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Great Is the Youth Time – Yan Xi, Ni Yan

Great Is the Youth Time is a youth comedy directed by Qin Jie, produced by Lu Hongmei, Jiang Haitian, and Xu Yisuo, led by Yan Xi and Ni Yan, co-starring Ren Yunjie, Zheng Shuhuan, Zhang Xingyue, Zhang Zhehua, Tan Bocheng, Luo Peng, and Xu Mingzhe.


Great Is the Youth Time

English Title: Great Is the Youth Time
Chinese Title: 那年时光安好
Genre: Youth, Romance, School
Tag: Coming of Age, High School, University, High School to College, Student, Chasing a Dream
Episodes: 24
Duration: 35 min.
Director: Qin Jie
Writer: Yan Jing, Lin Mi, Li Yali, Luo Binyi
Producer: Lu Hongmei, Jiang Haitian, Xu Yisuo
Released Date: 2023-02-27
Broadcast Website: 森宇热播剧场, 优酷



The drama revolves around the theme of youth and mainly tells the story of Cheng Shu and Wu Qiaoqiao, along with their high school, college, and work experiences with their friends such as Lu Nansheng, Liang Anqi, Guo Jiahao, and Zhang Xiaoli.

During this era, they maintained their independent thoughts and pursuits despite the pressure of their studies, and faced pure friendship, the bittersweet separation of classmates, and warm relationships between family members and teachers. With warm and nostalgic colors, the drama portrays the campus life of this generation and tells the stories of the days related to youth.


Wu Qiaoqiao is an optimistic and energetic girl who dreams of becoming a novelist one day, but she is still far from her goal. One morning, her mother woke her up early and rushed her to eat breakfast before going to school.

At the school gate, Lu Nansheng was waiting for Wu Qiaoqiao to go to school together and brought breakfast for her, but it was taken away by their classmates. While riding her bike to school, Wu Qiaoqiao was unexpectedly hit by someone, and the boy who hit her carried her up to avoid her falling.

The boy's name was Cheng Shu, and they had met before when Wu Qiaoqiao mistook him for a thief and beat him up. When they met again today, Cheng Shu jokingly said that nothing good happens when he meets Wu Qiaoqiao. As they were arguing, the school's guidance counselor saw them and recognized Wu Qiaoqiao as a student in class 8 of the second year.

Wu Qiaoqiao was about to ask Cheng Shu if he was following her when they saw the guidance counselor catching late students. Wu Qiaoqiao then planned to climb over the wall to enter the school, but her bag accidentally hit the guidance counselor, and she was caught.

The counselor took Wu Qiaoqiao to the office and said she would be disciplined for hugging and touching a male student at the school gate. Wu Qiaoqiao wanted to explain herself and asked for five days to prove her innocence, but the counselor only gave her three days. She hurried back to the classroom to prepare for class.

Their teacher in class 8 had not shown up, so the students were preparing for self-study. The class leader wanted to record everyone's names but was threatened by a classmate, Guo Jiahao. They thought their teacher had arrived when someone entered, but it turned out to be Wu Qiaoqiao.

Wu Qiaoqiao complained to her friend, Lu Nansheng, about meeting someone she disliked. To her surprise, their teacher, Zhang Laoshi, brought a classmate with her, who turned out to be Cheng Shu. Zhang Laoshi arranged for Wu Qiaoqiao and Cheng Shu to work together, which Wu Qiaoqiao was not happy about.

Lu Nansheng took Cheng Shu to visit the campus while Wu Qiaoqiao and her friend walked on the playground. Wu Qiaoqiao told her friend about meeting Cheng Shu and how she thought he was a thief. Later that night, Wu Qiaoqiao found someone was following her, but it turned out to be Cheng Shu returning her school badge.

When Lu Nansheng found out that Wu Qiaoqiao and Cheng Shu were not on good terms, he wanted to make Cheng Shu get lost and be late for class. However, Cheng Shu returned before class started...

Lu Nansheng and his friends found that someone had let the air out of their bicycles. As a result, Guo Jiahao and Wu Qiaoqiao released the air from their classmates' bicycles as well.

