative to repair it. Ling Chen noticed this and teased Shi Xiaochun again. Shi Xiaochun challenged him to a dance-off, and they danced together. Just when Yu Lihua and Yu Manman came out and saw Ling Chen and Shi Xiaochun dancing, Yu Manman wanted to rush in, but Yu Lihua stopped her. Yu Lihua felt like she was seeing a completely different side of Ling Chen when he was with Shi Xiaochun.

Later, Yu Lihua went to talk to Teacher Lin and convinced her to let Shi Xiaochun participate in the Freshman Showcase. Shi Xiaochun reluctantly agreed, although she was worried about her poor basic skills and the strained relationship with Ling Chen. However, everyone encouraged her.

Yu Lihua also persuaded Ling Chen to participate in the Freshman Showcase, and he initially resisted. However, when he learned that his partner would be Shi Xiaochun, he seemed to be less opposed to the idea.

Shi Xiaochun and Ling Chen continued to rehearse. Shi Xiaochun struggled with a particular move, and while Ling Chen wanted to change it, she refused. She didn't want to hold him back, but after numerous attempts, it still didn't work. Ling Chen scolded her, but Shi Xiaochun vowed to improve.

After returning home, Yu Manman mocked Shi Xiaochun and even threw away her practice clothes. When Hong Jiaoyang returned, he scolded Yu Manman and claimed that everything was arranged by Teacher Lin and Teacher Yu Manman went to find Yu Lihua, who tried to evade the issue.

During class, Teacher Lin watched everyone's individual dance performances. When it was Shi Xiaochun's turn, she unexpectedly showcased her basic skills, leading to some classmates teasing her. However, during the formal performance, Teacher Lin praised Shi Xiaochun, acknowledging her significant improvement in basic skills.

In the following days, Shi Xiaochun and Ling Chen continued to rehearse, and Ling Chen noticed Shi Xiaochun's remarkable progress. Ling Chen became curious about her rapid improvement and decided to follow her to see what she was doing. He discovered that Shi Xiaochun went to a bar. Initially, Ling Chen resisted, but with Shi Xiaochun's encouragement, he eventually joined her in dancing.

As the day of the Freshman Showcase approached, Hong Jiaoyang and his group came to watch Shi Xiaochun. While Shi Xiaochun and Ling Chen were backstage, she felt nervous, but Ling Chen assured her that he would be there with her. When they finally went on stage, Shi Xiaochun and Ling Chen's performance earned them applause from the audience. It seemed that Shi Xiaochun had indeed performed exceptionally well. However, due to her excitement, Ling Chen almost made a mistake.

Yu Lihua came to find Ling Chen after the performance and praised him. Ling Chen expressed his desire to live in the dorms like other college students rather than with his mother. He was assigned to share a dorm with Pan Pan and Xiao Bu.

In the evening, while everyone was resting, Yu Manman continued to practice diligently. Lin Shian and Yu Lihua had disagreements regarding the joint rehearsals. Yu Lihua, in particular, did not show much respect to Lin Shian, even though they had once been partners. Lin Shian informed everyone about the upcoming Swan Lake rehearsal, which would involve a selection process.

During the rehearsal, Yu Lihua praised Yu Manman and reprimanded the others, as they were performing a group dance and only Yu Manman met the standards. After class, Shi Xiaochun went to the library to borrow books and coincidentally met Ling Chen. In the end, Ling Chen gave his books to Shi Xiaochun.

When Shi Xiaochun went to practice, she saw Yu Manman practicing a specific move. Shi Xiaochun inquired about how to practice it, and Yu Manman told her to practice sit-ups but advised her not to tell anyone. Shi Xiaochun agreed and offered to clean the dorm room for Yu Manman for a week.

In the evening, when Ling Chen watched videos, he thought of Shi Xiaochun and sent her a message, pretending to ask if she had finished reading the books. Shi Xiaochun replied that she hadn't finished reading and was still practicing sit-ups. Ling Chen was puzzled, and Shi Xiaochun accidentally mentioned that Yu Manman had taught her. She quickly retracted the message, but Ling Chen had already seen it.

At night, Xiao Bu attempted to sneak back into the school by climbing over the wall but nearly got caught by the security guard. He coincidentally met Yu Manman on the way and pulled her along as they ran away.

