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Invincible Stepmother – Jin Meichen, Chen Junyu

Invincible Stepmother is a historical comedy directed by Chen Yuejin, starring Jin Meichen, Chen Junyu, Zhu Binyu, Mo Zixuan, and Ye Quanxi.

The drama is adapted from Ji Jin Yin's novel "Chuan Cheng Si Ge Tuo You Ping De E Du Hou Niang / 穿成四个拖油瓶的恶毒后娘", which tells the story of martial arts actress Chi Yue, who accidentally traveled to ancient times due to a heavenly vision and became a young widow in the town of Xikong, dragging along with her three young stepchildren, and with her family in debt, Chi Yue relies on the strengths of the modern people to successfully reverse the situation, and raises her babies while fighting against her evil relatives.


Invincible Stepmother

English Title: Invincible Stepmother
Chinese Title: 当家小娘子
Genre: Historical, Fantasy, Comedy, Drama, Romance
Tag: Transmigration, Stepmother-Stepson Relationship, Stepmother-Stepdaughter Relationship, Adapted From A Novel
Episodes: 24
Duration: 10 min.
Director: Chen Yuejin
Writer: Cai Yaoyao
Producer: Liu Huabo, Sun Yi
Released Date: 2023-12-05
Broadcast Website: Youku,, 优酷



Action star Chi Yue, due to a sudden celestial phenomenon, accidentally time-travels to ancient times. She becomes a young widow in the town of Xikong, burdened with three young stepchildren. Chi Yue simultaneously builds a closer relationship with the children while punishing the malicious relatives in the Li family mansion who mistreat them. Leveraging her modern advantages, Chi Yue processes wild game obtained from hunting into braised delicacies, brews fragrant wine, and establishes her own winery. Through activities like taste tests and discounts, she successfully manages her winery, earning enough to provide the children with a worry-free life and acquire a new house.

As she spends more time with the three children, Chi Yue becomes more devoted. She teaches the eldest, Li Ziqiang, hunting techniques and encourages the second daughter, Li Zichen, to read. The three children gradually develop a dependence on their stepmother. In the midst of facing and overcoming various crises, Chi Yue gradually discovers that the mastermind behind everything seems to be pointing to Li Yee, the third daughter of the elderly Mrs. Li. Finally, with the cooperation of the three adorable children, Chi Yue uncovers the truth behind the deaths of the children's parents and ensures that the wrongdoers receive the punishment they deserve.


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