To clear her name, Wu Qiaoqiao went to ask the security guard at the school gate if there were any other cameras elsewhere. However, the security guard said no, and Wu Qiaoqiao didn't know how to prove her innocence.

The next morning, Wu Qiaoqiao went to class hoping not to be caught by Principal Jia. Unfortunately, she was caught and scolded by Principal Jia. The first thing Wu Qiaoqiao did in class was to copy homework, which happened to be seen by Cheng Shu.

After class, Wu Qiaoqiao stopped Cheng Shu on his way and changed her attitude, hoping that he could help her. She not only wanted Cheng Shu to help prove that they were not dating but also wanted to borrow his homework to copy. However, Cheng Shu refused.

Wu Qiaoqiao wanted to search under Cheng Shu's desk, but instead found his airplane model. Cheng Shu saw it and got angry, asking Wu Qiaoqiao to return his toy.

To please Cheng Shu, Wu Qiaoqiao gave him her pocket money. Cheng Shu threw it into the river and said he would help her if she could find it. Wu Qiaoqiao went straight to the river to search for coins, even skipping her evening self-study class. Cheng Shu was worried about Wu Qiaoqiao and came to the riverbank after school. Wu Qiaoqiao actually found the coins, and Cheng Shu saw her sneezing, so he took off his shirt and gave it to her.

Early in the morning, Wu Qiaoqiao was waiting for Cheng Shu to help her prove her innocence, but Principal Jia came over and accused Wu Qiaoqiao of not only dating but also cheating on exams in front of the whole class. Wu Qiaoqiao firmly denied cheating.

Director Jia was going to discipline Wu Qiaoqiao for cheating on a test by copying from Cheng Shu's paper. However, Wu Qiaoqiao insisted that she didn't cheat, she only copied the questions. At that moment, Guo Jiahao walked in from behind and confessed that he was the one who copied from Wu Qiaoqiao's paper and accidentally wrote her name on his paper.

Just then, Cheng Shu came forward and testified that he was not in a romantic relationship with Wu Qiaoqiao and that he was the one who was seen by the teacher that morning. Director Jia immediately changed his attitude upon learning this and told Wu Qiaoqiao that he would not pursue the matter of the romantic relationship. However, she still had to write a three-thousand-word punishment for cheating.

During class, Wu Qiaoqiao was caught reading a novel by Zhang, who punished her by making her stand outside. Luanansheng saw that Wu Qiaoqiao's novel was confiscated and decided to buy her a new one from a bookstore. He had always had feelings for Wu Qiaoqiao, but to avoid revealing his intentions, he pretended that the book was from his home. Wu Qiaoqiao was very happy.

When Cheng Shu returned home, his mother was busy going to work the night shift, and their conversation was brief. Wu Qiaoqiao suddenly received a letter at school, and her classmates teased her that it was a love letter. However, when she opened it, she found out that her story had been rejected again, and she cried sadly. Despite this setback, she refused to give up on her dream of writing, and Cheng Shu felt sorry for her.

In school, Wu Qiaoqiao saw a plane in Cheng Shu's backpack and became curious, so she picked it up and started playing with it. But Cheng Shu quickly snatched the remote control from her hand and scolded her because the plane lost control and crashed somewhere else. Wu Qiaoqiao realized her mistake.

After class, Wu Qiaoqiao, along with Lu Nansheng and Guo Jiahao, went to the abandoned building to look for inspiration. They were scared and huddled together, but Wu Qiaoqiao and Guo Jiahao accidentally got trapped in a room. Lu Nansheng knew that they were there to help Cheng Shu find his toy plane, so he led them out when he heard a strange noise.

When they finally emerged from the building, Wu Qiaoqiao was relieved to see Cheng Shu holding his plane. However, they heard another strange noise and ran away in fear.

The next day at school, Wu Qiaoqiao was late again and was asked by teacher Zhang to stand at the back. Wu Qiaoqiao complained that it was because of Cheng Shu's fault that she was late, but Cheng Shu didn't seem to appreciate it. Wu Qiaoqiao and her friends complained about Cheng Shu, but Guo Jiahao thought that if Wu Qiaoqiao could surpass Cheng Shu's grades, it might make everyone look up to her.