The next day, during the performance, Shi Xiaochun accidentally bumped into Yu Manman while executing a core move. Xiao Bu saw this and quickly took Yu Manman to the medical room. Shi Xiaochun followed and apologized profusely. Fortunately, Yu Manman was okay. Yu Manman's mother arrived and expressed concern for her daughter, but Yu Manman asked her mother to leave and told Shi Xiaochun that she didn't want to see her. Later, Ling Chen asked Shi Xiaochun to go back first and then confronted her, revealing that Shi Xiaochun's fall was due to Yu Manman teaching her sit-ups.

Ling Chen privately told Yu Manman that he knew the reason Shi Xiaochun had fallen was because Yu Manman deliberately had her practice core moves. Yu Manman was still dissatisfied and felt that she was Ling Chen's dance partner. However, Ling Chen explained that his goal was to perform the dance well and didn't give Yu Manman a chance to elaborate before leaving.

Afterward, when Ling Chen went outside, he saw Shi Xiaochun blaming herself. Ling Chen comforted her and advised her to rehearse in her own way if she wanted to make progress. Despite this, Shi Xiaochun continued to apologize to Yu Manman by leaving sticky notes on everything Yu Manman owned, hoping for her forgiveness.

Yu Manman, seeing Ling Chen assisting Shi Xiaochun in practice, felt jealous and left. Xiao Bu noticed that Yu Manman's injury hadn't healed and tried to show concern, but Yu Manman didn't appreciate it and left, leaving Xiao Bu helpless.

A week passed, and it was time for the teacher to assess everyone's progress. Initially, they performed a group dance, and everyone did exceptionally well, earning recognition from Teacher Lin. However, Yu Lihua believed it was expected. Just then, Shi Xiaochun suddenly announced that she wanted to audition for the Black and White Swan roles, which angered Yu Manman. She thought Shi Xiaochun was competing with her.

The auditions began, but Shi Xiaochun lacked stage presence. Teacher Lin scolded her and advised her against auditioning for the White Swan, given her current inability to even perform well in the group dance. Teacher Lin, who recognized Shi Xiaochun's father from their student days, encouraged her.

Despite the encouragement, Shi Xiaochun continued to make mistakes while dancing the group routine, leading to criticism from her classmates. She watched Yu Manman and Ling Chen dancing together and felt envious.

Later, Xiao Bu noticed Shi Xiaochun's low spirits and took her to a bar to relax. Everyone was dancing street dance there, and Xiao Bu's intention was for Shi Xiaochun to find her center on stage. Initially, Shi Xiaochun was pushed to the center and felt nervous, but with encouragement from the group, she quickly found her rhythm.

After dancing, Xiao Bu's friends helped Shi Xiaochun further discover her stage presence. With their help, Shi Xiaochun quickly found her rhythm on stage and was grateful for their assistance. Later, they all went for a late-night snack, and Shi Xiaochun saw their unique street dance style. Some even suggested combining ballet and street dance, which everyone thought was feasible.

Ling Chen had initially been having dinner with his mother but left angrily after seeing Shi Xiaochun's social media post. She was dancing with Xiao Bu's close friends, which infuriated Ling Chen. He scolded her for not being aware of her safety. Shi Xiaochun explained that she and Xiao Bu were just friends, and she had come to learn about stage performance. Ling Chen, in anger, said that she should stick to dancing group routines. This led to a heated argument, and they parted ways on bad terms.

Meanwhile, at home, Yu Manman watched a video of Xiao Bu playing the guitar, which he had sent personally. She found it impressive. However, when she heard that Xiao Bu had taken Shi Xiaochun with him, she couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed, as she had thought Xiao Bu was going alone.

During class, Pan Pan received praise from Teacher Lin. Later, during the group performance, everyone was surprised by Shi Xiaochun's significant improvement. When Shi Xiaochun and Ling Chen danced together, they appeared to dislike each other, but Teacher Lin felt they had great chemistry. After class, Yu Manman commented that it's not unusual for a group dance to be performed well, and Ling Chen overheard her muttering.

