2023 Chinese Drama List

Tea of Destiny – Jia Ze, Li Pei'en

Tea of Destiny is a historical romantic web drama directed by Lan Chao, starring Jia Ze, Li Pei'en, Hu Zhengjun and Li Bingbing.


Tea of Destiny

English Title: Tea of Destiny
Chinese Title: 尽欢
Other Titles: Jin Huan
Genre: Historical, Romance, Drama
Episodes: 24
Duration: 10 min.
Director: Lan Chao
Writer: Lu Yi, Wang Peng
Released Date: 2023-10-11
Broadcast Website: 腾讯视频, TencentVideo



In order to save her "seriously ill" foster father, Jianghu heroine Jing Qi'er descends from the mountain to the Forget Worry Tea Manor in search of a miraculous medicine called the Gui Yuan Pill. There, she encounters the master of the Yunshan Pavilion, Huan Yunhua.

He disguises himself as the long-lost young master of the tea manor and comes to rob the manor. The two of them, each with their own hidden motives, pretend to be a married couple.

However, this leads to the unraveling of a long-standing grudge. Through a series of twists and turns, they manage to restore the reputation of the tea manor and fall in love with each other. In the vast world of Jianghu, happiness and joy are within easy reach.


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