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Hello My Noisy Mp3 – Bunny Zhang, Zhang Kaitai, Chen Yesheng, He Lingyao

Hello My Noisy Mp3 is a youth fantasy web drama directed by Gao Qingge, starring Zhang Chuhan, Zhang Kaitai, Chen Yesheng, and He Lingyao.


Hello My Noisy Mp3

English Title: Hello My Noisy Mp3
Chinese Title: 听见我的声音
Genre: Youth, Fantasy, Romance, Friendship
Tag: Mystery, Student, High School, Time Travel, Different Timelines, Investigation
Episodes: 24
Duration: -
Director: Gao Qingge
Producer: Chen Fuli
Released Date: 2022-10-12
Broadcast Website: iQIYI



Zhao Man'er, a star in her late 30s, accidentally receives a mysterious MP3 and gains the ability to talk to her high school self.

She tries to change her past and then her life, but she doesn't expect to plunge her past and present selves into an even bigger crisis ......


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