Yu Manman approached Xiao Bu and tried to convince him to participate in the performance, but Xiao Bu felt like he was useless and didn't want to get involved. However, Yu Manman acknowledged Xiao Bu's dancing skills and, with her persistence, he agreed to play the role of the Demon King. Xiao Bu asked for a favor in return.

Shi Xiaochun and Xiao Bu were called to the teacher's office after their dance video was posted online. Although Xiao Bu explained that they weren't participating in commercial performances, the school's principal decided to believe them but punished them by assigning cleaning duties. While cleaning, Shi Xiaochun and Xiao Bu discussed how their video might have been discovered. Xiao Bu suspected someone had reported them, and Shi Xiaochun recalled that Ling Chen had mentioned reporting them, leading her to believe he might be responsible.

Hong Jiaoyang and his group discussed who might have reported them, and Shi Xiaochun suspected Ling Chen as the prime suspect. Just then, a classmate informed them that Teacher Lin wanted to see them, so they all went to the teacher's office. Teacher Lin told Shi Xiaochun and Xiao Bu that they could return to class normally the next day. Pan Pan also wanted to compete for the role of the prince, and Teacher Lin encouraged him. She also mentioned that Teacher Yu would be there the next day to assess Pan Pan's skills.

Ling Chen approached Shi Xiaochun again, questioning why she wasn't at rehearsal. Shi Xiaochun replied that she was practicing with Pan Pan. Pan Pan initially said there was no rush, but Shi Xiaochun didn't want to be alone with Ling Chen, so she quickly left with Pan Pan, leaving Ling Chen feeling uncomfortable.

Xiao Bu and Yu Manman rehearsed together, but their coordination was off, and Yu Manman felt that Xiao Bu had never been in a romantic relationship. In truth, neither of them had ever been in one.

Next, during the performance assessment, Ling Chen and Yu Manman's coordination was excellent, and their classmates couldn't help but applaud. Teacher Yu praised them, but Teacher Lin wanted Teacher Yu to watch Shi Xiaochun and Pan Pan's performance. Pan Pan was nervous, and Shi Xiaochun kept encouraging him. However, Pan Pan still felt uncomfortable, even making mistakes. He thought everyone was laughing at him and abruptly ran out. Teacher Yu criticized both Pan Pan and Shi Xiaochun, saying they lacked on-the-spot performance skills. To perform well together, they needed to put in more effort.

Shi Xiaochun continued to suspect that Ling Chen had reported them and confronted him while cleaning. Ling Chen saw Pan Pan's mother looking for her son, so he accompanied her to meet Pan Pan. Pan Pan's mother invited everyone to have a meal together, during which Pan Pan's father talked about their son's hardships and the family's sacrifices. Pan Pan didn't expect Ling Chen to join them and apologized, as his parents had misunderstood his intentions, thinking he wanted the lead role. Ling Chen inquired about why Pan Pan had forgotten his moves on stage and offered words of encouragement. Pan Pan benefited from this advice, as it helped him feel less nervous.

Shi Xiaochun and Ling Chen got drunk later, and Ling Chen asked why she was ignoring him. He even held her face but suddenly fell onto her. Shi Xiaochun quickly called Hong Jiaoyang's group to help, and they helped Ling Chen back to his place.

Shi Xiaochun ran into Ling Chen when she went to check on something. She mentioned the drinking incident from last night, but Ling Chen had forgotten about it. This made Shi Xiaochun a bit angry. At this moment, Ling Chen showed her a video. In "Swan Lake," there was a character called the jester, and he suggested Pan Pan should give it a try. Pan Pan was still nervous in front of the audience, so this role could help him build confidence. Shi Xiaochun thought it was a feasible idea and believed it would be good for Pan Pan to try performing in front of the audience.

Xiao Bu asked Yu Manman to help him clean, and as a result, he discovered that she was the one who reported him. Yu Manman wasn't good at lying, so she admitted it. She begged Xiao Bu not to tell anyone and promised him a favor in return, which he agreed to.