Back home, Wu Qiaoqiao was determined to study hard, and Lu Nansheng cheered her on from downstairs. Wu Qiaoqiao's family was happy to hear that she was going to study seriously, and her mother even said that as long as Wu Qiaoqiao was studying at home, no one should disturb her.

Guo Jiahao had a crush on a girl named Anqi in the class and planned to confess to her. But when he was about to give her a gift, Wu Qiaoqiao came over, snatched it away, and ate it, which made Guo Jiahao very upset.


When Wu Qiaoqiao was in class, the teacher asked how to solve a problem. Wu Qiaoqiao volunteered to go up and solve it, but the teacher always chose other students and avoided Wu Qiaoqiao. Later, when the teacher asked if anyone knew how to do a new problem, Wu Qiaoqiao said she could do it.

However, Wu Qiaoqiao embarrassed herself with her answer. After class, the teacher called Wu Qiaoqiao and Cheng Shu to the office. The teacher wanted Cheng Shu to help Wu Qiaoqiao with tutoring, but Cheng Shu refused. Wu Qiaoqiao also said she didn't need Cheng Shu's help. When they left, Cheng Shu scolded Wu Qiaoqiao. On the way back, Wu Qiaoqiao apologized to Guo Jiahao because she didn't know the thing he bought was for Anqi, and she ate it by mistake. Guo Jiahao was still a little angry.

Later, Guo Jiahao wanted Wu Qiaoqiao and Lu Nansheng to play with him when he asked Anqi out. However, Wu Qiaoqiao declined because she was busy studying. She went back to the classroom and started doing problems. However, she couldn't do the first problem and didn't want to ask Cheng Shu, so she went to Guo Jiahao. Of course, Guo Jiahao couldn't help her either. Then Wu Qiaoqiao went to Anqi. Cheng Shu saw this and was a little impressed that Wu Qiaoqiao was really studying hard.

After class, Anqi wanted to invite Wu Qiaoqiao to the convenience store, but Wu Qiaoqiao was always too busy studying and had no time to go. Wu Qiaoqiao told Lu Nansheng that her idol was going to have a book club meeting next week, but she didn't have enough money for it. Lu Nansheng generously offered to give her the money, but Wu Qiaoqiao refused, saying that she wanted to earn the money herself to go see her idol. After school, Anqi invited Wu Qiaoqiao to her house to play, but Wu Qiaoqiao refused because she needed to study.

When Wu Qiaoqiao got home, she continued studying, even falling asleep while doing so. This was the first time her parents had seen her so dedicated to studying, and they were very pleased. Wu Qiaoqiao's mother even brought her some midnight snacks, and Wu Qiaoqiao planned to sleep a little and then continue studying, but when she woke up, it was already morning. The day of the midterm exam came quickly, and Wu Qiaoqiao found it very easy. She was confident, but as soon as she left the exam room, Cheng Shu made fun of her, saying she was overestimating herself.

Soon, the results of the midterm exam came out, and Zhang, the teacher, publicly praised Wu Qiaoqiao. Although she didn't do well, she answered all the questions correctly. That night, Wu Qiaoqiao's mother told her that she had hired a high-achieving student from Tsinghua University to tutor her. Wu Qiaoqiao was shocked to find out that it was Cheng Shu, who was wearing adult clothes to disguise himself. Wu Qiaoqiao almost revealed his identity, but Cheng Shu quickly took her to a room. Wu Qiaoqiao learned that her mother had given Cheng Shu three hundred yuan, and she suggested they split it evenly. Cheng Shu refused, so Wu Qiaoqiao threatened him by using his fake academic credentials. In the end, Cheng Shu compromised.

After class, Wu's parents wanted to invite Cheng Shu to dinner, but Wu Qiaoqiao deliberately said that Cheng Shu had already eaten. Wu's parents then asked Wu Qiaoqiao to walk Cheng Shu home. On the way, Wu Qiaoqiao criticized Cheng Shu, who in turn insulted Wu Qiaoqiao for being lazy and stupid. At school, Wu Qiaoqiao often threatened Cheng Shu by exposing that he worked as a tutor, so Cheng Shu had to follow her arrangements to keep it a secret.