Pan Pan's parents opened a restaurant, and Pan Pan, wearing a mask, performed a dance there. He felt very comfortable with the mask, which boosted his self-confidence. Shi Xiaochun found out that Ling Chen was distributing flyers in the back street to help Pan Pan. Shi Xiaochun watched Ling Chen ride a balance bike and expressed her interest in trying. When she attempted, she immediately fell onto Ling Chen. Both of them felt a bit embarrassed. Through these experiences, Shi Xiaochun began to understand that Ling Chen wasn't as bad as she had initially thought. She suggested that they should start over and get to know each other better, and Ling Chen was secretly pleased about it. Their relationship took a step forward.

During class, dance students were required to weigh in every week. Hong Jiaoyang and Shi Xiaochun had both gained weight and were punished with running. Teacher Lin knew that Hong Jiaoyang was dancing Latin outside of school and believed that if he wanted to dance, he should focus on one thing and know what he truly wanted. Teacher Lin even planned to have a classmate supervise their weight loss progress. Initially, it seemed like an idle remark, but surprisingly, Teacher Lin asked Ling Chen to supervise Shi Xiaochun and Hong Jiaoyang.

Hong Jiaoyang and Shi Xiaochun intended to bring some snacks for lunch but were caught by Ling Chen. Their lunch turned into salads every day, and when they tried to sneak some meat, Ling Chen caught them again, leading to more running punishment. Hong Jiaoyang suddenly announced that he no longer wanted to pursue acting. Shi Xiaochun and Hong Jiaoyang spoke to Teacher Lin, with Hong Jiaoyang expressing his desire to transfer to the dance education department. He had been thinking about this for a while, and Teacher Lin's words had pushed him to take action. Shi Xiaochun was disappointed and left before Teacher Lin finished speaking. Hong Jiaoyang, Pan Pan, and Xiao Bu were waiting for Shi Xiaochun to have lunch, but she didn't show up, so they guessed she was upset and wouldn't be coming.

Shi Xiaochun was in a bad mood, and Ling Chen went to console her. Although Ling Chen bought her food, it was all low-fat. He felt it was essential to support Hong Jiaoyang in his pursuit of something he was passionate about. Shi Xiaochun initially worried about being alone once Hong Jiaoyang left, but Ling Chen assured her that he would still be there. This made Shi Xiaochun feel a bit embarrassed.

Pan Pan and Xiao Bu took Shi Xiaochun to meet Hong Jiaoyang, who was teaching dance to children. Hong Jiaoyang was genuinely happy in this environment, and Shi Xiaochun was also pleased to see him enjoying himself. During his break, Ling Chen noticed that Shi Xiaochun and Hong Jiaoyang had reconciled, which made him happy.

Yu Manman received a scolding from Yu Lihua and was asked to learn from Ling Chen. Transferring departments for Hong Jiaoyang wasn't going to be easy; he needed to either achieve high scores in all subjects or participate in an important role performance. This presented a new challenge for him.

Yu Manman always made Xiao Bu accompany her in practice, and Xiao Bu felt that he might not be suitable for the role of the Demon King. Hong Jiaoyang wanted to perform "Four Little Swans," but Yu Lihua thought it wouldn't be suitable for him, which left Hong Jiaoyang feeling disappointed. Unexpectedly, Xiao Bu took the initiative to approach Yu Lihua and said that he wasn't suited for the role of the Demon King, but Hong Jiaoyang would be perfect for it. Due to his height, Hong Jiaoyang might indeed be unsuitable for "Four Little Swans," but Yu Lihua didn't think it was a good idea and advised Xiao Bu not to overthink it for now.

Later, Xiao Bu informed Shi Xiaochun and the others that he intended to pass the role of the Demon King to Hong Jiaoyang. Hong Jiaoyang hesitated at first, but with everyone's encouragement, he decided to give it a try. Now, they needed to coordinate with the prince for the performance, so Shi Xiaochun had to approach Ling Chen. Shi Xiaochun hoped Ling Chen could help them practice the dance together. Initially, Ling Chen remained silent, but Shi Xiaochun promised to treat her to a big meal once the task was completed, which made Ling Chen agree in the end.

After rehearsing together, Hong Jiaoyang indeed performed very well, and Shi Xiaochun was somewhat dissatisfied with her own performance. Hong Jiaoyang's group left Ling Chen and Shi Xiaochun alone, and Ling Chen was tasked with teaching Shi Xiaochun. With Ling Chen's encouragement, Shi Xiaochun attempted to dance again, but she still couldn't find the right feeling. Ling Chen said that when you truly like someone, you can find the right feeling.

In the evening, to show gratitude to everyone, Hong Jiaoyang invited them all to dinner. Ling Chen, however, felt a bit jealous when he saw Xiao Bu and Shi Xiaochun getting close and even deliberately mentioned that Shi Xiaochun's presence with others would affect their aura. After returning, Shi Xiaochun told Hong Jiaoyang about this incident and wanted him to analyze what Ling Chen really thought. Hong Jiaoyang believed that Ling Chen cared about Shi Xiaochun.

When they all gathered for the performance, Hong Jiaoyang suddenly removed his mask. It must be said that Hong Jiaoyang was indeed impressive, and he earned the recognition of Yu Lihua and Teacher Lin. Hong Jiaoyang expressed his deep gratitude for everyone's help. Now, it was time to check their cultural exam scores, and they couldn't afford to give up.

Apart from the written test, the English exam included an oral component. Shi Xiaochun was extremely nervous when she went in, as her English scores were not great. When the teacher asked a question, Shi Xiaochun ended up giving an irrelevant answer. The group's exam scores were very poor, and they received a severe scolding from Teacher Lin. To avoid losing the opportunity for the final performance, the teacher mentioned that there was only one chance for a makeup exam and urged them to seize it.

In the following days, everyone started studying English intensely. Shi Xiaochun even created a study group to ensure everyone studied regularly. Now, in addition to their usual practice, most of their time was spent on learning English. However, Shi Xiaochun kept missing classes, as she would fall asleep in the library during lessons. Teacher Lin was furious when she found out and quietly told Ling Chen to help Shi Xiaochun.

Shi Xiaochun met with Teacher Lin and apologized profusely. In her spare time, Ling Chen also helped Shi Xiaochun with her English since her proficiency was significantly lacking. Ling Chen not only taught her dance-related material but also integrated English practice. With Ling Chen's help, Shi Xiaochun gradually made progress and hoped to achieve good results in the makeup exam, as well as improve her dancing skills.

The Useless Alliance was still studying English late at night. Everyone had to converse in English, but they were still far from being prepared for the exam, and everyone was getting worried. Shi Xiaochun had told Ling Chen that she wanted him to help her with English, and Ling Chen initially thought it was just for her, but Shi Xiaochun ended up inviting the other three as well. Ling Chen was a bit surprised at first, but Shi Xiaochun quickly explained.

As soon as Ling Chen arrived, he gave everyone a Level 4 exam paper. After the exam, Ling Chen provided feedback for each person. They weren't actually doing that poorly; they just had their individual weaknesses. Ling Chen gave recommendations based on each person's strengths, and they redid another set of test papers, which this time received Ling Chen's approval.

Later, Pan Pan suggested going out to have some fun. Initially, Ling Chen didn't want to go, but he couldn't resist the group's invitation, so they all went cycling together. However, they got caught in a sudden downpour on the way and had to take shelter in a pavilion. They ended up making Ling Chen quiz them on vocabulary. When Ling Chen returned late for rehearsal, he got scolded by his mother and felt that he was becoming more complacent.

Yu Lihua left in anger, and while Yu Manman initially wanted to continue rehearsing, she also scolded Ling Chen. Yu Lihua's students returned and watched Ling Chen and Yu Manman's dance. Yu Lihua quickly identified Ling Chen's weaknesses and offered suggestions. She also mentioned that they should have intensive training during the May Day holiday.

After Ling Chen left, Shi Xiaochun ran into him and invited him to have dinner that evening. Ling Chen agreed, and just as he was about to leave, Shi Xiaochun stopped him, got closer, and closed her eyes. Ling Chen thought she was going to kiss him, but she was actually praying for his help. Ling Chen felt a bit disappointed, and Shi Xiaochun left.

Later, Ling Chen told Yu Manman that he didn't want to participate in the intensive training. She agreed with him and said that he still didn't know what he truly wanted. Yu Manman saw that Ling Chen was waiting for Shi Xiaochun and the others to retake their exams, and she knew that Ling Chen cared about Shi Xiaochun. She threatened to report Ling Chen's tardiness to Shi Xiaochun's parents, which would prevent her from participating in the final performance. Ling Chen reluctantly agreed.