Later at home, Cheng Shu tutored Wu Qiaoqiao, and at school, he helped her with her homework. This impressed Guo Jiahao and Lu Nansheng. Guo Jiahao even asked Wu Qiaoqiao to teach him how to attract someone's attention, hoping to impress Anqi, but Wu Qiaoqiao refused.

During class, the teacher presented a question that Cheng Shu had previously taught to Wu Qiaoqiao. Cheng Shu asked Wu Qiaoqiao to come up to the front and try to solve the problem, but she couldn't. So Cheng Shu made a pact with Wu Qiaoqiao to help her improve her grades as soon as possible.

Cheng Shu gave Wu Qiaoqiao a contract. As Wu Qiaoqiao read through it, she saw that she could earn money by scoring an extra ten points on each exam. Wanting to make money quickly, Wu Qiaoqiao quickly signed the contract. She wanted to join the book club as soon as possible.

After signing the contract with Cheng Shu, Wu Qiaoqiao began to study seriously so she could earn money. Cheng Shu sometimes dozed off during their lessons, but he always found a way to wake Wu Qiaoqiao up. During exams, Wu Qiaoqiao sometimes had to secretly look at Cheng Shu's answers because she didn't know how to solve some of the problems.

On her way home, Wu Qiaoqiao saw a woman giving money to Cheng Shu. She thought Cheng Shu was being supported by a sugar mommy and tried to stop it. After causing a scene, she realized that Cheng Shu was actually tutoring the woman's child. Embarrassed, Wu Qiaoqiao left with Cheng Shu.

To make it up to Cheng Shu, Wu Qiaoqiao invited him for bubble tea. She was curious why Cheng Shu had so many part-time jobs. When she threatened to expose him, Cheng Shu told her that his mother worked hard to support the family, and he wanted to earn money to support his hobbies. He loved building model airplanes but his mother didn't approve. Wu Qiaoqiao also shared that she had dreamed of becoming a writer since she was young. They didn't talk much longer before Cheng Shu had to leave for work.

Wu Qiaoqiao knew that Cheng Shu was handing out flyers while dressed as a doll, so she went along with him to help. Wu Qiaoqiao always wanted Cheng Shu to be happy no matter what he did, and Cheng Shu actually found it fun to be inside the doll costume.

When Wu Qiaoqiao received her exam results, she was disappointed with them. However, she came up with an idea to make money by teaching as a tutor, just like Cheng Shu did. So, she pretended to be a qualified Chinese language teacher during an interview with a family looking for a tutor for their child.

The next day, Wu Qiaoqiao dressed up nicely and went to teach the child how to write an essay. She thought everything went smoothly until she found out that the child's uncle was Principal Jia. Principal Jia was furious when he found out and exposed Cheng Shu's tutoring job too. Wu Qiaoqiao and Cheng Shu were both fired as tutors, and Principal Jia even threatened to cancel Cheng Shu's participation in the math competition.

Wu Qiaoqiao apologized to Cheng Shu, and Cheng Shu was really angry this time. Wu Qiaoqiao went home with her mother, who didn't blame her too much and even felt sorry for Cheng Shu. Wu Qiaoqiao threw away the flyers for the idol meeting. When Cheng Shu went back home, his mother scolded him severely. Cheng Shu gave all the money he earned from his part-time jobs to his mother, and he even promised never to buy model planes again. Cheng Shu's mother couldn't help but cry and hug her son tightly.

Today, Cheng Shu was late for class and was called by teacher Zhang to her office after class. Cheng Shu knew that teacher  Zhang just wanted to make sure he wouldn't fall behind in his studies and promised to study hard. Meanwhile, Wu Qiaoqiao was feeling down, and Lu Nansheng cheered her up with a lollipop. Wu Qiaoqiao started to worry about Cheng Shu, who had no friends to support him.

These days, Cheng Shu was absent-minded in class. Wu Qiaoqiao heard Guo Jiahao talking behind Cheng Shu's back and got into a fight with him. Due to his own problems, Cheng Shu was listless all day. In fact, Cheng Shu loved model airplanes very much, but he didn't understand why his mother never allowed him to play with them. The next morning, his mother found out that he was working on model airplanes again. Cheng Shu had always wanted to become a pilot like his father, but his mother refused to let him because his father had abandoned them and died while flying.


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