In the evening, Ling Chen and Shi Xiaochun went out for dinner. Shi Xiaochun noticed fireworks being sold and bought some. She learned that Ling Chen had never played with fireworks before and invited him to her house when he had the time. Ling Chen agreed. Shi Xiaochun initially thought about going on more dates with Ling Chen when he had time, but he said that he needed to focus on training for now and would walk alongside her when she reached her current level.

During the performance, Yu Manman received applause, but Yu Lihua was somewhat dissatisfied. She asked Shi Xiaochun, who wanted to perform the role of the White Swan, to come forward and dance. Shi Xiaochun's performance impressed Yu Lihua. Yu Lihua mentioned that some were making progress, while others were stagnant, and encouraged everyone to work hard.

After class, Yu Manman told Ling Chen that it was Yu Lihua's birthday that night, and they were going to have dinner together. Ling Chen agreed. Shi Xiaochun told Teacher Lin that she had been praised by Yu Lihua, and Teacher Lin promised to provide extra practice for her.

Yu Lihua and Yu Manman's parents had dinner together. They thought the main roles for the performance were already decided, but Yu Lihua said the leads were not yet determined, which surprised Yu Manman's parents. After dinner, Ling Chen still gave a birthday gift to his mother, which made Yu Lihua happy. Yu Lihua also asked Ling Chen to hand over his phone, and when Shi Xiaochun kept sending messages to Ling Chen at night without receiving a response, she got angry without knowing that Ling Chen's phone was with Yu Lihua.

Senior Sister subjected Ling Chen and Yu Manman to intensive training. Senior Sister felt that Yu Manman wasn't in the right mindset, so she kept them practicing. Shi Xiaochun also asked Teacher Lin to provide extra practice, but when she returned to the dormitory after practice, she found her roommates missing and felt a bit down. When she quieted down, she couldn't help but think about Ling Chen. However, when she saw that Ling Chen hadn't replied to her messages, she became angry.

Shi Xiaochun went out to sing and drink with her classmates and remembered what Ling Chen had said to her that night. She felt sad. Everything about being with Ling Chen was vivid in her mind, but now Ling Chen was ignoring her. Shi Xiaochun drank quite a bit, and by the time they left, she was already drunk.

Xiao Bu knew that Shi Xiaochun was upset because of Ling Chen, so he called Yu Manman and urged Ling Chen to answer the phone. When Ling Chen found out that Shi Xiaochun was drunk, he immediately dropped what he was doing and went to find her. Yu Manman tried to stop him and expressed her own feelings for Ling Chen, but he just apologized.

After Ling Chen took Shi Xiaochun away, Hong Jiaoyang and his group quickly left. Shi Xiaochun confessed her feelings to Ling Chen, and he carried the drunk Shi Xiaochun princess-style back to her dorm. When Shi Xiaochun woke up, she was in her dorm bed. She initially thought that everything she had dreamt about being with Ling Chen was just a dream, but she learned from Hong Jiaoyang that it was all real. Shi Xiaochun felt embarrassed.

As the time approached, Shi Xiaochun quickly got out of bed to prepare for training. She continued training, and when Yu Manman came over, she scolded Shi Xiaochun and even said that Shi Xiaochun wasn't worthy of Ling Chen. Then, Yu Manman requested a competition, and the two of them went head-to-head. However, Yu Manman fainted because she hadn't eaten breakfast. Shi Xiaochun didn't think too much and immediately took Yu Manman to the hospital. At the hospital, Shi Xiaochun called Ling Chen and asked him to inform Yu Manman's parents.

When Yu Manman woke up and saw Shi Xiaochun by her side, she said that she and Ling Chen had been practicing martial arts together since childhood, and there were things Shi Xiaochun couldn't understand. Soon, it was the day of the public selection for the role of the White Swan. Yu Manman performed first, followed by Shi Xiaochun. Unexpectedly, Shi Xiaochun had made significant progress and received unanimous approval from the judges. However, a teacher suddenly suggested that Yu Manman should perform the White Swan, and Shi Xiaochun should perform the Black Swan. Yu Manman was very dissatisfied and ran out. Yu Lihua quickly went to comfort Yu Manman and told her to display her strength. When Yu Manman returned to perform, she wore heavy makeup, and her stage presence was very strong. Yu Lihua also nodded in approval. Finally, Yu Lihua announced that both Yu Manman and Shi Xiaochun would perform as the Swan protagonists. Shi Xiaochun was very happy, but Yu Manman was still dissatisfied.

Hong Jiaoyang also told Shi Xiaochun that Ling Chen had been quietly caring for her; she just didn't know it. Yu Lihua also planned training for the three of them. Shi Xiaochun's foundation was much weaker than Ling Chen's and Yu Manman's, so Yu Lihua told her to start with basic skills. Shi Xiaochun felt that Yu Lihua was biased against her, but Teacher Lin kept comforting her, telling her to be bold during training, as that was how she would learn.

Yu Manman followed Xiao Bu to the arcade, where Xiao Bu won a stuffed toy for her, which made Yu Manman quite happy. In fact, Xiao Bu had invited Yu Manman to help him with a favor. Xiao Bu wanted to participate in a singing competition, and this time, he wanted to do something different by combining street dance and ballet. Yu Manman agreed, but with the condition that Xiao Bu had to help her win the biggest stuffed toy, to which Xiao Bu readily agreed.

When Yu Manman returned to her dormitory, she found Hong Jiaoyang and Shi Xiaochun eating instant noodles. Initially, Shi Xiaochun kindly invited her to join them, but Yu Manman not only declined but also threatened to report them if she saw them again. Hong Jiaoyang was very angry upon hearing this.

During the meal, Hong Jiaoyang told Xiao Bu that they already knew about Xiao Bu asking Yu Manman to dance for him. In a fit of anger, Hong Jiaoyang said that the "Useless Alliance" was expelling him without giving Xiao Bu a chance to explain, and he was driven away. After returning, Xiao Bu blamed Pan Pan for not helping him initially. Pan Pan was quite helpless in the situation, as he couldn't argue with Hong Jiaoyang.

In the following days, Yu Manman continued to train diligently. When her mother came to visit, she mentioned that she knew there were two people competing for the roles of the Black Swan and White Swan. She urged Yu Manman to reclaim her position as the lead dancer, emphasizing that she was the only one truly suited for the stage. Yu Manman felt immense pressure, especially because she hadn't initially cared about these things, but her mother's expectations weighed heavily on her.

While practicing balance on a yoga ball, Shi Xiaochun almost fell but was luckily caught by Ling Chen. Shi Xiaochun felt a bit embarrassed. Ling Chen had also planned to give Shi Xiaochun some special training. Shi Xiaochun mistakenly thought Ling Chen was going to ask her out, so she dressed up for the occasion. However, she was surprised when Ling Chen took her rock climbing this year. At first, Shi Xiaochun lacked confidence and climbed very low. Still, with Ling Chen's encouragement and help, she improved rapidly, and they spent a long time together. They lay on a mat afterward, and Ling Chen mentioned that sometimes he envied Shi Xiaochun because she could follow her passion without much effort, while others had to put in more work.

As they prepared for rehearsals, Yu Manman was so determined to lose weight that she even tied fishing line around her legs. Xiao Bu saw this and felt sorry for her, advising her not to overdo it. However, Yu Manman didn't take his words to heart.

Xiao Bu had initially wanted Yu Manman to perform with him and had even won the large stuffed bear for her. However, Yu Manman suddenly refused, citing her busy schedule. Xiao Bu felt disappointed and confronted Pan Pan about why he hadn't helped him earlier. Pan Pan was also frustrated but couldn't do much in the situation.

Soon, it was time for the official performance. Hong Jiaoyang's performance received unanimous acclaim, but Shi Xiaochun was almost late because she had gone to help Xiao Bu. Thankfully, she rushed back in time and had a perfect performance alongside Ling Chen. After coming offstage, Ling Chen received praise from his mother, who said he had found his way to improve his dancing. He also asked his mother not to hinder him. When it was Yu Manman's turn to perform, her spins in place were excellent at first, but she started to feel more anxious as the pace quickened. Yu Lihua noticed something was wrong, and Yu Manman collapsed, fainting on stage.


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